141-155 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW

Demolition of buildings and amalgamation of lots and construction of a new part three, part 4 storey shop top housing development with two levels of basement parkin

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(Source: NSW Sydney and Regional Planning Panels, reference PPSSEC-263)


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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    The closer to the beach the lower buildings should be. This is logical to keep open access to our wonderful beaches and stop the person with the most money having the highest buildings for sale. This building should keep to the legal FSR and not be given any special privileges for height avoidance.

  2. CM commented

    The buildings proposed to be demolished add to the character of Bondi. This bland development with more car spaces is the last thing Bondi needs.

  3. kate commented

    I am saddened and worried by/about this. Not only will the retro era be demolished but, the surrounding buildings be compromised (built on sand). I do hope a lot of investigation/research/consideration and intellect will go into this. I will miss the “feel” of Curleis street (as a resident). Although open to change-it’s not always about money!

  4. Gaëtan G commented

    This will destroy some of the best businesses in Bondi to replace them by some bland and tasteless apartments what a terrible idea.

  5. Jaime Santibanez commented

    Bondi doesn't need more souless tasteless community destroying apartments with high walls and closed off spaces.. protect street level places for public engagement for all walks off life.!!!

    This little hub along Curlewis st is prized by so so many!!!

  6. Elle X commented

    This is really taking away from the beauty and charm of beautiful Bondi and its character. It’s such a shame to see construction like this planned

  7. Jenni commented

    I would love to see a design proposal that would honour the characters of the old buildings about to be demolished. I understand that most buildings might be in bad shape but it would be great if we could keep the cozyness of the facade and just give them a nice uplift.

  8. Hector Olbla commented

    I do not support this DA.
    The SMH on 27 Nov 2022 reported "Council's powerless to stop dodgy builders" in which the Waverley Council mayor was quoted.

    This is an example of an application, which is dodgy in prioritising developer profits over local amenity and community wellbeing. It will ruin the area, for which Council must require a revision to bring heights and aspects in line with the rest of the street and community.


  9. Ana Sofia Strophe commented

    Demolishing these buildings will destory the charm and charcater of Bondi. The last thing we need is huge new ugly pedestrian-hostile developments with insufficient parking attracting more cars to the area. This will make Bondi a far less attractive place to live or spend time and will ultimately be counter-productive economically for everyone except the developers' short term profits.
    These developers absolutely should not be allowed to cut down one single tree as we lack green canopy in this area and it's a major heat zone. designer plantings are ugly and environmentally useless.

  10. Alana Martin commented

    As a resident of Curlewis I was saddened to hear of this proposal that I do not support. The businesses in this hub of Curlewis St are what create the feeing of community in the area and why so many love it. Alternative solutions should be considered that keep the charm of Bondi life for all.

  11. Janet Brown commented

    As a resident of Bondi I am shocked how council is giving in to all these new developments without taking into account the traffic congestion it is causing .
    Each block of apartments is bringing too many people & cars to the area

  12. A Murray commented

    Stop the overdevelopment of Bondi Beach! Having lived here for over 15 years, much of the change to the area is positive. But we need to remember our heritage and bear in mind what this overdevelopment does for traffic and the overall enjoyment for the people living here. We don't need or want huge towering apartment blocks all over the place. The roads are in terrible shape which will only get worse with ongoing construction and more and more cars on the road.

  13. Ruth Teller commented

    I strongly support this development. This will provide much needed housing supply into the local market whilst minimising impacts to local residents and street amenity. The activated shop fronts, sensitively designed facades, and impressive landscape plan will enhance, not detract, from the local streetscape and encourage further local business growth. The existing buildings here are old, tired, and frankly ugly. The non-compliances with the LEP are minor in nature and wouldn't be noticeable at the street level

  14. Peter Owen commented

    I am personally in support of this development, I only wish the apartments included more units! Bondi beach is probably the most famous beach in the world and yet the density here is embarrassingly low compared to international city standards.
    We should be letting as many people as possible appreciate and live in the beautiful suburb that we are fortunate enough to call home, failing to do so would be a classist failure of our society.
    I feel like we could easily get 30+ units on this plot including multiple affordable units, instead we only get 15 with 3 penthouses, if there was possibility for upzoning that would be great.
    Also wish there wasn't so much underground parking, we should be encouraging lower car ownership not higher, but I guess underground parking is better than surface level.
    Exist buildings look dilapidated so will be good to have modern looking ones to replace them.

  15. Sam Jones commented

    More bland characterless apartments proposed by a billionaire..
    Is 15 ‘luxury’ ‘vibrant’ apartments going to do anything for increasing much needed housing in Bondi?
    This proposal asks to get rid of neighbourhood bar, milky lane and the F45 gym there at the moment, something which adds to the Bondi community, what benefit does the development bring other then a quick buck for the developer?

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