80 Blackwells Lane Bulla VIC 3428

Use & development of the land for a transfer station, development of a new dwelling and associated buildings and works. (existing dwelling to be converted into an office to be used in conjunction with the proposed transfer station)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Hume City Council, reference P24532)


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  1. John commented

    hi there we are a neighbouring block regarding this transfer station how come no one has been informed about this process please email me back with a reason at jaraclean@gmail.com thanks

  2. Erin commented

    Further specific information about this application should be provided to the public. Who is the operator? Is this land transfer station a dump? What type of commodity will be dumped? What vehicles will be used at this site? Is EPA approval required? What will the hours of operation be? How will this site impact the Bulla community & the direct neighbours’ living environment? How can this application be approved to work in a designated green zoned area?

  3. Catherine Jones commented

    How can a Transfer station operate in a green wedge, residential, single lane road?
    I oppose this application for the above mentioned reasons.
    We have had no notification on times of operation, number of trucks on single lane country road and what exactly will be delivered into the site.
    Will this be a fire danger too?
    Will rubbish litter surrounding properties?
    Will birds be attracted to this facility so close to the Airport runways risking peoples lives.
    Will the facility smell?
    Will it be noisy?
    These are just a few reasons why I am objecting to this application .
    Thank you.

  4. Debra Osborne commented

    Please advise if the waste station will be industrial or domestic waste .?
    Will the EPA be responsible to monitor this site .?
    This road has adjoining houses - prices of homes will be devalued with waste station next door .
    Single lane road . Who will fix cracked bitumen from truck using it ?
    Cemetery is close by - will litter be blown in and be smelly.
    Will this site be a fire hazard ?.
    This is not a industrial site . It’s a green wedge .
    I object to having another
    Waste station in our small community

  5. Warren Jeffrey commented


    I have a list of reason why I oppose this submission -

    •Green wedge
    •Single lane Street
    •Proximity to flight path
    •Proximity to multiple already established transfer stations in Hume
    •More truck traffic on a route that is already under significant strain
    •Lack of information provided i.e what sort of waste? Operation hours?
    •The fact that there is already clearly some sort of waste company working from this premises before the submission has been made
    •air quality

    To think that such a small community like Bulla could potentially have 3 waste facilities is actually unbelievable. It is a very firm no from me.

    Thank you

  6. Maya commented

    We don’t need more tips in Bulla. We have enough and smell enough. Blackwells lane is a single road. We can’t have semi trailer trucks coming in and out of the street. This is a real hazard for safety. This is a residential street not an industrial street. Just remember we are in a green wedge zone. Having a transfer station in our street will devalue our properties. Who is willing to pay us compensation for our properties? ( the council??).We have trucks already coming in and out of that property. The road at the moment is a real mess. I would strongly recommend a representative from council to come and have a look at what is happening there already (burning off god knows what, change of driveway without a permit in place) before proceeding any further with this application. This is a health hazard to us and our livestock. Please consider the above information and concerns. Thanks

  7. Brittney Agnieszka commented

    This is absolutely disgusting Bulla does not want another tip! This is in a residential area this needs to be stopped!

  8. Jane commented

    Being a neighbouring property I strongly object to this application for many reasons.
    It is a residential area, a green wedge area. Having a transfer station amongst homes is a health hazard it will create poor air quality and pollution, smell, noise, it will litter surrounding properties with rubbish and more inportantly it will be a very high risk fire danger area and with a single lane road which already is a complete mess due to this property already conducting work obviously without a permit they are burning off everyday and trucks dumping materials and other waste matter throughout the day. Please strongly consider all of the above this small country town does not need and waste facility.

  9. Stephen McCumber commented

    I live 100 meters from this and have never been advised of any permit application.
    The smell from burning rubbish is ever present. The road is a disaster.
    The land value has plummeted over the last year and this will make property’s Unsellable
    I strongly Oppose this development in a residential green wedge zone.

  10. Jackson Miller commented

    I object to the building of this transfer station in a residential neighbourhood. We have been given no nitrification, no warning or anything about this.

  11. Cara McCumber commented

    I live less then 100 from this site and strongly oppose this application. This is a residential, single lane road that already is in need of repairs. There has been no information posted at the site or provided to neighbours about the application.
    The establishment of a transfer site will also significantly impact on property values as well as traffic and pollution and air quality. Works already started at the site have already created issues with road safety.
    Our community already has 2 waste transfer centres and does not need another. I throughly object to this application.

  12. Mariah commented

    I live within 100ks of this and have not been notified of this transfer station. I strongly object. This is residential, not industrial. There are enough trucks in the area, enough dumps. Property and land prices are continuing to drop and this will only further lower the Value of the area.

  13. Matchez James commented

    I live within 70meters of this proposed site and have never be notified (nor has anyone else on our street) of this planned application! I amongst most of our community am strongly against this application.

  14. Helen commented

    I also am a local, not as close as some , about 400 metres away, and can’t even believe this application would ever be given any approval. With all the reasons already mentioned , I also am voicing , very firmly, my objection to this application . Just ludicrous.

  15. Melody Brand commented

    I strongly object to this submission.

    This is a residential single lane road. I live 4 properties down from this site and it is a quiet small community. Not a suitable location for an industrial tip at all. The road is already a mess from what they have been doing without a permit it seems.
    The smell and mess to coming from this site is already horrible.

    I thoroughly object to this application

  16. Rick Polidano commented

    I am a property owner and live in Blackwells Lane.
    I also strongly object to the application.
    We also, have not been notified and the property has not placed any notice board to notify residents that the application has been submitted.
    I can't see how Council can allow such a application to proceed knowing the impact a transfer station would have on a farming / Residential area.
    A transfer station so close to residential homes and farming property's would have a devastating impact on the soil quality effecting crops and could have major health implications to the residents and live stock.
    Blackwells lane is a small street and is not suitable for heavy traffic or additional vehicles coming and going.

  17. Melita Bonett commented

    As a family residing in Blackwells Lane for over 50 years we strongly oppose the proposed use and development of a waste transfer station. The risks associated with this proposal far outweigh any benefits to the residents of the street or the greater Bulla community.

  18. Gregg Sheridan commented

    As a Bulla resident I am strongly opposed to this proposal.
    Bulla and surrounding suburbs are already suffering greatly from the existing tip and waste facilities. The way these current sites have been handled by both management, EPA and Hume Council leaves no confidence that any other site would be any different.
    The smell, traffic and road conditions in the area are already having a severe impact on residents, there is no way a facility like this can or should be considered for the area.

  19. Terri miller commented

    My family, we live in Blackwells lane
    Have had no notification about this
    We will be objecting
    It’s a one lane street
    Families with young children and elderly people live in this street
    The noise and air pollution
    Wondered why old Billy Dun place has been fully cleared

  20. Chris Kieselbach commented

    It is disappointing that I cannot even find the application for this permit on the Hume City Council website. Given that there is no information available on the website and no notification of the correct objection process, please accept this as my formal objection towards the development of the site at 80 Blackwells Lane, Bulla, Vic, 3428.
    As a community member/resident for over 30 years, I am strongly opposed to this site being developed into a waste facility.

    Not only does Bulla not need another waste/dump site to further pollute the area, the current owner/operators have taken it upon themselves to commence dumping various commodities of residential and commercial refuse/waste without having a permit!

    The site is currently a disgrace with toxic waste being illegally burnt in an old incinerator/cell. Emergency services (Fire Brigade) have been on site 3 times in the last week. This is a gross waste of emergency services resources! The current toxic smoke/smell coming from the site is a serious health risk to community members. Some of the immediate residents in close proximity to the site have respiratory issues which are being triggered by the above illegal activity.

    Enforcement agencies have advised that the current owner/operators have been hostile towards officers and community members. Bulla does not need another problem site like this with ongoing issues/threats towards officers and community members.

    The location of the proposed site is completely unsuitable. The single lane country laneway does not have the capacity for heavy vehicles to traverse the area safely, and current heavy vehicle movements on this road to date to/from this site have caused damage to the existing infrastructure.

    The proposed site is in a green wedge zone, this type of facility should never be considered in an area like this.

    The illegal site has already attracted various scavenging birds such as Ibis which is causing a serious threat to aircraft with flight paths situated directly above this site.

    In closing, Bulla currently already has 2 waste facilities. A further facility is definitely NOT required and would have a detrimental affect on the local community, environment, and residents.

    Chris Kieselbach

  21. Tara M commented

    As a Blackwells Lane resident, I strongly oppose this proposal. Myself and other young teenagers regularly use the street to ride our horses and I think that this proposal will cause a lot of danger to the us as users of the street.

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