87 Princes Highway Helensburgh NSW 2508

Use of site as animal boarding establishment Modification D - Modify consent to provide two (2) additional kennels and dog exercise yards, and amendment of Condition 6 to increase the number of dogs able to be boarded on the site

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 14 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2012/1444/D)


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  1. Natasha Watson commented

    an organisation that does an amazing & essential job in rescuing and re-homing animals -with no environmental or negative social impact.
    The RSPCA and government domestic animal shelters are over-flowing, especially since post-Covid lockdown, too many people are disposing pets now that they are returning to offices and interstate travel. Country Companion Animal Rescue - a registered charity have taken in many unwanted pets, and vet, desex resocialise and then rehome them, as well as campaigning to help stop further unwanted litters.
    Raising the maximum number of dogs and their kennel shelters, will allow more lives to be saved and then re-homed. Also the roll on effect of fewer stray dogs and cats roaming the streets and bushland -a huge plus for our local environment

  2. Kerry Phillis commented

    A much needed service when so many animals are once again back in pounds in large numbers with most of them overflowing. More lives can be saved by allowing this proposal to be passed. No impact on the surrounding areas but a huge impact to the lives of the dogs that can be saved.

  3. BELINDA LENNON commented

    This service provides an amazing community service locally and intrastate. They also put back into the community in many ways. The team have assisted in saving countless lives and rehoused so many animals.
    Considering the properties position there is no impact on surrounding properties. There is also no environmental impact to the land or area. Therefore no reason for denial. The more shelters that can be placed on this property
    means more lives can be saved.

  4. Alice Kilavuz commented

    CCAR does amazing work in rehoming animals from country pounds, as well as those neglected by their owners. There are so many animals post-Covid, as well as from the many puppy farms due to Covid, that need new homes, and the capacity and DA need to support the good work done by CCAR. The community loves and supports the fantastic work done by CCAR, and this DA will help them to continue saving more lives.

  5. maree Davenport commented

    I can say nothing but praise for these wonderful people who put so much time & work into finding homes for these animals. CCAR should be praised and helped in any way possible for their dedication Helensburgh folk love & support their wonderful work . This DA has no reason to be refused as it has no impact to the land or surrounding area. Please help these wonderful people help so many more animals as the problem of abandonment is growing

  6. Val De Mugica commented

    I strongly support this request. The work this group of volunteers do is invaluable not only for the animals that are re-homed, but also for the local fauna as it reduces the impact stray dogs and cats would have on the local fauna.

  7. R commented

    CCAR do amazing work in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming innocent animals and thereby reducing the overflow of animals in councils pounds and shelters. Private run rescues are essential to accommodate the ever increasing animals needing homes. The property is suitable to have additional kennels and yards.

  8. Mick Smith commented

    CCAR provides an essential service in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned animals. There is significant support in the local community for this service. This DA has no reason to be refused as it has no impact to the land or surrounding area.

  9. Kristy Smith commented

    I strongly support this request so CCAR can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs. The property is on 5 acres, surrounded by bush and not impacting others or the environment. The burden this not for profit takes off community, local government and society should be rewarded and not discouraged. NSW is in the grips of a rescue crisis created by way too many COVID animals, out of control puppy farming and the rental crisis. CCAR NEED to continue their work and they have the support of Helensburgh! That is evident by community fundraising, support and volunteer activity.

  10. Karen Rayner commented

    CCAR does what the RSPCA and other rescues can’t do which is make every attempt to rehome animals. Post lockdown we are all aware of the influx of animals being surrendered and housing issues people cannot find housing that will accept animals in every case.
    This property has the space and experience to cater for any additions so please approve it is a much needed arrive in our community and surrounds.
    Many thanks for listening

  11. Helen Johnston commented

    As a local resident I fully support this application. The registered charity provides a vital lifeline to abandoned animals without any impact on the local area.

  12. Liz Cooper-Morley commented

    I strongly support these modifications which will help CCAR continue the brilliant work they do in rescuing and re-homing dogs, who may otherwise be euthanised.
    CCAR is a responsible, well run organisation with a passion for the environment. These changes will ensure they can continue to operate efficiently and I sincerely hope they are approved.

  13. Rachel Shoemark commented

    As a local resident we fully support the application put forward by CCAR.
    The rescue does wonderful things for our small community and have helped changed the lives of many families and animals.
    To allow the extra places for more animals can continue to help change many more lives for the better .
    Thank you

  14. Melinda Harris commented

    I’ve adopted a beautiful cat, and a gorgeous puppy from this wonderful charity. The owners are beautiful people who are doing the very hard job of saving souls that would otherwise be destroyed.
    They give dogs and cats a chance to live the life they deserve.
    The extra spaces to save more souls is so necessary and will not impact on the area.
    They are well run and very respectful of their surrounds. Please say yes…it’s the right thing to do.

  15. Shannon commented

    A fabulous service that saves, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs that would otherwise not have a chance. The importance of this not for profit service cannot be underestimated as it takes the pressure from other agencies. Expanding the space would allow this service to continue with this most important work.

  16. Alysha Wilson commented

    An incredibe service, that is committed, and passionate about their work. We adopted a kitten from them, they’ve been nothing but professional, and kind. Please allow them the extra space, so they can continue making a positive difference in both these animals lives, but also the community. This is essential work, that needs to be more fully supported.

  17. Kim Lee commented

    Please let this be approved. CCAR do a wonderful job and save the lives of so many animals that need saving. So many people in the community have adopted and fostered animals from CCAR, it would be a very sad day if this wasn't approved.
    Please, help to continue to save the animals that can't speak for themselves and need saving.

  18. Jodi Lochead commented

    I’m not a local resident but have seen how CCAR contribute to their community. They have saved and rehomed so many animals and by approving this application they will be able to do so much more. As a not for profit organisation they work hard to be able to provide a safe haven for animals that don’t have a voice, let them keep doing this!

  19. Brit Harkess commented

    As a local resident, I strongly support the application put forward by CCAR. CCAR are dedicated to rehoming animals who have been abandoned and mistreated, and if they are willing to do even more, I am grateful to them. This application will have no negative affect on the community, and will be hugely positive for the animals rescued and in their care. The community is lucky to have CCAR a part of it.

  20. May Bjorklund commented

    Amazing group of volunteers and service. I am a local resident and find CCAR is a very professional organisation that delivers a vital community service. They have had the ability to engage the whole community in placing dumped pets in homes. They do a fantastic job. I support their application whole heartedly.

  21. Anita Willmott commented

    CCAR undertakes a vital service to the protection of animals that are so often discarded by thoughtless heartless people like pieces of rubbish. Organisations like CCAR retrieve these animals, care for and then find good homes for them. What they do is priceless. Council should be assisting them not making it harder to undertake their amazing work

  22. Ashlea Seveque commented

    I strongly support this request.
    The work they do is much needed, they have saved and rehomed so many animals, included my own dog I Adopted from CCAR.
    This work is essential, that needs to be more fully supported.

  23. Erin Smith commented

    I’m a resident of Helensburgh and I agree to these changes. CCAR do amazing work rescuing and rehoming animals that would otherwise be killed. Please approve this request so they can continue their good work.

  24. Paul Johns commented

    These people do fantastic work. The care of these animals is a 24/7 job which is testament to their dedication and commitment. Without them these animals would stand little to no chance of living a happy and healthy life. Please let them carry on with their incredible work.

  25. Elisha Gaul commented

    Selfless people trying to do good in the world. A great facility which has many volunteers giving up their own time to save animals lives.
    I support you. We need more people like you in the world.
    This is an essential service & we appreciate your work.

  26. Suzan Danzey commented

    CCAR do an amazing job. They are so dedicated and compassionate. They are selfless and save many lives. This Is essential work and council should be assisting them. As a ratepayer and resident of helensburgh I strongly support their application

  27. Jacqueline Bavister commented

    CCAR should be assisted and encouraged as the work they do is invaluable. We adopted our dog from CCAR and we are thankful that they were able to save him and care for him before we met him. The service they provide by rescuing abandoned dogs, cats and other defenseless animals is honorable. Please approve the application so they can continue to make a difference.

  28. Lisa King commented

    These wonderful people must be allowed to continue the great work they do!

  29. Marilyn acland commented

    This DA application should definitely be allowed so the amazing work of this organisation can be continued. If people were responsible for their own animals by desexing and not discarding them then organisations such as this would not be needed. Unfortunately they are absolutely needed. Their work is invaluable.

    There should be no question as to why the application should not be passed and I wholly support it.

  30. Michelle Dargan commented

    I strongly support the approval of this DA. CCAR needs these extra facilities and it would have no impact on the local environment or human community. I live in Helensburgh in close proximity to the premises in question. I support their work and believe our local, state and federal governments should too. It is an absolutely vital service.

  31. Christian Phillis commented

    As a local resident I fully support this application. They do good work and surely that is a good thing? As far as I can see it doesn't hurt anybody and gives unwanted animals a chance for a better life.

  32. Stuart Gillis commented

    I Strongly support this request. CCAR does wonderful work and so many animals and people's lives are better for the service they provide.

  33. Tim North commented

    I support the work of CCAR helping the cats and dogs that know one wanted and helping them find loving home instead of being forgotten and killed they should be able to continue to do what they do best they pose no impact on the town they are doing a wonderful job

  34. L Giles commented

    I fully support this request. The animals are well looked after in a loving and caring environment.
    The do a wonderful job in saving so many beautiful animals about to loose there life. My son has rescued a dog from CCAR which is now part of his family.
    The CCAR should be supported by the council.

  35. Eva Rogers commented

    I am a local resident and I fully support the approval of this DA. CCAR has always been looking after the welfare of all the rescues and has been doing such an amazing work! CCAR are a group of very dedicated volunteers who always put their animals first. They are highly respected not only by our community but also by others.
    CCAR need your help so they can continue their invaluable service. Please consider this application approval.

  36. Sue Filacouridis commented

    The Rescue shelter in Helensburgh - Country Animal Rescue, does a fantastic job of rehoming animals that would otherwise be on the streets or euthanised. The Lady that’s runs it does a brilliant job. She is caring and runs a clean, efficient service. Her facility is on the outskirts of the town and therefore little to none noise heard from the Shelter.
    The NSW government is seeking to ban puppy farms and rehome and cats, which is a humane thing to do. C.A.R will assist with this and allow gorgeous animals to go to loving homes.

  37. Annie Sturmann commented

    I great organisation that needs to continue. I’ve adopted a puppy from CCAR and wouldn’t have been able to do this if the number of dogs was decreased or the facility not allowed to continue..

  38. Julia Wright commented

    I strongly support CCAR.
    There work for animals is much needed and greatly appreciated.

  39. Carolyn Jukes commented

    As a local residence I support this application so that CCAR can continue the essential work they do in rescuing animals which would otherwise face euthanasia. Please can the planning authority approve this application.

  40. Alan commented

    I support this application. Country companions animal rescue does a great job rescuing, desexing, training and rehoming dogs that would otherwise be euthanasia by council pounds. Especially after covid there are even more dogs that are no longer wanted or their owners can no longer care for them. The location of the property is close to the noisy highway and has plenty of open land and is not on top of other houses. I thoroughly support this planning application.

  41. Lisa D Marschall commented

    As a local resident I fully support this application. This DA must be approved by Council on it’s merit. CCAR provide an invaluable service to the community, LGA and many remote country areas across the state in rescuing, vetting, rehabilitating and rehoming companion animals that would have otherwise be left on the streets to continue to breed or be trapped and then euthanised through no fault of their own. CCAR is very careful to do this in an ethical and sustainable way which takes into account the neighbouring properties. Council should be looking to work with this wonderful organisation in light of changes that have gone through parliament that specify local government should be working closely with local rescues to rehome animals and reduce unnecessary euthanasia.

  42. danielle kahrovic commented

    CCAR do amazing work through rehoming animals that other shelters and council pounds do not want.
    There is a massive gap in rescues between Sydney and Wollongong that is filled by CCAR and needs to remain in place. The volunteers work around the clock to preserve the life of so many animals that would otherwise be euthanised by other facilities and there is no impact to local residents or businesses due to its location which is outside Helensburgh.
    Please allow this application to be approved.

  43. Michelle Hall commented

    A very much needed service especially given the current increase in costs across multiple sectors and the significant increase in abandoning animals especially post covid...with shelters and rescues at capacity this space is needed, this will help with the increase in cases/injured/homeless animals.

  44. Jane Morgan commented

    Now more than ever we need to support the very important work that animal rescues are performing. Due to the increasing cost of living a record number of helpless animals are being abandoned and families are being forced to surrender their pets. CCAR is providing a safe haven for animals until they can find a permanent home. They are located outside the main residential area, an increase of space is much needed to continue this work which has the support of the majority of the wider community

  45. Lyn Bramich commented

    CCAR do amazing work in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming innocent animals and thereby reducing the overflow of animals in councils pounds and shelters. Private run rescues are essential to accommodate the ever increasing animals needing homes. The property is suitable to have additional kennels and yards.
    CCAR NEED to continue their work and they have the support of Helensburgh! This is evident by community fundraising, support and volunteer activity

  46. Mel Keith commented

    I support the approval of this DA.
    This facility is proven to effectively and ethically rehome animals under its current boarding conditions. The location is a suitable setting for an animal rehoming service and is valued by the local community, many of which have provided ongoing support and adoptions.
    As a local resident I have only positive experiences with this facility and wish for it to increase its boarding limits and improve its facilities

  47. Samantha Wilson commented

    I have been to this property to donate items and found it to be a great location and fit for purpose. I have also saved a rescue from CCAR. They do amazing work and are much needed in our society today.

  48. Belinda Sheehy commented

    If it wasn't for CCAR we would never have found our beloved dog, I strongly support this request so CCAR can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats .The property is on 5 acres, surrounded by bush and not impacting others or the environment. .NSW is in the grips of a rescue crisis created by way too many COVID animals, out of control puppy farming CCAR NEED to continue their work and they have the support of Helensburgh! That is evident by community fundraising, support and volunteer activity.

  49. Susan Willemse commented

    Without Julie-Ann our beautiful Sash would have been euthanised, which would have been criminal in that she is such a golden girl inside and out. We are grateful for all that Country Companion Animal Rescue has done for her and others and support them 100%.

  50. Christie Webber commented

    As a local resident I fully support this. They are a wonderful organisation who do tremendous work with animals in need. Numbers are up on animals being surrendered and we need organisations like this.

  51. Sonja Stansell commented

    Without Julie-Ann and CCAR we wouldn’t have our beautiful bonded cat brothers, who were saved by Julie-Ann from a country pound. Julie-Ann and CCAR are both an invaluable contributor to local community and tirelessly advocating for and saving those animals less fortunate. With rising numbers of animals being surrendered, approving this DA is throwing a lifeline to those animals in need and will ensure Julie-Ann and CCAR are able to sustainably continue their mission of saving and finding permanent homes for the animals. The site where CCAR is located lends itself perfectly for the purpose of its operation and approval of this DA would not adversely impact this.

  52. Adele Lindley commented

    As a Contract Ranger in the Central West of NSW as well as a Professional Behavioral Trainer I know Julie-Ann and CCAR have been of huge support to the smaller more rural and remote pounds. The dedication of the team has always been professional, polite, courteous and always with the welfare of the animals at the heart of CCAR. Without CCAR taking some of our animals over the years many rural and remote pounds would have buckled under the pressure they are in. Not only this CCAR have dedicated time to supporting many Rangers working solely on their own in rural and remote areas under immense pressures, helping them when times have been tough and lending an ear, shoulder or a hand to get them through the tough times. No.onrveants to put a healthy pet down and CCAR have been instrumental in helping pounds and ease the pressure.

    CCAR also has a large following of people supporting them, the animals and the wider community.

    They also provide valuable business to many animal related businesses, jobs and careers through these businesses.

    CCAR take great care in how they rehabilitate their animals and this is extremely rare to find in many rescues. They use professionals where necessary and provide an extremely valuable and necessary service and facility for our rural and remote areas of NSW.

    I highly recommend that CCAR are supported by council and that council help CCAR move forward providing an extremely important, valuable and paramount service and facility for rescued animals.

    I support the need to have their facillity and to be able to have some room for expansion for the future.

  53. Alyson E commented

    Having adopted a dog from CCAR, and being witness to the unwavering dedication of Julie-ann to abandoned and unwanted animals, I fully support this application so that her work can continue and more beautiful animals can find loving homes.

  54. Tania Jansen commented

    A much needed service, all these loyal furry friends need a second chance to find their forever home. Two more spots, is two more lives saved.

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