114 Cary Street, Toronto NSW 2283

Mixed Use Development

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(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA/1651/2022)


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  1. Toni Lorentzen commented

    I strongly oppose the proposed development of 114 Carey St Toronto.

    It is complete over-development so near the lake and out of keeping with the site.
    It is so out of keeping too with the almost completed Toronto Foreshore Project which is at its northern end.

    Approval of this development will be the thin edge of the wedge to turn Toronto from a lovely community lakeside village into a Gold Coast monstrosity, as more greedy developers see how they can get away with making quick money at the cost of our environment.

    These large vacant areas near the lake are now so rare.
    It would be a wonderful opportunity to increase the green space for our town and would earn Council heaps of accolades for stopping the despoiling of our community.

    Please do not approve this multi-storey overdevelopment !

  2. Dave Hauser commented

    I am against this development as I was in 2018, it is complete developer greed with no consideration for the village atmosphere of Toronto. There is no social housing and the increased traffic will crowd local streets already at capacity. This development if it goes ahead will signal to other developers it is open slather and will replicate the cancer that is killing Sydney and other major cities.

  3. John Pritchard commented

    I am against this application as it is totally inappropriate for the location. It would detract from the village atmosphere that is Toronto! It would cause traffic chaos to an already congested local road system and to connecting main roads. It would require infrastructure upgrades to water, sewage, power and drainage. It would cast huge shadows and this would have a negative impact on the surrounding area. The plot would be better suited to single level residential/ commercial or to open space.

  4. Patricia Brennan commented

    I strongly object to the planned development of 114 Carey Street Toronto.

    I have the following main reasons for my objection:
    - Development of this property would be the beginning of further ugly medium / high rise construction which would detract from the natural beauty, character and charm of the area;
    - The potential increase in congestion of traffic in the area which is already under strain, especially during peak hours;
    - The likely detrimental impact on our environment, both to our flora and our fauna; and
    - The cost of infrastructure to build and possibly maintain it would be a huge impost on both Lake Macquarie rate payers and NSW taxpayers - which we can ill-afford.

    If development needs to occur why not consider making it available for much needed single level affordable housing or accessible public space which residents and visitors to the Toronto area can all enjoy, rather than a privileged few.

  5. Monica Davis commented

    I’m opposed to this development of 114 Carey St. because it is out of character with this area.
    If it goes ahead other developers will follow, ruining the small town atmosphere our residents treasure.
    Congestion would be increased putting safety at risk, with vehicle accidents & danger to school students. Traffic from McDonald’s & the RMYC would be increased. Parking would be an additional problem for the proposed businesses & to cater for new residents’ visitors’ parking.
    If it went ahead infrastructures would have to be increased & maintained, with rates increasing.
    Housing supplied here would not be economically feasible for local residents, only catering for the top end of the community.
    The streets surrounding this development are not suited for the traffic flow.
    Green open gardens would be welcome instead, with native plantings & recreational seating.
    Please do not allow greedy developers to ruin Toronto.

  6. Henry Wellsmore commented

    I strongly oppose the development at 114 Carey St on the following grounds
    1. The increase in traffic congestion in the area. Anyone who travels on Carey St either in the morning or evenings will tell you that Carey St is way past capacity even though we the drivers are being told this is not the case. With this increase in traffic safety especially for the school children will be further put at risk.
    2. A continued loss of open area in the Toronto area especially lakeside. Open lakeside areas are precious areas but it appears that the only use Council and developers see as worthwhile is putting a building on them. Green open areas available to all would be a better utilisation of lakeside land.
    3. Torontos village atmosphere is being eroded and this has accelerated the past 10 years. Toronto is in danger of becoming a mini Gold Coast which may be a boon for developers and Coincil but it is NOT for residents
    Please do not approve another ugly medium /high rise for the Toronto foreshore precinct.

  7. Sheldon Kuhne commented

    I oppose any construction of a high rise building on the Toronto foreshore .Toronto is not Sydney ,it will change the dynamics of the area if approval is given to build a 5 storey high ,124 units plus commercial office spaces at
    114 cary street, Toronto.

  8. Angela Finney commented

    The proposed development at 114 Cary Street, Toronto, is completely out of context for the area both from an aesthetic point of view and morally: Toronto does not need any more luxury apartments. A large over-development of this nature is not desirable on the approach to the centre of Toronto; open space communicates a far more positive message and would present a much more attractive view of the lake and foreshore.
    A more sympathetic use of the land would be a mixed-use single story development providing facilities for local residents rather than the exclusive behemoth being proposed.
    Toronto is already congested with vehicular traffic; there is no room to accommodate an increase of the magnitude that would result from the proposed development.
    Approval must not be given.

  9. Jacques and Barbara Hagendyk commented

    A huge development such as this is totally unsuitable for a Suburb like Toronto. First and foremost for any development as big as this, look at the traffic, Toronto has difficulty coping now, to such an extend that any minor mishap, as recent as last week, Truck brushed past the telegraph pole, causing the power lines to collapse to the road and closing Cary Street,Toronto as a thoroughfare for 5 hours! Closures to Cary Street Toronto, do often happen too with car accidents. Having lived here for 13 years, with traffic becoming gradually worse, to such an extend that it becomes difficult accessing the road now from our driveway.

  10. Debby McKenna commented

    Too close to Toronto Wetlands! 96 different bird species sightings recorded on ebird.org. Could 114 Cary St, Toronto become an eco friendly area for all the public to enjoy not just those that can afford lake frontage real estate?

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