40 Train St, Broulee NSW 2537

New licence - packaged liquor - bottle shop

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  1. Shirley Read commented

    We do not need another alcohol supply place in Broulee. We already have two outlets.

  2. Helen Smith commented

    We absolutely DO NOT need another liquor shop in Broulee. Especially in an area surrounded by daycare centres and primary/high schools. We already have Broulee Cellars and IGA. Also there is the Broulee Brewery, the Surf Club, Smokey Dans and Tomakin Club. Already plenty of places to buy alcohol for such a small area. Please do not put our school kids at risk and impact existing small local businesses by allowing this to go ahead.

  3. Lucie O’Shea commented

    Apart from the area not needing another liquor outlet in the village. It is inappropriate to have an alcohol supply so close to three schools and a day care centre.
    Congestion in this area is already an issue it does not need the additional pressure of more traffic.

  4. Chris Doring commented

    Surely this planning application is a rehash of a similar application lodged some months ago
    At the time the majority of responses were against the proposal
    Why is this circulating again ?
    The objections have not changed
    A venue selling Alcohol located next to primary and high schools is not appropriate
    There are ample locations nearby to purchase
    Let’s not even mention the traffic chaos that is Train Street

  5. Simon Cholerton commented

    Come on Eurobodalla Council, look after the interests of the residents in this instance. As mentioned by others there is enough liquor outlets in Broulee and Tomakin to adequately supply the area. But to even consider placing them near child a child care centre and three schools is almost criminal. It should just not even be considered.

  6. Simon Cholerton commented

    there is enough liquor outlets in Broulee and Tomakin to adequately supply the area. But to even consider placing them near child a child care centre and three schools is almost criminal. It should just not even be considered.

  7. Clare Dunn commented

    The proposed alcohol outlet in between two schools and two childcare centres is not needed nor is it appropriate. Traffic is already an issue in this area at school drop off and pick- up times and an alcohol outlet will only increase the danger to the children in our community. Please say no to this proposal for the safety of our children.

  8. Lynn Morrissey commented

    I agree with the other comments, we do not need another liquor outlet. What would be great is a small garden centre/hardware shop.

  9. Jane Allen commented

    The addition of another alcohol outlet is unwelcome given the sensitive location adjacent to three local schools and a childcare centre.

    The current density of alcohol outlets in the surrounding 5kms is considered more than enough by many in the local community. High alcohol outlet density is a known environmental risk factor for excessive drinking and related harms leading to a higher rate of drink-driving and other offenses. In 2021, 1,159 people across Australia died of alcohol related incidents, the highest number in a decade. Shouldn’t our Council be proactively looking at alcohol outlet density and rejecting proposals like this where there is already more than sufficient available to service the local community? An additional liquor outlet could potentially cause disorderly conduct, noise, public nuisance and property damage.

    My concern is that if an alcohol outlet is approved right next door to our schools, it is likely to have a negative social impact on our small community. Broulee is a very popular holiday destination bringing in large groups of young people looking to have a good time as well as groups of adults looking to do the same.

    The St Peters school across the road has teenagers up to Yr 12 age and given the lack of entertainment for teenagers in the Broulee area, there is a risk of older teenagers procuring liquor and distributing to their younger friends as a form of entertainment.

    The Train Street development is already adding huge pressure to local traffic as Train Street itself is not wide enough and has insufficient on-street parking for the current businesses, let alone a supermarket. Even with a car park provided by the proposal, the added traffic congestion is unwelcome by many local residents.

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