87 Middle Street Kingsford NSW 2032

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a 3 storey boarding house comprising 70 boarding rooms, manager’s room, communal areas, basement car parking, landscaping and associated works (variation to building height of the RLEP 2012).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/166/2021)


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  1. Daniel leung commented

    I own the house next door at 93 middle st Kingsford and on one side is a 3 level townhouse development and now this will be one of the biggest boarding houses in Kingsford on the other side of my house and my one house will be in middle of all of this which is of great concern .

    Development will have a large impact on my single house next door which will have many issues such as excessive noise / violence from students living there and loitering around the property with potential issues of anti social behavior , excessive noise from cars , shading issues , blocking my sun , not enough parking in street as it is already and this development will further add congestion to traffic and parking spaces in the street , and privacy concerns of people in rooms being able to see in my windows and backyard etcetc .

    Such a large development should not be approved especially when the above issues are a real concern and especially when one house that I rent out is stuck right in middle of two large developments .

  2. Rachael Dunne commented

    We don’t want boarding houses and more student accommodation in our area. Too much congestion, noise, lack of parking. No to high rise buildings including the obscene Scape project!

  3. Lisa Walpole commented

    Another over development that at best will be 50% full.
    When will this end?
    Specifically for this DA I'd like to point out below the following breach.
    Not enough car parking spaces... Only 20 provided for 70 rooms.

    I'd suggest anyone directly effected by this development to band together with your neighbours and fight.

    Boarding houses - - NSW Department of Planninghttps://www.planning.nsw.gov.au › Housing › Boarding-...

    Car parking standards for boarding houses, except where provided by a Social Housing Provider, are now 0.5 spaces per room in all locations.

  4. Rachael Dunne commented

    We don’t want boarding houses and more student accommodation in our area. Too much congestion, noise, lack of parking. No to high rise buildings including the obscene Scape project!

  5. Michael Wright commented

    As acknowledged previously by others this application doesn't meet minimum car parking standards but that is just the least of the problems with this application.
    Randwick LGA has too many boarding houses already. I think there are 4-5 active in the last 6months including one on the corner of Middle St & Botany St. There literally is no need for them especially in the post COVID world. Please Randwick council deny this application and encourage the developers to put in suitable accommodation for residents which encourage families, frontline works and suit stays longer than 3month uni terms.
    Such as a small colletion of 2-3 bedroom units or a group of townhouses

  6. Natalia L commented

    There is already a 3-storey apartment building on the opposite side of Shaw Reserve, another 3-storey building on 87 Middle Street will make Shaw Reserve playground dark and uninviting.
    Note that there is already a boarding house application for the adjacent lot on 89-91 Middle Street.
    How many boarding houses does Randwick Council, especially Kingsford, need? They are vacant, even in pre-COVID times. Whatever happened to regular apartment unit developments? Suppose these boarding houses had tenants, why should people be forced to pay through the nose to live alone in single-person units? Consider the long-term mental health implications of social isolation. I understand the Council is trying to meet a certain dwelling number target, but these are really just ROOMS, not dwellings. Proper dwellings are homes to couples, families, and small groups of friends. Proper dwellings with long-term residents create communities. Boarding houses are nothing but glorified motels. Is this what Randwick Council wants for Kingsford?

  7. Peter commented

    Not another one, that means there will be three boarding house buildings Within 500 metres of each other
    One on Botany street opposite 161 Botany street
    One on the corner of middle and Botany street
    One at 88 middle street
    Just don’t need these buildings as they need to share ammenities that can cause another spike in Covid-19 and many other pandemic cases in the future.
    No to students
    No to massive buildings
    No to masses of extra people in our area
    No to parties
    No to high traffic volume
    Disgrace in many ways
    Petition time guys

  8. Charlie Fine commented

    Disgraceful overdevelopment in suburban Sydney. Hang your head in shame, Gladys Berejiklian. We must fight the assault on our communities.

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