45 Victoria Street, Teralba NSW 2284

1 into 24 lot subdivision, associated services, civil works, drainage works and landscape works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 19 days earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA/2685/2021)


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  1. Michael lockwood commented

    I am concerned the road is to close to my fence,the height of the road ,the creek that runs through my property my bridge not being able to cope with the extra waterflow.is there going to be a 30 tonne bridge over the creek to have access to 45 victoria st because I had to have this because council said I had to have it .why havnt I been notified of this development I live down stream of this property.will victoria st cope with up to 46 extra cars in and out of the street 2 times daily .my children and others don't have pathways in our street to saftly ride their bikes .what about sewer ,there is no sewer out the front of 45 how is the sewer going over or under the creek at the front,is there going to be safety barriers to stop cars going next to my fence,I'm concerned my house will loose value having a road next to my fence my children and family safety is a concern in my back yard.. what about the native birds that nest in the trees on 45 victoria st there are rosellas lorakiets maggpies all nest on this property,is there going to be a sewer pumping station and how noisey is it.there will be possibly up to 10 or more trucks daily travelling up and down our street and builders trades cars.please contact us as soon as possible.

  2. Brad Marks commented

    Not happy myself about all the extra traffic and not being notified also. We will now have an intersection right out the front of our house to contend with every day. Environmental impact and street appeal will be affected too. I like our quiet street and now we will be forced to live on a busy road all because someone wants to make $ mega bucks $ from the sale of 24 blocks of land regardless of what anyone thinks. 😡👎🏻

  3. Michele Wilson commented

    Our community has not been notified of this development perhaps because the owner of this property is a Councillor with Lake Macquarie Council. It will certainly impact us in regards to increase traffic flow therefore safety for children, increase noise, removing natural habitat for wildlife and the environmental effect for the area.
    There is no access to sewer on that side of road. Not happy for our quiet community.

  4. Alexandra Wilson commented

    Where do I start. The community of Victoria Street has not been notified at all. The street is very peaceful and this will be very disruptive. It also is a safety issue, for the large amount of children that play & roam freely. Also the fact that the owner of 45 is a council man himself with young children seems a little corrupt as he should be aware of the notification issue of the surrounding community. I'm very disappointed

  5. Brad Marks commented


    This may interest a few people in the local neighbourhood.

  6. Rhys Tracey commented

    Victoria st is beautiful as is and does not need this! A 24 lot subdivision would completely destroy the homes to so many native species. And cause havoc and impact everybody in the street. It would be an absolute shame if this gets through, and I’m sure it will considering the owner is apart of the council. I don’t even live in the street I just think it’s so unnecessary and the people behind it only have one thing in mind… 💵
    I think if the people in the street actually knew what was happening you would have a lot more complaints not everybody gets or looks at the planning alert emails.

  7. Nadine commented

    I am not opposed to some sort of development here as long it is done without ridding too many trees and keeping with the rest of the area, but above all, with complete transparency from the owner and developer. Who happens to be a lake macquarie councillor who intends to run for Lake Macquarie mayor on December 4th. This has been in the planning stages for quite a while but has only come to light in the last month when Montgomery homes starting advertising and selling house and land packages before the DA was submitted. They have already sold several lots, Well before any of the residents were even aware, some still dont know. The offical letter from the council only started to arrive a couple of days ago and we didn't even recieve one and we live opposite. How is this allowed to happen without any community input?

  8. Jo Smith commented

    I am writing to object to the proposal for 45 Victoria Street, Teralba to turn 1 lot into 24 lot subdivisions.

    I object on the following grounds:

    The development will bring potentially 48 additional cars on this street plus the trucks required during the building period.
    Families who live on the street chose to live there because it is a quiet street and their children can safely ride their bikes and can safely play.
    According to reports and according to the submission by Mrs Morley-Davies trucks will need to back out over the bridge, which makes it unsafe, particularly considering it is a street where children play and ride their bikes.
    As there is no access to sewer on that side of the road, this would require additional works and traffic.

    The property was purchased with the knowledge that the property was not sub-divided.
    I not that Michael Lockwood felt that the value of his property and other properties would be reduced as a consequence of such a development. Those who live in the area live there because it is a quiet street so the appeal of other properties would be reduced.
    This development would cause the transition from a quiet street to a busy road.
    Victoria Street is obviously a local community and this development would greatly diminish the ambience for current residents.

    Mrs Morley-Davies (a long-time resident) stated in her submission that there has been flooding 5 times during the fifty years she has lived there. There is also already significant erosion in the area and this would be exacerbated by the development.

    There are insufficient exits in case of a bush fire so residents lives would be at risk.

    105 trees is a very significant loss to the area, and there is significant wildlife that depend on those trees. Species that can be found on the property according to submissions and comments include rosellas, lorikeets, magpies (who all nest on this property) as well as sea eagles and Ospreys, which are both considered threatened species. Removal of these trees will reduce the habitat corridor for native animals.

    I note that Ms Victoria Morley-Davies (who grew up in the area and her family has lived there for 50 years) was also concerned that koalas rely on the habitat.

    I believe that a submission I previously read stated a similar sub-division by a previous owner was rejected. If this is the case and this DA is approved then it is very important that Council publicly state what changes have occurred to support approval for this very similar application.

    As a local resident I am very grateful for the opportunity to comment and thank you for this opportunity.

  9. Kennard davies commented

    As previously stated , and a long term resident, has any reports been done on the flood impact? We have letters dating back to 2003 asking council to look into the the extent of diversion and filling on the downstream of the creek .Does the access to the property have a suitable method of disposal of water directed to the creek without affecting adjoining land in 1:10 ari storms ? Is a bridge required to access this land as water flows pretty hard in Good downpours . With all the extra houses proposed, and assuming all have rain tanks that will be full eventually, every time there is a solid few days of rain the excess water will be like a 1-100 year flood more often now ..is the adjoining properties responsible for the up keep of this extra water now or is it the developers who are creating this extra problem there concern? All for housing to go ahead , but nobody’s actually asked the residents of Victoria street the actual impact this is going to cause now and down the track …

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