6 Sidney Nolan Street, Conder, ACT

PROPOSAL FOR A NEW COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - Construction of a single storey take away building, modifications of the existing driveway and verge crossing, car parking, tree removal, landscaping, signage and associated works. Lease variation to vary the maximum GFA and allowable GFA for a shop and subdivision.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 18 days ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 202138281)


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  1. Julianne commented

    I think it’s excellent. Everyone is scared of change but just like when maccas added their additional driveway, people will get used to it

  2. Wayne Corbin commented

    I am concerned with the proposed development.
    * Parking lane now only setup as one way across carparks are shown as 2 way without expanding lane widths.
    * the Aldi crosswalk is not shown and will place users in a dangerous location. Access to aldi from carpark severely impacted.
    * Access to conder shops will be difficult, 3pm school load on roundabout heavy especially with flow in and out of hungry jacks entrance.
    * people at the bus stop will be impacted by vehicle loads and noise.
    * Loss of car parks will have a detrimental impact on users of conder shops.
    * loss of significant trees on the corner.
    I oppose the present development however would support construction next to Mc Donalds or more preferred the woolworths petrol station.

  3. Carol Sinclair commented

    I strongly oppose the current development as it will create another traffic choke point. A choke point already exists around the McDonalds entrance and this construction would cause another one at the Box Hill entrance. This means both entrances to the marketplace would be blocked with ingoing and outcoming traffic.

    Loss of car parks will increase congestion and the loss of trees is unforgivable and unnecessary. Green space is shrinking everywhere.

    I would support the development next to McDonalds or next to the Woolworths petrol station. This would keep customers for fast food and petrol at one end of the marketplace and family grocery shopping, chemist, coffee shops etc. in a more relaxed environment at the other end.

  4. Liz Stephens commented

    I oppose the proposed location of Hungry Jacks as there already increased traffic congestion coming in from the roundabout at peak times causing more traffic delays and pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Loss of car park spots and removal of trees will have a negative on the community. The whole of Lanyon shopping precinct needs an upgrade.

  5. Elise Ewing commented

    I am in favour of this plan. The parking in this area is under utilised and there is significant additinal parking on the other side of Aldi that is also seldom fully used.
    This will create much needed jobs for young people in the Lanyon Valley and revitalise a dark and often deserted part of the Lanyon Marketplace.
    Additionally it will create more options for the consumer and bring in people from outside the valley so increasing the foot traffic in the area and the fortunes of the local businesses.
    Some small loss in parking or a little extra traffic is worth it considering these benefits.

  6. Kim Maloney commented

    I am totally for it. But please ensure the area is safe and still able to assess enough parking areas

  7. Michael Miller commented

    I am against this proposal. McDonalds and Hungry Jacks are basically the same thing. Cheap nasty burgers. Why not put another franchise or takeaway in there?
    Another thing that concerns me is the traffic and lack of carparks that will impede the area. Its nice to be able to go Condor Shops even on the weekend, and always be able to get a carpark. The added traffic will bottleneck the already poorly designed carpark.

  8. Kris Johnson commented

    I'm all for it, there needs to be competition to McDonalds and the area proposed is under utilised. It will draw more people to Lanyon which can only be a good thing.

  9. Anthany Earnshaw commented

    I am opposed to the proposal because:
    . traffic congestion in the entire shopping area will be horrific
    . all carparks are currently fully utilised, especially during peak hours, including around ALDI
    . significant space will be required for additional car parking
    . there are already too few disability parking space in the precinct
    . it will exacerbate the already very high crime rate in the area
    . It will impact badly on the existing trade in the area, especially the takeaway food shops in the shopping arcade and in the entire area: including pizza, noodle, and other restaurants.
    . the proposal adds nothing of value to the community but on the contrary will have very damaging impact on the community.

  10. Terence Purdey commented

    A good thing as long as all the normal safety requirements are met, adequate parking, noise concerns are met, litter and rubbish are thought of.

  11. Christine Reed commented

    The car park around Mac Donald’s is dangerous - please don’t create same problem at box hill. I support the suggestion of placing it near the petrol station.

  12. Alex commented

    This location is totally unsuitable to this development. Some level of thinking went into the design of Lanyon shops initially and this design appears to go right through it.

    We have a busy bus station connected with the shops which works reasonably well as far as traffic and pedestrian access. That needs to be strengthened not have a fast food lane way put in front of it.

    It took years and years for the trees on the corner to develop and provide a very pleasant aspect to the shops. The proposal appears to remove them with hungry jacks to be the main feature of Lanyon shops. That's not reasonable. Shops belong to all of us, new proposals should bring something better, utilise a wasted space not trash what we have.

    The Lanyon car park works very well at the front. It works less well in terms of flow around McDonald's and another drive through at the other end would turn driving in Lanyon a real problem. Lanyon is one of a few areas with good parking. This will change that. Once its gone, its gone.

    There is a completely desolate area next to the petrol station. Do it there (if you must) instead of wrecking what actually works in Lanyon.

    Side note, is that a considerable number of drive through fast food restaurants clientele leave their empty containers throughout the suburbs. More drive through more litter. Are there limits to how many drive through a suburb can take. This will not come with additional crews to clean up lanyon.

  13. Cassie commented

    I support this proposal but as others have said the parking and traffic situation is going to need to be revised imo. I'm all for new things at lanyon and considering other locations for hungry jacks, i think this is a great idea!

  14. Aldred Gonzalez commented

    A tick for a new business in Lanyon, but the proposed location is atrocious. People don't follow the arrows already in the carpark and it is quite congested in peak times when this type of business is also at its peak. Already hard enough to get out of the Maccas side of the carpark at times, and now you are creating another bottleneck. You will have more people parking in the Aldi only car park or the taxi zone. The pedestrian crossing already causes some near misses and holdups on the Box Hill roundabout in peak times. Most of us have experienced the Tharwa Dr road closure when they built the fire station, the changes in buses - so do we trust that all the factors have been considered by the dept before they even think of approving this ?
    The back near the petrol station or even the spare lots opposite the school/near club lime are better if looking for a spot down in Lanyon. Have you seen the mess of KFC Tuggeranong or Woden with respect to their drive thrus? Or even Erindale? So I oppose this development application in its current form.

  15. Monica Kaul commented

    I am in favour of this project. To have more shops in the area is a very good thing, it offers more employment, more food options and it attracts more people.
    I vote YES!

  16. Daniel Farias commented

    Great idea more jobs. More options and competitors.

  17. Nicolas Sylvestre commented

    I am for Hungry Jacks, but not for this proposal. My two main issues:
    -the absence of designated waiting lines leading to the order bays. Cars would need to line up at the back of the car park, which would make it impossible for cars parked at the marketplace to get out (already really busy during the evening and weekends)
    -the Hungry Jacks exit is right next to the carpark exit. This would make it difficult for clients to get out.

  18. Marina Martiniello commented

    I oppose this development:
    - traffic us already unsafe. This will make it worse.
    - the health food factor here is a big issue as it is non existant. If there has to be a development, why not something healthy? Something vegan perhaps?

  19. Bill MacFarlane commented

    I'm for the development but not there...go around the back near the petrol station. It could have a well planned and safe drive through along with it's own parking spaces. I understand it will cost more to establish a new building and site, but the current proposal is unworkable.

  20. Kristine Johnson commented

    I agree with the above comments about the impact on traffic of this proposed development. That particular corner is already a traffic headache in peak hour with buses pulling up and circling the round about, people crossing from the buses to the car park (the underpass is seldom used at night because it is difficult to get to and unlit - and quite creepy at night). Then there are the pedestrians crossing to the carpark from Aldi and the general traffic trying to get in and out of what is the main access to the shopping centre. I think all these issues need to be reassessed before making an often chaotic and somewhat dangerous situation worse. I think the development would be much more appropriately placed on another part of the site, possibly down the other end closer to MacDonalds or the Service Station or somewhere in that region.

  21. Angela Purcell commented

    I am concerned about the traffic bottlenecking and creating an unsafe area. A lot of elderly people live around Lanyon market place and utilise the zebra crossing to Aldi.
    I am not opposed to new business, but perhaps a more suitable location would be near the petrol station where traffic is not already bottlenecking at the roundabout.

  22. Monica Kaul commented

    I am in favour of this plan, to have more shops in this area is a positive thing, it offers employment, more choices for food, attracts people to the area.
    It is excellent! I vote definitely YES!

  23. Jacqueline Toy commented

    I am opposed to this development on this site. It is already a high traffic area and cars lined up and waiting to move through at various times, especially when schools are out and during weekends. I feel it would only be a matter of time before a serious accident happens if this goes ahead on this site. Putting it in area near service station would make more sense.

  24. Tara Mcintosh commented

    I am opposed to the location selected for the development because of:
    - the Hungry Jacks exit is right next to the carpark exit, which is near the exit from the Box Hill roundabout - which is already busy at peak hour. This would make it difficult for cars to get in and out of the shopping area, and create a traffic bottleneck (near the not shown Aldi pedestrian crossing
    - the underpass is key for safe pedestrian access from the other side of Box Hill Avenue, adding the Hungry Jacks at the end of the underpass would reduce the already limited safe pedestrian access (especially for families with young kids)
    - loss of the limited trees and green space
    - the mess left by consumers of fast food can be significant, which would mean mess in the car park, and at the shops and bus stops.

    I would support the development next to the petrol station which would avoid the creation of a traffic bottleneck and retain the already limited safe pedestrian access via the underpass.

  25. A Ferguson commented

    While I am encouraged by new business wanting to come to the area, I have some major concerns with this proposal:
    1. The exit lane is too close to the exit from the shopping centre carpark on to Balcombe street. This will have two effects - cause a bank up of traffic exiting there and also a holding up of traffic within the HJ land area (service exit). This will be exacerbated in peak hours and also as it flows back to the delays in the HJ wait area - spilling back out into the carpark.
    2. The entry area is too short, it will only allow for about four cars. Any more than four cars will spill in to the car park which will cause more traffic congestion and safety issues for pedestrians including children
    3. There are two pedestrian crossings in this area, both used frequently - to Aldo and across to the Box Hill underpass, these will be disrupted by increased traffic, especially by drivers weaving to pass line ups and added congestion.

    a) If this were to proceed, I think the shopping centre might need to consider a major traffic re-direction project, as the existing plan is simply an add-on and needs additional consideration
    b) I would definitely support HJ in the area, but there are certainly more appropriate areas within 500 metres of this location

  26. Chris Humphries commented

    More opportunities for employment, more choice, better variety... excellent bring it on, I say, keep the opposition on it's toes.

  27. Rosemary Turner commented

    I strongly oppose the proposed location of Hungry Jacks, however, would support this development next to McDonalds or next to Woolworths Petrol Station.
    This would keep all fast food and petrol at one end of Lanyon Marketplace.
    Increased traffic and congestion would cause serious problems in this proposed tight area.
    This would also cause issues to many houses across the road and current walkways.
    Removal of trees is another issue – currently these trees are homes for a lot of native birds/wildlife. Why would you cut down and replant, taking years for the trees/shrubs to become established.
    Please do not put another take away building in an already congested area. Take it to the other side of the Marketplace.
    There’s a lot of walkways around this area, new lighting has just been installed to encourage walking and safety, please do not take the safety piece away from this area.

  28. Anne Abbott commented

    I strongly oppose this proposed site and placement. I am very concerned about the traffic flow. There is already a very badly designed exit and unsafe area at the McDonalds end of the carpark.
    The traffic congestion around the large roundabout, due to the expansion of the bus ‘interchange’ has made it difficult at times to access the marketplace due to the dual turning lanes on the roundabout across Woodock drive. The carpark is a busy maze and we cannot afford to lose anymore car parking spaces.
    I strongly support the growth of new business in the area but this growth needs to be carefully thought through, this development needs to be placed in a more suitable location, adjacent to the petrol station would be a far better option in my opinion.

  29. Michael Hough commented

    This development is in a poorly considered position. It will increase traffic at an already difficult round about. To close to the bus stops the Aldi crossing which is dangerous anyway.
    Car parking is already busy at peak times.
    Littering will increase and there will be an increase in traffic at night.
    There is already an outlet in Kambah. Another is not required.
    Another example of the ACT government rolling over to big business and chasing the dollars.

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