86 The Boulevarde Lewisham NSW 2049

Change of use to an educational establishment with associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council, reference DA/2021/1023)


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  1. George Giannaros commented

    Living within close proximity to the school my concerns are the extra traffic and lack of parking for the school staff and students. This application will only add to the increasing traffic issues. I have tried many times to communicate with the new school principal and I have not received a reply from her. We are neighbours of the school and as neighbours we look out for each other and try to help with any concerns. Whether it might be a P plater revving up his car outside our house and dangerously taking off while there are students arriving or leaving the school grounds. The parents that sit in their vehicles half an hour early because they know if they get here any later there are no spots for them with their engines on so they are in air condition comfort. The teachers that arrive 2 hours early in the morning to get an all day parking spot in our street which leaves no spaces for our family or friends to visit us, only in the restricted parking spaces and then they have to move their vehicle every 2 hours so they don't get booked. If the school addresses these problems I would be happy for this block of apartments to be converted into more school space. They will justify it by arguing that there is already parking under the block of apartments and it won't increase all these issues we already have. But there isn't enough parking spaces to accommodate all these extra students and teachers that will be filling up these new classrooms. I oppose this conversion because Christian Brothers have more residential dwellings close to their grounds which will eventually be knocked down and built into more school creating even more traffic problems which brings pollution and noise and reckless driving behaviour.

  2. C Wood commented

    As a neighbour of Christian Brothers, I oppose this application on the basis that the traffic and parking issues in that section of The Boulevarde are already extremely significant. We have staff, parents and students blocking our driveway daily opposite the site of this DA as it is in the only non-restricted parking section. I have requested to both Inner West Council and the school that timed parking be applied to the entire area surrounding the school to discourage staff and students parking all day. And/or to allow local residents to access resident’s parking permits to use the restricted zones in surrounding streets- though noting this is less than ideal to have to park far from the house with two young children.
    Please consider addressing traffic and parking concerns before enabling further expansion of the school. Thanks.

  3. Neil Eato commented

    I agree with both the comments above.
    The School, ignores it’s responsibility in fitting in a Residential neighbourhood. A DA for 1200 students maximum was approved.
    This was found to be exceeded by Council Compliance.Result no action. The School then submitted an Amended DA for 1350 Students, opposition submissions of 209 were made, however the Amended DA was granted with 7 Conditions.
    Council Planning Officer, Compliance staff, ignored the non compliance conditions reported continually...Why ?.
    Council Rangers Officers randomly book the illegal parking, and the School who were to provide Qualified Parking Zone Controllers, stopped 1 month after fanfare in the Amended DA approval..years ago.
    2 Hour Parking Signage requests for The Boulevarde made to Council by many Residents are ignored, representations to Jo Hayden, Local MP,Chairman of Traffic Committee Clr Victor Macri, are refused by Council Officers with unbalanced arguments of rejection.
    With 106 Teachers, 29 Ancillary staff, and many P Platers, and only 17 parking places in the School, ALL residents are greatly disadvantaged by all those who come from other outer areas.
    The Boulevarde S shaped design, and speed hump design of Denison, has The Boulevarde heavily in am and pm, one of the major traffic movements, much illegal parking and destruction of the grassed Council verges.
    If as a Resident you leave by 7.30 am, for a short shopping or other trip, you can’t return to park, before 4 pm, as any possible space is taking by School staff and P platers, if a space is found streets away, try carrying bags of heavy groceries. Not every Resident has a driveway.

  4. Suz commented

    I oppose this for the very same reasons as stated by other residents. There is limited parking on the boulevarde for residents and as someone else has stated if you leave your parking spot early for an errand etc, you know when you come back that you will not find a spot as it will have been taken by a teacher, student, parent of someone in the school. The traffic is unbearable just before and after school and there is no residents parking permits. Until this is addressed, I would not support any change that will make these issues worse

  5. Lucy commented

    I oppose this application because there are already more students enrolled than is sustainable for the surrounding community. I have had parents park across the driveway, park in our residents parking spaces without a second thought. CBHS need a reality check on the impact their students and operations have on the community. I’ve spoken to them on a number of safety issues and their default is to call police.

  6. Ariella Ryner commented

    As a neighbour of CBHS the above proposal will only add to the already dreadful issues of parking and traffic around the school. My small children are at Lewisham public school across the road and the traffic on Eltham and Denison Roads as well as the Boulevard make crossing the street unsafe. An increase of students will only aggravate the issue.

  7. Josh Gray commented

    Loss of affordable housing for the community, in return for yet more tax free profit for the church school and inconvenience for those of us who live nearby.

  8. Neil Eato commented

    Further, Additional points for Refusal of Change of Use.
    I looked at this Block of 8 Units.
    The steep driveway slope is a danger to all users of the Footpath both sides in The Boulevarde.
    The line of sight in exiting the driveway, does not give a clear view to all using the footpath, a danger to student pedestrians, mothers collecting primary students from the DH Primary School as some.
    This Residential block, has been a noise barrier, and preventive to food scraps, discarded from main School building.
    This building would need major internal works, for Health and Safety, with kitchens in all units removed and noisy air conditioners modified or installed.
    This Block, adjoins several Residences in Eltham St, and with the School having many functions, day, evening and night, it would not matter if Conditions of Noise use was mandated, the School from past History would ignore.

  9. J. Ocallaghan commented

    I oppose this DA due to the increased traffic,
    and congestion caused by the further expansion of Christian Brothers High School by developing this adjoining land. This will have a negative impact on the already busy area, due to increased cars of parents and staff, traffic congestion, and noise in this residential neighbourhood.

  10. Graham Sarah commented

    I oppose this application. This school is a large school, and consequently this funnels traffic in the mornings and afternoons around relatively small, and local streets of Denison St, Eltham St and the Boulevard. There are a lot of pedestrians from local residents also using these streets to walk to schools and the train station, and I have observed dangerous situations where cars have nearly hit pedestrians multiple times. There is inadequate parking for staff and students and the local streets should all be made restricted in order to dissuade staff and students from using street parking.

  11. Jenni commented

    I am a resident in Victoria Street
    The traffic is out of control and simply dangerous.
    This proposal should be looked at very carefully.

  12. Barbara commented

    The expansion of this school is placing unfair and unjust pressure on residents in the surrounding community. There has been a lack of follow through on conditions placed in a previous DA to promote the use of public transport and reduce the number of teachers and students driving to school. I oppose this DA until the school can implement action to reduce the traffic problems identifed by other responders.

  13. Walton Lisa commented

    I oppose this development due to the increased traffic and lack of parking already available. I live in Fred St Lewisham and this small one way street is full during school hours with P Plate drivers who fill all available non timed spaces.
    They also throw fast food rubbish all over the area despite complaints to the school .

  14. Michael Ward commented

    As a resident (Denison rd) I oppose this application. As other submitters have noted the CB school Lewisham already has a major negative impact on the community. There is insufficient parking space for staff, parents and students who use the streets as the school car park and pick up area. Denison Road and other streets are also impacted by through traffic (avoiding New and Old Canterbury Rd at peak hour); Toothill St is once again (after the respite of lockdown) turning into a major artery. These streets are also used as commuter car parks. All of this is dangerous for parents and children going to local schools and residents walking to public transport. The current problems of parking, commuting thoroughfare and parking need attention. They certainly don't need to be made worse by approving this application. Stop it now and fix the problems.

  15. Levy Jen commented

    I oppose the Christian Brothers School proposal on the grounds of the inability of the surrounding streets to cope with the traffic flow morning and afternoon and the lack of adequate on site parking at the school.
    Staff and students park in every free parking space thus depriving local residents of spaces outside or near their properties. The roads are not made to accommodate the buses that try to navigate the roundabout at the Eltham street and Denison Road. Primary school children from Lewisham PS need to cross there and it is very dangerous as the buses drive across the roundabout in order to either go left or straight ahead.
    The crossing on Denison at Victoria Street is also extremely dangerous for pedestrians.
    This school has lodged DAs in the past to increase enrolment and residents have objected for the reasons stated. The school avoids contact with residents and are not responsive to complaints about student/ staff / parent parking habits.
    It is time that the IWC responds to and supports its ratepayers- the school is not a ratepayer as it is a religious organisation!!
    Do not approve this application.

  16. Graham Bennett commented

    This school has already exceeded the number of approved students and the amount of outdoor space per student is very limited and this will place more stress on the available space. Traffic and parking are very limited in The Boulevarde. There are also a number of other High Schools nearby which could accomodate more students

  17. Chris Adamson commented

    As a resident of Denison Road, I object to council approval allowing any expansion to the CBHS, as the school already has a detrimental effect to our residential streets.
    Parking spaces in our street are at a premium,and local residents continually have to fight for available spaces due to school students, teachers and parents taking up spaces during school hours and when the school organises after school events.
    The school is not a good neighbour - I have been woken from sleep at 3am and 4am night after night by delivery vans to the school canteen. When I have complained to the school I get a ‘sorry we don’t run the canteen, so we can’t help you’.
    Any expansion to the school should be rejected as the school takes, takes, takes, from the neighbourhood, and gives nothing back.

  18. David Scelzi commented

    Agreed with all the above concerns 100%
    There has been zero consultation with the neighbours & neighbourhood & not the first time such disrespect & blatant disregard has happened from School & Council
    I have been on the Boulevarde for 27 years
    The school has far exceeded its limits & absolutely is a hazard to the well being of the community .Parking & traffic is disgraceful to name a few the school couldn’t care less about its neighbours or surrounding streets & suburban footprint. Maybe it’s about time council wakes up & takes a stand

  19. Jaime Miranda commented

    I live in Denison Rd opposite to the school. Whilst I do not drive or don't have a car, I can see that parking spaces are limited. That is obvious.

    My direct concern is the pedestrians. My children walk during school days towards their primary school in the area or towards major avenues to get to public transport. I have experienced firsthand how driving is chaotic and somewhat careless towards pedestrians, particularly in the mornings. The idea of having more cars circulating in the area is worrisome. I have personally seen a few P Plates circulating repeteadly because parking spots are not available and this is not helpful, it increases the chances of making mistakes with poor outcomes by being worried about arriving late to school, not seeing children or pets coming out unattended, confusion, etc. This is a potential risk that is ENTIRELY preventable and avoidable. Let's place safety first.

    Thinking on good neighbour practices, what if we make this a 5 Km school car free zone? There are good experiences in the UK (and elsewhere I suppose) with that approach. This could help alleviate some of the neighborhood's concerns.

    The other true concern that I have is the students themselves. Sydney is one of the greenest cities in the world but, please, these students are not benefiting from that. I find it unfair for their personal physical and emotional development not having access to high quality green areas. When I walk by and see them playing 'soccer' in a space that looks more like a mall's parking lot, all covered by metal fences and with cement above their heads, I have to pause and ask myself, is this the right approach towards advancing our children's development? Are we aiming in the right direction? Will increasing the student intake allow for better educational outcomes alongside better physical and emotional well-being? Those are important questions as well. Space is becoming a luxury and it saddens me that children are not directly benefiting from more open spaces.

  20. Mary Osborn commented

    Mary Osborn
    I live in Fred Street which has free parking on one side of the street. The students at the Lewisham Christian Brothers School use during school term. The students are often very rude when asked to park in a place that does not reduce access to the local residents. The parking space available in Fred Street are very limited. It is a very quiet street with an abundant bird life and where many elderly people live who cherish their parking spaces.

  21. Renee Phillips commented

    As a resident of Denison road lewisham, I totally object to the proposed changes as I live across the street from the school. The main concern I have is simply not enough street parking as it is, I have my driveway blocked on a daily basis and if i'm lucky enough to have the driver in the car at the time they can be quite rude if I dare ask them to please move so I can simply get in or out. The parents double park and cause it to be quite dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians. The pick up & drop off traffic is crazy enough as it is not to mention the buses who do as they please.

  22. Julian Charters commented

    Inattentive drivers in this area are an accident waiting to happen. In my experience, parents are mainly focused on getting in and out of Lewisham as quickly as possible (that's not a criticism of the parents, it's just a reality of where most peoples' headspace is at at the end of a work day). Near misses at the crossings on Toothill Street have been an ongoing problem, and promised traffic calming and upgraded crossings never materialise. The whole precinct needs a comprehensive audit and re-think. For too long, the interests of commuters passing through Lewisham have trumped those of the local community living here. Toothill should not be used as an arterial road and should be closed to all except local traffic. There is no need for kids to be driven to CBHS given there are so many excellent public transport options in this area (Light Rail, Mainline Rail, Buses on Both Canterbury Roads). They certainly shouldn't be driving themselves to school based on my observations. More needs to be done by CBHS and IWC to incentivise parents and kids to walk, cycle and take public transport. This means improving pedestrian/cycling access and calming traffic in the area. It means limiting parking to locals only. The problem is bigger than CBHS, but they are a contributor.

    I have no issue with CBHS expanding. The kids are generally respectful, as is the school. The issue is the lack of planning and infrastructure in this pocket of the Inner West. If the school is to expand, then IWC and the State Government need to address these issues as a condition of approval.

  23. Michael Welchman commented

    I support this application. As a resident of the immediate area. Having children attending school in the suburb we live in is very important. Our population is growing we need more schools and education facilities to support that. Having a range of school facilities in our suburb, is sustainable, environmentally friendly, benefits to our community and our children's pride of place to live and learn in their home suburb. I do agree conditions and measures should be taken to ensure proper safe usage of the site, ensure that local children can access the facilities. Also controls to protect immediate residents from additional traffic and noise in the area.

  24. David Bowne commented

    I don't support the plan. I'm a resident and there is already enough congestion in the area around in the morning and the afternoon. Unless there's a plan to manage the extra traffic I don't thing the plan should be allowed to go ahead.

  25. Robyn Hughes commented

    The school must not be allowed any further expansion. The immediate area is already choked with traffic generated by the school- parents’ and students’ vehicles as well as buses at numerous times throughout the day create havoc on local streets which are also used by locals and commuters. The roads are quite hazardous enough with large volumes of traffic, pedestrians travelling to the train and light rail stations and bus stops. Add to that the pedestrian crossings right on the intersections and it’s a recipe for disaster. Adding more students to this school will only exacerbate the existing situation. Parking is extremely difficult for residents, who, in most cases, do not have the luxury of off street parking. The extra traffic, noise, litter and strain on the already packed space would be simply unacceptable. The impact on the suburb would be devastating and the amenity of the direct area for existing residents would be significantly reduced. I would suggest that if Christian Brothers wishes to have a bigger school, they should perhaps consider having this site as a junior campus (yes 7-10) and find premises elsewhere for a senior campus (yes 11-12), rather than abuse the hospitality of the area in which their current premises are situated. There is no room in the area for any further expansion of the Christian Brothers school.

  26. Andy commented

    1) the application is in error there are 8 dwellings affected not zero as is listed on the website.
    2) once this area is re zoned it will no doubt allow for future ‘creep’ allowing for new applications to redevelop and expanding the buildings
    3) it will bring more noise closer to many homes
    4) an increase in classrooms may mean given the size of the building at least 80-through 200 additional students and classes without ANY CLARIFICATION FROM THE SCHOOL in this proposal. Thats realistically AT LEAST 40 to 400 additional cars during during the day in the area assuming some will access via public transport.

  27. Neil commented

    Previous years CBHS would drop a yearly schedule of all their planned events that would invite parents to the school This would make it easier for residents to plan their day as it brings a lot of traffic and cars parking in our streets. We no longer receive these. Calling the school to report a reckless teenager in their car we are told to call the police. If the student is wearing the schools uniform representing his school I believe it’s up to the school to intervene. Over many years as a resident the traffic problems have become worse and the school just ignores the many traffic and noise issues that neighbours living close by bring to their attention. I strongly oppose this application.

  28. Carmel Baker commented

    As a resident on The Boulevarde, Lewisham for over 35 yrs & neighbour of Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham, I object to the expansion proposed by the school. As mentioned by other respondents to this proposal, 8 homes are affected by this proposal & I live in one of those homes. No way can it be stated that no homes in the vicinity are affected.
    As a resident here I have constantly experienced the lack of respect, consideration & regard for those of us who live in the neighbourhood of this school. It is not only the increased traffic & parking difficulties, but the blocking of our driveways and rudeness & even abuse we receive when requesting access to our own homes.
    There is no consultation with us apart from a letter from the school dropped into our letter boxes recently. This offered no information - simply advising an application for change of use & referring us to the council website. Even the notice of development application has only just been posted on the property on the wall of the building to be affected but not on the fence line of the property. If you happen to spot the notice, you must enter the property itself in order to read it.
    This proposed expansion will exacerbate the problems we currently endure. I urge the council to note the concerns of residents here and address them before any further expansion is allowed.

  29. Neil Eato commented

    I refer to Councils Amended DA 200300504 to The CB School approval with Conditions signed by the then Planning Manager Mr Jamie Erkens
    Letter 24th April 2018

    I will open with 2 Conditions, one not met, the other doubtful.

    (3d) The School shall establish a Community Liaison Committee, to
    Contact and involve local residents to manage community
    relations associated with the operation of the School in the
    local community.
    The NSW Police are to be invited.
    Br Conn, Past Principal advised in email, to me, this did not
    happen then and until now also.

    ( 3e) Within 12 months from the date of modified consent, the School
    shall prepare a Strategic Plan that addresses its future,
    particularly in terms of its growth and development.
    The School shall consult with Council’s Development
    Assessment Manager to determine the final parameters for
    the plan, including future community consultation.

    This is why I say it is doubtful this has happened, unless proved
    otherwise, as this DA to community knowledge has NOT

    I will submit in a seperate application Conditions not or not fully
    complied with in the Amended DA, as to why this change in use
    be refused.

  30. Neil Eato commented

    Amended DA Conditions ..DA 200300504.

    3(a) Provision for (2) appropriately trained traffic controllers in Hi Vis
    Vests on both Denison and The Boulevarde ( i.e. 4 in total )
    In the AM and PM. times, for drop off and pick up operations.

    Reply...This was in place for the first month, not seen for the past 3
    and a half years.

    (3c) A Green Travel Plan.

    Reply...Council advised had received...yet 3 and a half years.
    Observations, show the Plan has not worked.

    (4d) Operational Traffic Management Plan.

    Reply...stated to be yearly, not evident it has had lessened a reduction
    in large volume of traffic movements.

    I will jump to
    (3h) Specify particular ways to minimise/ eliminate unacceptable
    manoeuvres such as double parking, stopping in driveways,
    not using the designated drop off/ pick up zone, doing illegal
    U -turns in adjacent streets, senior students being prohibited
    from driving to and from School.

    Reply...This is an ongoing problem, made in others submissions.

    The OTMP, was to have the School a new Independent traffic
    Survey carried out within 12 months of 24th April 2018.
    The Survey shall include (2) independent traffic and parking
    surveys, on peak traffic days of the School operation.

    Reply...This appears to be another non conformance.
    I stand to be corrected, if reports are presented for the
    12 months time line and the 2 Surveys dated within the
    same 12 months time line.

  31. Steve Goldberg commented

    After over-enrolling by 150 students and then seeking to 'normalise' this non-compliance just a few years ago in spite of enormous community opposition, , the school seems to have learned nothing and continues to treat the locals with indifference. At the tribunal session at Leichhardt a few years ago, the school gave an undertaking that they would not increase the cap on enrolments once the 150 new ones were approved.
    One argument put by the school's reps in regards to traffic and school drop-off/pick up was the claim that a very high number of students had an Opal card. This however is not the same as using the same cards to travel to and from school. The traffic situation in Denison Rd is at times horrific and given the way many students and parents drive in this narrow road, in spite of the traffic calming infrastructure, accidents are waiting to happen. The school site is FULL and the school must accept that there are limits to numbers. The school must not be allowed to expand and this proposal must be refused.

  32. Gemma Garner commented

    I oppose this expansion of the school,
    this area is already struggling to accomodate the amount of traffic using it daily. Narrow streets and very little parking makes it difficult enough as it is, adding to it just seems ridiculous.

    I have family in Lewisham and already struggle to find a park when visiting. With so many young families, primary schools and pre schools close by this seems like a recipe for disaster to have more cars in such a small area.

    With the light rail out of action as well that is clearly no option for school transport either.

    This expansion will have a negative impact on local residents.

    Gemma Garner


  33. Rachael Haig commented

    This is my local area and will have significant impacts on my commute and living. I strongly object to this proposal. I understand that education is important, but this proposal isn't appropriate for the community due to it's impacts.
    This proposal does not comply with the aims, objectives and design parameters contained in the relevant State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs), Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011 (MLEP 2011) and Marrickville Development Control Plan 2011 (MDCP 2011).
    The potential impacts to the surrounding environment has not been considered. Given the context of the site and the desired future character of the precinct this proposal should not go ahead as it will cause further changes and have undesired effects such as more traffic and more traffic calming structures. The application is unsuitable for such an area, Lewisham is a low density residential area that has suffered greatly due to the lack of planning and infrastructure a school this size requires.
    Lewisham is a low density residential area and has already had changes done to street signs and traffic calming structures to cope with the high density traffic that CBHS attracts.

  34. Tom Smithies commented

    I live a matter of metres from Christian Brothers, and I cannot oppose this application strongly enough. Others have identified the issues many times over, but in short: the traffic build up around the Denison Rd/Eltham St roundabout is overwhelming at times, exacerbated by selfish and sometimes dangerous driving; parents and students continually park in driveways or double park; students wait for pickup in surrounding streets sitting on our neighbours fences; I have literally never seen anyone from the school in any form of marshalling or even observational role, so school parents can act as they please. If anything, Christian Brothers already has too many students, it cannot be allowed to add more.

  35. carolyn ienna commented

    I am writing to object to DA20211023, there is currently a housing shortage and this proposal would reduce housing availability in the local area.
    CBHS has already demolished multiple houses on The boulevarde, Toothill Street and Denison road in order to construct more buildings. The outlook of Lewisham area changed from its original houses to tall modern buildings.
    CBHS is a high density business which attracts a high number of drivers even though the school is situated within short distance of various public transport options. This proposal does not address any of the problems related to traffic or parking.
    It is unacceptable that 8 homes will be removed. There are no benefits to the local area or community within this proposal, but the negative impacts will be permanent if CBHS is allowed to continue expanding without any infrastructure, community consultation or consideration.

  36. Carmel Baker commented

    I have previously expressed my objection to this application. My views are still the same. I second the above comments opposing this application.

    I note that it's been pointed out to the council that the Notice of DA Application was affixed
    to the building & not on the front fence or perimeter of the property.. I have now noticed that the sign has been moved but still attached to the building. To be able to read the notice, you must enter the property, which is private, & walk across a grassed area in order to read it. Why hasn't this been moved to a legally accessible position?

  37. Barbara commented

    I have previously objected to this proposal and continue to do so. Previous responders have raised very good and valid points objecting to the continued expansion of CBHS, however questions remain. Why is the school allowed to continue increasing numbers, when it has already exceeded the maximum, and when it has not complied with previous conditions? Why do residents have to conform to fit the expansionist agenda of a school which shows no regard for the lives and concerns of the local community? If CBHS wishes to continually expand they need to look at building a second campus elsewhere.

  38. Carmel Baker commented

    I need to add to my previous comments. The notice attached to the building advising the lodgement of the DA has now been affixed to the fence of the property. My thanks for attending to this.

  39. M Ryman commented

    As a neighbour of the school I am concerned that this change of zoning and expansion of the school will lead to increased student numbers and exasperate exisiting traffic problems in the area. I also don’t think we should be losing homes in the inner west when housing availability and affordability is such a problem.

    I have lived a block from the school for 15 years and have seen the traffic associated with the school steadily increase over this time. I have also seen the school repeatedly fail to comply with development conditions previously imposed on them, such as over enrolling and failing to meet the conditions placed on them by the planning panel in 2018 to prohibit students from driving to school and to introduce effective traffic management systems.

    Traffic congestion and pedestrian safety are already issues in the area because of the large numbers of students, parents, teachers and busses driving to the school. Heavy traffic at drop-off and pick-up times and the absence of effective traffic management by the school causes a number of problems around the school:
    - Unsafe for my children to walk to their local schools, with traffic regularly queued across pedestrian crossings, double parking obscuring visibility and dangerous driving.
    - Crossing the road at the roundabout at Eltham St and Denison Rd, is particularly difficult and dangerous and will only get worse with further expansion of the school and use of the driveway at 86 the Boulevarde.
    - It is hard to find parking because of cars from staff and students in local streets.
    - There are already traffic jams on Toothill Rd, the Boulevard and Denison Rd at drop-off and pick-up times.

    The school has been unhelpful in responding when I have raised concerns with them about dangerous driving by students leaving school and double parking by parents waiting to collect children. I have no confidence that they could increase their number of students without traffic and pedestrian safety getting even worse.

  40. Raffaela C commented

    I am concerned about the Development Application REF DA/2021/1023

    I am a local resident of Denison Road.

    I have a number of concerns with the Development Application which are outlined below:

    The local area already faces significant impact from the Christian Brothers School – such as high traffic density, our road and surrounding streets and roads become very busy at drop off and pick up times, some routes become impossible to take with masses of buses waiting to turn into Denison Rd in front of the school. This means you can wait at traffic lights without moving for a considerable time. I have had to take alternative routes to avoid the area – adding extended time to my travel time.

    - I have herds of kids after the bell rings walking the whole length of the pavement and not making way or moving to the side for me trying to enter my home often with small children and shopping.

    - Family are unable to park on my street which puts people off coming to visit me because they are unable to find a parking spot.

    - I am rarely able to park outside my house which means carting shopping, kids, bags and everything from far away to my house. It is not unusual to have to park over 200m away and sometimes we can’t even park on our street. I have seen parents and teachers parking on our street picking up kids and dropping them off. I have also witnessed this blocks away from the school, with parents and students parking or double parked.

    - I have taken time to plant nice pants on the verge and all the heads of the flowers get pulled off by the boys before the plants have even flowered, I have seen boys spitting right at my fence as they walk by which is absolutely disgusting. I have seen boys throwing rubbish onto the street as they pass by.

    - The proposed site is located in the R2 Low Density Residential Zone – the school and the environmental impacts of the school create anything but a low density feeling – the actual build/ repurposing of the residential flats and the extension of the school grounds will creep this chaos further into our community.

    -The school should relocate to a more suitable location where they are able to grow and develop without taking away much needed affordable housing in the inner west. The growth of the school and possibility of more students and more cars is deeply worrying.

    Can Council ensure the student intake will not grow with the expansion of their premises?
    Even the fact that the school acknowledges they don’t have enough space for their students and staff (through this DA and expansion proposal) indicates that they are already struggling with too many students.
    Please consider the local community and the environmental impact before approving this DA.

  41. Kara Byers commented

    This whole neighbourhood is already bursting at the seams with all the new developments, we don’t need another.
    This development will negatively impact the community as a whole, worsening already terrible traffic, jeopardise the safety of pedestrians and create more noise pollution.
    Further review and consultation with the community.
    Also, the general consensus seems to be that this school is continually receiving favours from council - see increase in student numbers without the school providing ANY strategic plan that addresses its expansion and future - lack of further consultation smacks of corruption.

  42. Karen Smith commented

    I object to the expansion of Christian Brothers school. The impact they have on the local community is excessive. I will agree with all of the points that have already been made. The local community in the streets surrounding are twice daily encumbered with the excessive amounts of parents vying for drop off spaces as well as P platers in power cars being rude.
    My husband has twice had his car repaired due to traffic related to the school. One being a bus that was oversized for the street and crushed his parked car. The second time a parent performing inconvenient and dangerous three point turn in peak hour traffic in order to get to a parking spot

    This school needs to put its financial over resourcing into traffic control rather than accomodating more over privileged children.

  43. C. B. commented

    I am concerned that the proposed development will negatively impact use of the surrounding neighbourhood. I live in proximity to the school and note that around school start and finish times, traffic has become extremely heavy in the local area, particularly on Toothill St, Denison Rd, and Eltham St. The high volume of traffic leads to road congestion and driver frustration, and I have seen frequent displays of dangerous driving at these times, which poses increased risk for pedestrians (including school students) in the area. Increasing the size of the campus, and by extension, the size of the student body, is likely to in turn increase the number of vehicles in the area at these times of day and exacerbate these issues. The impact on the availability of parking for neighbouring residents is also significant and likely to worsen if this development proceeds.

  44. Alex Kennedy commented

    We live around the corner and my daughter attends the public school across the road from CBHS. Our school's P&C has been begging for a variety of road safety measures for years and have received none, not a crossing guards, not a guard rail aling New Canterbury Rd, not a red light camera or extended walk time at the corner of Toothill Rd and New Canterbury, and not additional parking in the area. This school at 1200 students already crowds the roads with parents dropping off and picking up and dangerous P platers who double park, speed down The Boulevarde, and side swipe or back into parked cars while parking, then just leave...I have witnessed all of these including the hit and run more than once. Their is no respect given to other citizens when their groups take over the sidewalks going to off site sporting events, everyone else pushed into the verge. They crowd the intersections on foot and every nearby artery with their cars. It endangers the far younger children trying to walk to and from school locally. It makes it impossible to use a car to pick up the younger children on a rainy day because there is nowhere remaining to park or stop your vehicle. This neighborhood simply doesn't have the capacity for additional students there, especially with the public school also growing in number (ongoing development in the area, increasing population). If CBHS wants to continuing growing unchecked, they should find a new site with empty blocks and blocks and move there instead of some new apartments going up.

  45. Michael Campbell commented

    I couldn't agree more with the objections of all other 44 people who have commented. I am a parent of one child who attends Lewisham Public School opposite Christian Brothers and another who is with the Performing Arts Unit again opposite Christian Brothers. In addition to the traffic and parking, the increased number of buses, and the disregard for the young students of Lewisham makes it dangerous. We have difficulty picking my youngest up from school, simply because the volume of traffic disregarding the drop off/pick up zones, then if we have to go round the block the school and get held up by buses, increased school traffic our school responsibly takes our Grade 4 child back inside out of view of the drop off/pick up zone. (It can easily take between 7-10 minutes simply to do one block. If I do find a spot I then have to leave my car illegally to simply get my child - this when the process should be easy. I would not like to be a nearby resident.
    If you agree to this planning proposal you are disregarding the needs of the community which you as councillors are meant to be upholding.

  46. Olga Gruzdeff commented

    I object to this application. This application is only in the school's interest and not in the public interest. The streets are not wide enough as it is with the school busses and there is not enough off-street parking for the students. These students now park further from the school, near our house, remove their p plate and walk to school, taking up what should be parking for residents. The increased traffic for drop off and pick up will add to the already busy roads at these time.

  47. Annie Byron commented

    As a grandmother who has been collecting small children from a nearby primary school over the past decade, I am dismayed to see that the Christian Brothers School at Lewisham is applying to extend their premises further with the rezoning of 8 nearby residential units.
    My understanding is that this extension could allow for a gradual increase in the student body by up to 500 students. This would, of course, necessitate additions to the teaching and administrative staff as well.

    My main concern is about the impact this expansion will inevitably have on road safety in the area for residents. Particularly at risk are local primary school age children, so many of whom live within walking distance of their schools.

    Already nearby narrow streets are impacted adversely by the large number of busses servicing CBHS. Furthermore, the many student vehicles already parked in the streets, plus the parent cars at drop off and pick up cars would only increase. The traffic flow on Toothill St and others nearby, notably Eltham St and Denison Rd, is already challenging, especially at peak school drop off and pick up times.
    Local on-street parking is thus significantly impacted by the school. This would also become more difficult for neighbours.
    So we are dealing with neighbourhood convenience as well as safety.
    Issues of noise, litter, strain on infrastructure as well as safety all need to be considered.

    It is distressing that the impact on neighbours is negative, and once in place, would be permanent.
    Unfortunately past attempts to communicate and negotiate with school authorities do not leave neighbours confident that their concerns will be met with sincere efforts to take their needs into consideration. It would appear that previously agreed-to conditions, including limits on numbers of students, have not been honoured.

    It is therefor requested most strongly that the impacts on the neighbourhood be given full investigation prior to any approval for further expansion.

    Thank you,
    A.T. Byron

  48. Michael Campbell commented

    I couldn't agree more with the objections of all other 44 people who have commented. I am a parent of one child who attends Lewisham Public School opposite Christian Brothers and another who is with the Performing Arts Unit again opposite Christian Brothers. In addition to the traffic and parking, the increased number of buses, and the disregard for the young students of Lewisham makes it dangerous. We have difficulty picking my youngest up from school, simply because the volume of traffic disregarding the drop off/pick up zones, then if we have to go round the block the school and get held up by buses, increased school traffic our school responsibly takes our Grade 4 child back inside out of view of the drop off/pick up zone. (It can easily take between 7-10 minutes simply to do one block. If I do find a spot I then have to leave my car illegally to simply get my child - this when the process should be easy. I would not like to be a nearby resident.
    If you agree to this planning proposal you are disregarding the needs of the community which you as councillors are meant to be upholding.

  49. Vicki commented

    Major concerns about traffic . Frustrated by lack of action/response at both council and state level . Parking a major issue in the Boulevarde with council reluctant to introduce restricted parking . This proposed development will only increase problems regarding traffic, parking and pedestrian safety.

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