Helensburgh Plaza, 19-33 Walker Street, Helensburgh NSW 2508

New licence - packaged liquor - bottle shop

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  1. Brooke Carter commented

    as a member of the local community i’m extremely concerned about this application. our small semi regional town has three existing bottle shops, including one attached to the local pub and there is also the tradies in town. another liquor shop is not only unnecessary to service our town it is downright irresponsible and dangerous in terms of the associated health, social and criminal justice impacts that excessive alcohol use has on the community. To approve this application would put corporate profits before the genuine interests of the community.

  2. Jessica Duguid commented

    I am writing to strongly oppose Liquorland’s application for a liquor licence in Helensburgh.
    While I support healthy competition, we already have three liquor shops, and two pubs within the small regional town (all within walking distance). It is excessive and a potential risk to the health and well-being of the town, encouraging further anti-social behaviour. It would be irresponsible for the authority to consider this licence.

  3. L M commented

    I appose this development application for yet another liquor store in Helensburgh. This type of store is not needed as several established business that serve the local communities are close by. It would be irresponsible to approve this application. Please consider something more appropriate for this prime site, that would provide diverse retail opportunities for the community and contribute to our town.

  4. Katie Strother commented

    In 2020 a study was conducted within the Helensburgh community by one of the local medical practices which highlighted the impacts of excessive alcohol consumption within our community resulting in the rise of Alcohol related illness and injury. Please do not approve of another alcohol retailer within this community which will only put our town at more risk. The Department of Planning have a social responsibility to lead this community down the right path, for the sake of our community elders and for the young adults of our communities future.

  5. Melissa Rees commented

    As a small community with 2 existing licensed venues and 3 additional venues to purchase alcohol there is no capacity for a mega chain liquor retailer.. the community does not want or need this. The health implications and risk to the community are enormous

  6. J B commented

    Another bottle shop for this small town will add no value whatsoever, and will more likely negatively impact on the existing and locally owned bottle shops. Please reject this application so that more beneficial applications can be considered for the local community.

  7. J.P-C commented

    Another liquor store is not needed in this town. The current liquor businesses, service the town adequately and the community would hate to see a local business fail because of Liquorland. I strongly oppose the application by Liquorland to open in Helensburgh. I urge the committee to reject this application and consider other more community appropriate businesses to open in this location. The town would benefit from more eateries or restaurants, or other types of small businesses such as dance schools/ marital arts or similar to actually benefit the local community. Helensburgh would love to see it’s high street thrive and remain lively and sustainable.

  8. Alicia Gillett commented

    I strongly believe this liquorland is totally unnecessarily in this small town. There are an excess of bottle shops and another one will serve no contribution to the community what so ever.

  9. Kate Pearce commented

    This is a small town with two liquor stores as well as a liquor store attached to the pub, an additional liquor store is unnecessary. The town would benefit from this space being leased to a business that brings new options into town.

  10. L. O’Regan commented

    There is absolutely no need for a large commercial liquor chain to open a bottle shop in our currently well serviced town, with exisiting locally owned and operated bottle shops. It would not only create a negative impact on the livelihood of these established businesses, but for the future of the entire communities health and well-being. Please reconsider this site to be used for a beneficial business which adds value and opportunity to our beautiful community.

  11. Allan Luks commented

    Helensburgh is too small for a fourth bottle shop, and this chain store will do nothing to improve the local economy - this will only worsen the current economic climate by inhibiting the current independent retailers. Another bottle shop, especially a big chain, will only represent a slap in the face of the local residents. The application must be denied.

  12. Carolyn Jukes commented

    First the landlord of the property raised prices to force the Deli (Cinzi’s Fruit & Veg shop) out of the property.

    Second Coles removed their Deli counter and replaced it with packaged produce.

    Now Coles want to open up a bottle shop to add to the three we already have in this town.

    If the Wollongong planning committee approve this, it will prove three things:

    1. They are in the pocket of enterprise businesses (I.e. Coles) and brown envelopes have been passed along somewhere in this application

    2. They care more about the liquor industry then the health/fresh food industry despite the LGA’s pretence at caring for the health and well-being of its constituents

    3. They are totally oblivious to the wants and needs of the Helensburgh community and as such are unfit to make decisions on behalf of our community

  13. JDC commented

    As a local resident of Helensburgh I strong oppose another liquor store in our small town. There will be no added value in any way to our small community, however will cause hardships to the current business owners.

  14. A concerned resident commented

    Helensburgh does not need a fourth liquor store.

    Having four liquor stores all within a 500m radius is absurd for a town of just over 6,000 people.

    Excessive exposure to liquor stores in our small community will have negative ramifications to the town and how our young adults form relationships with alcohol.

    The liquor authority needs to carry out its due diligence to ensure they thoroughly review the communities objections.

    Do not approve the application.

  15. Andrew Mills commented

    As a real estate agent by trade, I can say with confidence adding a 3rd Liquor store to the suburb will not bring any increase of value to the area and any additional substance to the Helensburgh culture and will likely do more damage to the area by brining the overall town down a few notches in its outwards appearance.

    Additional to this we have 3 venues (Pub/ Tradies/ Restaurant in the suburb that distribute alcohol all within a stones throw of each other.

    That’s 5 options to obtain alcohol within steps of the preposed location - thats grossly unnecessary and negligent if this proceeds as we don’t need another.

    As the population of the area increases more suitable establishments that increase value and general overall feel for the suburb would be Cafe/ Specialty Food store I.e fruit market or even some sort of cloths/furniture/ pet store or activity store( gym ect).

    Adding establishments that are useful to the residents and the culture far exceed just adding another “grog shop”...

  16. Laureen Hillman commented

    Our town is well equipped with 3 outlets where alcohol can be purchased.
    The space you’re considering for Liquorland would be better suited to an excellent deli, fresh fish and fruit shop under Coles banner. Coles can then expand their limited product range in store.
    Thank you.

  17. Rachel Miller commented

    This application is further evidence of big business trying to oust small businesses.
    With 3 places locally to buy alcohol already it is uneeded and the only way to viably run another liquor business in town would be to run the others into the ground and corner the market.

    Along with the social aspects of alcohol being readily available in a small town with no appropriate facilities for young people to focus their attentions, this proposal will compound an already tense issue with antisocial behaviours in town.

    I would request that you please dismiss this application.

  18. Nicole Russell commented

    This business is not needed or wanted in helensburgh. As outlined in other submissions We already have plenty of places to buy alcohol from and being a small town the council is being irresponsible to the community if it were to allow this application to be approved.

    I am strongly opposed this kind of business being brought into our town, we need many things to bring community life together, but not another bottle shop.

  19. Margaret Hunt commented

    I strongly oppose this application. As a resident of this small town I have seen the effects of alcohol on our way of life. It is totally unacceptable to have another outlet here as we are well serviced by two small businesses and having another is totally unnecessary to add another.

  20. Tracy Singh commented

    Just like to say that we do not need another liquor store in Helensburgh. We already have 3 bottle shops, the pub & the the Tradies. What we really need in the community is a deli as Coles for some reason felt we didn’t need one anymore. Most people I know do not like buying packaged meat etc not to mention that this increases plastic packaging instead of reducing it. Definitely don’t need another one.

  21. H T commented

    I am all for it. A competitive bottle is exactly what we need. There are 3 venues, one which dominants sales due to its wide variety.
    This liquorland will introduce competition in pricing and could also increase local business revenue by keeping locals shopping in town and increasing surrounding suburbs to also divert their trip home.

  22. Julie Wilson commented

    I would strongly oppose having a liquorland store in Helensburgh. We already have 3 businesses that sell alcohol over the counter and 2 that you can sit in and drink.
    Helensburgh does not have a lot of customers coming from out of town to shop. So the demand isn’t there. Liquorland will just push the existing businesses out.
    Thank you.

  23. Sophia Perry commented

    I am a business owner directly across from 19/33 Walker st, Helensburgh and I am writing to strongly oppose this application. As others within the community have stated, we have sufficient alcohol outlets within the area, and a third within two blocks of each other is not only unnecessary, but also extraordinarily poor town planning.
    Helensburgh may very well be a rapidly growing community, but we seek retailers that enhance said growth, by creating diversity in our shopping experience, therefore keeping customers within the area.
    In regard to community safety, especially for the youth, I consider it unwise to be furthering accessibility to alcohol outlets, potentially increasing the rate of alcohol related crime. Helensburgh isn't deemed large enough to warrant a police presence by the way of a manned police station, with a 000 emergency call taking upwards of forty minutes to receive a response. With this in mind, I would see it as being downright irresponsible to see this application approved.
    Thankyou for your consideration. I trust you will listen closely to the community.

  24. Robert Gray commented

    As a resident of Helensburgh of over a quarter of a century, I don`t think we need another Bottle Shop, healthy competition is good but responsible drinking is more important and 3 bottle shops is enough. Put health before wealth. Thank You.

  25. Heather commented

    I have no doubt no one care about all of the comments opposing this application and corporate greed will win out yet again. I have never seen any application refused based on community comments. The council is clearly corrupt and does not have the best interests of the community at heart.
    Helensburgh is too small to have yet another grog shop.
    Shame they will take zero notice and I expect there will be a new one as soon as it can be greased through council.

  26. Tiffany Slater commented

    I oppose this application. The area already has several licensed venues and three liquor stores to serve the community. I would like variety in the services and products available to our small town.

  27. Valerie ValleleyWalker commented

    Another alcohol outlet is not required in Helensburgh, if this is granted there would be three outlets within a 500 metre radius, we try to teach our younger person’s to drink responsibly having this extra shop is a NO NO
    Many thanks

  28. Michelle Wells commented

    Unsure why there is a need for yet another liquor store in a town that already has three, plus a Tradies and a pub. All this will do is take business away from the small business owners.

  29. Jen Bryant commented

    I firmly oppose the opening of this business in our beautiful, small town. Our community already has 3 established bottle shops that provide adequately for our town, also owned by wonderful, local residents. I feel that by opening this corporate store you will be taking away not only business from hard working, loyal local businesses, but also the beautiful small town feel that Helensburgh is loved for. Please do not go forth with this.

  30. Anonymous commented

    Please, I urge you to ignore the rediculous hysteria over the development of this bottle shop. You will have more objections submitted than you will from people looking forward to the competitive prices and range.

    The current bottle shops are overpriced and the addition of another bottle shop will bring competition and choice, it will not increase rates of drinking or alcoholism, we already have access to alcohol here the addition of another bottleshop will not change this. Perhaps one bottleshop will close, but that's business.

    As for 'small business' being affected, one of the bottle shops is owned by a developer who makes millions of dollars a year. Another 'bottle shop' if you can call it that is part of a pub.

    The panic and objection of this bottle shop is just by people who wish there was some alternative there like another cafe. We have over 7 cafes in Helensburgh as well as mobile coffee shops- noone whinges or complains that 'small bussiness' will be hurt when yet another cookie cutter cafe is opened.

    There is a large majority that are welcoming the new bottle shop, competitive prices etc but we are always drowned out or made to feel inferior or shame for voicing our opinions when welcoming change.

    Please, I urge you to heavily consider this comment, as you will hear more from those against the application than you will from those for the application to proceed.

  31. Ian McPhee commented

    This town doesn’t need as many liquor stores as it has already. Adding another is not only unnecessary but also socially and morally irresponsible. This is a small semi rural town and the links between alcohol and communities like ours are well documented. We don’t need it. As another point, I’m oppose big companies trying to take business away from establish local business’. Please consider the vast majority of people opposing this.

  32. A S commented

    My family and I strongly oppose another bottle
    shop in Helensburgh. This isn’t about “that’s just business” and/or helping to drive down prices with competition. We can still access cheaper prices easily north or south of us or via online shopping.
    For us it is about flooding the market in a small town with something we (governments, medical professionals, police included) recognise as being a huge problem in our society - alcohol. Yet here we are opposing a 4th liquor shop.
    We say NO.

  33. AW commented

    I strongly oppose the addition of a commercial bottle shop to our small town. There are currently three existing bottle shops which are more than enough for the local community. The health implications of increasing alcohol accessibility far outweigh any perceived benefits - it is a strong no in my opinion.

  34. Jacqui Donnelly commented

    I strongly object to another liquor store in Helensburgh, especially a large chain.
    We have 3 liquor stores and in a small town I think it’s nice to support local business as much as possible.
    I feel that a Liquorland will take away some of our small town feels. For example, imagine driving through somewhere like Berry and seeing a large chain liquor shop - it takes away the small community/country feel of the place! Same goes for Helensburgh.
    We’re a community that support each other.
    Another liquor store is just not necessary.

  35. Amy Harrison commented

    I am writing to apose the application for another liqour outlet. Helensburgh already has several bottle shops and pups for a small community and another is not necessary and potentially dangerous and irresponsible and takes away from the independently owned local bottke shops whom we should be supporting.

  36. Steph commented

    Having another liquor store in Helensburg is ridiculous, the community is already served by 3 stores a pub and tradies more options are not required

  37. John Walker commented

    We do not need another liquor outlet in our small town. We have two bottle shops and a pub and club which sell packaged liquor as well. Qiute adequate in my opinion.

  38. Jane Parsons commented

    A 4th liquor store in a community of 6000 people is unnecessary and irresponsible. There are also several other outlets that serve alcohol in house. This application is another great example of corporate greed and being out of touch with what the local community want and need. Coles will try to push out the other 3 small business operators and then once they have the monopoly, will raise their prices. Please listen to what the community wants and do the right thing by rejecting their application. Maybe we need to get the media such as 'A Current Affair' involved. It is very disappointing when real people are not heard.

  39. Sam Short commented

    We have 3 bottle shops already. Approving a 4th is ridiculous in a community so small.

  40. Leissa West commented

    As a rate paying resident living in Helensburgh i vehemently oppose the approval for an additional liquor license in this town due to:
    Existing oversupply of local licences venues per head of population,
    Low/ inadequate supply of fresh food outlets per head/ population and pending growth of this region,
    Poor/ nil evidence of community/social benefit of this replication of supply,
    Significant evidence of poor health outcomes and low social wellbeing with oversupply of liquor licences and less than diverse supply of fresh healthy food suppliers.
    The approval of an additional liquor licence is not in the communitys better interests and must be rejected

  41. Lauren Wentworth-Perry commented

    As a member of this community I oppose another liquor shop in Helensburgh, there is no need for another when we have 3 shops already in this small community, there is the Helensburgh Pub and the Tradies that also provide alcohol. I Strongly believe for health reasons it is irresponsible to add yet another liquor shop and especially with the amount of shops that sell liquor ,that there is no need at all. I support small business in Helensburgh and think that a larger supplier will only ruin other small business in this lovely town.
    I have spoken to the medical professionals in town and they agree and have said that there is a massive rise locally in this town with alcohol related issues and drinking due to covid , stresses ect and I feel that this would impact our community in a negative manner.

  42. John Merritt commented

    Our community does not need another alcohol retailer. We are full...too many already for such a small town! Approval of this application will add nothing positive to our community.

  43. Shannon commented

    Helensburgh has 3 liquor stores and there is one in Stanwell Park, one pub, one club and sports clubs were you can purchase alcohol. The area does not need another place to purchase alcohol from. As society we are trying to reduce domestic violence and alcohol consumption increases the risk. Coles has already driven out the the local fruit and deli store and then they folded their deli section. We don’t need them closing down out local small business and then reduce the service they offer.

    This store can not be in the best interest of the community and should be rejected.

  44. Melinda commented

    In agreement with all other comments we do not need another bottle shop we have enough.
    Let’s hope council will listen. We watch this space for the deaf ears to fall.

  45. Nicole Corrigan commented

    As a Helensburgh resident, I also oppose the application for yet another bottle shop in our small community. Our area has existing crime and vandalism issues that do not need to be exacerbated by the availability of even more alcohol (via Liquorland’s proposed late night opening hours). Helensburgh “Plaza” is not a major shopping centre.. We only have a small strip of shops which already includes 3 retail liquor stores, a pub and a club. Surely this application must not be given the green light…

  46. Scott B commented

    As residents within the 2508 postcode since 2009, and within 150m of the proposed site since 2017, we have noticed and witnessed an increasing trend in alcohol-fueled anti-social behaviour, vandalism, underage drinking, violence and property damage in the local area.
    These issues are exacerbated by an insufficient police presence in Helensburgh. With three packaged liquor outlets currently operating in Helensburgh (and one 8 minutes’ drive away in Stanwell Park) the availability of alcohol (and visibility of accompanying advertising) is never in short supply. The addition of another outlet would create a cluster of four outlets within 200 m and encourage outlets to compete on price and promotions for cheaper and greater quantities of alcohol.
    The above-mentioned issues greatly outweigh the need for the proposed ‘convenience of a one-stop shopping experience’. Considering that within metres of Coles there are already two packaged liquor outlets, the selling point of the need for a ‘one stop shopping experience’ becomes redundant.
    The proposed opening hours of seven days a week with six days from 8am until 10pm would serve as a catalyst for further alcohol related problems.
    Our local G.P. practice (Equilibrium Health) has recently (2019/20) conducted an alcohol awareness campaign and also surveys which have shed light on some concerning statistics - 53.5% of 286 participants report drinking to dangerous levels and 63% know someone who had been either injured or experienced health issues from alcohol use.
    We hope that the well-being of the community at large will prevail and that the proposal for another liquor outlet is firmly rejected. Helensburgh has a safe, family-oriented character and amenity and there is no benefit to be found in the additional of yet another liquor outlet.

  47. Concerned parent commented

    Enough pubs and liquor stores. Can you hear the people cry?

    Can council find a better use of its time finishing the library project, patching up holes on the road and remediating the ridiculously steep speed bump. Also give us manned police station.

  48. Artie Royman commented

    So you enjoy competition do you,
    Well I’d like to see Aldi go into the shop where liquor land is proposed
    Or better still a restaurant that we don’t have

  49. Patricia Hamilton commented

    Our small village style town does not need another liquor outlet..4 in our small community is enough...

  50. Alivia Corbanese commented

    I extremely oppose the addition of yet another liquor store in Helensburgh. We are a small town with already 4 liquor stores, 3 on the same street the Liquor Land has applied to be on, definitely in walking distance to the Coles supermarket. We do not need another, now should it be legal to have 4 liquor stores in a 500m radius let alone 6 with the proposition of the liquor land! Absolutely ridiculous!

  51. Natasha Watson commented

    I've heard several times that Coles in Helensburgh is a C category store, and therefore limited stock lines and offerings compared to Coles in other suburbs. So why would a catchment of 6000 people need a fifth packaged liquor outlet? Smacking Liquorland in this corner building is a wasted opportunity & will simply replace an existing independent liquor outlet - hardly in the community spirit! State Government has just launched their four plan for the Great Southern Walk - from Botany to Kiama, taking in Maddens Plains, so Helensburgh will be right in the middle. Think ahead of how lovely the main street could be, a rival to Berry further down the coast, rather than just another cookie cutter street of chain store outlets.

  52. cheryl pearson commented

    Does Helensburgh need another liquor outlet for such a small town ? NO definitely not . We already have three not including the local club. The town is virtually isolated from other suburbs and the addition of another outlet is ludicrous.

  53. LR commented

    I strongly oppose this application. There is absolutely no need for another liquor outlet. The community is already over serviced by at least 3 other outlets. Council is in place to listen to the community, consider their views and make decisions based on what is best for the people they serve. If this application goes through, with so many people opposed to the application, it would suggest council isn’t serving its people’s best interests.

  54. Susan Lowe commented

    Absolutely not! We need a variety of shopping retailers in town, liquor retailers in town don't need the competition.

  55. AM commented

    I support this proposal.

    The hysteria regarding another bottle shop causing alcohol-related problems and reducing competition is unfounded and based on no facts whatsoever.

    Helensburgh has numerous cafes and restaurants with no complaints when new one's open up. Another bottle shop will provide additional (Welcome) competition that will help reduce prices and create additional jobs.

    This proposal should proceed.

  56. commented
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  57. LTS commented

    I oppose the application for a Liquorland Helensburgh because we already have this service well covered in Helensburgh already by local businesses. The issue of competitiveness of price and offering is ridiculous given the multiple options in Menai, Engadine, Heathcote etc if people want to purchase cheaper options stop before getting home to the Burgh.
    The issue for our community is diversity - we have a great strip of shops that could offer a more vibrant village shopping experience than it currently does. We connect as people and members of our community most when out and about at the shops and connection is critical for wellbeing. A fourth alcohol retail shop offers nothing except cheaper prices and will move us further away from connection and community.
    We have a multitude of local businesses that are often the backbone of our town with sponsorship, work experience, jobs ect. Council should be offering incentives and considering applications that enhance this diversity rather than further diminishing it.

  58. Vanessa commented

    We do not need another liquor shop, we already have 3 bottle shops close to each other plus the pub & the club! Stanwell Park also has a bottle shop! Letting a big chain in like Liquorland will affect these existing businesses. Coles should upgrade their Helensburgh store, rather than trying to make more money off the town by putting in Liquorland. There are less bottle shops at Engadine near each other with way more residents.

  59. MJ Goldsmith commented

    There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, and the existing bottle shops are overpriced.

    You can order alcohol online so the existence of another physical store is not going to lessen domestic violence in any way.

    The existing stores need to be more competitive, rather than asking their customers to oppose alternatives.

  60. Peter Hine commented

    I believe that this application is totally unwarranted in Helensburgh, as there are significantly more outlets for alcohol in this village already, more than many towns with much larger populations.
    Coles can do a lot of positive actions for the community, rather than compete for the sale of alcohol; ie they can re-open the deli section in the store, that has been closed. Other Coles stores have superior range of products than the restricted ones in Helensburgh, and this would benefit both Coles and the community..

  61. Anonymous commented

    I am in full support of Liquorland bringing much needed competition to Helensburgh. The community is paying excessive prices to maintain one persons monopoly. The arguments against are crazy and ludicrous.
    Minority interests trying to maintain their dominance and premium prices. The residents need to have more options, not being restricted to choice . More competition, choice and jobs !!!!

  62. Anonymous commented

    I support the new Liquorland. The arguments that there are already other bottle shops is irrelevant. These people can choose not to shop there if they want but there are people who can’t afford to pay 10-15% more to “support local”. The local offerings have been charging “premium” prices for far too long. If the community doesn’t support the new Liquorland it won’t last, we’ll see….

  63. Maria Smith commented

    As resident of Helensburgh, in close proximity to the planned liquorland I have great concerns regarding another alcohol outlet to be placed in town. There have been incidents of reckless driving late at night in the plaza parking lot and Coles hasn't been interested in acting upon or resolving those issues, if you add alcohol to the mix it could encourage further drinking and driving in the community.

  64. Ron Balderston commented

    There are ample alcohol outlets in Helensburgh already and they support our local community. Liquorland is unlikely to assist our community anywhere nearly as well. Please decline their application.

  65. D. Bollard commented

    I’ve lived in and around Helensburgh for 28 years. I unequivocally support this application.
    Unreasonable pricing from the current liquor shops, or should I more aptly say , liquor shop , will be finally held to account.
    Let’s not forget , we all benefited when another major company, The Reject Shop , came into Helensburgh. This has been especially evident during Covid . There was no concern back when The Reject Shop was opening what affect they would have on other existing small local businesses. I find it ironic that all of a sudden , a few selective people are now kicking up a stink about Liquorland. I wonder why !!!!
    A definite yes for me .

  66. Sharon G commented

    My partner and I live a 3 minute walk away from the proposed Liquorland. We are in FULL SUPPORT of Liquorland coming to Helensburgh.
    The prices charged in our area are beyond acceptable.
    To avoid the local price gouging, my partner would normally buy a bottle of wine in Wollongong on the way home from work for us to enjoy. However, due to the current NSW stay at home orders due to Covid , we are both at home working remotely.
    Whilst we are big advocates of shopping local, we refuse to allow our pay packets to suffer in order to bolster the coffers of the existing , overpriced stores. Our area might already have two bottle shops, but we are poorly served. Why should we have to leave Helensburgh in order to save money. We do not live in the middle of nowhere.
    Furthermore, just because my partner and I occasionally enjoy a well priced bottle of wine responsibly, doesn't mean Helensburgh will suffer from an increase in alcohol related violence or anti social behaviour if Liquorland opens. The scaremongering is farcical. A complete beat up to be honest, choreographed by one or two individuals whose only intent is in protecting their self interests.
    Looking forward to Liquorland Helensburgh.

  67. Frustrated Local Resident commented

    As a member of our local community, I voice my support of the packaged liquor application by Liquorland.
    One thing that i'm not in support of is being continually coerced by certain people and businesses in our community to write an objection, and made to feel like a second rate citizen, just because I do not support maintaining the current local liquor shops pricing power, and lack of competition. The full page article in the July , 2508 magazine is embarrassing. Each of us are entitled to our own opinion. My opinion is, I'm in favour of the Liquorland application.

  68. K Lang commented

    I do not support a liquorland in helensburgh.
    Coles should be investing money in their range of products in their store rather than on another alcohol outlet in an already saturated location. This would be the fourth alcohol outlet in the one street! Meanwhile, coles removed the deli (that the customers wanted to keep) and has not replaced the previous range (the salads, australian made meat and decent seafood) has drastically reduced the gluten free products (such that we need to shop at woolies or online to get the products we used to have in our local store). We need decent food not more booze.
    Please consult the professionals in town, the doctors, the psychologists, the chemists, the ambulance officers and the police. You will see a clear and significant issue with alcoholism in this town. I know that one less place to buy alcohol won't fix the horrid problem of addiction but it sure as hell won't help putting in another liqour shop especially not right in the centre of town.
    Council is currently upgrading the whole town centre, there is no way an ugly franchise liqourland store is inline with the objectives of the town centre upgrade. It will be an eyesore and an embarrassment for our town.

  69. Lisa King commented

    Helensburgh needs that space for a Deli, fruit, vegetables etc not a cheap liquor store. The Coles stocks minimum necessities at best.
    Also the power of a multinational store coming into a already full marketplace will not promote economic growth in the small local community but in the long term could possibly lead to two or three empty shops, job losses and a monopoly situation in the town. It’s inappropriate and I do not support it.

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  72. Harle McGeachie commented

    4 bottle shops in the space of 200 metres? No parking, no loading dock and no parking for truck deliveries. How can you approve this in good conscience?

    This will not add anything to our community, and only take income from community based businesses. Please DO NOT APPROVE yet another bottle shop!

  73. Debbie A commented

    My late husband tried to buy the proposed Liquorland building for our retirement nest egg in 2007 when Doug from PRD Nationwide occupied it.
    Sorry to let the truth get in the way of all the misinformation being said, but the property does have its own parking spots on title. All the spots that directly wrap around the building in the Coles car park, actually belong to the property.
    Also, isn't that a loading dock our beloved Grima Bros. use to to unload fruit produce into the building from their large truck on Short St . Their loading dock was always an area to say hello.
    There are vacant shops in the area, so i'm not sure people are trying to stop needed investment and the creation of new jobs.
    I support Liquorlands application and see no reason for rejection based on what i read and hear. Hopefully its a catalyst for others to open new businesses as well.

  74. Anonymous commented

    We strongly object to another liquor outlet! We currently have 4 liquor shops (including just down the hill Stanwell Park which is 2508). As a small business in 2508 we want to keep the character of our community to small family run businesses and definitely do not want to see a large corporation such as Coles corrode that community feeling. The other small business liquor shops will go out of business as there is no way they can compete with prices that Coles mass buying can bring. We infrequently buy alcohol but honestly don’t mind paying a little bit more because we realise it supports small family business. Please listen to the majority who strongly oppose this direction.

  75. J W commented

    I am writing to oppose this site application for a liquor store. There is an existing 3 liquor outlets and a pub within a 200 metre stretch where this site sits directly in the middle of. Helensburgh lacks a diverse retail and hospitality offering currently and the site is a prime location for something more suitable to what is needed in this town. All 3 current liquor outlets are small family run businesses that would suffer greatly if a large commercial liquor store was installed not 50 metres away from their place of business. These current stores have active community sponsorships in sports and charity, as well as a close relationship with the town that prevents the irresponsible sale of alcohol. It is not reasonable or responsible to allow this application to be approved, and local community opposition and input against this site should be the main influence in the decision and final outcome.

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