79 Tamarind Avenue, Bogangar NSW 2488

Two storey dwelling with attached garage, earthworks and retaining

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(Source: Tweed Shire Council, reference DA23/0011)


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  1. Jane Eaton commented

    Would like to raise the point that once again this new dwelling is not being put on stilts to avoid flooding but on land that is being raised hence water not been able to flow and thus detrimental to other home owners. Unsure of the reasoning for this which in the long run is going to cost the rate payers and subsequently the council ti clear up. Jane Eaton

  2. Trevor Jardine commented

    Dear Tweed Coucil,
    This development should not be approved as it has serious ramifications for residents and property owners in Tamarind Ave. Council has clearly learnt no lessons as a result of the devastating floods experienced last year which saw dwellings inundated and people's lives ruined.
    The fill on this site which had been brought in and dumped by the developer, even though many residents had raised their concerns with council prior to the major flooding, contributed to the flooding and loss of property and livelihoods, of residents along Tamarind Ave in the vicinity of 79 Tamarind Ave.
    Now the same developer wants to bring in another 700mm of fill and create more of a flood risk and eyesore for the residents of Tamarind Ave.
    The previous DA for this site had many non compliance issues associated with it eg bringing in fill to parts of the site which were not approved by council. I was also informed of poisoning and killing of protected trees and wildlife on the site by persons unknown. Another issue related to the fill currently on this site, and which will be further exebated through the addition of more fill, are the outbreaks of mosquitoes at the rear of properties affected by this development.
    As part of the DA for this site, no heavy machinery is permitted to be brought on site. Therefore no compaction of this fill is permitted. Therefore no compaction reports will be done. This will lead to a greatly unstable mass of soil. Maybe council have heard of landslides? And with the proposed 700mm of new fill, the residents of Tamarind Ave may have a front row seat to this event should one occur if this development in its current form is given the go ahead by Council.
    In the aftermath of the floods, the State and Federal governments indicated that they would be proposing that houses built in flood prone areas could only be built if the houses were built on stilts and not on tonnes of fill. So why is more and more fill going to be permitted on a flood prone site? This is only going to exacerbate any future flooding in Tamarind Ave.
    Residents are rightfully concerned that Council appear to be more interested in the dollars of developers than the residents who make up this community.
    Trevor Jardine

  3. Wendy Peterson commented

    As the owner of the duplex property at 73 Tamarind Ave, Bogangar, we have been subject to inundation issues since development proposals have been put in place behind and now near our property , which had not occurred previously.
    In 2017 an elevated 3 metre island was build behind our property and which altered the natural gravitational water flow back into the lake . Instead the water collected at the next lowest point and entered into our properties. The real estate who was in charge of the rental of these properties acted on our behalf and we asked for Council advice and assessment based on the inundation that happened. There was no response.
    Again now in 2022, the floods entered not only our properties but also heavily impacted other residences in Tamarind Ave and also through other streets in our local town. Council has bought a neighbouring property to access , enlarge and in an attempt to help control storm water runoff in this street.This will not solve the problem of water drainage in flood situations. By allowing another development involving a build up of land, the flow controls on water and runoff will only add to the pressure on buildings already in place which had met all previous requirements of flood height building levels.We had been promised by government that future actions in developments would not endanger existing residential properties, but by granting permission here, we will not address the mitigation discussions which our community is trying to solve for the benefit of our whole community.

  4. Rochelle commented

    Tweed Council
    I am a resident of Cabarita Lake Apartments - 77 Tamarind Ave Bogangar and like many others in Tamarind Ave and beyond - experienced losing all my possessions in the Feb 2022 Flood - and I believe the water was made worse by the mounds that have been deposited next door in preparation as part of the proposed development of 79 Tamarind Ave Bogangar.
    This proposed development has already played its part in destroying many lives and livelihoods surrounding it and should this DA be further approved for further 700mm of fill - will only certainly pave the way for more destruction.
    The mounds of fill that were put in the wetlands of 79 Tamarind Ave approximately 18 months ago by the developer seem to indicate the expectation that the DA will be approved, despite all previous concerns raised by residents of Tamarind Ave , Bogangar and surrounding streets.
    Many current residents - if not all - have been adversely affected by flooding in the past years.
    This flooding worsens each time these natural wetlands are interfered with for development.

    This area in particular is home to our Bush Stone Curlew - and whilst council have taken some steps to prevent further decimation of their home - approving this DA for 79 Tamarind Ave will certainly aid in destroying it forever.

    The council & government have promised to assist us with flood mitigation - passing this DA for 79 Tamarind Ave can only ensure further devastation to adjacent businesses & properties whether by water , mudslide , pollution and the like.

  5. deborah jordan commented

    tweed council,
    I live directly opposite the proposed development site at 79 Tamarind ave, and , like all the neighbourhood ,virtually lost everything in the Feb 22 floods ( my home still unliveable ) The proposed development is totally inappropriate following the devastation and damage the floods caused. The council must take into consideration the impact this elevated filled building site ,with proposed retaining walls , will have on the existing and surrounding lower ground level properties to the east ,south and 8 ground floor units to the west . This is just the first block in this proposed development ,the impact in this flood prone area could be huge if the DA is approved .

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