13-17 Kennedy Crescent Bonnet Bay NSW 2226

S8.2(1)(b) Review of MA22/0015 – Delete date of lapsing, amend hours of operation for public holidays to 7am – 11am, revise condition 6ii to allow group training sessions and amplified music from 5:30am to 7:30am

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference RM22/0001)


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  1. Jayne May commented

    Nadia and Rob have supported our community through the pandemic and the gym thrived as a result. Their respect to neighbours has been incredible. The soundproofing has meant that the rear neighbours have transitioned from cafe kitchen (could be very noisy at times) to a quiet premises. As previously mentioned, we absolutely welcome any testing from our premises as closest neighbour and ask that you fully investigate any notifications to the contrary. In addition, Nadia and Rob continue to remind members to be mindful of us neighbours and this is strictly adhered to.
    As many return to offices, early morning sessions are the only viable session to attend. As a neighbour and member I would be devastated to see this gym fail through no fault of its own and merely a few frivolous complaints. We should be supporting successful small businesses, not tearing them down.

  2. Lis Woodhart commented

    As a neighbouring resident and regular early morning attendee, Perfect form fitness is an essential part of my health and the health of my family and friends in the area.
    The gym is not new to the Village and has operated the same hours without issue over the years. Those of us that attend the morning sessions are mature professionals. Gym times are dictated by the needs of the clients and the success of the business.
    This business with its care and consideration toward neighbours, its unblemished record, the service of fitness and health for local cliental should be supported and fully approved by Sutherland shire council.

  3. Ash Blake commented

    Bonnet bay is a family friendly area and the gym provides a great service to helping the community with programs designed for parents to fit along busy family and work schedules. Its location is vital to helping provide this service with proximity to the community and provides an important health service and social engagement.

    Nadia and Rob are very considerate of the community with strong and insistent reminders to minimize noise or disruption to neighbours (both sound and even direction of headlights of cars) which is respected and followed as the gym users are from the community also.

  4. Lisa Leaght commented

    Nadia and Rob provide a very important service to the community, having such a wonderful small intimate studio run by two professionals is vital to the demographic of the community. Exercise is so important to physical and emotional health. Nadia and Rob, and all the gym members, are very respectful of the residents, coming and leaving quietly, no loud music, no yelling (like those big gyms that pump out the loud music and yell over microphones). There is no other gym like this in the area, and it needs to service morning times to meet demands.

  5. Johanna Jeffrey commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is a family owned and operated Gym.Nadia and Rob have been a total asset to the Bonnet Bay community providing an amazing gym with fantastic programs.Morning and evening classes are a must for the gym as most members have small children and full time jobs that require these time allocations.
    Nadia and Rob are both very mindful and considerate of neighbouring houses in close proximity of the gym as are the members.
    An example of this is that parking with lights facing the shops and noise is kept to a minimum with emails and notifications given to clients for consideration of the neighbours.
    It is important to see that we are encouraging small business and supporting a family that sole income is based on this business.

  6. C Duggan commented

    I support this application for PFF to operate at the Bonnet Bay shops, and to be open in the mornings for classes. My schedule only allows me to attend before 7am, and it would be a disaster if I couldn't use the gym. I've been attending for two years, starting when they were in the same set of shops, opening early, with no complaints. The gym is an asset to the community and the owners, Nadia and Rob, support the community and do their very best to respectfully work with the neighbours and other shop owners. The early hours are essential for their business to continue. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. Alyce Odams commented

    Perfect form fitness is a huge asset to the community of Bonnet Bay. This family business has been running at 5:30am opening hours for some years and 110% helped our little community through the pandemic with their amended our door training sessions, online sessions, free kids training and endless physical and mental support of their gym members.
    Bonnet bay shops is finally thriving due to their hard work and determination to make their business a success. They have gone above and beyond to ensure no disturbance to neighbours surrounding. This includes but is not limited to extreme sound proofing of the new gym premises, constant interaction with neighbours and tenants to ensure they aren’t being effected and emailing and speaking in person to members to ensure quiet arrival and departure of the gym.
    As a member it’s crucial to have these longer operational hours. Due to the majority of members working full time 9-5pm jobs we simply can’t attend during these restricted hours. Rob and Nadia are constantly going above and beyond for their members and community. It’s only fair they are allowed to continue operating their business as they did in their previous premise 2 doors down.

  8. Dan Crammond commented

    I am a Kareela resident and have been a member of this gym since 2020 when they were in the old premises in the same block 2 shops up. I have always attended before 7am, and with the old gym we were constantly having to use the carpark for skipping or other exercises as the space was too small. Interestingly there were no noise complaints at that time. Since moving to the new premises there is so much less sound that comes out as there has been professional sound proofing and space is large enough that we are inside with the doors closed, unlike the previous tenants who were a coffee shop and Cafe that also opened early and had many people coming and going including deliveries before 6am most morning, maybe the nearby residents used those facilities more and so were more willing to not complain about the early opening and noise? Or maybe there are personal grievances that people are masking these "complaints" with? On that front, as someone who is regularly there at 530am, even directly parked in front of the gym the noise is minimal and usually drowned out by the many birds and traffic from the nearby crossroads, and the light pollution is less than the street lights. I would suggest that if there was formal testing done on any given morning it would be very hard to argue that the minimal amount of light and noise was perceptible to nearby residents, let alone above the normal traffic and wildlife. We have also been contually reminded not to make any noise when coming and going, not shining car headlights into buildings and parking facing away from them, and running without things such as air conditioning to lessen the impact on the surrounding houses. On the flip side, the positive impact of this gym has on Bonnet Bay and the wider community surely has to be considered? As I said I come from outside the suburb but there are many members from Bonnet Bay and across the shire who attend at all hours of the day, but speaking for myself under these changed conditions I will no longer be able to attend and I struggle to see how the business would be able to continue in this location given the restrictions. Is this really the best approach leading into a recession, driving out successful businesses that are integrated and support the local community due to unproven and untested complaints from nearby residents with possible ulterior motives? I think independant and impartial observation would be the first step before making a judgement of this magnatitude. At the end of the day I'm sure the proprietors will be successful no matter where they are, but it would be a great shame to lose such an asset to the local community based on hearsay.

  9. Bek Hughes commented

    Nadia and Rob need to be commended on their community focused gym.
    This is an integral business to many in the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Many working parents in the local community are only able to attend the gym in the early hours and it is a paramount that this service is able to continue to provide this.
    At no time has there ever been abundance of people arriving at these hours… and as members of the local community we are all cognisant of the potential impact on local residents.
    I struggle to believe that any local residents have or will ever be inconvenienced by a service that that has been performing impeccably during these hours for many years.
    To reduce the functioning hours provided by perfect form would be reducing the ability of local residents to maintain their healthy lifestyle in a compassionate community based service

  10. Natalie Breen commented

    Perfect Form Fitness (PFF) has delivered on all expectations from the previous DA, ensuring sound proofing of the unit with all relevant acoustic testing proving that sound is to a minimum and acceptable level for the residents surrounding the shops.
    Bonnet Bay Shops has been on this site since 1979/1980 and has seen many businesses come and go. One key barrier to success is the lack of foot traffic to the site. PFF is integral to Bonnet Bay Shops, it brings in clientele from outside the Bonnet Bay Suburb to feed the other businesses, like our local supermarket and the previous coffee shop, The Flying Swallow.
    With majority of complaints coming from homes on Kennedy Cres it is important to note that majority of these homes were purchased AFTER the development of Bonnet Bay Shops. These homes were purchased with full knowledge that a shopping village was in operation across the street from their home.
    The main complaint from these residents is the lights from cars and noise of cars as they enter the shops. I urge the Sutherland Shire Council to do the due diligence and visit the site. Majority of these homes across the road are not at street level, with the dwelling ‘sunken’. The impact of lights and noise from the car park would therefore be minimal, with full acoustic report proving the noise from the gym is minor outside the doors, let alone non-existent from across the road. I strongly suggest that alternate measures are taken; for example, plant a hedge on the edge of the carpark or erect fencing to shield neighbours from the carpark rather than closing down businesses.
    Bonnet Bay Shops was originally built with the intent to provide a small shopping epicentre for our local suburb, where businesses can come, grow and flourish in our neighbourhood. It is unrealistic to expect that businesses can operate in these constraints of no cars/no traffic whether it be a café, supermarket, or a gym. These constraints are setting small business up for failure and not allowing the owner of Bonnet Bay Shopping Village to have long term tenants that grow.
    PFF also has a major and positive impact on our community. They give freely to local sporting clubs, ran free training for kids during Covid to get them out of the house and active, are a major supporter and fundraiser of Jacaranda Cottage and Sutherland to Surf.
    SSC has the opportunity to allow a local small business, who has survived the pressure of Covid to continue to run and thrive in Bonnet Bay or to close them for good, impacting not only their family but over 100 local families that are currently members. PFF have completed every request from the previous DA, have asked their clients to do everything possible to minimise any negative impact of surrounding dwellings. A 7.30am start for PFF would kill their business and with the closure of PFF would also negatively impact the surrounding businesses. SSC needs to support this local small business as the positive impact they have for our community and consideration of the locals and members would be greatly missed if they were forced to close.

  11. Tracy Breen commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is an integral part of the Bonnet Bay community providing high quality fitness training for everyone.
    Rob & Nadia have thoughtfully set up the new gym being extremely mindful of the premises and the surrounding areas.
    The carpark provides great access to the gym ensuring there is no impact to surrounding streets.
    The early morning classes are vital to PFF providing a service to members before work as this is often the only opportunity some people have to train and maintain their fitness.
    I don’t believe the early classes have an impact on nearby residents as the cars enter and leave the carpark respectively, there is never any congregation of people outside and the music is always well contained within the gym.
    The gym adds a nice look and feel to the shopping area and should be allowed to operate from 5.30 am .

  12. Derek Calder commented

    I have been a client of PFF for approximately 3 years.
    It was their professionalism and community spirt that draw me to join Nadia and Rob.
    Rob and Nadia were inspirational during COVID. They provided a variety of activities, zoom session, outdoor sessions with limited numbers and instigating challenges that could be completed individually while respecting and abiding by NSW Health Requirements. This was very important for the mental heath of members during this difficult time.
    The members of the gym are respectful of local residents, and mindful of not creating noise, especially early in the morning.
    As a local resident myself, I am aware of how noise travels in the valley. To be brutally honest, there is more noise created by some of our native wild life, and sanitation services than emanate from the gym.
    Nadia and Rob have undertaken all steps to control noise.
    PFF is attended by a varied group of people, across a wide age range, working or studying a variety of hours.
    Given the proven benefits associated with exercise: -
    • improve your brain health,
    • help manage weight,
    • reduce the risk of disease,
    • strengthen bones and muscles,
    • assist with mental health,
    it would be a tragedy if this application was not approved.
    For this reason, I am fully supportive of Rob and Nadia’s application.

    The community would be the poorer if this application was not approved.

  13. Sylvia Service commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is VITAL part of the Bonnet Bay Community. The gym has supported and given back to the community in so many ways such as fundraising for charity events, providing mental health and support for the members of the local area and establishing a wonderful community feel. The gym has ALWAYS operated at early opening hours 5.45am, when it was first established at the old premises two doors down. Since moving to a bigger premise just two shops away, there has been a tremendous effort by the owners Rob and Nadia to keep the noise level down such as soundproofing, acoustic reports, closing windows and doors at all times and keeping the music down. When cars arrive, the headlights are turned towards the shops and away from houses and there is minimal noise when entering and leaving the gym. Day to day noises such as garbage trucks, delivery trucks, buses and cars driving by and bird noises would generate more noise than that coming from the gym. One would simply need to stand outside the gym and can easily verify this.
    It is essential for the local community that the normal operating hours of Perfect Form Fitness is allowed, that is, from 5.30/5.45am in order to allow local members to attend the gym before commencing their work day. This will promote health lifestyle choices and support the mental health of the local community.
    Perfect Form Fitness is also a small family business and this family is completely dependent on their business to operate at normal gym hours, ie from 5.30/5.45am. Otherwise they will lose a majority of their clientele and income and is unlikely to survive, which in turn would be devastating not only for them but for the Bonnet Bay and surrounding community.

  14. Scott Williams commented

    Perfect Form Fitness are a valuable part of the Bonnet Bay community, and in my experience have always been very respectful and considerate of their neighbours. We need to support and encourage small business to thrive without unnecessary restrictions and hurdles.

  15. Bek Hughes commented

    Nadia and Rob need to be commended on their community focused gym.
    This is an integral business to many in the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Many working parents in the local community are only able to attend the gym in the early hours and it is a paramount that this service is able to continue to provide this.
    At no time has there ever been abundance of people arriving at these hours… and as members of the local community we are all cognisant of the potential impact on local residents.
    I struggle to believe that any local residents have or will ever be inconvenienced by a service that that has been performing impeccably during these hours for many years.
    To reduce the functioning hours provided by perfect form would be reducing the ability of local residents to maintain their healthy lifestyle in a compassionate community based service

  16. Chee Ow commented

    Joining Perfect Form Fitness (PFF) gym have been the best thing my wife and I have done for ourselves since moving to Bonnet Bay, both from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective. Rob and Nadia are truly dedicated and caring trainers; an invaluable asset to the Bonnet Bay community.
    We fully support this application as the early morning sessions (before 6.30am) are the only time we can attend before going to work in the city. Something we have been doing for the past 3.5 years without complaints nor interruptions!
    Everyone who attends the early morning sessions knows the gym’s rules – “quiet in, headlights face shops, no chatting, quiet out” to ensure minimal disturbance to neighbours. An independent test will verify this to be true.
    A restriction on their original functional hours will definitely preclude a large percentage of PFF’s clientele from participating further, putting the sustainability of PFF in question. That would be an absolute shame given Rob and Nadia’s incredible commitment to provide and grow their community based health service in Bonnet Bay under such difficult times.
    Please we must continue to support small family businesses to succeed, especially one that has invested so much and complied with all rules and regulations imposed todate. Thank you.

  17. Megan Pattie commented

    As a member of the Bonnet Bay community and gym, I too support the amendment. Nadia and Rob have gone to great lengths ensuring the neighbours are cared for throughout the whole process of moving 2 doors down. Sound proofing walls, ensuring car headlights don’t disturb neighbours in the morning. I honestly find the garbage trucks at 5am way noisier than music inside the gym.
    Perfect Form has been a go too for wellness and mental health throughout covid incl pre and post. It’s amazing how some good music in the morning to your workout sets you in good stead for the day.
    I fully support perfect form and all they do for our community. They bring Bonnet Bay to life!
    Thank you

  18. Liz Luyten commented

    As long-term clients of PFF, using this facility has become an integral part of my and my husband's daily life. As residents of Sutherland, we feel grateful to have access to such a community-minded facility with a "members first" approach to business. The physical and mental health support Nadia and Rob provided to its members throughout the various stages of covid was second to none and should be commended. Members are well aware of minimising noise and light for the comfort of neighbours when arriving and leaving the carpark and this is always adhered to. Additional measures have also been taken by Nadia and Rob to minimise noise from within the gym (soundproofing, closed doors, music at a low volume in morning classes, and independent acoustics reports). My understanding is that this amendment simply allows them to trade as they have successfully done for the past 3 years and does not provide an extension of existing hours, surely common sense will prevail here?

  19. Stacey Howard commented

    I have been a member of Perfect Form Fitness for over three years. I chose this gym not only for its professional trainers but also the convenience as it’s close to my home in Como. We have no other gyms in the area, none in Como, Oyster Bay, Jannali. As a business owner and mum of three young kids I simply don’t have time to travel further to a gym further away. I am appalled that Nadia and Rob now find themselves in this situation after simply moving to a larger premises in the same complex especially when there has been absolutely no noise complaints in the past.
    They have gone above and beyond to ensure the gym is sound proofed and reminding members to keep quiet in the car park.
    I hope the council reviews this decision immediately and I will also be contacting my local councillors to express my opinion.

  20. Carita Rogers commented

    I am writing in support of Perfect Form Fitness operating at Bonnet Bay shopping centre. I have been a member of PFF for over 2 years. It was extremely disappointing to hear about the new restrictions to be imposed on operating hours, as this is likely to affect the viability of this small business. PFF have been operating in the Bonnet Bay shops for several years from 5:30am (and 5:45 am, after moving two doors down late last year), and I am not sure what has changed by having moved a couple of doors down.
    Rob and Nadia are dedicated small business owners who are very community minded and highly considerate of the neighbours. They frequently communicate with members to ensure that we are minimising our impact on neighbours. For example, some requests have included being quiet when arriving and leaving early in the morning (eg closing car doors quietly and not chatting outside), and parking with headlights facing away from the street to minimise lights shining into neighbours’ properties. They also modify exercises in the early morning so they are not loud (for things which may be acceptable at 10am, but not 6am), and have sound proofed walls when moving to their current location. They have also undertaken independent noise testing outside and at neighbouring properties while the gym has operated in the early hours. As members, we comply with their requests because we are also local residents, and value having this local facility available to us.
    It is extremely invaluable to have a local, community-minded fitness facility that welcomes all types of people. Perfect Form Fitness have had such a positive impact on the local Bonnet Bay community and they are responsible for linking many local community members together. Rob and Nadia have really fostered a positive fitness environment, where all members are supported, both physically and mentally. It has been an amazing addition to the local Bonnet Bay shopping centre, and maintaining a variety of viable businesses in our small shopping centre is important for the whole Bonnet Bay community.
    I am concerned that if their original operating hours are not supported, there will be a significant number of members who will no longer be able to train during the new restrictive hours, and this could impact the viability of the business. I personally would no longer be able to attend, as I attend the sessions starting before 6am (previously 5:30, more recently 5:45 am), as I leave for work at 7 am. I would be forced to cancel my membership if they could only open at 7:30am. Their original operating hours (that they have successfully operated under for over 3 years without any issues) suits the modern working life of many of their members, many of whom are working families who are trying to balance work and family commitments, while finding time to include essential exercise time for their own health.

  21. Katrina Hollis commented

    I’m not a perfect form fitness member, however my teenage daughter is.

    Since beginning her time at PFF her confidence and mental well-being has thrived. Owners Nadia and Rob are true professionals whose pride and commitment to their clients is second to none.

    The benefits of their energy and enthusiasm, their dedication to their clients, members of the Bonnet Bay community are nothing but positive!

    It is my understanding Nadia and Rob have gone to considerable lengths to ensure the surrounding neighbours are in no way negatively impacted by soundproofing they gym. This site
    Was previously a cafe/restaurant. That would have had many delivery trucks and early morning deliveries along with running full commercial extraction fans from early morning to late in the evening. Making considerable noise.

    Perfect Form Fittness has had nothing but an incredibly positive impact on the Bonnet Bay community.
    I urge the council to investigate these complaints to fullest, and consider all other available options before implementing a decision that will cripple a thriving small community business.

  22. Pete Fawcett commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is an excellent local business that provides a vital service to the local community. Limitations on early morning classes are unreasonable, especially considering the extensive safeguards that the owners have put in place to avoid impacts to nearby properties. Sutherland Shire Council should do everything in their power to support and encourage Perfect Form Fitness to operate without restriction.

  23. Felicity Kelleher commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is an integral part of the Bonnet Bay community. Nadia and Rob have created a safe and welcoming gym with community spirit at the heart of its culture. They ensure that all members are aware of the neighbours and what actions need to be taken to reduce disturbance to them to zero. These actions include, not loitering in the carpark, parking with lights to shops, turning off music before arriving and the door to gym is always closed. In addition, they have invested in a huge amount of soundproofing to ensure noise generated from within gym does not travel.

    Nadia and Rob ensure that they are supporting local businesses as well through holding social functions within the immediate area, advertising great experiences, and inviting local owners to train at the gym to assist in building customer bases. To reduce operating hours of the gym will once again reduce traffic through the Bonnet Bay shops and will negatively impact the other business owners and the Bonnet Bay community.

  24. Kristina Bennett commented

    I also am writing in support of extending Perfect Form Fitness hours of operation to be opened from 5:30am weekdays, from 6:30am on Saturdays and open public holidays. As someone who has returned to working in the city, I rely on the 5:30am opening hours to be able to get my physical and mental health workout. Those of us in these morning classes have been asked by Nadia and Rob to keep noise to a minimum and not shine our headlights into the houses. As a local resident, I actually now walk to the gym to help keep the noise low.
    I appreciate Council has tried to satisfy all parties (owners and few local residents who have complained about noise) by restricting classes in the morning. However what Council doesn't realise is that by reducing these hours, you are only satisfying the small number of residents who have complained about the noise. Should Council not approve the extended operating hours, Council will be responsible for closing this small business. It is not financially viable for a gym to not be able to offer morning classes. At least 30% of the members will no longer be able to train and the attraction of new clients will be limited.
    These residents purchased their property after the shops were built, therefore they should understand that shops create car and foot traffic at different times of the day. Gyms are not the only business who need to open early. Should Council agree to these outlandish demands, this means that we cannot have an early opening cafe, bakery, late night restaurant or any business that operates outside of the residents required hours. I urge council to come down to Bonnet Bay at 5:30am and listen for themselves. As you can see from the comments above, the gym is doing more good for this local communities than disrupting a few people's sleep in.

  25. Natasha Thomas commented

    Rob and Nadia Leslie run a professional and essential service to our local area of Bonnet Bay. The gym is very quiet with no loud music or yelling and the soundproofing measures that Nadia and Rob have undertaken have provided extra assurance that this is the quietest local gym you will find. In fact, I have often sat in my car outside in the carpark while a gym class is in session, and you cannot hear that a gym class is even on.
    The average age of the gym members is around 40 I believe - there are no loud cars, yelling or yahoo'ing as there can be with other gyms I have seen in other parts of the Sutherland Shire, and seeing that the gym caters to an older, more family orientated, local demographic, they are all very conscientious and take great care to be quiet when going to and from the gym as to not disturb any neighbors.
    Having the gym open at 5:30 am instead of 7:30 am is essential - so many locals need the option of the early class as they commute into the city early for work and are unable to attend at a later time. Also for the local mums and dads that need to get their kids ready and to get them to school, the class at 7:30 is not at an early enough time to fit in the essential 'me-time' at the gym before getting the kids ready for school!
    Please let Bonnet Bay keep our gym so we can keep fit, active and healthy.

  26. L Sherry commented

    I am a new member of Perfect Form Fitness. When looking to join a gym two things were important to me, one was early morning classes to suit my schedule and the second was a small community-minded business. PFF meets these requirements perfectly!! When I joined, it was clear what was expected of members in regard to parking and noise levels to limit the impact on surrounding neighbours (especially in regard to early morning classes). I really hope the approval of this DA is purely a formality as I hate to consider the impact on my health and the gym's viability if this is not the case.

  27. john douglas commented

    I actually live next door to the shopping centre which houses the Gym. The owners Rob and Nadia are are very nice people and respect our area. I have no problem with noise from the gym or the outside carpark. It is great to see gym goers staying fit and looking after their bodies.

  28. Sinead Flewellen commented

    I am a member of perfect form fitness and a resident of Bonnet Bay. I also wish to voice my support for Rob and Nadia Leslie's application to council, and in particular in relation to their ability to run early morning classes at their gym. To be clear, the gym is a small boutique business that operates predominantly by offering bespoke classes to members. Without morning classes the gym would not have a suitable alternative for members and would render the business commercially unviable.
    With regards to noise, Rob and Nadia are very conscious and considerate of their neighbours and have protocols in place to mitigate any potential noise or disruption to surrounding homes in the early morning. For example, they request that members park in a certain direction in the car park so that lights do not impact neighbours.
    The gym offers an invaluable service not only to its members but to the community of Bonnet Bay, bringing an essential service to the suburb, which in turns makes it an attractive place to live. Sutherland Shire Council, please take this into account, along with the many testimonials above in support of the gym, when making your determination about this thriving small business.

  29. Paul Breen commented

    It is incredibly important to reinstate the hours of operation to what was originally put forward by PFF. The hours are merely a continuation of what was already in place and are essential to survival of this business.
    Members of the gym with newborns live next to the gym and they are not disturbed by the gyms opening hours at all.
    Unlike other gyms The gym is predominately middle aged people who attend before and after work. The members are considerate and are well aware of the importance of ensuring that we are not a nuisance to the surrounding neighbours as made clear by the owners and staff.
    The business provides an essential service to the community providing health and fitness as well as rehabilitation programs for people like myself. The mental health benefits of this business are hard to measure but nevertheless vital to the needs of the people in the area.
    The shopping centre that has been there for a very long time and is to service the needs of the community and it is impossible to think of a more suitable business that serves the needs of the community more than PFF.
    I strongly recommend the operating times requested by PFF are granted and that we support a business that has exceeded the expectations of the community and has survived covid.
    With small businesses struggling and obesity issues reaching concerning levels, I thinks it’s the responsibility of the council and community to support this business and others like it.

  30. Roman commented

    I am a member of PFF and attend morning and evening classes and can confidently say I have never heard music or loud noise outside of the gym on arrival before class or after when I am outside socialising.

    It would be a shame to impose such restrictive conditions on a business that has operated its current hours in the same complex for many years.

    I hope you are able to update the DA accordingly and save a great business from shutting down

  31. Kay Radzio commented

    I am an older client of PFF in two ways!!

    I am one the older members (age wise) and a member that has trained with Nadia and Rob for many many years.

    I have watched this couple start their business from scratch. They work tirelessly helping their clients become physically and mentally fit. Their clients enjoy themselves at the same time!!

    Their dedication to their business is phenomenal but also their dedication to their young family is beautiful to watch.

    I don't live in Bonnet Bay, so I need to travel to the gym which I do twice a week.

    No matter your age or your stage of fitness Nadia and Rob make you feel extremely comfortable. There is no judgement from trainers or members just a greet vibe in the gym.

    My fitness can vary from day to day due to health reasons but Nadia encourages me to attend my sessions no matter what my body says!! After my sessions in the gym I can take on anything life throws at me.

    This is a small business but doing big things for people and the community. We need to support Perfect Form Fitness where ever we can.

  32. Melanie Miles commented

    I also support PFF gym’s amendments which will allow them to continue the business.
    As a low motivation person, I’ve never kept up with any gym membership. As a PFF member, the gym’s close proximity has meant that I’ve been coming for over a year now and will continue to do so, reaping the associated health benefits. Other members have also expressed the location as a prime factor in their ability to attend and keep fit.
    I have witnessed PFFs efforts to reduce their impact on the surrounding houses in both their previous premises and at the new location which shows their willingness to fit in with the location and the consideration they have for their neighbours.
    Also PFF is a great contributor to keeping the shops viable which benefits the local area.
    I urge you to approve their amendments and allow their small business to continue.

  33. Douglas McLaughlin commented

    As residents of Bonnet Bay for over fifty years, when the current shopping centre site was untouched bush, and in our eighties, we value our precinct highly. Previous gym occupiers of that spot were more than annoying by blasting our breakfast times with loud noises, (their form of music) and destroying our breakfast time peace after many years of peaceful existence, and reducing the value of our block.
    The current occupiers seem to be able to carry on without disruption to our abode. If the present levels are continued we will have no foreseeable problems. The volume and time of the activity will be paramount.

  34. Lyn & Nathan Gallagher commented

    As working parents with busy lives, making time for exercise often means getting up early to fit it in before we start our work day and family life tasks.
    The 5.45am & 6.45am class times allow us to work on our fitness and creates focus & energy during the day. A 7.30am opening time for the gym would drastically impact the available hours we have to get a work out in during the day. It’s just too late.
    Nadia & Rob at Perfect Form Fitness help to keep our local community fit, healthy & happy.

  35. Davina Dunn commented

    Perfect Form Fitness is a family owned business that has really helped to unify the local Bonnet Bay Community since its inception creating a safe place for local residents to meet and get fit in a non judgmental positive environment. Rob and Nadia Leslie are exceptional in their approach to fitness and have helped to changed many members lives keeping residents of all age groups committed to a fitter and healthier lifestyle whilst bringing the local community together for local charity runs and other events. Both Rob, Nadia and their staff are very conscious of the houses close to the gym and often advise the members to park so as no headlights are facing the houses early mornings and to keep noise at a minimum. They have gone above in beyond in ensuring that the peace of Bonnet Bay is not disturbed and the gym is no louder than a local cafe or any other business would be. I 100% support this DA application of extending trading to public holidays and group gym times from 5:30am.

  36. Simon Laird commented

    Perfect Form Fitness has been a pillar of the Bonnet Bay community since opening several years ago. They provide an invaluable health and fitness service to all of their members. As most of the members are parents of young families it is imperative that they be able to operate form 05.30am (as at the previous premises a few doors away at the same building) so as to service the needs of their members. I do not believe they would be able to operate as a gym without these opening hours. Rob, Nadia and their staff go out of their way to highlight to members ways to minimise any disruption to local neighbours. Bonnet Bay is a very small community and this is one of the few examples of a successful business in the area so it would be unthinkable to force the closure of such a business due to a few complaints.

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