182 Princes Highway, Dapto NSW 2530

Demolition of existing structures and tree removals, construction of a service station, carwash, signage and convenience store - 24/7 operation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 14 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2021/776)


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  1. Jaye Toole commented

    Not quite sure that another service like this is required. The Highway already gets congested with people turning into KFC and at the lights further down for MacDonald and shopping centre and of course housing or even the Ribbonwood Centre.

    There is already a car wash in Dapto. There is a 7/11 across the road and a Shell petrol station on the highway. There are also two other petrol stations nearby.

  2. Bernadette Melville commented

    I don’t believe this site should be a petrol station. There is already two service stations within a few hundred meters of the site. It is a unnecessary addition to the street.
    I think there could be a development far better to promote and support the growing community e.g. community garden or park

  3. Anne Bailey commented

    Definitely not needed. There is already too much congestion on the highway. We need green areas in Dapto,parks, gardens and playgrounds.

  4. Anon commented

    I dont believe another 24/7 petrol station would be good use of money. We already have several petrol stations and a car wash. Why not build something more useful to the community that would be good for familys, children and bringing our community closer.

  5. Steven Richardson commented

    Dapto Has 4 Service station's already ,Albion Park 6 all within 10 klm .
    I think and Question What does the Dapto community need not another Eatery no takeway shop , We need something their for our future for the Community , House units or flats for abused women ,or housing for homeless . The old Dapto public school site it's still abandoned why hasn't it started ?. just a thought hopefully someone see's this and thinks outside the box .

  6. Courtney Maylin commented

    I don’t believe we need another petrol station. Spending the funds on a fast EV charger in Dapto would be more beneficial

  7. Jessica Clerihew Marra commented

    There really is no need for another petrol station. We already have two car washes in Dapto and plenty of food outlets. All this will do is add more congestion to already congested traffic.

  8. Jade Pados commented

    There is really no need for another petrol station, convenience store or car wash. Perhaps a public park? Children's play area? The money will be better spent on something more useful to the community.

  9. Debbie Damato commented

    Why do we need another overpriced petrol station ...
    Come on we already have 5
    medco cheapest
    Have to consider the residents around there.

  10. Netascha Wills commented

    Dapto town centre does not need another petrol station; there are 5 in the postcode including a Shell, 6 lots north of this site and a 7/11 is 4 lots south on the opposite side of the road. If anywhere needs a service station it is kembla grange/ wongawilli/Horsley. Placing another in Dapto CBD rather than building in the new estates will just add to congestion in the centre of town.

  11. Summer Carson commented

    We want chickos! We want chickos! WE WANT CHICKOS

  12. Jennifer Turner commented

    Dapto town centre does not need another petrol station; the ones in the direct CBD are overpriced and the cheapest is generally Medco
    there are sufficient in the CBD area Too much congestion in that strip now and up as far as KFC. Traffics needs to be looked before any further congestion is caused on the highway
    If anywhere needs a service station it could be Horsley / kembla grange/ Wongawilli /Horsley for the workers that can exit the estate via west dapto and don’t have a need to come down the CBD.

  13. Jamie Dixon commented

    I'd like to echo the comments made by my fellow residents. The 2 blocks of the Princes Hwy between Fowlers Rd and Bong Bong Rd are already past maximum sustainable traffic capacity, and any further stress, such as a 24hr service station with a entry and exit slow points will only decrease the traffic amenity of Dapto Town Centre. Given the expected increase in traffic as West Dapto continues to be developed, the last thing needed is further impediments in the direction of the motorway on-ramp, or a service station that is only available on the way out of West Dapto, which would be only accessible in the am peak. Sites like this, so close to the shops and public transport of Dapto Town Centre should be reserved solely for housing, especially affordable housing, to service the massive undersupply in our area. Housing in this location would reduce the need for vehicle use, and help ease congestion, while supporting active transport options, which Wollongong City Coucnil has committed to. Any further transport planning for this area should target less vehicle use, not add to it. There are already sufficient choices for petrol in the area, and if there is a perceived need for 24hr availability of shopping, this should be granted to an existing service. If additional vehicle services are planned for the area, let it be Electric Vehicle fast charging stations in existing parking structures which would enhance the financial viability of Dapto's shops, and add to the vibrancy of the town centre, instead of polluting it.

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