7 Izatt Close Edge Hill QLD 4870

Material Change of Use Multiple Dwelling

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(Source: Cairns Regional Council, reference 12042/2022)


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  1. Dominic Chaplin commented

    Dear Sirs

    I am just writing to express severe concern about a planned development at 7 Izatt Close, Edge Hill.

    As I understand it, there is a plan to put a large four storey development with 22 apartments in this very small close.

    This development seems completely inappropriate for the location. My in-laws are in their mid 80s and moved to 5 Izatt Close as a quiet place to enjoy peaceful retirement. It is a short, tranquil sleepy street, backing on to the Centenary Lakes, inhabited by other retired people.

    The last thing anyone would want is a giant apartment block right on their doorstep.

    There is already no parking available on this curved part of the close. While the developers claim to be putting in some ground floor parking, as you know, in reality most residents and visitors will just try to park in the street, resulting in chaos. Once it is finished, the whole ambience of the Izatt Close will be destroyed by continual vehicles attempting to get in and out.

    The constant noise and heavy traffic to the site for years during construction in this small close will likely be unbearable.

    Essentially this street is just too small for such a large development.

    Would you like your grandparents to have to live next door to this?

    Thanks you for your consideration and please don't let this development proceed.

    Dominic Chaplin

    p.s. There is still heaps of empty cane land south of Edmonton to put up apartments.

  2. Lisa Tanner commented

    To whom it may concern

    Whilst I appreciate that concentrated housing is required in the Cairns region, the application to put 22 flats in Izatt Close is grossly inappropriate. There are hundreds of development sites in the Cairns region where dense housing can be accommodated instead of a small close in Edge Hill.

    This is an exclusive sleepy village and a highly desirable investment for residents, not a solution for high density housing. The road is already cluttered with on street parking, making it very difficult to gain access to my parents house.

    The artists impression leaves a lot to be desired. Then again I don't think I have seen a single housing development in my 28 years in Cairns that I have found attractive. Developers seem stuck in the 70's with no thought to recreational space or green star ratings. This will be another boiling hot concrete block construction bereft of trees and wildlife.

    I strongly object to this application in its current form.

  3. Anthony Arnold Tanner commented

    Currently, the view from our house is a rather attractive stand of trees, perhaps they could remain ?
    20 or so more vehicles using the Close would be intolerable from noise and pollution, pus collision danger. Most of us reverse out of our drives.
    If I am to spend my last years looking out at this supremely ugly building, with it's detriment to the value of my property, will there be any reduction to my rates?
    yours sincerely
    Tony Tanner

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