80 Central Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265

Community Facility and Recreation Area (Bridge and Shared Pathway)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference SCC/9/2021)


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  1. Brad o'hara commented

    Path should be all the way from morriset to cooranbong via freeman drive

  2. Monique Jean Gibbons commented

    It is not fair to bypass most of Freemans drive so that they can save money. it was agreed upon to have the path run coooranbong to morisset as apart of their submission to build the estate in the first place it is not fair to the community to now back out on doing the job properly and only doing the portion of the job that benefits their own land

  3. Steven klepzig commented

    A pathway would make it great for everyone to get around freeman’s drive safely

  4. Tynika Watson commented

    Bypassing most of freemans drive is not a great descion, there are MANY homes along freemans drive that would utilise the path with their children, daily walks, walking running etc. It would be so silly to not add the path all the way around.
    Currently there are no safe options to walk along freemans drive, parts of the road go straight into bushland and there are spiders across places you can walk. Bypassing thorough the uni, the path won't be used as much I believe, because people would still have to drive to use the path! Please put the path the whole way around freemans drive

  5. Aaron Peter commented

    The path should follow freemans drive from Cooranbong all the way to morisset like originally planned.

  6. Debra Gambrill commented

    Given that footpaths in the cooranbong area are either not user friendly or not usable. This is the an opportunity for the community to benefit from a developer who had originally committed to make the path. As well, the college is privately owned so any time that they feel like closing access, there will be no pathway.

  7. Sharon Taylor commented

    Pathways are sadly lacking in our area and this pathway should go from Cooranbong to Morisset via Freemans Dr as promised and highly anticipated. It should be accessible to ALL the public, not directed through church property and restricted to the few that can access it from the University area. I would use it daily on my commute to the station in Morisset.

  8. Taryn Pateman commented

    It should be going the entire length of freemans drive and not cutting through central road.

    From victory road to the bridge there is no safe passage for cyclists or pedestrians.

    Between Crawford road and frisco, it is very narrow and absolutely no safe passage for cyclists or pedestrians.

    There is no safe area for the school kids to wait for their bus.

    It needs to stay along freemans drive for the entire length. The college is private property, and the residents that live along central drive I doubt would like the additional foot/bike traffic 24 hours a day, not to mention the aged facility,

  9. Aaron Huber commented

    Definatly needs to be on Freemans drive it will make for safe passage for people all the way along the road. Not just from two access points which is useless and much more secluded. School age children will benifit a lot due to safe passage to and from school also.

  10. Kylie Mundy commented

    We definitely need more pathways in the Cooranbong area closer to Morriset. It would be nice to be able to go for a bike ride with the kids without having to drive to get to one and also be able to walk with a pram.

  11. Jaime Marshall commented

    The original approved plan for the path along freemans drive should be kept to! There is currently no safe pathway for pedestrians, particularly when children are walking home.

  12. Chris Humphries commented

    By taking the path through college grounds, it takes away access for most of Cooranbong. There are many residents on the western side of Dora creek who need a path.

    The new path needs to be on Freeman’s drive to accommodate the majority of the population.

  13. Karl Dechert commented

    The entire length of freeman’s drive from morisset to cooranbong should have a footpath/cycle way to promote healthy living for all of us living here at cooranbong. At the moment it is very hard to walk from our house in Brushbox rd to anywhere with our very young children as the area isn’t very walker/wheelchair/pram and bike friendly. The amount of growth in the area lately would be great to link Morisset to cooranbong.

  14. Margaret Reynolds commented

    This is a very poor option which will benefit a small minority of the community. Where we live it’s pretty useless. I can see it will be good for college people, but that wasn’t Keith Johnson’s brief. It was supposed to be for the whole community.
    Victory Street people will be horrified I’m sure. There’s already one resident there who abuses people parking in front of his house.

  15. Melisa Green commented

    The residents of Cooranbong need footpaths, for pedestrians & cyclists from Morisset right through Freemans Drive, not just parts of it! Children need safe access to Bus Stops along Freemans Drive, especially nearest to Avondale Road. Footpaths are long overdue & in great need, we are an expanding community, we deserve the right facilities and infrastructure to keep us all safe.

  16. Deon Warburton commented

    The fact that council would even entertain the change is ridiculous. It was submitted and approved to run along Freemans drive because that is what is best for the local area and it’s residents. This purpose change by JPG shows a clear lack of following through on there responsibility and quick way for the company to save cash.

  17. Suzie Bellman commented

    A footpath along freeman’s drive from Cooranbong to Morisset would be incredibly beneficial to the community.
    The speed limit was recently reduced for safety issues with it being such a busy road and with the ever growing population.
    The footpath running the entire length would further add to community safety by giving children getting off buses and those riding/walking to the shops the space needed and a designated path to stay on. I know it would be highly appreciated by the vast majority of the community for it to run along the entire main, freeman’s road.

  18. Aimee downing commented

    I want the pathway to follow freeman’s and not cut through the college

  19. Shav Newman commented

    Please consider linking the entirety of Cooranbong with the proposed bike path – why cut off half the community and leave the roadside access unsafe and dangerous, as it currently is in many parts. The addition of this bike path for the entirety of the Freemans Drive section is a great asset that will continue to provide for the community well into the future. Why do a half asked job and potentially come back in the future to finish it off when it can all be done at once. There is currently suitable footpath, pedestrian, and cyclist access along Central Drive at one end and victory Street at the other. Please listen to the community.

  20. Jessica commented

    It’s dangerous to walk or ride along freeman’s drive at the moment. It’s needs a safe pathway. It’s not fair they go back on their word now. Please put in the full pathway

  21. McClelland Sharyn commented

    It is inappropriate for a path going through private property I.e. Avondale College to be paid for with public funds I.e. rates. There is a concern that Avondale College may restrict access to the general public. The path from Cooranbong to Morisset should be in areas where all of the community have access.

  22. Janette Bernoth commented

    As a Victory Street resident whose driveway would become part of this proposed path, I strongly object to this development! It is a ridiculous decision to bypass a huge section of Freemans Drive. The developer is not following through on the brief to benefit the WHOLE community and there are numerous households on Freemans Drive that would use the path with their children, daily walks, walking running etc. There have NEVER been safe options to walk/bike ride along Freemans Drive, it's a dangerous road to walk or ride along side of. Bypassing thorough the Avondale University will be less accessible to many nor, I believe, be put to full use and people would still have to drive to use the path which then would cause parking problems! Please put the path the whole way around Freemans Drive!

  23. williamson Helen commented

    As a local of 65 years or more I have seen this area grow at an amazing rate but the infrastructure that should follow such a growth has never been maintained by Lake Macquarie council, we always seem to be on the outer the closer you get to the lake it seems that more money spent. the college grounds are private and are used by many Walking recreation but mostly its use and sole use is for the college students and enrolled university students and all of the infrastructure that is still left for sanitarium. However the busy Freemans Drive has become a thoroughfare for many people on foot many people on pushbikes and the car ratio has increased threefold the road is often narrow and very busy I can see that they want to cut through the college grounds that would be will save a lot of money but residence on Freemans Drive and all of cooranbong pay their taxes and pay to council to maintain an upkeep and make this area more user friendly cutting through the college is not going to service the community many children walk along there to catch schoolbuses and with the increased activity ofA retirement village on Freemans Drive and then you have the increased use of the soccer grounds at the park I do not see that there is any merit in cutting through to the college it does not benefit the wider community benefits are very small and as for safety that road is full of pedestrians at all hours risking their lives walking very closely to a rather busy low road regardless of the fact that the speed limit has been lowered to 60 you still can’t see people in bad conditions the path needs to stay on Freemans Drive.

  24. Toni Smith commented

    It would be most advantageous for the community as a whole to have a cycle/footpath through all of Cooranbong to Morisset. This would make a safer pathway for children on bikes, pushers of prams and the elderly who could all traverse these suburbs without fear of being scared as trucks brush past them. If the pathway goes through Avondale University there is a major part of Cooranbong that won’t benefit from this development. Please make it available to more people.

  25. Shelby Smart commented

    Our community is in desperate need of major upgrades to keep up with the growth in the area! There are so many children who rode theirs bike around freeman’s drive and it so dangerous they need a proper walk way.

  26. Daniel Pericart commented

    The walk/cycling should be all the way along Freemans drive from Cooranbong shops to Morisset.
    It should be on public land.
    And while you are at it, build proper bus stop.
    Public funds should be be spent on public land.

  27. Wayne Jones commented

    We need a path the length of Freemans Drive especially the bridge near Krisco’s as there is no way to cross it for pedestrians. There is also a retirement village built there so the old folks need it to walk to the servo

  28. Karen johnston commented

    It shoukd not go through Avondale. It needs to go along the entire length of Freemans. That way people can use it and not have it closed due to being on avondale land. They already try to control all that goes there. It needs to be for the people to use daily with out restrictions. It needs to go on Frremans drive public land not church land. Not everyone wants or feels comfortable walking that way. Please reconsider and put tge path along Freemans drive so ALL Cooranbong people can use it forever. Tge church may just dictate its use and close it off.

  29. Katherine Guiton commented

    The bike path should be to benefit the whole community and not be put on private land that can have access closed to it at any time by the College.
    Freeman’s Drive is desperately in need of a bike path and putting it through the college makes no sense at all, except to save money

  30. Meegan Cobner commented

    The path from Morisset to Cooranbobg should go along Freemans drive.

  31. Gemma Christian commented

    I’m excited by the prospect of a shared pathway from Cooranbong to Morisset but am concerned that the current plan is not equitable.

    The shared pathway should go along Freeman’s drive and should not go through Avondale University.

    The current plan leaves a large section of Cooranbong residents without access to a shared pathway or a safe way for the elderly, or those with children to get to local parks, etc.

    I respectfully ask council to revise the plan so that it better serves our community.

  32. Emma Macpherson commented

    The pathway should be along Freemans Drive to enable a greater usage for all. It should be on public land.

  33. Shannon Thomson commented

    I want a decent walk and safe place to ride and scooter with my children around my home! Think of the greater community! You can do it and you know all the community here will absolutely appreciate the council for doing so!! Providing a great LONG path to walk or ride will bring other communities to our area to use it too as I already leave to use other areas facilities. Put the community who pays the money first, with the money!! It is one of the best councils already......keep it that way!

    I have walked this way and it is dangerous but gives me the best exercise local to my home, however I cannot take my children! I take my children up to Speers Point to Valentine or down to the central coast to do Chittaway to The Entrance.......we need this!!!

  34. Anon commented

    This proposal does not benefit the greater community of Cooranbong and does not follow a safe or convenient route. Please consider a path along freeman’s drive. This would ensure the general public would not have to access University grounds to use the pathway. Thank you.

  35. Bob Lloyd commented

    The bike path MUST go along Freeman’s Drive from Cooranbong to Morisset to benefit all residents. To go through Avondale college is inappropriate. What happens when the bike path arrives at the ‘Swinging Bridge’? It is difficult enough to manipulate a bike across there now, as well as only allowing people to cross one way at a time. How will things be when the amount of pedestrians and bike riders inevitably increases. Mother’s with kids in prams, etc cannot cross there now. Plus of course, the bridge is locked at certain times.

  36. Justin Boyd commented

    This is a great idea, and improves access to Avondale university. However, if freeman's drive was not also included this would be disappointing. It's a dangerous road for pedestrians and needs a good footpath. Both should be done, but if only one it must be freeman's drive.

  37. Chris Thomas commented

    How are the residents from Cooranbong Park to Crawford Road meant to use the foot path? If it goes through the college and bypasses most of Freemans Drive. They can't use it, they have to drive to it. Which defeats the purpose. The path should go along Freemans drive, as first promised.

  38. Donna Riley commented

    The proposed footpath route will only benefit a small portion of the Cooranbong Community. Any one living over the bridge, including those in the growing over 55 villages, are greatly disadvantaged with no safe pathway to either Cooranbong or Morisset shops and services What are our elected Councillors doing to ensure equal amenities for all or are they just interested in serving the whims or property developers.

  39. Laurence Riley commented

    The bike path through Avondale fails to service Southern Cooranbong area between Victory St and the Dora Creek bridge near the Avondale village area. This includes 2 X 50+ villages with no footpath access. I would urge LMCC to reverse this decision and return to the original path route along Freemans Drive.

  40. Megan commented

    There is a large portion of residents that will be left without safe access with a footpath if the current proposal goes ahead. It should also stay on public land. Please consider those residents missing out and revert to the original plan. Let’s do the job properly, get it right first time round.

  41. Josh commented

    They are trying to bypass the most dangerous part of the road. This is unacceptable and a developer should not be allowed to get away with reneging on one of the vital part of the footpath putting people at risk. Also using private land to cut costs, shame on them!

  42. Daron Pratt commented

    The path should be accessible to everyone. Please make sure the path follows Freeman’s drive the whole way from Cooranbong to Morisset. It is a matter of safety and accessibility for everyone.

  43. Sammy smith commented

    Bypassing many local houses, hidden house filled backstreets and even a retirement village seems to be a silly option - that definitely doesn’t benefit the whole community 🤔 and I think from a safety aspect both early morning and later at night using a visible path that spans along Freeman’s Drive would be a much safer option (with passing traffic) rather than in the back blocks and bush land of Avondale Uni!

  44. Daena Lyon commented

    There is no where I can take my kids without crossing a major road and travelling on uneven/rocky ground which makes bike rides and walks with my family unsafe. It’s been a big consideration when considering whether or not to relocate with my young family. Keep the path the whole way through Cooranbong as originally proposed please.

  45. Wendy Iredale commented

    The proposed path/cycle way would much better serve the wider community if it went all the way to Morisset following Freeman’s Drive rather than short cutting through Avondale University. Also the “Swing Bridge” is an impediment to the proposed short cut plan unless it is widened and given 24 hr access. In its current form you can’t call this a “cycle way”! Please consider the large section of Cooranbong population who live between Cooranbong Park and Victory Street that would miss out on a safe method of walking or cycling if the short cut through Avondale went ahead.

  46. Jan newell commented

    The walkway/cycle path needs be along the length of freeman drive so it is accessible to all residents of Cooranbong not just north Cooranbong and watagan Park. This has been a long time coming and Cooranbong needs this

  47. Bert and Joan Gibbs commented

    The bike pathway should be made easily accessible for all of South Cooranbong residents ( those living on the Morisset side of the Cooranbong steel bridge) so it is more appropriate for it to be entirely along Freemans Drive.
    It is not appropriate for the public bike pathway to enter the precinct of a retirement village, nursing home and private property.

  48. Lisa Lucas commented

    There needs to be a path along freemans drive from morisset to cooranbong, more and more people of all ages walk or ride really close to the road because it is so overgrown and in some spots impossible.
    For children riding bikes and walking home from school to the older generation going for a walk, it shouldn't take a tragic accident to happen to provide a footpath. Providing alot of houses to the area needs to have reasonable access.

  49. Kate Hartas commented

    The path needs to follow Freeman drive as opposed to cutting through the college. The proposal of having the path cut through the college poses a challenge due to the swing bridge being inaccessible for those using prams due to the bollards installed to stop motorcycles accessing the bridge. Having the path follow Freeman's drive would also allow for a safer option than pedestrians who are currently walking on the road between Deaves road and Victory street where a large portion of this sections offers no safe method of walking due to the lack of shoulders to the road or pathways. It seems on many occasions the developers have been allowed to change the VPA to suit them instead of considering what is in the best interest of the growing community.

    The plans needs to be reverted back to the original plan of following Freeman's drive.

  50. Olivia Savia commented

    The path needs to follow Freeman drive as opposed to cutting through the college. The proposal of having the path cut through the college poses a challenge due to the swing bridge being inaccessible for those using prams due to the bollards installed to stop motorcycles accessing the bridge. Having the path follow Freeman's drive would also allow for a safer option than pedestrians who are currently walking on the road between Deaves road and Victory street where a large portion of this sections offers no safe method of walking due to the lack of shoulders to the road or pathways. It seems on many occasions the developers have been allowed to change the VPA to suit them instead of considering what is in the best interest of the growing community

  51. Nicole Galea commented

    The “community” path way needs to be on public land, within the community, for the benefit of the community to use whenever they want. Safety on the proposed track, as well as free access and current swing bridge restrictions is a concern.
    Let’s hope that council do the right thing by the Cooranbong community and have their best interests first.

  52. Judi-Anne Gribble commented

    All people along Freemans Drive need access to the foot path. It is very dangerous if walking our pushbike riding from 306 to 401 Freemans Drive as the road is very narrow with no verge to safely travel along. No access for people pushing prams either. Cars on the road travel way to close to push bikes in this location. It is not helped with the rise and fall in the road and it is also marked with double lines, cars refuse to travel over these to give the recommended safe passing distance as per the NSW roads and Traffic Authority.
    The swing bridge is not acceptable for pushing prams or pushbikes over. The entrance "gates" to the bridge are impossible to navigate with a pram. It is also only wide enough for one way travel. This is especially important now living with Covid 19 to maintain safe social distancing with not having 100% of the population vaccinated.
    Is it also fair for Avondale University to have increased foot traffic through their property if the path only goes as far as Victory St then townsfolk use their paths to travel along?

  53. Darren Syme commented

    There is no other point for running a 2nd track through the college other than for its cost savings to the developer. There is no path around that far side of Freemans drive & its very dangerous! Is council going to put up its hand to put one in if it lets JPD off the hook of providing what it promised it would do because we the community will be pushing for it!

  54. Kerry Perry commented

    The path should go all the way along freeman’s drive from morisset to Cooranbong so it gives everyone the opportunity to use it

  55. Kris Collins commented

    Please ensure the pathway / cycle way follows Freeman’s drive as originally intended. This would allow more people access and would link both townships and the new sports fields ensuring children access to a healthy lifestyle.

  56. Barbara Dixon commented

    Loud and clear. There is already a path through college. There is no path to Morisset. This change is of almost no benefit to the community. It needs to run along Freeman’s Drive to actually be of use to the residents of Cooranbong and Morisset. Otherwise it’s completely pointless.

  57. Shaune Bevan commented

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned all the over 55 retirement villages council have approved on Deave's Rd & Freemans drive near the Pumpkin man yet these villages have no safe access to Cooranbong or Morriset. Had the original proposal for the pathway along Freemans remained this would benefit another whole part of the community. We live opposite the Pumpkin man on Freemans & can't go either way along Freemans on foot without risking being hit as you need to be within 400mm of the fog line to get past several guard rails & other obstacles along the way.
    Considering there is already access via boys walk & the college without any of these hazards ceases to amaze me the council are considering to approve this route that WILL NOT benefit one existing resident as they can go that way now.
    Instead of sitting in an office & looking at a map to make these decisions I'd suggest they try & walk along Freemans drive from the park to Morriset with their dog or kids to get a real understanding of the communities concerns.

  58. Brenda Beveridge commented

    so JPG once again wants to change the proposal and it's not to benefit the whole community of Cooranbong no surprise there probably the cheaper option for them we badly need foot paths /cycle ways the complete length of Freemans Drive right through to Morisset it is a very busy road and it is dangerous with all the retirement villages and new estates going up we need the foot paths more than ever safety for ALL residents not a pathway that will only benefit a minority

  59. Michelle commented

    Cutting through the University will not give equitable access to all the community.

    The path needs to be easily accessible to all members.

    The original plan for development for the path to Morriset should remain.

  60. Coral Simpson commented

    Dear Councillors
    Many people cycle or walk/jog along Freeman’s Drive between Cooranbong and Morisset. Sometimes elderly people on motorised scooters also travel along this road. The grass/rocky/weedy verge is uneven and can cause falls, so people usually stick to the edge of the bitumen which is very dangerous because of the traffic.

    We have lived on Freeman’s Drive for most of our lives, and like many others, at our current address since 1995. Repeatedly, we have heard that we’re to get a footpath and then a cycle/ pedestrian path which we were very happy about.
    Please, please may this finally happen.
    Thank you

  61. Felicity Macpherson commented

    The proposed path/cycle way would much better serve the wider community if it went all the way to Morisset following Freemans Drive rather than short cutting through Avondale University. The Swing Bridge is way too narrow and not accessible even for an elderly person with a walker or parent with a pram. In its current form you can’t call this a cycle way.

    Please consider the large section of Cooranbong population who live between Cooranbong Park and Victory Street that would miss out on a safe method of walking or cycling if the short cut through Avondale went ahead.

    It is very unsafe to walk or cycle along Freemans drive, particularly at the narrow bridges. This development has brought increased vehicles onto this road and a shared patbway should go along the entirety to compensate the community dealing with all the extra traffic.

    How does bypassing a major section address this? It doesn't!

  62. Dave Lemcke commented

    Path should go via Freeman’s Drive as far more people will use it.

  63. Amanda Carr commented

    We live on Freemans drive and have young children. Our children have no footpaths to safely get to school in Cooranbong it is unsafe when walking or riding the bikes as crossing the bridges is quite narrow and some cars fly by. I see so many kids catching school buses along this road and could potentially be able to ride to schools both in Cooranbong or Morisset if there was a safe alternative route for them to travel.

  64. Sharon Stubbs commented

    More people would get benefit from it being on the main road giving direct access to the shops etc. A lot of people already.use the footpath now and would be forced to walk unsafely on the side of the road.

  65. Helene Deer commented

    Please put this footpath on public land , Freemans Drive, so it is accessible to all. Cooranbong needs development of infrastructure for the community.

  66. Leon Dawes commented

    The developer signed the North Cooranbong Planning Agreement with Council back in May 2015 which specified the provision of a new cycle way along Freemans Drive. They should honor that commitment and provide the community with what they said they were going to provide. The community wants a new cycle way and do not need silk purses to be made out of sows ears by prettying up a pathway that already exits. I implore the developer to honor that commitment and stop shirking responsibility.

  67. beckie martin commented

    Please put the path along freemans drive. Currently there are no footpaths to get to school or to use for leisure and my child and i cycle up against the road as we do not have another choice. Its quite sketchy. Please i hope you choose to stick to freemans drive for the pathway

  68. Bethany Chapman commented

    Please put the path along Freeman’s drive connecting Morisset and Cooranbong. This would be beneficial for the safety leisure and health of our growing community.

  69. Robin Barber commented

    I've been a visitor to the lake since 1955 and a resident for the past 22 years. In 1960 my father used to say Lake Macquarie Council spent all their money at Belmont and now I'm hearing LMCC spends all their money at Speers Point. In the next 50 years some money might be spent in Morisset? I live 1 km away from Morisset and despite there being quite a large retirement village in our street, there is no footpath!

  70. Tiani Page commented

    I am aware that plans for this shared pathway have been in existence for some years and that the original proposal was to circumnavigate all of freeman’s drive to benefit the entire community through stretches of road that are very dangerous for anyone needing to walk or cycle.
    Though time was given for people to have their say over the change to go through Avondale University (with considerations to a new bridge etc to accommodate,) and It appeared the ‘community’ supported this, I believe that there were many who missed the opportunity for a voice. I am aware that this plan has been approved however, I am still voicing my concern that this is not in the best interest of the community and that the path should return to its original plan to service all of Freeman’s Drive (a challenge and cost I appreciate is great and that will create its own issues as many people don’t want the ‘ring of trees’ planted/supported years back by Bob Kalaf to be destroyed - nor a lot of other valuable trees that we are losing too many of in this are!) This community is already in tension over many aspects of development and overdevelopment, lack of transparency, slow progress on key infrastructure and poorly heard / interpreted community voice and I really ask the council to reconsider.

  71. John Sillince commented

    The Path should follow Freemans Drive as originally agreed to. The whole community would benefit from this making it safer and more enjoyable for all members of our community to enjoy. I would certainly use this myself to supervise my grandkids. We love to get out and enjoy the beautiful suburbs of Morisset and Cooranbong. Please show your support by sticking to the original agreement.

  72. John Tilley commented

    We need transparency on this please as you are here for the people of lake Mac and know Developer JPG intimately. Common logic says we need cycleway and footpath from Morisett to Cooranbong along Freeman drive with no cost saving short cuts. Scenic trails are just that & Morisett to Cooranbong needs a quality safe foot path / cycle way & better roads. If you are unaware of how unsafe it is to ride a bike or walk this road. The rust of braking an ankle or worse is high not to mention hit by a car. Your honesty please. Rate payers are more and more less trusting of LMCC and shady deals with developers and need you to start regaining public trust by open and trustworthy planning & communication.

  73. Christina Keene commented

    I object to the path going through Avondale University. As a resident near the swing bridge I am concerned about the increased vehicle traffic through Victory Street. Also I feel that the path is missing half of Cooranbong. With new retirement villages opening up on Freemans Drive, there will be an increased need for pedestrian access near Frisco's. My third issue is that by passing through the Uni the path will be on private property and is it then truly a public path.

  74. Bianca England commented

    Please keep the path going from Morisset to Cooranbong, i have lived here for 20+ years and talk about a path regularly especially since having my first child 9 yes ago and living on Freemans drive we would love nothing more then to ride our bikes with the whole family along there to the park without fear of getting killed by passing cars/trucks.

  75. Martin Larsen commented

    The path MUST go along Freemans Drive all the way !

    We don't want any bypass through the University or smaller streets. We need a footpath and bike path to run all the way from Morisset, to the new park, at a minimum
    If you actually take the time to listen to the community, you will understand that this is what we all want

  76. Carolyn Foster commented

    I’m surprised that LMCC hasn’t put in a pedestrian pathway themselves along Freeman’s drive as I believe it is desperately needed. There are a few over 55 retirement villages going in and the existing homes & families living along Freeman’s Drive that do not have access to safe walkways is only growing and I believe a real danger for all of us. I also see the issues for residents who live on Victory Street having so much extra traffic coming through their street to be problematic. I hope council will reconsider and put the pathway where is is most needed, along Freeman’s Drive. Thank you

  77. Amanda Adams commented

    I am a resident of cooranbong and have witnessed some very dangerous incidents in regards to no paths on freeman’s drive between cooranbong and Morisset. In one case involved a young mum with her baby in a pram, she was forced to try and climb an overgrown grass hill because it was the safest place. Which I can tell you pushing a baby pram up an overgrown grass hill is very dangerous. I also have two young daughters that ride and walk to school which is very dangerous as there is no paths passed the fire station at cooranbong and also no zebra crossing from the to cross the busy Martinsville road. I please request while development is underway that the decision to run a path along freeman’s drive from Morisset to cooranbong is the best decision for the community. I believe the Johnson property group has fulfilled a great roll, as they have established a foot bridge and path leading to our local park in what was one of the dangerous side roads I have ever walked my kids on. Thanks to Johnson property group I can now walk with my kids to the park knowing we aren’t going to be clipped by a reckless driver. Please consider our young and old residence as we will all appreciate the decision to path freeman’s drive Morisset to Cooranbong. Thank you

  78. Suzanne commented

    The pathway should also benefit the residents from the Cooranbong park to Morisset to be able to safely walk, run, ride and push prams without needing to be on the edge of an increasingly busy road. There is already access through Avondale university. Why only benefit half of Cooranbong? It’s ridiculous to expect people living between the park and Morisset to double back to safely use a pathway.

  79. Kate McGill commented

    We need a proper shared cycleway/footpath all the way to morisset especially past the park so you dont have to push prams onto the road to get past the fire station. After I broke my ankle (with a 6 week old baby) on unformed sidewall between Avondale shops and the park, I was told by the council that the shared cycleway/footpath to morisset was part of the JPG DA and would be completed within 2 years. That 6 week old baby is now 10years old and still waiting.

    JPG have made a fortune cramming housing developments into cooranbong without meeting their community obligations to provide the necessary service to support the rapid population growth.

    We dont just need a path for recreation, we need one for commuting (as the bus services cooranbong to morisset are totally inadequate) and we require the pathways to connect services like schools, shops and parks to the housing estates, which means it needs to follow the origional plan which was along Freemans Drive and not shortcut through private property.

  80. Haines Laura commented

    This path should go all of Freemans drive to provide benefit to the majority of community. It should be a shared walk and bike path for their safety and ease of mobility including wheelchair and scooter users.

  81. Sophie-Lee Johnson commented

    Hi please please please don't put it through the university. A footpath on the main road is really needed both for convenience and safety of people. There are no paths on the Morisset side of Cooranbong so it's about time one gets put in.

  82. Frances commented

    Path should most definetly not go through the university. It should be open for the public and there are no walking facilities on the Morisset side of Cooranbong.

  83. Peter Trimmer commented

    Why one might ask were Councillors 'hood winked' into making the mindless decision for the path through the college - it was never the best route for it to go through the college. Hundreds of residents living on the western side of Freemans Drv. from the Common to Victory Street will have no access to an infrastructure they have every right to enjoy. Its about time Council stood up for residents against JPG instead of caving in to the most dubious claims about difficulties with the Freemans Drive route. I just have to have a quiet smile to myself - how its it the self claimed best developer cannot build a cycleway without a whinge. Its surprising JPG has not been able to wriggle out of the obligation all together as they have wriggled out and delayed of all their previous important obligations.

  84. Fiona Hall commented

    I would have thought Council would see benefit in ensuring recreational opportunities are available and accessible to as many residents as possible in line with their vision for the city.
    A shared cycleway and pathway along Freemans is the logical solution and would fully enhance the area’s environment
    This has been a vision for our area for more years than I can remember. Come on LMCC do the right thing

  85. Marion Shields commented

    The original plan was for the shared pathway to go the length of Freeman's Drive, thus providing safety for walkers, bike riders, seniors using scooters (there are 2 x 50+ villages accessing this road) and children using buses. Altering the plan to go through private land (which could easily be restricted) and cut off many potential users is very risky given the community tensions regarding developers and an apparent lack of communication (so few are aware of this change to the original plan). It is essential that access and safety for the majority of rate-payers be given priority rather than compliance with the wishes of the developers.

  86. Elisha Smith commented

    I dont live in the area, but wouldnt it be nice to have a path the whole length for those who would use it? reduce in emissions into the air, bring tourism to the area, if could set up bins along the way and picnic tables?

  87. Elsje commented

    I would like the path to go all along Freemen’s Drive from Cooranbong to Morisset so that all can benefit from it.

  88. Brian commented

    The path should be from Cooranbong to Morisset all along Freeman’s Drive to be of benefit to all the residents

  89. Nathan Medhurst commented

    The path should be along Freeman’s Drive - from Morisset to Cooranbong - for the benefit of all local residents.

  90. Sandra Bryant commented

    I am a resident of Victory street and am very concerned that the proposed cycleway/ footpath will run along my driveway for quite a distance. This is the only access to my property &
    poses the protential for an accident.
    Please run the footpath along Freemans drive from Cooranbong park to Victory street as people need a safe cycleway/ footpath.

  91. Simon Walker commented

    With the population only growing in Cooranbong & Morisset and people wanting to be more active, to have a path that connects both towns all the way along Freemans Drive is a no brainer

  92. Allan Tinworth commented

    It seems unusual and dubious to run the pathway through the College which is private land. Maybe a special deal was negotiated or a cost benefit was envisioned.
    Is it logical to provide a service to half the community when it is meant for all the community? Many families will have to drive to the path to use it. Why build a new bridge next to the existing swing bridge? Why deviate from the original plan of having the path on Freeman’s Drive. Use some common sense and provide all of the path along Freeman’s Drive for the benefit of all the community.

  93. John Tilley commented

    LMCC everyone’s comments are in favour of full length of Freeman’s drive instead of short cut. Doesn’t this smell of a rat. Forgive my directness but an invitation to ICAC TO INVESTIGATE is in order.

  94. John Tilley commented

    LMCC everyone’s comments are in favour of full length of Freeman’s drive instead of short cut. Doesn’t this smell of a rat. Forgive my directness but an invitation to ICAC TO INVESTIGATE is in order.

  95. Joshua Gambrill commented

    Is the sanitarium land not privately owned? What happens if they sell and the new owners stop allowing pedestrians through? The path should follow Freemans drive along the public road.

  96. Des Eager commented

    All the way along Freeman's drive as promised

  97. Maureen Medhurst commented

    The path way should be as original plans from Cooranbong to Morisset on Freeman’s Dr & not through Avondale college as it doesn’t benefit the whole community that it is supposed to be there for.

  98. Warrick Long commented

    I like this amended plan which meets the requirements well. Maybe the contributions paid to Council from the other developers for the Ceder Cutters the two lifestyle village developments should be used to fund a cycleway around Freeman’s Drive instead of expecting the Watagan Park development to fund everything in the area.

  99. Andrrw commented

    The developers previously agreed plan for an pathway benefited the greater cooranbong community providing safe access to currently dangerous area s for pedestrian and cycle traffic. The revised plan reduces the developers cost but also the public amenity. The revised plan removes access to a significant portion of the community, is one private land, significantly replicate s existing paths that are already providing relatively safe pedestrian and cyclists access, and severely downgrade the visual amenity of the historic swing bridge. The original proposal is the superior one that should be built.

  100. Jan Newell commented

    We need a walkway and cycle path along the whole of freeman drive Cooranbong to Morisset so we can all benefit.

  101. Rob Roy commented

    The original deal with the developer was for a path along the length of Freemans Drive from Cooranbong to the Stockton Creek bridge. This would provide an essential service to hundreds of residents, including two or more retirement villages. Instead the developer reneged on the agreement and somehow obtained a change of route through the University grounds and along Victory Street. This change should be scrapped and the original route reinstated for the good of the WHOLE community.

  102. Kara Schultz commented

    Regarding the footpath going through Avondale grounds, it just doesn’t make sense. There’s already a footpath right through Avondale. By going that way you’re missing half the town. It’s not safe to walk along freeman’s drive and a footpath going from the park right around to Morisset is the right thing to do.

  103. Lisa Priestley commented

    The pathway should run from Cooranbong to Morisett along freeman’s drive, half our community will not benefit if it runs anywhere else and that would be such a waste and not what was originally promised to the community.

  104. Luke Thompson commented

    Honestly speaking, I'm shocked that this is proving so difficult to have seen to. Not just because it's a vital piece of Freemans Drive that needs far better access, also due to the retirement villages that are occupied, approved and in for consideration at the moment. That's a trend which will only continue, along with the housing developments.

    Being a parent of 2 and having lived on Victory Street, with a pram/stroller it's simply not good enough if you need to get through to Cooranbong or Morisset. No one from LMCC has walked either direction before approving any plans in the past 3-5 years - if they had, a proper foot-path would've surely been required. That cost could've been at least partially offloaded to developers, as has been done with the Cooranbong park and pedestrian bridge (next to the other troubled bridge, now gladly being fixed!). Council must ensure that the community can leverage Freemans just as vehicles do.

    Our family once walked from Victory Street to the Cooranbong town centre on Freemans just to see how it was, in comparison to the very bumpy and almost un-kept tracks through Avondale, and were TERRIFIED by how risky parts of it were. Practically touching passing vehicles at points - with a pram. Completely unsafe for families, the elderly, and anyone with sensory issues. Please make sure the community receives the vital pathway all the way along Freemans Drive, to aid the infrequent buses and make sure no one is left disconnected from their local area. Morisset is growing rapidly and people are moving into Cooranbong, Dora Creek, etc - that demands better services, and after all these years I feel this one deserves to be put to bed as the large housing developments continue to be approved in our largely forgotten West Ward.

  105. Amanda commented

    Ultimately the change was a decision made by our Council. Considering the income Council has, and will continue to receive through taxes and rates from development in Cooranbong, it is time they stood up to the plate and finish the pathway for the community. That’s what councils are supposed to do.

  106. helen commented

    The developer agreed to a path along the length of Freemans Drive, has been allowed to increase the foot and car traffic. Now they are looking to change the infrastructure to the community. A path along the length of freemans drive is needed as it’s not safe walking along there with children.
    The only reason i can see for the change is a cost save to the developer.

  107. John Tilley commented

    The only other solution is to widen Freeman’s drive to include walkway/cycle way when freeman’s drive Cooranbong bitumen road is renewed. Much higher cost to council so why not make developer put path all way to Cooranbong as was initially planned. Step up LMCC voting time is getting closer.

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