40 Bluff Road Black Rock VIC 3193

Advertising Signs & Liquor License Use the land for the sale of packaged liquor and construct business identification signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside City Council (Victoria), reference 213/2022)


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  1. Maslyn Salt commented

    Black Rock does not need a large chain bottle shop. It is well served by the existing small businesses and this chain would both impact on the existing small businesses, serve bulk liquor and detract from the amenity of the area.

  2. Ms Jody McDonald commented

    This is a death sentence to the retailers in the Black Rock Village who already sell alcohol.. We have fought this once before, we shall fight it again. It is ludicrous! We already have 3 outlets within a very small area.. Definitely NO to another one!

  3. Cliff Goulding commented

    I object:
    A Large Chain Bottle Shop or any additional bottle shop will bring more vehicle traffic into an already congested bottle neck and the type of traffic that a bottle shop brings is frequent and numerous.
    We can already buy bottled liquor from three locations in this tiny shopping centre.
    We need diversification in this Shopping centre to keep the Shopping strip alive for all small businesses.

  4. Jackie Wells commented

    No, no, no!

    Let the little businesses thrive. Immoral to have a large chain bottle shop on the doorstep of the small one. We don't NEED another one at all.

  5. Maslyn Salt commented

    Black Rock does not need a large chain bottle shop. It is well served by the existing small businesses and this chain would both impact on the existing small businesses, serve bulk liquor and detract from the amenity of the area.

  6. Petra Lieb commented

    We already have two bottle shops in Black Rock so therefore there is no need for another one.

    This is not the first time we are dealing with such an application. Please decline this one also!

  7. Alison Kokkinos commented

    Black Rock does not need a large chain bottle shop. We already have two excellent small businesses and I strongly object to the site being turned into another one. It would negatively impact these small businesses and there is absolutely no need for another bottle shop in this small village community. Please do not grant this application.

  8. Gavin Smith commented

    Not needed, nor wanted. Plenty of existing alternatives.

  9. Delia Gawthorne commented

    I am a Bayside council resident and I strongly oppose this application. Black Rock does not need a chain bottle shop. People's liquor purchasing needs are well served by the existing local businesses in the area.

  10. Mathew Fairbanks commented

    Black Rock doesn’t need a large chain bottle shop. There is already one on bay rd. Please consider small businesses and the traffic it would cause for local residents.

  11. Adriana Rotondi commented

    Another retailer selling alcohol isn’t needed in the village. Something more diverse. No no no.

  12. Titia commented

    No no and no. They’ve already tried and lost and here they go again! This community DOES NOT need not want this large store to take over other small businesses and it detracts from the area.

  13. Paul Scagliotti commented

    Can only echo every other comment objecting to this ridiculous and repetitive request by lawyers acting on behalf on Dan Murphy's. Black Rock village is a quiet and peaceful village that certainly does NOT require a fourth bottle shop that will only be detrimental to existing retailers. Furthermore, there is a super-sized Dan Murphy's less than 4kms away on Bay Road in Cheltenham. Its not as if those that require a Dan Murphy's will not drive there if they are that desperate. As for those representing Dan Murphy's, have some morality and ethics and seriously consider the social impact or messaging you want to send to adolescents of this area or are you that cold that promoting the consumption of alcohol that has a ridiculous amount of negative societal consequences (I'm struggling to find the positives) is some kind of panacea for our community. It is evident, no one in the area wants you to peddle your goods, so please consider somewhere else.

  14. Rob Miller commented

    There is no need for another bottle store in Black Rock. It is a family area where is it not appropriate to have excessive access to alcohol.

  15. Paul Sabine commented

    Totally agree with Paul Scagliotti's and others comments. Bayside CC should be reminded that existing traders, especially smaller ones , should not be put in a position where their livelyhoods are threatened ,once again, by this application .
    This company already has an established supermarket style liquor outlet only 4 klms away which is surely equipped to handle any local requirements.

  16. gary pepper commented

    There is no need for another large liquor retailer in Black Rock as there are two outlets already selling alcohol in the local village. A national retailer would be detrimental to the area and affect local businesses and this would impact the community. There is a very large Dan Murphy store within 5km of the proposed site. Increased traffic would be a hazard to other road users and pedestrians, and parking would be even more difficult. I understand a previous application has already been rejected.

  17. Brooke McD commented

    Very disappointed to hear that this development is being reconsidered in June 2022 after being previously rejected. We DO NOT need another bottle shop in Black Rock, and I echo the sentiment from other residents about adverse effects such as parking, footfall on already eroded paths, impact on small local family businesses and an existing 4 bottle shops within 150 metres. There is already a huge Dan Murphys store on Bay Rd right around the corner…. cannot understand why putting one at 40 Bluff Road makes any sense??!!?? Lack of parking sees all side streets Bluff Rd and Balcombe Rd already congested (summer is the worst when this combines with beach goers), this proposed development has not been thought through especially how it will negatively impact our local community.

  18. Catherine Kirby commented

    I am strongly against this application

    1. In the Sumer many people visit out beaches and foreshores and there is an increasing presence of young (underage) people drinking in these areas. I am concerned that another liquor store will increase the liquor consumption on our beaches and foreshore

    2. There will be in increase in littering due to the above point

    3. There is already a large Dan Murphy’s less than 5km away in Cheltenham

    4. there are already 3 liquor outlets in the village who are local traders and their livelihoods would be threatened by this proposal.

    5. Blank rock needs diversity in its stores to keep the commercial viability of the area to attract businesses and visitors to the area.

    6. This could be an ideal location for a council lead initiative for a conservation visitors centre, a small business centre, an arts collective…… or some other communy focussed outlet that brings people to the area. Boosti g trade for everyone

  19. Debra Engel commented

    We don't need this size liquor store in our little village. We struggle now to find a carpark to go to the small group of shops . We already have 3 businesses to purchase from in the village of Black Rock.
    This area streams with young people and families in the warmer months enjoying the outdoors and beach. Why encourage youth tp drink and cause problems for the police and ruin the Village ambience for families

  20. Michele Backholer commented

    Black Rock village already has 3 other alcohol outlets! In such a small neighbourhood shopping area we do NOT need a 4th! Apart from the fact it would ruin the present day shopkeepers livelihood, it would put considerable stress on all the already limited parking available due to the attraction of the Woolworths supermarket directly across the road from this location. I believe I already have enough choice from my "local" - or I can drive 4 kms and visit the Dan Murphy shop in Bay Road! As a rate payer I object to the fact that our council already said a big fat NO to Dan Murphy's money grab - and yet here we are fighting this again. Please everyone, get behind our beautiful village and ask them to leave our little shopping centre in peace.

  21. Sally Starr commented

    I am a long term resident of Bayside and homeowner in postcode 3193
    Please do not approve this repeat application from a large retailer with an established outlet only a few minutes away.
    It is imperative that Bayside retains its “ village “ and local community character as this is one of the community strengths.The proposed application is unnecessary given the existing family businesses in the locale selling alcohol supported by locals
    The location and surrounding restrictions do not facilitate deliveries or servicing of the intended large scale enterprise
    Please consider the strength of feeling evident amongst the residents and engage with them

  22. Jenni Tobin commented

    Along with most people I’ve spoken to in our postcode, I oppose the opening of Dan Murphy’s in Black Rock. We already have a number of boutique bottle shops that service the neighborhood well, and Dan Murphy’s Cheltenham just around the corner. It is overkill to open another big scale bottle shop - we need diversification of shopping opportunities in our little village.

  23. Claire Ellis commented

    As a long time Black Rock resident I do not support this Re-application for a liquor store owned by a large company.
    The two family run liquor stores have served our community well and the bayside residents love to support the local businesses.
    We have no need, or desire for another huge retail owned store in Black Rock.
    Please consider the locals and our concerns and listen to us.

  24. Margaret Nowlan commented

    Why do we need a Dan Murphy store in Black Rock shopping village. We already have 3 boutique bottle shops in the village.. a big Dan Murphy will have a huge impact on parking/traffic and our local shops.. I strongly oppose.

  25. John Papas commented

    As a Black Rock resident for 35+years, I strongly reject this application.

    I consider myself a balanced and supportive shopper - I shop at all three local village community liquor stores and I also travel to Dan Murphy’s Cheltenham.

    I am mystified and mortified the Bayside City Council would even consider permitting a national chain liquor shop amongst the local village liquor shops - one of them is ONLY 5 DOORS AWAY from this site!!

    This is wrong from many aspects: unfair competition, does not support local businesses, increased traffic, community and teenage alcoholism, let alone the potential increase rubbish and alcohol violence at the foreshore during summertime.

    Let nationals compete with the nationals (as per Sandringham, Hampton and Southland etc). A national chain does not provide Black Rock any benefits.

  26. Maddison Gair commented

    Put something useful in this space. We already have 3 boutique bottle shops. The locals have declined this application once before, why are we having to do this again?

  27. Samantha P commented

    Agree with others...
    Black Rock does not need a large chain bottle shop. It is well served by the existing small businesses and this chain would both impact on the existing small businesses, serve bulk liquor and detract from the amenity of the area.

  28. Pablo Quintero commented

    Black Rock don’t need another bottle shop since there is already 3 stores that can provide alcohol.
    Like many has mentioned it will increase traffic and rubbish around the area.
    I agree to say that something more useful can be added to this space.

  29. Kevin Hennessy commented

    I object:
    We can already buy bottled liquor from three locations within 150 km in this shopping village. Dan Murphy's liquor store is only 4.1 km away, so we don't need another in Black Rock. We need diversification of retail outlets to meet residents' needs and keep the shopping village vibrant.

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