1915 Dandenong-Hastings Road Pearcedale VIC 3912

Development of buildings and works associated with a place of worship and the change of use of the land for a place of worship generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P21/3507)


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  1. Darryn Bass commented

    Given that there is a perfectly good and unused Beautiful Anglican Church not far from the noted location,Smack Bang in the middle of Pearcedale. I recognise that the church does fall in with “City of Casey Council” but given the distance and function of the building - I’m sure the Community would be more supportive of a current established Church, and there is no mention as to what the Church Group are ??
    I think it’s reasonable to fully understand the situation openly - With out any surprises.
    So what is the denomination of the proposed church ??
    Respectfully yours
    Darryn Bass

  2. sharon ciavola commented

    I strongly object to this . South boundry road west is a dirt road that is always needing repair. It simply cannot sustain any further traffic. There are always huge potholes right near the interSection of westernport hwy making it a very dangerous interaction to turn into when the speed limit is 100. Additional traffic is just going to cause a catastrophic accident.

  3. Lisa-Rebecca Clifton commented

    What is the shire thinking?
    The environmental impact of this on the area would be out rages.
    The clearing of the land for such a large structure and infrastructure that would be necessary for so many people. The car park would need to be huge to cope with the amount of worshippers that would come on a daily basis. Never mind the impact of the Septic system that would be required.
    Stop the destruction
    Rebecca Clifton

  4. Tristan commented

    I couldn't imagine anything worse than adding a high traffic and noisy facility to a allready poorly maintained and noisy road. I don't think a single person the local community that would appreciate this.

  5. Mary Berriman commented

    I respect the Hindu religion and their teachings, however we feel that the location is utterly unsuitable for a temple. Sth Boundary Rd West is a dirt road and a problem at the best of times and extra traffic would be very detrimental to properties on that road. Dust in summer and boggy in winter. An entrance / exit on Western Port Hwy would be dangerous with traffic as it is not a dual hwy and single lane each way. An accident waiting to happen with additional temple traffic. I implore the council to take these relevant objections into consideration.

  6. Sally Angus commented

    Dear Council members,
    I object to the proposal to build a Place of Worship in Pearcedale.
    The proposed Sree Ayyappa Temple would be accessed from Western Port Highway and South Boundary Road West (via Baxter-Tooradin Road).
    Entering South Boundary Road West via these intersections is dangerous. Increased traffic from worshippers and visitors to the temple would heighten the danger significantly, as well as affect the flow of traffic on both Western Port Highway and Baxter-Tooradin Road.
    South Boundary Road West is a dirt road – dusty, narrow, regularly corrugated and pot-holed. It will not accommodate an increase in traffic without further deteriorating and negatively impacting existing residents.
    The location of the proposed Temple is a quiet, rural neighbourhood, where properties are lifestyle and farming. Existing buildings are houses, sheds and stables. The proposed structure is at odds with the existing landscape.
    Thank you.

  7. Alice commented

    Having this built would pose a DANGEROUS traffic risk to an already vulnerable location. The huge influx of traffic as a result of this unwanted build would result in massive amounts of traffic cutting through south boundary road west, A quiet and peaceful diet road.
    Coming off two main roads (Western Port Highway and Baxter-Tooradin), and a legal speed limit of 100km an hour means that non local traffic would likely cut through to reduce travel time.
    The road is so narrow that the extra traffic caused by the temples visitors would cause astronomical issues for locals in the community.
    The road already has issues with dangerous car crashes, damaging locals homes and properties.

    They failed to notify the surrounding property owners of their intention to build, and strategically planned to begin their planning at a time when people could not protest.

    Protect the community and your locals
    Our safety should be the priority

  8. Kirstin Maurier commented

    I strongly object to this parcel of land being developed into a place of worship that will attempt to attract thousands of worshipers to the poorly located establishment.
    On a dirt road that is constantly consumed in dust, corrugations and potholes leading on to a 100km speed zone of Dandy-Hastings Rd is an accident waiting to happen. Noise pollution, traffic congestion, loss of privacy to surrounding properties and impact on our Green Wedge Zone, simply highlights that this development is inappropriate for this natural rural area.
    Please do not allow this development.

  9. Sandra commented

    With due respect to the Hindu religion, I feel the construction of this temple will be to the detriment of the local residents and a contradiction to the zoning of the land - green wedge - a zone for farmland, parks, open countryside, designated as such and preserved from urban development. The sheer size of the building and outdoor area that is proposed and the amount of people it will attract to this site, makes it unsuitable. There also appears to be planning to remove many of the native trees and replace with non-native trees which will change and/or destroy the natural habitat of the local wildlife. A place of worship does not belong in the countryside, but should instead be in the locality of a built up area where the need for a temple like this in the area can be substantiated. Is there sufficient evidence to suggest there is a need for this here. Does this area have a large population of Hindu residents?
    I object to allowing this development to proceed.

  10. Susan commented

    I currently live in Pearcedale, in very close proximity to the proposed project that has been submitted for application and the roads that will be taking the traffic for this project just couldn’t sustain all the extra traffic, not to mention there is no sewer or gas or water services in that street. The area is also a green wedge when 10k people, seems like a high density activity, they need to choose a more appropriate location!

  11. Alice Coutts commented

    I feel strongly that this location is unacceptable for this building that will attract thousands of visitors for events.

    South boundary road W is a narrow dirt road that is for local traffic only. Exiting the dirt road onto baxter-tooradin road and Dandenong-Hastings rd is already dangerous. Extensive road work would need to be done to sustain the additional traffic or traffic fatalities will occur. (This is especially worrying as there is school traffic between Pearcedale primary school, woodleigh school and Baxter primary school all on Baxter tooradin rd)

    At night Baxter tooradin rd is a truck route and the roads are constantly being fixed for the continuous potholes, that additional traffic would worsen.

    this building is not in-keeping with the current surroundings. Pearcedale is a semi-rural township surrounded by farmlands with no major shopping hub. the current town centre has old style shop fronts and many of the streets have old fashioned looking street lights. This building is very modern and does not compliment the surrounding area, especially if parking is at the front, it will look like a big car park that is mainly empty except for when there are events.

    Lastly, I would like census information about if this is a suitable location for worshippers.
    If place of worship is built, hopefully road works are done and trees are maintained at the front of the property so it can blend with surrounding better- but is this location actually accessible for worshippers or is it 45min+ travel time? As there is no train or tram, and no structural bus stop (if any) for worshippers to travel to.

    Kind regards,
    Alice. Pearcedale resident.

  12. Darren Boyle commented

    Dear Council Members,
    I officially object to the proposal to build a Place of Worship in Pearcedale (P21/3507). Land is zoned Green Wedge with a farming overlay. Current rates incorporate a 20% approximate premium for this farming overlay. This proposed Place of Worship does not suit above zoning or local area, it should be in a Commercial type area.
    Other concerns may be-
    -Oversized building envelope, Fauna and Flora concerns.
    -Noise outside of normal hours including projected noise
    -4.5 million estimated build. Potential for hundreds/ thousands of people to use daily.
    -Lack of services e.g. made roads, sewerage, street lighting, public transport etc.
    -Safety. Large amounts of traffic on unmade road.
    -Security issues with increased numbers of people within area
    I officially object to allowing this development to proceed.

  13. Nadine Watson commented

    Dear Council members,
    I object to the proposal to build a Place of Worship in Pearcedale. Our suburb is a semi-rural township surrounded by farmlands with no major shopping hub. The tranquility and natural beauty of this area is why we chose to live here. If this proposal goes ahead, I fear all this will be lost. Further traffic congestion, increased noise pollution and the negative impact on our Green Wedge Zone, simply highlights that this development is inappropriate for this area.
    I simply ask the council to take these relevant objections into consideration.

  14. Nicole commented

    I STRONGLY OBJECT to the proposal of this place of worship to this site and any site in the suburb/town of Pearcedale.
    I was to believe that a Green wedge was for horticulture and agriculture.
    Our dirt roads aren't looked after enough by council now, how would they cope with 10,000 extra cars etc on them.??
    I would definitely hope that the current residents would not have to cough up the extra money/ increase in rates to pay for a new roads.
    I do hope that council take All the views from the Pearcedale residents seriously, and do not add such a huge monstrosity of a building into this semi rural area. And destroy this beautiful town.
    Do not let this proposal of development go ahead.

  15. John Dillon commented

    I strongly object to the construction of a Hi du temple at this location. The 2 feeder intersection in this road are currently dangerous enough let alone taking into account the high volume of traffic that would feed from the temple on Baxter-Tooradin Road and Weaternport Highway. There would be a need for extensive roadworks to upgrade both intersections as well as the dirt road that the temple will be on. The risk of a serious if not fatal collision would increase significantly should this go ahead. Furthermore an influx of up to 10,000 worshippers would not be able to be catered for in the area. Who is going to foot the bill for roadworks, sewage upgrades, water and electricity upgrades. Are there 10,000 Hindu worshippers on an overlay surrounding the temple site or is this a major influx of outsiders into the rural area. The facilities are not here to cope with this development.

  16. Richard Mazeika commented

    This planning permit application should be rejected due to sewerage regulations.

    No sewerage system should be installed 300 metres on the upslope from a dam or reservoir (potable, including food production).

    There is a dam for food production within 300m downslope of this block. Topographic details can be viewed on this link. https://en-au.topographic-map.com/maps/jvbe/City-of-Melbourne/

    I have just installed a septic system in a new house in Pearcedale and the system had to be very large. Pearcedale has more than twice the annual rainfall compared to areas only 10km away. There is a storm water drain passing through this block that makes things even more difficult. The water table is also very high at this location.

    An active system using chemicals or a sealed system where a truck has to empty the tank regularly would be prohibitively expensive for a system to handle so many people. Neighbour complaints could result in regular EPA inspections of the system.

    I have posted all the sewerage information in the Pearcedale residents page. It would be best to warn the person who does the land capability assessment that their work will be highly scrutinised. They might want to increase their insurance for the impending lawsuits.

  17. Michelle Lloyd commented

    This planning permit should be accepted, I believe that the Mornington Peninsula should embrace, acknowledge and celebrate many different types of religious views. To bring more people into the community only serves to bring money into the community also, local shops would benefit from the extra revenue and the shire can finally be recognised as embracing diversity by acknowledgement to places of worship and religious communities outside of the Catholic or Christian places of worship. How wonderful it would be for the Mornington Peninsula to recognise diversity as the Casey Shire has so eloquently already done. As far as infustructure goes, I trust the Mornington Peninsula shire who has excellent town planning to ensure all the appropriate standards would be met.

  18. Elizabeth Whild commented

    This planning permit application should be rejected due to sewerage regulations, road conditions, inadequate traffic management and the use of green wedge land for use other than food production and farm land.

    No sewerage system should be installed 300 metres on the upslope from a dam or reservoir (potable, including food production).

    There is a dam for food production within 300m downslope of this block. Topographic details can be viewed on this link. https://en-au.topographic-map.com/maps/jvbe/City-of-Melbourne/

    Pearcedale has more than twice the annual rainfall compared to areas only 10km away. There is a storm water drain passing through this block that makes things even more difficult. The water table is also very high at this location.

    An active system using chemicals or a sealed system where a truck has to empty the tank regularly would be prohibitively expensive for a system to handle so many people. Neighbour complaints could result in regular EPA inspections of the system.

    While the prospect of a more diverse faith community is one that I support (and the food services/restaurants that inevitably come with it🎉), I believe the location within a green wedge would be catastrophic to the local environment with road conditions and entry and exit points required for a very large congregation would further damage the roads and cause traffic hazards on a stretch of road that has taken too many lives already.

    Allowance for a church of this size on green wedge would only pave the way for more green wedge to later be carved up for housing and be detrimental to the very reason we live in this area. Semi rural/rural life.

    It is for this reason that I strongly oppose the proposal of a building of this size at this location.

  19. Gail commented

    This area has always been a traffic hazard and
    Not a suitable site for extra traffic and such a proposal

  20. Geoff Clifton commented

    I strongly object.
    This imposing temple development is totally out of character and the needs of the local rate paying community. As long-term local residents we pay a premium in rates to live in and maintain this beautiful green wedge. Our peaceful semi-rural lifestyle would be severely impacted if this Temple is approved.
    South Boundary Road West would undoubtably be used as a highspeed short cut. This normally quiet rural road is narrow and unsealed, with limited drainage and is often impacted by flooding during heavy rain. It does not cater well for two-way traffic. The dust, noise and road deterioration would increase tenfold.
    Fuel Tankers from Esso and Steel Coil Transports form Bluescope frequently pass through the Westernport Highway bend at 100kph towards the roundabout at Baxter Tooradin Road increasing the chance of serious accidents.
    Noted from the MASS Australia Facebook site that the temple will cater for up to 10,000 visitors during festivals with amplified chanting music starting at 4am. This many visitors may require parking for perhaps 2500 cars (at least 5 acres of parking space would be required).
    Fears of local property devaluation as the majority of Australians would not want to live near a noisy development of this magnitude.
    I would kindly ask the council members to seriously consider the request of local rate payers to have this inappropriate development rejected.

  21. Donna Canning commented

    I have no objection to any place of worship being built but this is the wrong spot for it. It’s too dangerous! South Boundary Rd is a dirt, poorly maintained road and would be made worse with big numbers of vehicles travelling along it. There have been numerous fatalities on the Westernport Hwy over the years because it is such a dangerous road for so many reasons and having increased traffic entering from a dirt road would make it even more dangerous.
    I understand the area is currently zoned Green Wedge and therefore the plan to erect a temple of this size would not be in keeping with the rest of the area.

  22. Sean Badley commented

    I believe the project should be approved. Provide space to celebrate diverse cultural groups will bring great value to the Mornington peninsula in the short and long term.

  23. Vanessa Dobbie commented

    Dear Council members,

    I would like to object to the proposal to build a Temple in Pearcedale.

    I feel the proposed Temple would be a traffic hazard as the main entrance would be situated on a sweeping bend on the Western Port Highway, a single lane arterial.

    The alternate entrance would be entering off South Boundary Road West.  This is a gravel road and could not accommodate the additional traffic. Residents already put up with dust and pot-holes created by vehicles accessing this road. Additional traffic would require council to increase it's maintenance of the gravel road surface and possibly needing the road to be ashpelted.  Exiting South Boundary Road onto Baxter-Tooradin Road is already quiet  dangerous due to poor visiblelity when making a right hand turn towards the Pearcedale township and Westernport Highway. Allowing this road to be used as a thoroughfare to the proposed Temple will cause accidents to occur.

    I also feel the Temple is not keeping with the current landscape. The location of the proposed Temple is situated in and around a greenwedge zone and is surrounded by home owners who have chosen this location for its rural and quiet farming location. A Temple here would not be keeping with the current ambience.

    I thank you for taking the time to read and consider my objections and hope you take into consideration my concerns for the safety of both the residents of Pearcedale and those of the Worshippers of the proposed Temple.


  24. Amelia Philpott commented

    I object as this will ruin the green wedge tranquility of the area and also the roads do not have the capacity to withstand this much traffic.

  25. commented
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  26. Jennifer Thornell commented

    Dear Council,
    I strongly object to the proposed development of a place of worship in this area. Having grown up on the other side of South Boundary Road and now agisting horses in this exact area, Pearcedale is not the place for a temple. People and animals reside here for the peace and tranquillity and don’t need the increase in traffic or the amplified chanting music that will occur at such a venue. I believe this parcel of land is a green wedge and should be kept as such.
    Thank you for acknowledging my objections.

  27. Bree Thornell commented

    Good afternoon,

    I strongly object to this proposal. Traffic is already an issue in this area let alone the dangerous intersection onto Dandenong-Hastings Road from South Boundary Road. There are residents all along these roads who have resided here for decades. They have livestock and I myself have horses in the area. Pearcedale is not the place for such a development.
    Thank you for considering my objection.

    Kind regards,


  28. Lise Williams commented

    We object to the building of a Hindu temple on Pearcedale for purely logical reasons.
    There is limited infrastructure in pearcedale- there is barely enough to support the large primary school.
    It is not an expanding residential location, the small amount of houses available for sale at times are sold off market. There are very few, to no, residents of the Hindu religion in our tiny community. If there were, or if there was likelihood or possibility of a significant number to warrant a church I would have no problem at all.
    I am concerned about the influx of traffic to a completely irrelevant location to the Hindu people.

  29. David Alberse commented

    Dear council members.
    We object to the use of this land to build a temple for fear of safety and liveability.
    We all live in the area for the same reason which is peace and quiet, space and the rural lifestyle.
    There are temples all around where my work is and I have no issue with that as it is in an industrial zone which can handle the traffic and everything that comes with a temple of this size.
    1951 Dandy - Hastings Rd is certainly not the right fit for this facility.

    Thank you.

  30. Jack Stark commented

    I'm happy for the proposal to go ahead provided they address the intersection issues and ensure that any planning is in keeping with the environmental requirements under the Green wedge overlay.

  31. Chris Laxton commented

    Diversity is our future. It strengthens our community and makes the world a better place. We should embrace these types of projects. Providing a space to celebrate diverse cultural groups will bring great value to the City of Casey and the Mornington Peninsula in the short, and long term. It will create jobs and support many local struggling businesses. There are a lot of objections being made here about road infrastructure, safety and sewerage. I wonder if these objections would be the same if a basketball centre was being built? Most probably not. I would encourage everyone to think about there unconscious bias comments versus genuine concerns. Upgrading roads, sewerage and local infrastructure would be part of the project anyway.

  32. Sharyn McDonald commented

    Dear council members,
    As a 23 year resident of Pearcedale I object to this development. My objection has nothing to do with it being a place of worship or anything to do with religion. We moved here 23 years ago because of the country and community feel to this area. I believe this development is not suitable for this area as per all the valid points already raised of lack of infrastructure, increased traffic flow on dangerous sections of road, green wedge status, sewerage concerns and very large numbers projected during specific celebratory times of the year. If the projections of 10,000 extra people during festivals is accurate there is no way our current infrastructure can handle that sort of capacity. Surely there is somewhere else more suitable and with a higher level of amenities than at the currently proposed site.
    Thank you.

  33. Mark Rasmussen commented

    Mark Rasmussen

    Council Members

    I strongly object to the construction of the Temple ( P21/3507) as a 20 year member of the community and leaving off Sth Boundary Rd there is no
    infrastructure in place for the temple
    Building on green wedge
    No information has been for coming on the project to the residents
    There is farming overlay
    No public transport
    The Rd is gravel has no drainage and only graved twice yearly
    Turning in from both entry points is extermly dangerous on single lane Rds
    The Rd has not been build or design to cope with heavy traffic load
    The Dwelling dose not fit local community
    Sewage & water run off
    Restrictions on noise and worshipping and festivals

  34. Jane Gallagher commented

    I think the building of a Hindu temple on the Peninsula should be accepted by council.
    How wonderful it is that we are able to embrace and accept our multiculturalism. Australia is built on the back of immigration, we are all descendants of immigrants. Even as a 10th generation Australian, I recognise and accept that although my family didn’t technically descend from immigrants, but were brought here by prison ships just before 1800, we still came from other lands. Over the generations we have had many different cultures and religions brought in to our family by marriage. I think we are teaching our descendants a terrible message if we choose to be narrow minded and display prejudice to those we don’t understand.

  35. Ian commented

    I Strongly object to this planning development; Having been a ratepayer living in Pearcedale for 22 years ,for the rural lifestyle in a small town .
    This development will just set the precedent for more future projects on semi rural land.That dont fit with the existing landscape.
    Also it is on a high traffic 100km hwy .with no existing intersection.
    Surely there is a more suitable location with public transport a safe vehicle entry point ..

    Ian .

  36. Julie Schindler commented

    Please View — “WESTERN PORTS BIOSPHERE” all three councils signed this agreement in 2007 they were Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Casey Councils this is to Protect all waterways running into the Bay from POLLUTION.
    A natural water course runs through the rear of the applicants property as well as abounding neighbouring properties.
    What is the idea of Victorian Governments planning for GREEN WEDGES if they aren’t abided by?
    You can’t battle axe a 5 acre block in a Green Wedge area which would be one house , one family .
    Yet this Temple application would suggest it will have up to 10,000 thousand worshippers ?

    THOUSANDS of cars and tourist busses entering South Boundary Rd from Baxter-Tooradin Rd and Western Port Hwy travelling too and from the Temple would cause major hazardous concerns for all road users.

    The air pollution from those thousands of cars etc will cause major concerns for the environment.

    Levelling this 14 acres property and installing a massive complex with a huge bitumen/concrete car park would cause pollution into all the waterways that run into Watson’s creek etc . Please view the Western Port biosphere report .

    The amount of beautiful bird life and wildlife in this area will disappear due to the destruction of their native habitat .
    There is quiet a large gathering of Bell birds on the applicants site and it would also destroy the local wallaby habitat.

    This COMMERCIAL development should be built in an Industrial Estate and it would not impact on the environment
    There would be NO destruction or disturbances to native fauna and flora or the rural surrounds .

    Victoria Roads should look at this plan very carefully as it would need major Road developments on both Western Port Hwy ,South Boundary and Baxter-Tooradin Roads.
    These Roads should be all upgraded if and before any planning permit were to be considered.

    No affiliation to any councillors

  37. Kathy commented

    Dear Council,
    I respectfully object to the development of a place of worship at this site.
    Not only does the area fit within a green wedge, the suitability of the site could be considerably questioned.
    1. The roads are unsuitable for the level of traffic that would increase and require major upgrades to keep the community safe.
    2. There is no sewage to accomodate this sites proposed 10,000 visitors.
    3. The noise pollution created by an influx during events is simply unkind to the neighbours who will lose both privacy and serenity.
    4. The potential for habitat loss and loss of species through clearing the property and through development of land not intended for this kind of use will be measurable.
    5. Any proposed development should consider the environmental impact and be clearly related to the species of plants and animals in the local area ( and those the migrate) that could be threatened by the development.
    6. The site selection is not in keeping with general place of worship guidance. It is not located within a commercial site (preferred option) nor within a community where a large Hindu population reside.
    7. Lastly, the building proposed hardly fits with the green wedge requirement. Where local land owners a strictly enforced to act within the boundaries of colour and design, the place of worship is in stark contrast to the environment.
    Thank you for your time

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