Unit 11 10-12 Hearne St, Mortdale NSW 2223

New licence - producer/wholesaler

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  1. Susie Queue commented

    This "development" of a bar in this area seems quite inappropriate. The area already feels quite unsafe at night and has little public transport. Putting a bar in this area will potentially make an unsafe area even worse and increase the risk of drink driving.

  2. Daniel Kennedy commented

    This is an excellent idea. My wife and I were recently talking about how great it would be to have a craft brewery in the neighbourhood. I fully support this proposal.

  3. Chris Karavasilis commented

    This is a terrific idea to bring a new and exciting type of business to the local area, specifically one that has the capacity to engage the local community. I wholeheartedly support this application.

  4. Abu nomsal commented

    Great idea. We need a new bar

  5. Nick Donohue commented

    This is a great idea for the area! I fully support this proposal.

  6. Mark Orman commented

    Fantastic idea.

  7. Nicolle Whale commented

    This is a great idea for our community, I fully support this proposal.

  8. Liz Uhlmann commented

    Wonderful idea! I really hope the business attracts similar businesses and what is now and industrial wasteland can become an eat street in the same vein as Parramatta. Bring it on!

  9. Jason Grounds commented

    In these times with small businesses struggling we need to get behind our local business men and women. This is a great idea and something that is currently missing from our local area. I look forward to supporting another local business.

  10. Mark Demanuele commented

    I support this new brewery and development.
    An unsafe area? Perhaps we should allow the local police answer that in their submissions, not a "feeling".
    I accept there's little public transport, but surely adults nowadays have accepted drink driving is a criminal offence and It's frowned upon in a civilized society. We have designated drivers, taxis and ubers to get us around. Most people who will patron the place are likely to walk home anyway.
    I hope the development is allowed to proceed. It would be a great shame to deny a couple of people trying to make their dream become a reality because of a vocal minority.
    Thanks to Susie for bringing this to our attention.

  11. S. Taylor commented

    Sounds like a great idea. I really love the craft brewery walks that are available around Marrickville and this seems to be a similar idea. A good option for locals. With ubers the norm these days, it is walking distance to The Peakhurst, Mortdale/Oatley train stations which makes it accessible to most.

  12. Robert Young commented

    Great news, away from homes, no noise issues and a short walk to homes to keep drinkers off the roads.

  13. Gemma Ralph commented

    This is an amazing addition to our community! This will bring an added place to socialize. We have wine bars but don't have a brewery!

  14. James Hamilton commented

    I fully support this proposal. The location is great as it doesn't impact neighbours and brings a bit of life to what is others a fairly dead area. Small, enterprising businesses like this should be encouraged. As a local I would be a customer of such an establishment.

  15. Geoff Morrison commented

    Bring it on! Can’t wait to support the new business and give us a great bar locally

  16. Karen savins commented

    This is a fabulous idea. Great area for it and a brilliant alternative to the local pub! I fully support this development

  17. Chris Cannell commented

    Fantastic idea we need more of these business in the area

  18. Blake Savins commented

    I think this is a great idea, the area is lacking establishments such as these.

  19. Nicole Spencer commented

    Great idea. Fully support this proposal.
    A small enterprising business like this should be strongly encouraged.
    We're local and will definitely patron.

  20. Ashlee Savins commented

    Will be great to have some new life in this area of Mortdale. A good spot for it with little residential around but lots of space.

  21. David Moroney commented

    This will be a fantastic addition to the area. Perfectly located within an industrial area yet convenient to residents to walk down for a cold beer. I fully support this proposal and look forward to it opening.

  22. Steve McMahon commented

    Fantastic idea. Having a small night time business around that area at night may actually improve safety. Either way a great local business and I fully support it.

  23. Dannielle Upton commented

    Fantastic idea, will be a great asset to the community!

  24. Megan Brown commented

    What an amazing idea. Small breweries like this are exactly how we bring a community together. This area is so under used and this could be exactly what it needs to be revamped.

  25. Sam Hamilton commented

    This is a fantastic idea and myself and everyone I know in the community are excited and behind this business. It will bring some class and life to the business area. Bring it on!

  26. Phil Tolhurst commented

    The proposed brewery and bar will be a great addition to this area (resident of post code 2223). It is a good location and would be nice to be able to support a local business as well.

  27. Kam Biggle commented

    I support this application. This area would benefit greatly from a brewery! There is nothing like it round the area and it would bring some much needed change. I really hope this goes ahead as we've been looking forward to it for many months now.

  28. Tess Brasington-Dekel commented

    Fantastic idea - would be a great addition to the community, a space to meet neighbours and soak up the sunshine!

  29. B West commented

    Bring it on! Just what our area needs and it will be a great asset to local residents. You have our full support.

  30. Mel Horswell commented

    Looking forward to another small business we can all get behind. This is something that is missing from the area. I fully support this proposal.

  31. Tony Brown commented

    Fantastic idea and will be great socially. Craft brewing is a growing industry and the industrial estate is an ideal location. Small businesses will play a vital role in our economic recovery from COVID-19 and need support.

  32. Lee Stockham commented

    I fully support the opening of this brewery. There is nothing like this in our local area. Husband & I love craft beers. Somewhere nice to try out new beers in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow craft beer drinkers.

  33. Mel Finn commented

    Fully support this small business. We need more craft breweries and small bars in our area. An opportunity to bring the community together.

  34. Nick Janicaud commented

    Great idea. A brewery is a nice way of slowing down and appreciating the drink, rather than just slamming down as many as you can in one go. I think it would be a nice addition to the area.

  35. Kym Coleman commented

    Fully support this development and will fully support this business once open.

  36. Sharlea Porter commented

    Fantastic idea! I support the proposal for the brewery 100%. Great for community. Somewhere new to go and close to home..lets get behind this!

  37. Zak Solari commented

    Yes this is exactly what the areas needs. What a fantastic idea and perfect place. We've all been waiting so patiently for them to open up and brew does delicious beers for the neighbourhood.
    100% support everything about this!

  38. Katt Schreyenberg commented

    I think a craft brewery is a fantastic idea and my family and I will certainly enjoy it. I don’t see any issue with the location, it’s not a residential street and I don’t have any safely concerns.

  39. Kate Graham commented

    This is a great addition to our local area. The St George area currently has no craft brewery and this is what locals have been looking for. This is a great way to help keep income local - I can't wait to support such a great venue.

  40. Adam commented

    Unlike Susie I believe the ‘development’ of a bar in this area seems quite appropriate. The area does feel unsafe, old and stale and in need of some vibrant friendly community spirit. You only need to look at the wonderful transformation of several Marrickville breweries and what they have done to the community there. Putting a friendly and well thought out craft beer bar in this area will make the area safer and even better bring people together and make it a more socially engaging and a better environment overall.

  41. Rebecca Taylor commented

    We are local residents and we are excited by this business proposal. It would be great to have a quality business providing more options in the area. We would support small business owners, rather than big businesses.

  42. Eliza Stevenson commented

    I can’t wait for this development. It’s the most excitement I’ve had in months! It’s just what the area needs. And as for being ‘unsafe’ — the only reason it would be unsafe is because it’s currently dead at night. Once this development is established it will bring life to the area at night and make it safer and more enjoyable for all.

  43. Hamish Solomons commented

    The St George area is behind the times with no craft beer breweries locally unlike areas such as Sutherland and the Inner West etc. The locality looks fine to me and I’m excited about the idea of such an establishment in the area. The sooner the better.

  44. Greg Wyer commented

    Fully support the proposal. Located in light industrial area, there should be no impact on the local community. Look forward to visiting after lockdown is over.

  45. Frank M commented

    Great idea! It may bring more local businesses to the area that are open on a saturday. It could support the existing boundary road strip of shops/ restaurants (eg. Oregano, family kebabs, burgers on broadway chinese takeaway) with customers. May bring some needed vibe to the area.
    Craft breweries rarely bring rif raff. They are usually a quite sofisticated crowd of over 30s and families.

  46. Chris Whitten commented

    In this challenging time, we have an opportunity to see a small family owned and independent business opening in the area (when everything else is shutting down). The great thing about small businesses is that they are terribly inefficient and as a result, they employ more people in the area.

    Independent craft breweries do not attract individuals or groups that wish to spend the family grocery bill nor do they wish to project their testosterone fuelled egos and partake in criminal behaviour. This is an opportunity for an artisan company to produce something that challenges the status quo - so that we can have (and rightfully deserve) something better than what is currently offered in our community.

    Manufacturing is down, and the prospectors and local developers are zeroing in on the Mortdale manufacturing district. A business like this brings people in the area, it develops a greater understanding and knowledge of other businesses in the precinct which could lead to a ripple effect of investment within our community.

    Do your research before making judgement, and look at the success of independent & family owned businesses in the craft beer sector, it is on the rise and it's a terribly indictment that this area does not have one brewery within this council area and the Sutherland Shire have at least 3!

    I'm sick of travelling to Marrickville for a decent beer.

  47. Mel Simone commented

    Great idea and long overdue. Why shouldn’t our local area have a brewery?
    I fully support the proposed brewery and look forward to further supporting a new local business.

  48. Tracey Moreland commented

    You couldn’t ask for a better position. No residential houses around to annoy. This area needs a bit of something new to look forward to.

  49. Danielle Jacobson commented

    Great idea - I fully support this proposal. It's something completely new for our area and much needed. The location won't impact local residents, but is close enough that we can walk and not drive. Craft breweries have proven very popular in the Shire, also providing opportunities for small food trucks who are no doubt doing it very tough through lockdown.

  50. Belinda commented

    I am a Mortdale resident and think that this is a great idea for the area. Great local business idea and will bring the community together…

  51. Dan Hogg commented

    Great idea, as it will provide more lighting and the good patrons will make the area even safer. The location will be walking distance for most and will promote the use of local taxi services for those who live further away.

  52. Lee Foxon commented

    Fantastic idea and fully support. It’s the kind of small business the local area needs, will do wonders for community spirit.

  53. Jeremy Morcom commented

    This is a great idea and fully supported. The area would benefit from have a craft bar in the area and the location is tucked away in a quiet area. Hopefully this will be the first of many to rival those found in the Sutherland shire and Marrickville.

  54. Chris Rae commented

    100% go ahead with the proposal. Only good can come of this. It will only add value to the surrounding areas financially, socially and communally.

  55. Cliff Hook commented

    I fully support this development proposal. A craft brewery in the area is a great idea. I will support this local small business once open too.

  56. Paul Abel commented

    I think this is a great idea and I fully support the proposal. This brewery is well overdue in our area and has the potential to bring our community together.

  57. Tom D commented

    Perfect spot for a craft brewery and another opportunity to support small local businesses and the live music industry. Very keen to see this go ahead, it can only add value to the area

  58. Mel Andrews commented

    I am a local community member and support locals supporting local businesses. A craft brewery in our area will contribute to the options the local community has available to buy and socialise locally. Please give us something to look forward to when this lock down ends.

  59. Nick commented

    Best news I’ve heard for a while! A brewery is exactly what this community needs!

  60. Ryan Coyle commented

    Finally a craft brewery in our local area, great addition to the local community, well done to the folks behind this and taking a chance, I’m sure once approved the locals will fully support you.

  61. James Wratten commented

    The amount of community support for this application is strongly evident from the amount of comments already posted.
    This proposal would be a welcome addition and option that many residents have long been calling out for- a quality craft brewery in the area.
    The location is most suited with the majority of the area being industrial and a perfect location for this venue.
    I strongly support this application and hope that it is approved for the benefit of the majority of residents and the overwhelming support for this venture.

  62. Andrew Furfaro commented

    I fully support this development

  63. Paul commented

    Support small business! This is great

  64. Grace Solomons commented

    With the current climate, people are unable to connect in person & so society has had to resort to online deliveries for everything. Our local brewer needs to be approved so we can order a drink for the weekend ready for a zoom catch up with friends. When restrictions ease, Communities need a place where they can socialise with friends locally & not a pokie in sight, just good old fashion conversation, a few relaxing drinks & some awesome tunes playing in the background and best of all - an Aussie product. Support local artisanal products.

  65. Skye Dunbar commented

    I'm in full support of this microbrewery being open to the public, it's worked really well in other areas and will only encourage other small businesses to follow suit. It's nice to have something within walking distance from home. Will be a great addition to the area.

  66. Scott Wombey commented

    I fully support this excellent idea. My girlfriend and I recently moved to the area and both wished it had more of an inner west/Marrickville/Sydenham type feel to it. This small bar and craft brewery will go a long way in bringing some charm and character to the area. I fully support this proposal. If we can have a 'craft coffee' place like Charlie Lovett, why not a craft brewery? I believe this will help bring a new food and beverage culture to the area, and will also be good to inject some money from the community into our local economy.
    I don't believe a lack of public transport is an issue, as there are plenty of ride sharing and taxi services available. Also, thanks to the Peakhurst Inn, there's always a constant police presence throughout the area.

  67. Mick ebejer commented

    In full support of this. This is exactly what our area needs. There should be more of it.

  68. Hamish Martin commented

    Our area needs something like this, it would be a great addition.

    There are a number of craft breweries in the Shire and they are proving to be very popular.

    I can't see why we shouldn't have one.

  69. Jim Tenring commented

    Great Idea! Fully support this proposal. Not nearby houses so no noise or anti social risks. It is probably the one thing that this area is missing and will be a great addition!

  70. Matthew Khoury commented

    Fantastic idea! I’m all for it. Bring some more life into our area.

  71. Ed Devlin commented

    Fully support the application.

  72. Chris Jamieson commented

    Awesome idea. Excited to see Mortdale/Peakhurst follow in the footsteps of the Inner West and create a more vibrant night life. Craft breweries often attrack a civilized older crowd so I do not foresee any issues with safety or crime. There is a bus stop nearby and Mortdale train station really is not that far. Would be great to see multiple bars/breweries open up in due course.

  73. Francine Keeling commented

    Fabulous idea. I totally support this proposal.

  74. Donna Burridge commented

    Love this idea. A craft brewery in the St George area will go down well. Our friends and family won't have to travel to the Inner West anymore. I fully support this proposal.

  75. Mark Wilson commented

    I support this application. The Marrickville and Sydenham areas have been enhanced by micro breweries and the economic flow on to other businesses in the area has been good for all. Great idea.

  76. Sally Whitten commented

    Absolutely support this application. Location seems well suited to a craft brewery, exactly what the St George area needs. Locals supporting locals.

  77. Michelle Rouady commented

    Fully support. When do you open?!

  78. Mick Finn commented

    Fully support this type of investment in the local community. We need to keep in mind that it will be a manufacturing facility with a tasting area. Manufacturing in Australia has its challenges and we need to embrace new and innovative segments of the manufacturing landscape. One byproduct of this great concept will the sense of community that like minded locals will experience as a result of the establish of the first business of its type in the area.

  79. James Nobbs commented

    I support this application. Craft breweries attract people who appreciate a beer and appreciate somewhere to meet with friends to catch up away from the hustle and bustle of a pub. This would be a great addition to the area.

  80. David Moroney commented

    This will be a fantastic addition to the area. Perfectly located within an industrial area yet convenient to residents to walk down for a cold beer. I fully support this proposal and look forward to it opening.

  81. Ryan S commented

    A brilliant idea that I fully support. Small breweries in similar industrial areas such as Kirrawee and Marrickville have been successful and it would be fantastic to have something closer to home. The local bars, Respite and Cellar Door, have been successful and it would be beneficial to add a brewery as an alternative to the local pubs, clubs and RSLs

  82. Jodie Bancroft commented

    Such an exciting idea, for a small craft brewery in the St George area. Great for local business and the community.
    What a great place this would be for locals to come together once lockdown is over.
    Let's support local business Georges River Council!

  83. Natalie commented

    This is a fantastic idea! It would provide a greater variety of food and drink venues as we have an abundance of restaurants and pubs, the addition of a craft brewery would draw those from neighbouring suburbs and beyond with a greater diversity of venues to choose from.

  84. Jenny Lam commented

    Much anticipated and long awaited, this brewery will be a great addition for this community. I fully support this application. Can’t wait for it to open.

  85. Frieda Franz commented

    Great idea. It is about time we had something like this in our area. Fully support it.

  86. Michele Adair commented

    Craft breweries and their patrons are safe, low key and often very community minded. They don't create boozy antisocial behaviour. Sounds like a great idea for our area, I'm supportive.

  87. James Perez commented

    Great idea, from locals to our community, we need to support our small businesses in our local area now more than ever, a yes from me

  88. Karen Sutton commented

    This is a wecome addition to my suburb, bringing açtivity & something enjoyable to an otherwise ugly area in the evenings and weekends. Buses use the cross street Boundary road to connect to 2 train stations. On street parking in the industrial area would be available during Brewery peak times supplementing any on site parking provided. I fully support this proposal

  89. Kylie Archer commented

    What a fabulous idea! As the wife of an avid home brewer it will be nice to be able to buy him local craft beers. The location is great and I know that it’s something that is needed in the area.

    Anyone complaining about this doesn’t understand the concept of a craft brewery. It’s about appreciating the beer because it’s amazing, not drinking oneself into oblivion and being a menace on the streets.

    It’s as civilised as one can get whilst consuming alcoholic beverages!

  90. Brad Jones commented

    Great idea to bring new business and industry into a very boring industrial area. The area is away from housing and public transport is less than 200m away (But also Uber, Taxis and such).

  91. Richard commented

    Fantastic. It will bring vibrancy to the area

  92. Annie Staples commented

    This sounds like it will be an amazing attribute to our local community. We visited a similar place whilst on hols in Forster - great idea, great atmosphere and awesome entrepreneurial idea - home away from home style where you can go with one or ten friends - the one we visited had a local food van in attendance, another great idea. Luv the idea. and so well placed - away from mainstream shops and still close to a main road - closely local for many to walk to. Wishing all the best and cannot wait for it to be up and running so we can check it out.

  93. Paulie commented

    Unreal be there with my whole family beer and a meal will be great walk there walk home 😊👍

  94. J. ROBERTSON commented

    Support this proposal. A great initiative for the area.

  95. Richard commented

    Fantastic. It will bring vibrancy to the area

  96. Darien Nimmo commented

    Great idea to uplift the industrial area and give it a new purpose. The St George area has lacked this kind of initiative, I hope this is supported as I only see positives out of this!

  97. Ross Carins commented

    I think this is a great idea, the whole St George area is lacking small business such as a craft brewery. The kind of place that can attract young families, and people who appreciate trying different things. Often attracts different food trucks also which makes for a great weekend activity. Bring it on!

  98. Brett Massingham commented

    Think it's what the area really needs. Having seen the success of small business brewery's in the Inner West and the Sutherland Shire the St Geoege area has been left behind. Support and stay local

  99. Bridgette Fox commented

    I cannot support this idea enough! Love the idea of a craft brewery in the local area. Will only do positive things for the community - expanding and supporting other local small businesses

  100. Donna Fox commented

    This proposed development is in a light industrial area, I’m assuming the opening hours will be nothing like the surrounding pubs etc and the Peakhurst, so see no real problem with it. The clientele to a place like this will be completely different to other pubs as well. I hope this goes ahead and the sooner the better. Any person who lives in the area would be a fool to risk the drink driving as the main road is well frequented by the unmarked police looking to book speedsters.

  101. David Fox commented

    I fully support this new business. Craft beer Is a growing industry and it will be great to have one in Peakhurst Mortdale area. With bus, train, taxi and uber travel options all close by, getting there will be a breeze.
    Looking forward to the opening.

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