17/40 Train Street Broulee NSW 2537

Use of a commercial premise as a supermarket, deli and liquor premise

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 14 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Eurobodalla Shire Council, reference DA0367/22)


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  1. Lucie O’Shea commented

    I think it is inappropriate to be selling liquor so close to schools. It will also contribute to the increasing congestion in Train St.

  2. Hollie commented

    As I myself have two children one who attends primary school and the other who attends the daycare I think it is extremely inappropriate to have a liquor store right In between the 4 different schools we have in this area. Traffic is already very congested in this area of a morning and afternoon and having another supermarket/liquor outlet would make this a lot worse and also dangerous for the children who walk/ride their bikes to school and home.

  3. Helen Smith commented

    Train street is already a traffic hazard around school drop off/pick up times and this will make it really dangerous. Also a liquor store surrounded by pre schools and primary/high schools is highly inappropriate and will just add to the growing crime rate in the area. We chose to live in a small coastal village not a suburb in the city. Please stop ruining our paradise.

  4. Tess Snowball commented

    Agree with other comments. The positioning of a supermarket in this location will create traffic problems. The area is already very congested during the day particularly around school drop off and pick up but also throughout the day due to the two childcare centres there. There have been a number of traffic incidents in that location. Additionally, locating a liquor store in that shopping centre is not desirable due to the proximity to two high schools, 1 primary school and two child care centres. There are already two supermarkets and two liquor shots within a few kilometres of that location and soon a brewery will be opening providing plenty of options for locals and tourists in Broulee. Smaller businesses with less parking and traffic needs would be more appropriate for that location.

  5. Lynn Morrissey commented

    Hi - there are already two liquor outlets locally. I do not see any positives about having a third located in an area adjacent to two preschools, a primary school and a private school catering for students kinder to year 12. Also, the normally small population of Broulee is proud of, and supports our local businesses. Do not put these financially at risk please!

  6. Chris Doring commented

    Agree with about comments re traffic congestion and proximity to schools
    One type of store that is sadly lacking in Broulee / Mossy is a bakery
    This type of food shop would be much more suitable to the area

  7. Jane Allen commented

    I am a Broulee home-owner and am against the proposed development of 17/40 Train St Broulee into a supermarket/deli/liqour outlet.

    We already have two businesses selling alcohol in our small permanent community of some ~3,000 - 4,000 people, what we don't need is a third, especially with the new brewery about to open on Coronation Drive.

    Section 4 of the Sale and Supply of Aocholo Act states in Subsection (1) that
    the object of the Act is that—
    (a) the sale, supply, and consumption of alcohol should be undertaken safely and responsibly;
    (b) the harm caused by the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be minimised.

    The location of this proposed supermarket/deli/liquor store will have an unacceptable social impact being located barely metres from two local primary/high schools. It is considered both an unsafe and irresponsible location for the sale of alcohol.

    The Census usual resident population of Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point in 2016 was 3,223, living in 2,300 dwellings with an average household size of 2.15. It is not in the public interest to approve a third supermarket/liquor outlet to service our small community when 1.1kms from this location in the same suburb is the popular Broulee Supermarket/Bottle Shop, with the Tomakin supermarket/bottle shop 2.6kms to the north. Both of these businesses operate 12hrs daily 7 days a week which allows locals ample time to arm themselves with their supplies.

    I believe the density of licensed on and off-sale premises in and directly adjacent to Broulee is already sufficient to service our population.

    The proposed Train St location will only expose our at risk youth aged 12 - 25yo and those vulnerable to the impacts of alcohol, when they don’t need that right under their nose. Council's own Youth Services policy should assist Council in deciding against this location as an alcohol outlet.

    In addition, the traffic on Train Street is already a major safety issue around school pickup and dropoff times, with parking a nightmare and the narrow width of Train Street an issue.

    I would also question the compatibility of the proposed use with the current and future use of surrounding residential properties.

    I would therefore like Eurobodalla Shire Council to vote NO to this development of yet another supermarket/liquor outlet in Broulee.

  8. Jenny Le Breton commented

    I totally agree with all concerns in above comments. This development is totally inappropriate, especially in terms of increased traffic in an already congested area. The risk of harm to young children walking to school or walking to be collected from school would be increased significantly and in my view be a matter of time before a child is injured.
    In addition we already have existing and well supported local businesses providing supermarket/ bottleshops. We don't need another bottle shop. Our kids safety matters, supporting existing community run businesses matter, we need to be mindful about development, do whats necessary to improve the community and maintain the envronment and local business.

  9. Giovanna Hounsell commented

    I totally agree with the community concerns regarding the opening of another liquor outlet on 17/40 Train st., Broulee. This proposed outlet would be very close to high schools, primary school and pre-school/day care centre. This area is already heavily congested, and quite dangerous at school drop-off and pick-up times as the roads are narrow and the parking is inadequate. We are a small community and adequately serviced by two liquor selling outlets, a Tapas bar is in the process of being constructed.
    I am strongly opposed to the development of another liquor outlet in Broulee/Tomakin/ Mossy Point.

  10. Suzzanne Gray commented

    The village is more than adequately supplied by the current supermarkets and liquor stores. This is the worst location imaginable in the heart of a family residential area with traffic jams already and in walking distance to three schools and two preschools. It is an absolutely senseless planning decision. It will likely encourage underage drinking and definitely create havoc for parents with young children during pick up and start of the school day. It will negatively affect local businesses. Especially during winter. Please reject this proposal.

  11. Sarah commented

    While this is not necessarily the way the DA is framed, I think it would be great to have a deli and specialist food shop in that ideally sold coffee at this location. This type of offering has scope to improve community amenity in North Broulee and represents a place for members of the community to come together. There are likely to be many parents around school drop offs that would access this type of offering in addition to local residents. I agree there would have to be adequate parking, careful consideration of speed limits and plans associated with managing traffic congestion. With appropriate consideration and planning, there might be a way that council could look to address some of the existing issues with traffic identified in the other submissions as part of this development. It would appear that irrespective of the outcome of this DA that council should be looking at addressing the traffic issues around the schools and childcare centres in Broulee given the concerns raised about child safety.

  12. Concerned Eurobodalla Resident commented

    Traffic in the immediate vicinity of this proposal is a significant concern as many have pointed out. Before this proposal is considered there should be a traffic study conducted if it hasn't already occurred and the findings released. I suspect a roundabout at the intersection of Train Street will be required in the next few years, along with a widening of Train Street from George Bass until potentially Cambridge Street. In my opinion at least one formal pedestrian crossing is needed on Train Street between St Peter's and BELC and for the primary school at the first intersection with Cambridge Street as at peak times crossing is difficult and many of those crossing are young children, some with bikes. Are there more detailed drawings showing the proposed kerb cut and access points to the property and the number of proposed parking spaces? Is it intended to remove all parking along Train street given it is also a bus route and it is indeed very narrow for regular through traffic without this development? More information would be helpful. Thanks

  13. Paddy O’Shea commented

    I also do not agree on having another liquor store in Broulee. We have an excellent bottle shop and supermarket in the village and Tomakin IGA is very close by. The traffic in Train Street needs to be addressed NOW and all on street parking removed before a serious accident occurs. The intersection with George Bass Drive also needs improvement with a left turn lane as traffic banks up through the roundabout. What we do need is a decent takeaway cafe or bakery

  14. Jill Smith commented

    I do not think we need another liquor store and supermarket in Broulee. We are already well serviced in this way and I would hate to see the existing small businesses close. It has been hard enough for them in the last couple of years and we need to be supporting them. If anything is approved it should be something that is not in direct competition to what is already there.

  15. RCS commented

    I am opposed to the application for another liquor outlet and supermarket. There is already ample choice through family businesses and other licencd outlets through the brewery and surf club. The proximity to schools and child care is also a significant negative. Finally at the end of Train Street is Coronation Drive - an alcohol free zone. There simply isn’t the need.

  16. Broulee Resident commented

    Agree re the comments above regarding:
    * Traffic flow - it is definitely already concerning, especially at drop off/pick up times. Any development on the corner of Train St will need to address this issue
    * Parking - is already very congested - the new development on Train St includes a plan for this??
    * Alcohol sales - smack bang in between 2 schools, 2 preschools/child care centres is not ideal... and there are already 2 outlets very close to this location selling alcohol... and the new Brewery will be opened very soon
    * We all like to support local, small businesses. If there are going to be retail shops going in, they should be adding to this, not taking away from exisiting small businesses.

  17. Broulee resident and parent commented

    Before anything like this is can even be thought council will need to do something about addressing the traffic issues and safety of our children exiting and entering schools.

    Appropriate safe crossings for train street, council has had many requests for this and done nothing. Adding congestion will cause so many issues if it left how things are currently.

    A small deli/market would be fine but a liquor store doesn’t seem appropriate in a professional suite of buildings and within such proximity to the schools.

  18. Vikki Sultana commented

    This is an exciting prospect! More variety, more choice, more local jobs! We live next door and it will be great to have a small grocery store so close to home. Hopefully a small cafe, deli or tapas bar is on the cards too.

    I agree that if the infrastructure in Train St is going to continue to grow (which it hopefully will), another crossing should be put in place for school kids. However, I think concerns about a bottle shop being “so near to schools” are a bit silly.

  19. Supporting resident commented

    Surely all concerns regarding EXISTING traffic congestion is a council matter as there are other businesses in this same complex?? I support an opportunity for more local jobs and providing residents a choice. Residents didn’t seem that concerned regarding a brewery being run in a residential area or going in local shopping centres that have similar offerings. Very excited and fully support this venture!!

  20. David Hounsell commented

    Could this open the door for a big chain like Woolworths or Coles?
    The traffic congestion in the school zones and roundabout is already at worrying levels and a danger to our children.
    Our village atmosphere is precious.
    I strongly oppose this development application.

  21. Robyn Coats commented

    Broulee is currently very well serviced by two supermarkets in the local area. There is also the alternative of Woolworths delivery. The introduction of yet another supermarket would seem to be an ill-considered, unsustainable overkill.

  22. Nerida commented

    I am totally opposed to this development for all the above reasons, we are a village not the Gold Coast.

  23. Shirley Read commented

    I wholeheartedly and totally agree with Jane Allen's submission 5 days ago.
    So please re-read it.
    I, too am against any business opening up in competition with any established business of the same type, which already exists in our area.

  24. Birgit commented

    I concur with traffic concerns expressed above. The area is already very busy.
    I cannot understand how adding a further supermarket and liquor shop to a small community can do anything but send current operators into difficulty. They already compete with larger stores in both Moruya and Batemans Bay.
    How does this benefit a community that has been well served by our current providers who are valued members of our communuty and provide great services.

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