11 Murray Drive, Burwood VIC 3125

Removal of one (1) protected tree

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Whitehorse City Council, reference WH/2023/143)


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  1. Keely commented

    Wow! What an amazing tree! Could it not be pruned to a more 'agreeable' size instead of completely lost?

    Whitehorse Council has declared a climate emergency. One of Council's responsibilities is to make decisions on applications for tree removal. It has as a guide the Whitehorse Urban Forest Strategy. According to the Urban Forest Strategy:

    "... canopy cover across Whitehorse was measured at 18% (DEWLP,2019a) . . . This translates to a net loss of 10% of the canopy which was present in 2014.
    ". . . the aim is to first halt the decline in canopy cover and then work towards achieving a target of 27% canopy cover, in view to reach 30% by 2050."

  2. Sally commented

    I agree with Keely. This tree needs to remain. It is a well-established impressive specimen that makes a substantial contribution to the canopy that Whitehorse Council is wanting to increase (not decrease). As can be seen by those familiar with the area quite a number of trees and vegetation is being removed which results in a loss of amenity for the neighbourhood (which is reflected in a consequent reduction in house prices as compared to areas that have trees), a loss of habitat for birds, increased energy costs throughout summer in particular, and so much more. I hope Council will consider these factors and reject the application.

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