49 Cawdor Road Highfields QLD 4352

One (1) Lot into 255 Lots, Open Space and Drainage Reserve

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(Source: Toowoomba Regional Council, reference RAL/2022/4757)


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  1. Louise Patch commented

    The development on Cawdor road has been poorly thought out. To build 225 new houses without first upgrading the infrastructure surrounding it is going to create a huge problem for the Toowoomba community. The highway from highfeilds into Toowoomba is already congested on a regular day. Continuing with this development will create a bottle neck in accessing the city. Another access road into the city needs to built first. High density housing this far from the city requires more infrastructure in the highfeilds area.

  2. Terry Brighton commented

    Currently there are only two access points onto Cawdor Rd from the Southern side of Cawdor Rd and these already bottle neck at peak times. There needs to be a major upgrade to roads allowing a second major access into Toowoomba from Highfields. There are currently no parks or bike paths on the southern side of Highfields and very poor public transport. Kuhls Rd a major access road to a from this area is in a great state of disrepair and Kratzke Rd and Cawdor Dr don't align causing traffic congestion at a dangerous and confusing intersection. Also this side of Cawdor Rd does not have sewerage and 600mtr blocks are not suitable for Septic or grey water. Major infrastructure works by TRC need to be completed prior to this being project being approved

  3. A. Sherrington commented

    I’ll say it pretty simply. Residence of Highfields DO NOT want this! Cawdor road and Kuhls road are in a desperate need for repairs! High density housing like the proposed development is not suited for this area. Keep block sizes larger!

  4. A McLennan commented

    Highfields, the town of beautiful larger blocks, peaceful lifestyle and magnificent gardens is fast becoming Highfields the land of endless roofs, pollution and rising crime. TRC is not listening to the concerns of existing residents with these new profit driven developments. Development applications like this need to go back to the drawing board. They may be appropriate designs for other places, but not here. We are not in a high density city centre living area, we are 20-30 mins out from Toowoomba in a setting of larger acreage blocks. Council needs to demonstrate to those paying rates that it can be the custodian of the charm and aesthetics of the Highfields region by only approving developments that propose half acre blocks and above and that respect and improve the aesthetic and environment. Lately you are failing the residents of Highfields TRC! With this proposed development of 255 packed in houses TRC collects increased rates and the developer walks away making a mint, but what are we left with? Increased traffic strain, potentially 600+ more people living on our doorstep, reduced quality of living from increased pollution and crime. TRC, if you approve this application as-is you will reveal your true drivers and in-doing-so destroy the peace, tranquility that drew us here in the first place.

  5. Clair Nunn commented

    The surrounding infrastructure has not been upgraded to support this development.
    Furthermore the charm of Highfields is trees and larger blocks.
    There are a number of small developments where current trees are not maintained.
    A plan retaining current trees, increasing block size and a plan to support the infrastructure needed would be a better application

  6. Jennifer Reichle commented

    Not sure how the Council believes our existing road structures can handle up to another 500 cars entering Cawdor Road every morning, when only one extra access point has been given. Turing onto Cawdor Road in the morning commute is currently, from Granade Drive and Flamingo Drive, at capacity. Leave Highfields with the larger lifestyle blocks, rather than making "little ghettos" just to rake in more rates for Council.

  7. Martin Hadfield commented

    This application for development should be rejected. The infrastructure around it as well as Highfields in general does not exist, leading to impossible congestion. Highfields was once seen as a suburb of acreage blocks, big trees and parks. With recent approved developments with block sizes of around 600m2, this is becoming lost. And this development just adds to that. There is nothing that this development will add to the suburb or its community but congestion and ugliness

  8. Brad Griffiths commented

    Stop money grabbing. Listen to the people who pay your salaries. Highfields is NOT equipped to deal with all of this new development. The roads are in disrepair. Intersections around schools in the area are so dangerous.
    Perhaps fix these issues before lining the pockets of developers?

  9. Charmaine and Ken Ezzy commented

    We live next to this farm which is now to become 255 small lots.
    We did know this day would come but we thought that as this area is semi rural and all house blocks in this area have septic systems as there is no connection available to the sewage system.
    We thought all blocks in the new development would have to be a minimum size to accommodate a septic system per household.
    The infrastructure that is in Highfields area at the moment is not coping with what is already here and our roads are in a state of disrepair.
    TRC need to carefully look at what is happening to Highfields and the surrounding areas as too many developments are being oked but not looking at the big picture with no planned infrastructure upgrades in place.
    Question I think on everyone's mind is where is this so called sewage connection available for all these 255 house blocks.

  10. David Taylor commented

    The estate need more exits in to Cawdor rd. The estate will be like the Kalimna Park Raceway estate and bottle neck traffic the only exit onto Cawdor. Hate to live in the SE corner.

  11. Nanette Jurd commented

    This Cawdor Road development has not been thought out very well at all. It is not in the theme of thing for Highfields. We do not need high density living in this semi rural area where people come because of the space and the country feel. It will be turned into a real ghetto with the increase of crime as well. The area does not have the infrastructure for all these extra people. The roads won't take it. They are a disgraceful mess as it is now. Where are they all going to send their children to school. That will be a lot of children to accommodate in the 2 school that are here. The traffic congestion with only one street outlet will create a nightmare. Councillors should come out here and spend some time and have a real good look at the mess they are creating of a peaceful country area. Take your dense housing somewhere else. There is not public transport to speak of and not enough doctors and dentists or other professionals for that matter to service all these people. This is our area. Please stop ruining it like you seem hell bent on doing

  12. Brittany Davidson commented

    Highfields residences do not want these developments. Larger block sizes are needed and desired and have no place in Highfields. More trees need to be planted, these high density housing developments do not meet the social or environmental criteria, these housing developments are poorly planned and executed and are cheaply done. The long term effects of these developments will lead to negative economic consequences. Look at the bigger picture, look to the future.

    High density housing developments that lack trees, trap heat and are environmentally irresponsible are crippling the area, infrastructure and quality of life.

    Furthermore, Cawdor Road and Kuhls Road are not suitable for the current population and are desperately in need of upgrades - the roads and intersections are dangerous and deteriorate quickly. The traffic congestion from Higfields to Toowoomba is exponential and worsening already.

  13. Ian Insley commented

    We live next to the farm and we always knew that one day that it would be sold to a developer. We had hoped that a developer would keep the size of the blocks to something similar to all of the blocks surrounding the farm or at worst 1/2 acre blocks but of course the mighty dollar speaks louder than what Highfields has always been well known for.

    I am concerned that the current infrastructure will not be able to meet the demands placed on it from the large number of blocks proposed.

    Currently, Kuhls Road is a disgrace with it being difficult at times to tell where the original road is and where the potholes upon potholes have taken its place so we can't even maintain the current infrastructure. Exiting from Granada Street onto Cawdor Road in the morning is like playing Russian roulette when trying to head to Toowoomba for work. An additional 250 plus blocks at 600m2 will cripple the current road infrastructure. What is the plan to address this?

    If I follow this current proposal, I could subdivide my block into three and still have larger blocks than what are being proposed. I would be laughed at for suggesting such a thing, but this is what the developer is proposing.

    Water run off is an issue. We live on top of the hill adjacent to the farm and experience flooding from the farm which goes through 2 properties before it hits any council drainage and that's with vacant ground. What will happen when there are roofs and roads in place shooting more water around? Currently, we manage this as we know we live next to a farm but I know we won't be able to cope with additional run off from roofs and less land to be able to absorb the water.

    I hope the Council planners take this into account and rejects this application in its current form.

  14. Leana commented

    We have lived next door to this farm for the past 8 years; previously elsewhere within Highfields. We too knew this day would come, but never even considered the possibility of blocks this size! The Highfields we know and love is being destroyed and TRC are not listening. The senseless destruction of trees along Reis Road is another perfect example. Highfields residents do not want this!! The trees and large block sizes make Highfields what it is and we cannot fathom that these developments are allowed to happen. We do not have the infrastructure!! It’s becoming a bottleneck driving in and out of Highfields and there are other developments like this already in the pipeline. We have not spoken with one resident who agrees with the direction TRC are taking in allowing these high density housing developments.
    Pure greed.

  15. Therese Beetson commented

    I agree with all the other residents of Highfields, we don’t want this development, I live on Fondulac Drive and this development will change our peaceful little street into a busy road. Please TRC think of our environment, the birds and animals that call Highfields home. Please TRC reject this application.

  16. Michelle Wale commented

    I would be interested to see the Council master plan which presumably will indicate how the area is meant to accommodate the consequences of this development, including the environmental impact statement. This are does not have the infrastructure to deal with such an influx, it will detract from the quality of life for all inhabitants of the local area including the wildlife, and make already busy roads incredibly dangerous, especially given the poor state of repair and appalling drainage along Kuhls, Cawdor and Kratzke roads.
    Stop money grabbing and think of the consequences of what you approve please!

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