1 Kopa Street, Whitebridge NSW 2290

Demolition, Multi Dwelling Housing and Strata Title Subdivision

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(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA/2493/2022)


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  1. Lynden Jacobi commented

    This is over development of this site. No trees should be cleared. This area is habitat for the endangered squirrel glider and powerful owl as well as home for native birds, lizards, frogs, echidnas, bandicoots & possums.

  2. Len McCarthy commented

    Too many units on this little block.

  3. Tracey Finch commented

    Totally agree with Lynden Jacobi and Len McCarthy. I’ve lived here all my life (61yrs) + my older neighbours/friends that live here longer than myself. Way too many units everywhere in and around Whitebridge and Charlestown not only taking more native lives and landscape, the congested traffic (bumper to bumper) of a morning/afternoon that’s obviously going to get worse + the congested carpark at Whitebridge shops and Dudley Road that hasn’t accommodated the growing numbers of shoppers/diners since the original units were built that overflows into the 2 quiet Station Streets at Whitebridge. Every summer it’s always been extremely busy with people calling in on their way home from the beaches or on their way to the beaches We the Whitebridge/Dudley/Charlestown residents and visitors NEED a HUGE carpark built on the vacant land next to the bridge on Dudley Road NOT more units. YOU, Lake Macquarie Council are approving all of these growing units and don’t accommodate for a desperately NEEDED additional carpark and traffic congestion. I have no doubt you, LMC will approve units where a carpark is NEEDED more. Lake Macquarie Council and town planers (who usually are from Sydney) do you know what it’s like to have a small quiet suburb look like a mini Sydney, that includes the hustle, bustle and congestion of Sydney? Do you know how it feels to wake up to an array of different birds whistling and not the noise of traffic because that’s what I see in the future, you’ll wipeout our wildlife, replace it with units, hustle, bustle and congested traffic. Money talks is bigger and better than the consideration of residents wildlife and nature. I was asked to go for a councillor at LMC about 20yrs ago, I laughed and said I’d be bullied and laughed out of the place quick smart because I’d be out and about working and talking to the people.

  4. Helen Sawert commented

    I completely agree with Tracy Finch. That area is a nightmare with traffic and people everywhere. A carpark is essential for the area. A block of units will only make matters worse.

    Len McCarthy got it right, and Lynden Jacobi hit the nail on the head - where is the wildlife supposed to go????

  5. Doug Kolisnyk commented

    This is just another attempt by a greedy Developer to over develope. When is the council going to stand up for the community?? The WCA fought long and hard to have LMCC and the JRPP listen to our submission and do the right thing,build a WORLD CLASS system of housing , not a dormitory block. Again.. money speaks louder than words. The wildlife corridor or whats left of it , due to the developers sway, is slowly dwingling away. There are endangered species at risk all along this corridor down to Glenrock Lagoon. But other forms of life dont have any say no one advocates for them. This proposal will only add to the traffic problems. I cant gain access to Dudley rd off Hudson st during peak hrs. Theres only two entrances onto Dudley Rd. , Burwood rd is becoming blocked now. Enough is enough..I totally disagree with proposal and will send my submission in in due course. Wake up LMCC..

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