17 Helsal Drive, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Six Dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 8 years ago. It was received by them 8 days earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2012/6605)


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  1. Ken O'Connor commented

    To whom it may concern:

    I wish to lodge our strong objection to the approval of this application for the construction and occupation of six double storey dwellings.
    The introduction of high density housing in this location will result in a loss of amenity and character change to an area which is currently low density urban living. Existing property values will be eroded by this and any subsequent approvals for this type of development.

    This area is quite poorly serviced in terms of vehicle movements as the streets were designed around single dwellings and at a time when 2 or more vehicles per household was uncommon. Many residences now have up to 4 vehicles per residence. The addition of these dwellings will result in increased traffic volume and has the potential to create parking congestion in the event that multiple car parking isn't to be made available within the property.

    There is already severe traffic congestion on Renou Road as traffic is regularly banked from Merryn Grove to Burwood Highway every morning Monday to Friday between 8:15 and 9:00 am. Generally, the estate commonly know as the Knox College/Old Orchard, has very poor access to High Street Road, Burwood Highway and Cathies Lane as little thought seems to have been given to traffic flow during the development of the estate.
    Increasing housing density will only accentuate this problem.

    I also point out the lack of notification to residents of this application being lodged. If approved the impact of the proposed development will be felt by residents in Matilda Ave, Apollo Court, Helsal Drive and Maripossa Court and notification through this area should be carried out . This lack of notification gives no opportunity for comment from a large number of residents and is likely to result in a misleading view of residents feelings.

  2. Trevor & Marita Cooke commented

    Re: 17 Helsal Drive, Wantirna South - P/2012/6605
    We refer to the abovementioned proposal and are very disappointed that the residents in Helsal, Matilda, Maripossa & Apollo Court have not been advised of the proposed development. How can you gauge the local reaction when no one has been told. It is only by chance that we heard about it on the "grapevine".

    Helsal Drive runs off Matilda Avenue, and in adding six two storey units to the end of Helsal will certainly impact the amount of traffic that will be using our street. It is most probable that each unit houses two cars and hence there will be twelve more cars together with visitors cars that will be using our road. This is a lot of extra traffic in a quiet side street.

    Let us point out to you that when The Knox School purchased the land from Whitten's Nursery, it was made very clear that there was to be no access by road or by foot via a gate from Matilda Avenue so as not to increase the amount of traffic in our quiet street.

    There is already a problem with traffic in Matilda Avenue with cars parked on either side of the road, at the bend - which has a continuous line. There have been many near misses there already and this problem will naturally increase if this development occurs.

    At peak times, Renou Road is a nightmare already, now that the speed humps have been put in together with roadside parking. This means that the traffic has to line up in single file and it can take three total light rotations to get through. This would naturally get worse as well.

    We understand that there is a requirement for more housing, but it doesn't make sense to overcrowd small side streets. If these developments occur in main roads - which we have noticed are being built in Knox - then it is more likely that the disruption of an increase in traffic is absorbed.

    Please be fair and let all the neighbourhood know what you are planning to do to our streets.

  3. Elizabeth & Robert Briant commented

    We were very alarmed to hear about the proposed re-development to 17 Helsal Drive Wantirna South, as residents we also do not want an increase to heavy traffic such as trucks etc that would be required . The value of our property would also be lowered if these six two story MacMansions are allowed to be erected, you only have to look on the corner of Helsal Drive to see the type of ugly huge house on a tiny block
    that was built recently and how that house often has four cars parked on the street, close to corner and causing a traffic hazard

  4. Rosaleen Helen Alban commented

    I wish to lodge an objection to the proposed double story 6 unit apartment block to be erected at number 17 Helsal Drive Wantirna South (reference P/2012/6605). This construction will irreversibly change the landscape of this area while creating increased traffic in an already pressured environment.

    A structure of this magnitude will generate a great deal of noise and inconvenience to the residents during construction and for this reason alone the wider neighbourhood should have been informed of the proposed development. If this project continues it will create visual pollution, block the winter sun to the adjoining properties and reduce the privacy for the residents of Helsal Drive and Apollo Court affecting the enjoyment of our properties.

    This area is not suitable for a high density housing estate as there is limited access to major roads and the side streets are already crowded. In this area some household now sport 3, 4 and sometimes 5 vehicles creating an obstacle course for traffic in the side streets. Increased traffic creates a higher risk of accidents and therefore should be avoided.

  5. Rebecca and Rodney Morrissey commented

    We would also like to object to the above proposed development. We agree wholeheartedly with the previous objections. One of the main reasons we bought in this immediate area was the LOW density zoning, which at the time also translated to low traffic.

  6. Lisa Hsiao commented

    At this area, there ar already too many " no through road". to have 6 two story units will make this area become highly density. The traffic is extremely terrible at night. The council should really seriously consider about the big influence at this area.

    our next door negibhour is going to buil up another unit in the back, i can't image how many construtions are going at this area. this should be stopped and get the neighbour notice as well as we didn't know anything until the neighbour's notice to our mail box.

  7. Heather hands commented

    As a resident of Helsal Drive and a direct next door neighbour of the proposed units we are very upset as we have had no notification of these plans and have only known of this from reading this website.
    We are in favour of everything that has been written by fellow neighbours and surrounding streets of Helsal Drive we would also like to mention that the 2 storey buildings will block out all of the afternoon sun to our property and also the problem with privacey looking into our backyard along with the increase of traffic and parking and the develuation of our property.
    We do hope that our comments along with other residents comments are taken seriously.

    Joy, Kevin and Heather Hands

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