4A Bayley Street Dianella WA 6059

Commercial - Change of Use to Medical Centre and Alterations

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 25 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Stirling, reference DA22/1394)


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  1. Nicole Edwards commented

    There is already limited parking at this complex with the businesses that are there. What draws customers to the cafe, newsagency, pharmacy, convenience store and bottle shop is the ability to quickly pop in and out. The complex is a fantastic, friendly neighbourhood complex that services a lot of foot traffic and turns around many regular customers due to its accessibility for all. A larger medical centre will only take up all the bays for longer periods of times which will significantly impact business and the community (myself) which frequent it on a daily, often multiple times a day, basis. There is a large medical centre only a short distance down the road which I have never struggled for available appointments which begs the question of the necessity of this proposal.
    Further to this, the impact of more traffic on the street and the area will impact on the large number of young families which access the area with children in prams, on scooters, bikes etc as the limited space will make the area unsafe

  2. Pat commented

    I have lived in this area for 55 years. There are already plenty of medical centres in close proximity. We have such a great community in our local area. I feel this would invite more of the riff raff that have been frequenting the area more recently. I would be really annoyed if this goes ahead. Please reconsider!

  3. Ali commented

    I’m a long term resident of Dianella. I really oppose to this - this definitely does not have my vote. Bad move especially since there is a full medical centre not even 5 minutes away.

  4. David R commented

    I fully concur with the previous comments made. The current mix of shops is a rare find in our area. In particular the coffee shop has totally rejuvenated the strip and added vibrancy and customers to the neighbouring traders. Parking is currently a significant issue with the current mix of retailers and service providers. A medical centre with many doctors and possibly allied professionals, will only add to the often full to capacity parking of both the street and front shop parking available.
    In my opinion it will also change the unique neighbourhood vibe that has developed as a meeting place for locals since Aposto coffee shop opened.
    I am totally opposed to the medical centre application for the above reasons stated.

  5. Rod commented

    The development of a new medical complex in this small shopping precinct with currently barely adequate parking spaces to service the existing businesses will no doubt result in parking chaos within the the shopping centre precinct. Any overflow will likely have a detrimental impact on the surrounding residential streets that will detract from the relatively peaceful ambience that occupants of the local residences currently enjoy.

  6. Greg Dean commented

    I am a long term resident who frequents the complex on a daily basis.
    The carpark is tight and barely copes with very short term visiting clientele currently.
    Approving this would do nothing but turn Bayley Street into a carpark.
    It is endearing for our community to still enjoy a relationship with its local newsagent.
    Another medical centre is NOT required in our area.

  7. Alex commented

    I work at one of the local businesses and although I don’t live in the neighborhood I am there daily, considering this I want to share my objections to the proposed plans.

    I have daily insight to how the locals feel about the proposed plans. Current feedback from the locals is querying where are they going to park if the medical center is approved and that it will impact them stopping if it proves to be too difficult. Also the neighbours are concerned with the overflow of traffic and parking in the street.

    It would be such a shame to have the medical centre approved and take away the local services and community feel. Especially when there are medical centres already located close by in more appropriate settings with adequate parking.

  8. Giulia Mazza commented

    As a resident of the area and frequent visitor to this address, it is already hard enough finding parking with three small children to visit the complex without the addition of a medical centre and the foot and road traffic that comes with this.

    The area is already saturated with medical centres and the addition of such a commercial enterprise would damage the calm, family friendly and slow paced community feel of the complex.

  9. Jeremy McCalman commented

    As a home owner opposite these shops I don't believe there is adequate parking for a medical center. Currently as the shops are now we frequently have people parking in front of our house and sometimes blocking the driveway. This doesn't include the cars from the employees of the shops that fill the street daily.

    A medical center seems excessive to the needs of the community.

  10. Brent Andrew Armanasco commented

    As a regular patron of the shops in this strip I totally oppose this development. The community feel of the village will be lost. As a consequence we have already lost the deli and I believe the Newsagency will close down as well in the new year. As a resident of the area I believe there is no need for yet another medical centre as there is a large one about 5 minutes away and with another one opening in the Dianella Plaza SC at the end of this year. A bad idea

  11. David R commented

    I received an email response from the City of Stirling regarding my comments and objection made 6 days ago. I have responded directly to the email but fell its prudent to make my thoughts public. Below is my response:

    Thank you for your response to my objection of the proposed medical centre application. I understand the criteria on which the council makes its determination.

    The fact that the applicant is proposing 5 new car parking bays does not address my concerns about the limited parking available, both in front of the shops and street parking. The 5 proposed bays at the rear of the stores will only cover the medical personal who will need parking to attend their place of business.

    The nature of a medical practice will result in patients arriving early for their appointment whilst the doctors are seeing other patients. This has a multiplier affect requiring many more bays to service the area. For example, if there are 5 doctors practicing that would result in say 10 bays being occupied by patients plus the further 5 bays provided by the applicant for staff.

    Also, can you please advise if a pathology practice is being proposed. If so this would add further chaos to the parking as people often go for blood tests etc early morning and as such have to wait around.

    You have also raised the matter of advertising of the application. I must say that I find it unusual that there is not a public notice in the area regarding the application. I only found out by accident that there is an application lodged and comments were being sought. I would suspect that the council will receive a far greater number of comments if a public notice was posted at the 4A Bayley St site.

    I trust that the council will seriously consider the objections and disallowed the current application.

  12. Mandy commented

    I too am a local resident in the street.
    There was is no way that the areas parking can support such a complex. The current parking is pushed to extreme with the current setup causing visitors now parking illegally on verges, usually opposite each other on both sides of the street and there have already been near misses. There are already numerous medical centres in close proximity and the need for an additional one is ridiculous. There is a large amount of vacant land where the Dianella plaza is located and sufficient parking there to accommodate such a thing if necessary.

    It would ruin the area, my family is certainly not in favour and would not use the complex.

    In addition to the above, the building of the complex and parking required for tradies and the noise associated with it would be disruptive for local residents.

  13. Lisa commented

    This carpark already struggles to cope with the current visitor rate during peak times. The expansion of the medical center will only exacerbate this situation given the length of time patients and staff will be requiring parking. Vehicles are often already parked on the street which is dangerous and annoying for residents. As a local of many years I do utilize a number of the shops in the complex and I have to say the cafe has been a wonderful addition creating a real community feel in the area. However I would hate to see the current parking situation be further overwhelmed by the addition of an expanded medical centre, which would also affect the patients turning up for medical appointments.

  14. Paul Harding commented

    Parking would be a big issue. It's busy enough already. This would be better suited to a different location with better access.

  15. Yasmine Phillips commented

    This is a great little complex, which is already so popular. There is simply not enough parking to further expand this precinct. On a busy day, many cars are already parking out on the street and it’s already very crowded at times. Adding to this will only exacerbate the problem, making it more of a hazard.

  16. Natalee Cunningham commented

    We have lived in the area for over 10 years. My husband and I on a daily basis attend our local shops for various different things. Parking has always been an issue here however generally a spot will come up as people are popping in and out.
    This proposal for a medical centre is crazy if you apply common sense to this. There is a total of 26 parking spaces and 1 disabled parking space within the complex which currently services 7 businesses and 1 vacant business. Basic maths says each business has 3.7 spaces each at any given time. To put a medical centre in this already small complex is poor planning by the City of Stirling. There is limited parking at the back of these businesses as Lotus Lane runs behind which has residential houses so I am sure some staff working in this centre take up some of the spaces that are at a premium already. A medical centre would have reception staff, doctors (2,3,4 not sure how many are planned) and nurses. Where are all these cars expected to park their cars? Where are all the patients who would not be "popping in" to the shopping centre park?
    This whole proposal seems very nonsensical. There are many free standing medical centres in the immediate vicinity and to clog up an existing and thriving community shopping centre is going to devalue the area. Businesses who we actively support will more than likely not be able to sustain business as people will not be able to park and we just go somewhere else. I also suspect there will be tension within the centre as people desperately try and get a parking space.
    If a medical centre was to open up here where would an ambulance park if a patient needs to be conveyed to hospital?
    The City of Stirling need to LISTEN to local residence as without them none of these businesses would exist. We have a wonderful community at the current shopping centre and my children have had many positive interactions with businesses and customers over the years.
    A medical centre will DESTROY this vibrant community.

  17. Lesley Shore commented

    The proposed Bayley Street Medical Centre is unnecessary and inappropriate. There are already numerous Medical Centres already operating in close proximity. Any business requiring extra parking and increasing the traffic in this residential street would create the increased possibility of accidents. Bayley Street already services the overflow from the available car bays and has to cope with truck deliveries, council watering and refuse collection plus normal daily traffic flow. More would be too much!

  18. Dave, Audrey & Evie commented

    It would be such a shame to spoil this small and friendly precinct by the addition of a medical centre that is definitely not essential . Parking is difficult enough as it is and a medical centre will add chaos that the locals do not want. If this goes through it deserves further investigation and as many appeals as necessary to get it thrown out.

  19. Sarah commented

    Please don't ruin a perfect little corner shop strip. I have lived in this area for 45 years. Grew up a few streets away and now live with my own family a few streets away. I have frequented these shops in all their variations during that time and appreciated their simplicity. Bigger is not always better. The residents surrounding these shops deserve to enjoy their homes without the disturbance that increased traffic would cause. It always annoys me that people who don't live in the area get to make decisions for those that do. For once listen to those who will have to live with your decisions.

  20. Brody Munyard commented

    This is not the right area for a medical center. Along with there being no parking to facilitate a medical center, it is also not wanted by the local community nor required due to the location of other large medical centers nearby. Majority of the locals oppose this so hopefully the rate payers will be listened to. Additional traffic to the area will create a more dangerous place for local families and kids that also ride their bikes, walk and take their prams to the location.
    This medical center would do better in a less suburban area with more parking and residents that would embrace the proposal.
    This is not the right addition for Bayley street.

  21. Matt commented

    This is not a change for the better, the bayley street shops have the opportunity to improve however the addition of a medical center will only destroy what has been created to make this a place for residents of the area to come and enjoy picking up the paper, grabbing a coffee or sitting down for a meal with friends and family. This decision would increase traffic making it a less safe and desirable place for families and dogs attending the close by cafe.

  22. Matt commented

    This is not a change for the better, the bayley street shops have the opportunity to improve however the addition of a medical center will only destroy what has been created to make this a place for residents of the area to come and enjoy picking up the paper, grabbing a coffee or sitting down for a meal with friends and family. This decision would increase traffic making it a less safe and desirable place for families and dogs attending the close by cafe.

  23. Chris Farley commented

    This proposed medical centre cannot be allowed to proceed. My local community is already suffering the consequences as the convenience store has recently been forced to close. Where do we go now within walking distance for milk, bread and other everyday necessities? The Bayley Street parade of shops is a rare gem, much loved by us locals, and this is now threatened.

    We already have a number of medical centres in close proximity. Quite simply any development along these lines is a nonsense. The added pressure in the car park (staff and services to the centre alone will presumably require a dozen bays), the increase in traffic and the volume of vehicular journeys in the neighbourhood will add to road safety issues and obviously hamper the local businesses serving the community. This proposal cannot be allowed to proceed.

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