16 Prince Street Gisborne VIC 3437

Building and Works Associated with Café/Restaurant, Variation to a liquor licence (Change of licence from Café/Restaurant Licence to an On-Premises Liquor Licence) and Reduction of car parking (70 spaces).

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(Source: Macedon Ranges Shire Council, reference PLN/2023/73)


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  1. Annette P commented

    Typically to be expected given what is happening with the over urbanisation of what was once a town with character. Let’s introduce more places that have the potential to compromise well being & cleanliness. Hopefully car spaces for resident shoppers will be marked & protected as such? We already have peak time parking issues in the town centre so don’t quite understand the request for a reduction in car parking?
    Quite a different scenario will emerge at this location as a result of it going from a cafe/ restaurant licence to an on premises liquor licence, especially being so close to parklands & residential premises. Gisborne has two pub facilities, multiple restaurants & many retail businesses that already offer liquor. DV & homelessness is increasing in the region but it seems we’re happy to continue adding to the problem & at the same time litter & congest the town centre. Shame.

  2. Stella Serratore commented

    Ahh yet again the council thinking of its own pocket and not about the rate payers.
    The congestion in the town and lack of parking at the moment is so bad, during peek time you can not even get a parking spot and the time it take to get through the town is not acceptable. Not to mention all the extra traffic that we will be getting once all the developments and subdivision happening in and around gisborne have finished if they ever do. Yet the council is thinking of reducing parking what a joke. But yet again we move here to get away from all of this and have wide open spaces and greener scenery but that is disappearing as well, and we as rate payers just have to accept this I DONT THINK SO. Our rates keep rising and we keep getting less and less of what we moved out here for. Council open your eyes and think of us and the environment.

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