57 Lilian Street Bulleen VIC 3105

Construction of two dwellings on a lot

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN22/0162)


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  1. Nicole Ward commented

    Manningham - every property sold is now being sun-divided. This is not a good thing for the area. It’s creating more congestion in the area. There’s no improvement in infrastructure so simply more cars and less open spaces. This is ridiculous. Please, as a council, consider this.

  2. Keith Box commented

    It’s the planning rules that your argument is with.
    The council must administer those.
    If you want to change then you must agitate for the change of the rules. Maybe stand for council?

  3. Nicole Ward commented

    I’m hoping somebody already on council will stand for something the residents of Manningham are asking for.

  4. Keith Box commented

    Nicole, that’s a cop out.
    You can’t expect other people to do what you want.
    I noticed that you have been very active on this platform.
    Up to you!

  5. Nicole Ward commented

    Umm cop out? Isn’t that why we elect people to be active councillors? Shouldn’t they be there for the residents of their electorates to listen to and act in their interests.
    I work hard in my full time job to get the best outcome for my clients.
    That’s how the world works isn’t it? If you see that as a cop out that’s your prerogative but I don’t need you preaching to me. I raise issues in the hope our council elect will read things enough times and take action.

  6. Lynn Bisignano commented

    Nicole, a few years ago Council approved 5 units to be built in Melaleuca Ave Templestowe Lower on 743sq of land. All residents objected to no avail. We said we would go to VCat. Guess what happened? The planning permit was snuck in just before the rules changed to the current requirements when building units. Council knows all of the shortcuts around building and is on the side of developers, always, unless it is not profitable for Council to do so.

  7. Keith Box commented

    If you have time to write constantly you have time to represent.
    Why do you think that the unpaid councillors should act in support of you and your views - you need to be there to put your own views.
    I would expect that the current counsellors also have full-time jobs in which they deal with their customer/client/patient/whatever.
    Counsellors are there to act in the common interest and that may not be your interest.
    Act decisively. Up to you.

  8. Diane commented

    Minister for planning Richard Wynne is in control you need to take it up with them
    The councils don’t have much say in this matter

  9. Matthew Guy commented

    Hi Nicole, there is a simple solution. Buy every house that comes up for sale in Bulleen and do with it what you like ?

  10. Nicole Ward commented

    Thanks Matthew Guy and Keith Box. Worthwhile comments great - thankyou - however this forum is to raise our concerns with the authority - not to enter useless debates. So perhaps take your comments to Facebook or Twitter as this isn’t the forum.

    Dianne and Lynn - I do appreciate your feedback and useful responses. Thankyou.

  11. Keith Box commented

    Those who complain the most do the least volunteering.
    I’m entitled to make any comment I like on this forum and you cannot control me.

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