6-34 High Street Preston VIC 3072

An 18-storey building comprising 157 dwellings, six (6) retail/commercial tenancies (899sqm), 72 bicycle parking spaces and a reduction in car parking (203 spaces), as shown on the plans submitted with the application.

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(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/1007/2012/A)


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  1. Michael Lalor commented

    Please. This development cannot go ahead. This would severely impact the value of my property and our view. Not to mention completely block the sun. This development would completely wipe out the views and value of the Westside owners at 35 Plenty Rd.

  2. CB commented

    I agree with the other comment. Not only the values of the properties which will be affected and views, but the light which the apartments would lose should 18 storeys be built. Also, with the amount of apartment buildings already going up in the area, why on earth is 18 storeys necessary? You’re flooding the area which doesn’t need it which devalues all properties straight away, creating so much traffic and a bottleneck in one particular spot which already. cannot handle it. There are already 2 other buildings going up currently and you want to add another in one block? Ask yourself honestly is 18 storeys necessary or practical for the area which is usually quite quaint and beautiful. I would definitely be moving should this go ahead it’s getting out of hand.

  3. Amy McHugh commented

    I contest this application. As an owner of a property in The Newbury, we have already been severely impacted by the building in the area that is turning Preston South into a concrete jungle. This impacts the livelihood of those in the area and 18-stories is beyond any level of what should be deemed as acceptable. When purchasing we were told that a 10 storey limit had been placed on the High Street strip. 18 stories does not belong in a residential area such as this. Please consider those who have already suffered through the pandemic, this will ruin the value of our homes further.

  4. Mariano Massara commented

    Preston is not the CBD, Preston is a suburb where people live and have families. Preston does not need tall buildings like in the city. The council must understand this and listen to the voices of his community

  5. Mary-Anne Ellis commented

    An 18 storey building is completely inappropriate for this area which is already congested. There should be no more than 8 to 10 storeys with the upper 3 to 5 set back so as to minimise the impact on the streetscape. Design will be critical and should if at all possible include a green roof and even vertical gardens.

  6. Alex Coopes commented

    18 floors is clearly inappropriate for a suburban location. High Street is extremely congested as is without adding this kind of density of apartments. The streetscape is already becoming dominated by the 6-8 story developments with very little set back from the street.

  7. George Kiriakidis commented

    This is far Too High.
    18 floors is clearly inappropriate for Preston.
    Already far too much congestion in the Junction area.

  8. Les Wilson commented

    This development would not only negatively impact existing residents by blocking their views and natural light, it is out of step with any other development in the area. It would be an eye sore for anyone heading north up High Street, and would take away the character and charm of the precinct.

  9. Cc commented

    This development seems excessive for the area and will create a further parking problem. There is no need for 18 stories in the area which is already overrun with apartments.

  10. Sam M commented

    This development seems extremely excessive for the area. Great concerns about traffic congestion, pollution and lack of sunlight to buildings on either side. 18 stories seems inappropriate and out of synch with the rest of the neighbourhood

  11. Sam M commented

    This development seems extremely excessive for the area. Great concerns about traffic congestion, pollution and lack of sunlight to buildings on either side. 18 stories seems inappropriate and out of synch with the rest of the neighbourhood

  12. Stephen Taylor commented

    An 18-story tower development is completely inappropriate for the area and will adversely impact both the property values and quality-of-life of the local community
    If this development were to go ahead, it will add to traffic and parking pressure in already congested streets, generate more litter and rubbish pollution, overshadow existing buildings and destroy the visual streetscape at the High St-Plenty Rd junction.
    As a long-term south Preston resident, we are seeing our community transformed into an over-developed concrete jungle of apartment blocks already with High St gradually turning into an overshadowed wind tunnel due to the 8-10 story apartment building being thrown up with insufficient set back from the street.

  13. Ron West commented

    Roads are already congested, and I've noticed traffic heading south on High Street backing up long distances – at all kinds of hours, weekends and weekdays. This development will only add to the congestion.
    The small area at the corner of Oakover and High Streets is an acknowledgement by Council that there is next to no parks in this area for the existing residents, let alone those who would be joining us as a result of this development. A young mother with young kids wanting a public space to take them? Good luck with that.
    Living in a house in Warrs Avenue, close to the High Street/Plenty Road development zone Council planned in 2011, my guess is that apartment blocks will eventually force us out and the place will become a series of high rise buildings, each designed to result in maximum profit for the developer, with little interest in the impact on the surrounding community. Is this the kind of community Council envisages and has planned for?
    Does Council have plans for the extra infrastructure required by this development?

  14. Shauna-Marie Wilson commented

    The application is consistent with the relevant policies and objectives of the Darebin Planning Scheme and should be supported.

    High Street Preston is designated a Major Activity Centre in the State Government Metropolitan Planning Strategy Plan Melbourne 2017-2050.

    The proposal is an appropriate response to the existing and preferred neighbourhood character and will not have an unreasonable impact upon the amenity of surrounding properties.

    The proposal presents an positive response to the emerging character of the surrounds

    The proposal presents an positive response to the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) and the Design and Development Overlay DDO3.

    The proposal responds positively to Clauses 34.01 and 43.02 in the Darebin Planning Scheme.

    The proposal responds positively to the Purpose in Clause 34.01 "Commercial 1 Zone":
    To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.
    To create vibrant mixed use commercial centres for retail, office, business, entertainment and community uses.
    To provide for residential uses at densities complementary to the role and scale of the commercial centre.

    The proposal responds positvely to the design strategies and guidelines of the "Urban Design Framework 2015 St Georges Road and Plenty Road Corridors".

    The proposal responds positively to the:

    Junction Integrated Development Plan, December 2001
    Darebin Housing Strategy 2013 (revised 2015)
    High Street Study Urban Design Framework, David Lock Associates and Planisphere, 2005
    Guidelines for Higher Density Residential Development, Department of Sustainability & Environment, 2004
    Preston Central Structure Plan 2006 City of Darebin & David Lock Associates

    The proposal responds positively to the St Georges Road and Plenty Road Corridors Urban Design Framework 2015 which contemplates a significant change level and increasing consolidation and densities.

    The proposal responds positively to the Strategic Context

    Due to the Major Activity Centre location, surrounding uses, preferred heights marked in the DDO3, and development to date, overshadowing impacts contemplated are unremarkable for the context.

    There are no heritage overlays upon or surrounding the subject site.

    There are no height controls in the C1Z and in the DDO2 the proposals response to height controls therein is unremarkable.

  15. Grayson Bancroft commented

    Please reject this application in it entirety. The size is completely inappropriate for the area and street congestion will be out of control.

  16. Anthony F commented

    The look and appropriateness of an 18 storey building is out of character for the above mentioned site in comparison to the current street scape and existing buildings. The bulk and the streetscape appearance and height variation is grossly abnormal. Whilst the size of the site will cater for an apartment complex, yes! The height of existing buildings needs to be considered to create a uniform landscape within the junction and corridor that already has single lane congested entry and exit via high st.

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