1 Dalma Street, Ormeau Hills QLD 4208

Material Change of Use Impact Assessable Service Station and Food & Drink Outlet

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2021/310)


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  1. Renee Nguyen commented

    Please don’t approve this to go ahead. Elevate Estate is only a small estate. This is a huge development and our little estate will be impacted massively. Tillyroen Rd is a single lane road each way and will also not cope with the traffic. This will decrease our properties value, will bring constant traffic and people coming and going. The fumes and noise will also be a hinderance to those who live in the estate. I oppose this application and will fight with other residents along with our local MP.

  2. Candice Wilson commented

    Please don’t approve the petrol station that is a huge development that will hurt our little little estate greatly. :(
    Our homes will smell of fuel our babies and kids breathing that in every day will be a huge health risk for everyone! Please do not approve the petrol station or any massive development like it. Please!

  3. Jessica Coyne commented

    Please do not approve the petrol station, there is one just down the road in a commercial area away from homes. This will affect the entrance to elevate estate and make traffic a night mare and its not necessary with others so close. This will impact our home values and our lifestyle drastically. Thank you

  4. Samantha Cooper commented

    Please don’t approve the petrol station, this is a small estate with lots of young children who play in the quiet streets. Tillyroen road is already suffering with the single lane and traffic build up.
    This will cause an excessive amount of added traffic, noise and fumes, which will also be a hazard to our health.

  5. Nicholas Jackson commented

    This is not a good place to put a large service station, this is a small estate with children playing and the increase in traffic could be dangerous in the small streets, as well as the increase in traffic to residents there is also the impact of petrol fumes and and car fumes in the area. There is already a number of shops petrol stations cafes and restaurants in the immediate vicinity that more than service the area so another is not needed. The increase traffic in peak periods will also hamper the access to the small estate which can already be difficult on the blind corner and hill entrance to Dalma street. This may also all contribute negatively property values in the adjacent estate. After speaking to the residents all the residents of the adjoining Elevate estate the all feel similarly apposed to tje development plans

  6. Mitch Wilson commented

    This petrol station will be place directly amongst our brand new community. The petrol and exhaust fumes need to be taken into account for the residents that are affected directly.
    Please consider the impact and future of the residents and estate.
    By not going ahead with this development, you are saving us home owners from immediate loss of equity in our new homes.
    Thank you.

  7. Kristina isles commented

    Please done go ahead with this petrol Behind is a small estate with a lot of young family’s the on going noise and traffic will effect this estate negatively. Also tillyroen rd is a busy rd already and is hard enough to get out of Dalma with out the extra traffic . This will be a complete eye sore for this road and effect a lot of people in the area .

  8. Giau Nguyen commented


    Please think of the young families and children in this estate, we are all new to Elevate Estate and this will have a huge impact on the estate in full. The estate is still in the development process there are still so many more families to move here and no doubt many more babies to be born as more families move into there newly built forever home.

    Dalma street will not cope with the huge traffic load, Tilyroen is a single lane each way. The traffic banks up past Elevate Estate almost everyday from the roundabout at the top of the hill, the roads will not cope.

    The noise and fumes that it will bring to the estate is a huge concern for everyone. There is already two petrol stations in Ormeau with coles and woolworths only a short drive away. Many small business that run take away shops they will not cope with the loss of business this will bring to many. We need to support our small business owners and not the big ones. Please reconsider the options and really consider the impact it will have on those who live in Elevate Estate and surrounding suburbs. I cannot see any gain for anyone having this right on the front door of such a small community estate. It will become an eye saw and will tarnish our properties value.

  9. Alex wasley commented

    This is absolutely ridiculous that a development has been proposed to put a service station right in front of our new beautiful estate. We moved to this new estate in Ormeau Hills for a family friendly estate, not to drive past a service station into our estate, as a family we are out raged with this development.

  10. Tash Donges commented

    Tillyroen Road already gets heavily congested every day beyond Dalma St and this will only add to that. The streets in Elevate Estate are narrow, to the point you are constantly having to dodge cars or pull over to let other through. This will only bring more unwanted traffic into the estate and make it harder to drive through safely.
    Within a 2 minute drive there are another 3 petrol stations, all in commercial areas and away from homes. A fourth petrol station is not needed, especially not at the front of a small residential area. Not to mention the fumes floating through an estate filled with young children and families.
    Please do not approve this.

  11. Alexis Polley commented

    Please don't approve the proposal for a fuel station in this area. We don't need any unnecessary traffic brought into our small estate as it isn't designed for heavy traffic and is really struggling already.

    Many of us have purchased our first home in this beautiful estate and don't want our property value tarnished because of the proposed development. Please reconsider this idea

  12. Lisa commented

    Please I do not approve. Do not put a service station here!! This road is already congested and there is already 3 service stations 2 mins up the road all with in commercial areas. This is a residential area and I don’t know wish to smell gas fuse when sitting down for my breakfast/dinner!! We moved here because it was a peaceful family friendly area. This will be an absolute eye saw, not to mention the loss or equity to our houses.

  13. Natasha Pithie commented

    I do not approve of this petrol station going in here at the front of Elevate Estate. This should not be allowed to go ahead being so close to a residential community. Not only that, Tillyroen Road is already congested enough most days without having the extra traffic that would come through due to a petrol station. Then on top of that, add an accident on the M1 and we will have extra traffic coming though due to all of those people using Tillyroen as a service road to get around the traffic on the M1. This information was never disclosed to myself or any of the other owners in the estate upon signing our land contracts. How about you put a park and a fenced dog park here instead? Ormeau Hills is greatly lacking in the park and dog park department. A cafe would also be great. But a BIG NO to a petrol Station.

  14. Kate Ashlee commented

    Please consider the health and safety impacts this proposed petrol station will have on the community. The traffic in the surrounding area is already extremely congested and this will only exacerbate the issue greatly. Elevate Estate has not been designed for traffic, with very narrow streets that are already an issue.

    It is also unreasonable and unnecessary to place a third petrol station in such close vicinity the two others so nearby. The community is not in need of yet another petrol station and would benefit far greater from other developments that are lacking in not just the immediate community, but the broader Ormeau/Ormeau Hills area (eg. Small cafe, dog park, etc). The infrastructure for this community is already underdeveloped (Eg. No footpaths, very narrow streets) and the influx of traffic all hours of the day and night will be a safety hazard to anyone walking out of Elevate Estate.

    We would greatly appreciate your consideration and advocacy.

  15. Justin Fursey commented

    What a great asset this will be to the Ormeau Hills community, hopefully be an independent that will give the 3 majors a kick in the butt not to be one of the first suburbs to increase pricing on the Gold Coast. Will also create several local jobs after construction. YES from me

  16. Steve Angus commented

    Not really sensible planning, there are already 3 service stations within 1.5km of this location on a single lane service road that is already at capacity.
    Do not recommend or approve this type of development so close to residential area.

  17. Sarah Lay commented

    The fumes, pollution and noise that will impede the homes is of great concern. There are already 3 other petrol stations within a short radius of this location. Tillyroen Rd is a single lane road that is already heavily congested and the intersection close-by from Ormeau Hills Rd onto Tillyroen Rd is dangerous and many accidents have occurred. I do not support this development.

  18. Stephen Gough commented

    While I understand the need for progress I don't believe this adds value to the local community, currently we had 3 places of business the supply fuel in a very close proximity.

    Added to this the major concerns of safety to the surrounding homes. The increased congestion will further devalue the local area.

  19. S Angus commented

    I think this is a fabulous location and place to place a service station. It will be close and easy for when the traffic is backed up and to not have to fight to get to another one. The rest are all clustered this is good

  20. Mel commented

    Please DO NOT allow this petrol station development to go ahead. There are 3 other petrol stations within a 2min drive from this location, a 4th is not required!!
    The young families that this will effect will be huge and finacially hurt those that have purchased there first family homes.
    Traffic in this location is already a nightmare, this development will make it even worse.

  21. Jess Bailey commented

    I don’t feel this will benefit or help local area in this location. It will cause more traffic and problems than is current. Maybe would benefit more at the top of tillyroen road as you exit from the highway but NOT at current proposed location.

  22. Mark Bilston commented

    The road is NOT amenable to traffic turning in or out. This location is not suitable and would drive down property values in the area. we are sufficiently served by enough petrol stations in the area.

  23. Steve commented

    I have live in ormeau from 2004 we have been with out a lot of amenities but we definitely don’t need a 4th fuel station especially when it’s next to a community garden where we can all go and enjoy it without having to smell the fumes I do understand that this area needs to be tidied up but we should all get together and have a vote on what we all would like in this space as a community

  24. Sarah Lopes commented

    I do not approve of this development so close to a residential area and on an already congested road. This area is in need of more community spaces and amenities but not another petrol station. Please reconsider the position of this development and how it will impact the surrounding residents. Thank you

  25. Hannah commented

    This development should not be approved. A fuel station here will add to the already significant traffic problems and delays in the area. The roads simply cannot cater for this development. In addition, there are already 3 fuel stations within close proximity.

  26. Sarah OSullivan commented

    Absolutely ridiculous place for a petrol station! Tilleyroen is a single lane road in both directions. The road does not have infrastructure to support a fully functional petrol station, it is already heavily congested with wait times up to 45mins just to get from one end to the other

  27. Stephanie Thomas commented

    I don't think another service station is needed in this area - there already 3 in the the vicinity. The locals have only just had one traffic nightmare resolved after years of campaigning. This will create more heavy traffic in an already congested area.

  28. Anna commented


    Elevate is a small satellite estate onto the back of a Stockland estate and accessing Elevate is already difficult during peak hour. I note the set of traffic lights being developed down the road, however a fuel station is a high volume use and will make this intersection more dangerous than it already is.

    I have recently purchased within this estate and every afternoon, there are children riding their bikes, people walking their dogs and the approval of such a high volume traffic use will be extremely dangerous.

    Considering the zoning, there is a great number of additional used which would be more suitable for this land, considering accessibility and access.

  29. Nicole Smith commented

    Do not approve this development . It’s not needed and will create even more havoc with the traffic !!

  30. Jane Citizen commented

    I Approve
    This development will not add extra traffic to our busy roads. If anything this service station will make the northern round abouts and overpass less congested. Allowing locals in Ormeau Hills to access fuel without having to drive to the Woolworths or the 7/11 over the Hwy. As I see it the only people likely to have an issue with this development will be those that bought land in the small new development area. The real problem is allowing development of 300sqm blocks and narrow roads.

  31. Martin McDonald commented

    I oppose this application due to the impending congestion and demands on the already stressed Tillyroen Road. The new traffic lights installed at Upper Ormeau Road, whilst helpful to those who struggled with that intersection, have already impacted on both the Dalma intersection and Ormeau Ridge Road intersection with increased lines of traffic placing stress on vehicles/persons exiting these side roads. This application will only exasperate the narrow Tillyroen Road traffic. Thoughts to consider: The traffic travelling north will still be reaching 70km/h from the lights at Upper Ormeau Rd along with the S bend shape of the road prior to Dalma Street. Traffic travelling south on Tillyroen arrive over a crest from the Ormeau Ridge Road intersection at 70km/h speed and will likely confront traffic exiting the petrol station onto Tillyroen. The other reason for opposing this application is the close proximity to residential housing and the impact of noise, light and environmental risks to the community. Where is the need for this type of business? There is adequate support at Peachey Road and Eggesdorf Road for similar utilities. Don't alienate your Ratepayers, GCCC.

  32. Michelle Cox commented

    I approve of this development! I think a service station closer to this side of the highway is very much needed and this is the perfect location for it.

  33. Clayton Coutis commented

    The idea of a petrol station here simply bewilders me. There are 3 service stations within 1km of this location servicing the community on both sides of the highway!

    I am of the view that something should be done in this area - absolutely - but certainly not this.

    I also draw attention to the existing traffic issues being experienced on Tillyroen Rd. Peak hour is tragic as it is, and honestly this is going to increase congestion.

    Taking into account this location, with homes nearby, and a suitable commercial area not far away, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) surely cannot favour such a development to be approved!

    This will be included in an email I am compiling to Cr Hammel next week as I feel this also should be formally addressed!

  34. Gail T commented

    Do not approve.
    Not the right location for a petrol station.
    We already have 3 on this end.
    Maybe relocate it to the commercial side of norfolk.
    Computer road or Burnside round about.

  35. Donna Matfin commented

    To approve the development and operation of a permanent high traffic volume, high pollution business (making it the 4th one of its kind) into a small, existing community is reckless. There is negligible demand and almost zero benefit to this residential area, filled with families. This is NOT wanted. The existing infrastructure, including narrow roads, cannot sustain such a significant increase in traffic. Poorly conceived idea for a service that already exists in this community.

  36. Michael Pithie commented

    There are three petrol stations less than 1.8km from this proposed site with the closest being 1.3km away. This is ludicrous.

  37. Dallas Dogger commented

    This is like an old corner store. Fuel food and drink. I think the locals will find it very convenient. Will reduce congestion at the Ormeau Roundabout.

  38. Natalie Fortes-Benedict commented

    Please don't build a gas station. As stated above with others that have the same concerns.
    1. Traffic congestion on a single lane road
    2. Small estate
    3. Estate is filled with families - zero benefits to having this here

  39. Victoria Jones Jones commented

    This development proposal is absolutely unnecessary. There are 2 petrol stations within 1km of this site and a further station only another km away.
    Tillyrowen road is a small, single lane each way road that cannot manage this sort of traffic. It has a country feel to it and a petrol station simply doesn’t not fit in here.
    The impact on the value of our homes would be significant and I have grave concerns for the possibility of crime this development would attract.
    Furthermore numerous children catch the school bus to and from school by walking from the Ekevare estate, down Tillyroen road and into the neighbouring estate as that’s the only bus stop. Walking in front of a busy service station would be lethally dangerous for children forcing parents to have to drive children to school, creating yet more traffic on an already over stretched road and suburb.
    It is for these reasons I categorically reject the development application of a service station on Dalma St.

  40. David Hathaway commented

    Please do not approve this project

    Streets are narrow enough and tillyrown road already gets congested in morning and afternoon

    Also the fumes, traffic, noise and constant light will affect the estate, my home and my young family

  41. Cooper Robinson commented


    There is no need for a petrol station so close to house when there is clearly better spots in the area. Other argument is that petrol fumes so close to house is horrible for your health long exposure over time can affect your lungs. There are petrol stations up the road so why put one there. Also we have a small estate with a lot of family’s with children. This would increase traffic flow and can be dangerous for kids wanting to play in the area. This would be damaging to our little community more then making it better.

  42. Renee Oldfield commented

    I do not approve of this patrol station. I live nearby, and the families living in this estate will be greatly impacted by this development. I will still drive to Woolworths for petrol, there is no need to impact this community for ANOTHER petrol station. The traffic conditions on this road are SO BAD as is. Please don’t do this. If they really want another servo, put it in an industrial area or off the motorway away from residential areas!!

  43. Clayton Stephens commented

    No need for another servo in the area and definitely no need for a servo in this location. There are more than enough servos within a couple of minutes. Dumb proposal.

  44. Supanee Intaraphim commented

    Terrible location for a servo. It will impact negatively to the residents nearby.

  45. Andrew commented

    Do not approve.

    This will highly effect the surrounding neighbourhood with traffic, congestion and noise.

    This is a lovely family area that deserves proper amenity to complement our neighbourhood.

  46. Rob Leigh commented

    Terrible location for a servo. It will impact negatively to the residents nearby

  47. Trysta Ward commented

    This area does not need another servo, especially not on top of this beautiful new estate!

    As suggested on the other petrol stations planning page, why not consider the corner of Tillyroen Rd and Upper Ormeau Ridge Rd?

    Traffic lights have already been installed there and there is no immediate homes affected by the traffic, noise, lights and smell that would come from a service station.

    So much more work needs doing around Ormeau Hills and Ormeau before bringing more traffic to this area. It is bad enough as it is.

  48. Kirralee commented

    Do not approve this proposal!

    This will effect the small community of elivate terribly one rd in to the estate one rd out, its bad enough getting out onto tillyroen Rd let alone traffic build up a fuel station will bring.

    There are 3 fuel stations with in a 5 minute drive of this location. There is many other locations a fuel station is needed and this is not one of them!

    If this passes this is the worst planning decision gc council could make! There is plenty of work needed to be done in the ormeau and ormeau Hills area to support the growing traffic problems.

  49. joanne bird commented

    We would like to object to the building proposal for the following reason:-
    * 3 service stations within 1.5km of this location on a single lane service road that is
    already at capacity.
    * Impact to health/respiratory in children, adults and elderly not only now but in the future.
    * Additional traffic congestion and noise.
    * the emission of toxic gas fumes poses a risk to health/respiratory in children, adults and
    elderly not only now but in the future.
    * Depreciation in home value prices
    * Air & Ground pollution
    * Increase in crime

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