114-126 Bourke Street Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

PAN-211474 S4.55(2) - Modification of consent to amend conditon 2 - Hours of Operation - Sensitive Uses to permit extended base operating hours of 10.00am to 2.00am Monday to Sunday, inclusive. Current approved hours are 10.00am to 10.00pm Moday to Sunday, inclusive. Amend conditon 3 - Occupant Capacity to permit maximum 120 patrons. Current permitted maximum 60 patrons.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2012/2006/C)


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  1. Mike anderson commented

    I have frequented this bar since the lockdown ended. If I am perfectly honest it is the only reason that I have been travelling into the city. With so many places having been destroyed.

    This bar serves excellent food, and cocktails, while bringing together happy and positive people for a great night out. We were promised sydney would be turned around and preventing this one of a kind offering from trading until a reasonable time, would not be conducive of the promises made by our night mayor and regulators.

    I have never seen a single issue inside or outside the venue and have always felt welcome by the other guests and the staff.

    This bar has become a local institution and the city is better for having it In our community.

  2. Alex Mirzaian commented

    Well organised operation, security conscience, only small people cap of 60 should have no issues to stay open till 2am the businesses previous owners went broke during Covid great to see something new and refreshed in the local community. Significant spending on fit out and most profitable business hours are between 9:30-1:30am . In strong support of this DA to amend thd it’s proposed operating hours. We need to support new business and bring a variety of amenity to all these houses in the pipeline.

  3. Paul Dennis commented

    Dear City of Sydney Council,

    I have been both watching the evolution of this venue, in it's prior incarnation as 'Peekaboo Bar', and now, as 'Kandi Luxe'.

    I absolutely adore the updates they have made to the fit-out, the addition of the outdoor Alfresco and decor all perfectly tie in together.

    The staff and owner / manager are all invested interests in the establishment and take particular pride in the presentation and the customer rapport.

    The hours I believe are definitely in line what we as Sydney-siders would expect and want, having the option to stay out beyond midnight in the one venue, vs club / bar / pub hopping I am all for. Especially as the business seems to offer a great selection of food and drinks.

    2am would be as the venue I believe was intended, given the liquor license was granted to that time, and the venue capacity was previously 100 for memory, the only reason it was reduced was as a functional way to avoid being subject to the ridiculous 'Lockout Laws' that plagued KX and Sydney's Entertainment Precinct, which is where this venue resides.

    The last time I was there, I was not even aware it was open, given they had already gone to the extent or dimming exterior lighting and reducing the noise to appease and keep the neighbours happy (which includes myself).

    I strongly advocate this submission.

    Kind regards,
    Paul Dennis

  4. Ben Mulcahy commented

    Hello Planning Authority,

    Kandi Luxe is a wonderful small bar. Sydney needs more venues like this - small, welcoming & well run. Particularly after lockdowns and lockouts this type of venue should be supported and encouraged. Operating until 2am is a reasonable request. The venue is indoors with no loud outdoor areas after midnight.

    It is important that small venues like this can trade until 2am so that they are financially viable and contributing to the night time economy.

    Please provide 2am license without delay.

    Ben M

  5. Hayley Thornber commented

    I moved out of Sydney some months ago and recently visited a friend to catch up, where we enjoyed a night at Kandi Luxe. It was my first time visiting the bar and to be frank, it was fabulous. Growing up in Sydney and in the more recent years, it was difficult to find a small bar that offered friendly and positive energy from staff and patrons all-round. I was able to meet new people in a comfortable environment. I have spoken about Kandi Luxe to so many friends and am actually looking to return to Sydney in the coming months with the intention of visiting Kandi Luxe again. I hope the application is approved - I find that so many people have negative things to say about Sydney simply because there are not enough places to visit like Kandi Luxe!

  6. Christopher Grant Galea commented

    A very well run bar with a friendly and safe atmosphere

    The upgrades and works completely reflect a commitment to the area and as such I support the extension to the operating hours of this establishment

    This venue adds tremendous value to this it’s community

    Kind Regards

    Christopher Grant Galea

  7. Christopher Grant Galea commented

    A very well run bar with a friendly and safe atmosphere

    The upgrades and works completely reflect a commitment to the area and as such I support the extension to the operating hours of this establishment

    This venue adds tremendous value to this it’s community

    Kind Regards

    Christopher Grant Galea

  8. John Eussen commented

    To The Planning Authority,
    I would like to put forward that Kandi Luxe bar in Woolloomooloo should be allowed to have a closing time of 2am.
    I have frequented the bar on a number of occasions as I have many others in Sydney.
    I however make choice to consistently return to Kandi Luxe with my clients, friends and family primarily because of its consistency, professionalism and classy persona.
    It is because of these qualities I now make choice to not go to other Sydney establishments.
    Sydney needs more of these safe classy establishments!
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further recommendations.
    John Eussen

  9. Desiree Rego commented

    I have frequented Kandi Luxe ever since it opened. It is one of the few bars in Sydney where you feel welcome the moment you walk in. The crowd is classy, the service is personalised and not to mention it has brought life back to the going out scene in Sydney that for so long has suffered. Given this, I fully support their trading hours to be extended until 2am. What a great boutique establishment, it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

  10. Jackie Madison commented

    Dear City of Sydney

    I work in the CBD in a role the often requires dinner and drinks with clients.

    A quick google search led me to Kandi Luxe as it was open and the hospitality, staff and amazing food and drinks was so incredible it has been a permanent work venue for me to frequent.

    I have left after midnight on a number of occasions and was told to be quiet and respectful of neighbours upon leaving.

    They really have everyone’s best interest in mind.


  11. Phillip Xenos commented

    Over the last few years, I've sadly watched Sydney's night life die slowly to being almost non-existent. Sydney was once one of the worlds most vibrant cities with a night life few cities matched. Between the lock out laws and the covid lockdown periods, unfortunately most of the bars and clubs we grew to love have now closed.
    I have visited Kandi Luxe a few times and absolutely love the atmosphere and vibe of the place. From its stylish decor, to the friendly staff, to the easy going patrons, its a great place to enjoy a drink either to start the night or stay and enjoy the evening. The only down side is it's early closing.
    I used to be an uber driver and the main complaints i received from international tourists was that the venues closed early and there weren't many places to choose from.
    What we need right now are new venues, bars and clubs, and support of existing venues, to breathe new life into our beautiful city. Sydney's night life is on life support and bars such as Kandi Luxe should be encouraged and allowed to open longer.
    The patrons, as i have noticed, are mainly in the above 30s group and therefore responsible and trouble free.
    Trish, the owner, is passionate about not only her bar but also Sydney's night life. Bars such as this should be supported and encouraged by local council to help put Sydney back on the international map for not only its beauty but for its night life.

  12. Michael Barker commented

    I first came across Kandi Luxe last December. The place instantly gelled with me as a fun, lively atmosphere with incredible service from Trish as hostess and all the staff there.

    I have been there a number of times since. And it has always struck me that the bar has a great vibe inside but Trish is overtly conscious of her role in keeping good behaviour and respectful of her location and neighbours. That is why I support wholeheartedly Kandi Luxe being able to open past midnight. It creates a community vibe but accommodates residential neighbours at the same time. All because Trish runs the business will traditional values of respect, kindness and adherence to rules.

  13. Luke lshford commented

    I’ve been here a couple of times. I absolutely love the style and vibe of the place. Venues like this is what Sydney needs more of throughout its nightlife areas.

    The staff have always been great and Kandi Luxe offers the right hospitality to succeed well into the future

  14. David commented

    With Sydney trying to bring back night time restaurants, bars and shopping places like this need to be supported and encouraged to remain business

  15. Timothy Wynyard commented

    Sydney's night life has taken a bashing since lockout laws were introduced, and then with the addition of the COVID pandemic.

    In the midst of the pandemic, rose a new, elegant establishment in Woolloomooloo, called Kandi Luxe, which is owned and operated by one of Sydney's iconic woman - Trish Karr.

    I have continually supported her establishment. I fully support a request to extend the licence to 2am. The reason for my support is Trish has worked to the bone to set up a safe and inviting environment for all walks of life in the local community. Most of her support comes from those who seek a bar that enables her patrons to socialise after midnight. The establishment has a cap of 60 patrons with seating for patrons outdoors until 10pm. Patrons who are seated outdoors are swiftly ushered into the venue prior to 10pm to ensure neighbours can continue to enjoy the peace and quiet they deserve. Trish and her team continue to ensure that there are measures in place to reduce noise/disturbance from her patrons after this time, including but not limited to, closing the entrance doors and windows shutters and asking patrons to quietly enter her venue. She has security in place to manage those who smoke, to ensure any conversation is at a bare minimum as well. I feel it would be an absolute shame if Trish and her team are not afforded the ability to continue to trade to 2am. Her bar is an absolute compliment to an already struggling Sydney nightlife.

    I urge the local council to positively consider her application to extend her licence.

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