11 Wells Gardens, Griffith, ACT

AMENDMENT TO DA202240452 - S144A PROPOSAL SUPPORTIVE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION. Amendment to development application for demolition of the existing dwelling, outbuildings and tree removal, construction of 3 new single storey adaptable dwellings with attached garages, new driveway, visitor parking, landscaping and associated works, Lease variation to permit supportive housing and to remove the specified number of dwellings permitted. This DA was previously approved and reviewed but has been remitted back to the Authority and is now proposed to be amended. The amendment is to make adjustments to the shared areas including a new roof over parking spaces, garage doors width has been increased, amendments to common waste enclosure, PPOS areas updated, unit V3 retaining wall added, bicycle parking area identified, lighting plan provided, internal accessible elevations, permeable paving extents increased, and associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 202240452)

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  1. James Corera commented

    We are concerned to learn that the ACT Planning and Land Authority has released a Development Application from Housing ACT to demolish 11 Wells Gardens in Griffith ACT and to replace the current single dwelling with three supportive housing units.

    We are supportive of public housing. However, as one of Canberra’s oldest suburbs this proposal goes against preserving the heritage and outlook of the street by adding a condensed cluster of multi-unit dwelling. The justification for the significant expansion of the site is inadequately explained or justified.

    Having been deeply sensitive to the traditional aesthetic of the street in our own building development application, the proposal fails to meet a common good as it diminishes the suburbs heritage value, contravenes previous Government assurances, and creates a double-standard in terms of expectations levied on private development applications.

    For this reason we strongly advocate that this proposal should be comprehensively and immediately rejected.

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