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47 Lemana Lane, Miami QLD 4220

Material Change of Use Impact Assessable Office and Community Use
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Gold Coast City Council
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Public comments on this application


Comments made here were sent to Gold Coast City Council. Add your own comment.

I need Karma to stay open so I can continue to work remotely on the coast.

Why is Karma different to other spaces on the Gold Coast?
Its the closest co-working space to my home, unlike other spaces the vibe is energetic and the community is engaged. This helps me do my best work and stay positive during these pandemic times.

What value does it provide to the community?
We used the space to host a start-up product community night, the first product management one focused on the coast, bringing a lot of people who have never met together for the first time, growing gold coasts tech scene.

Do you live local to the space?
Yeah, I'm less then a 15 minute cycle away from Karma

How long have you been using the space?
2 years

What do you love about the hub?
The community, the location, the people.

Have you gained friends / business?
100% especially since moving to the gold coast from Brisbane, we've formed quite a close group, its made the transition that much better.

Do you believe we can operate with the same impact in another location?
Half of the magic of this place is the location, walking to the beach for a surf in the morning before work is one of the best ways to start the day. Being so close to so many good cafe's has made lunch easy. I think it would be very hard to keep the essence of Karma at a different location.

Greg Le Sueur
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

After having tried all of the coworking spaces on the GC that I could find, I have always been drawn back to Karma Collab. The amazing collaborative and positive energy in this coworking space is like no other, and is the reason I have continued to work remotely here for the last 3 years and decided to hire my permanent desk here for my online business.

By providing a space where remote workers can come together and find a community, when they are often very isolated, Karma brings people together with a warm and friendly approach, keeping its members and visitors engaged and most importantly, productive!

Karma is the one coworking space I have been a part of that will make an effort to know and be involved with all its members, simply by greeting you by name every day and getting to know you, organising community events in the space every week, and providing second to none facilities.

The location of Karma is the first thing that initially drew me in and is particularly useful to me now, as I will often train at my gym in the morning and then walk straight to Karma to get an early start on my workday. I have family living just around the corner as well, which is handy for me to go there straight after work to help babysit. The close vicinity to the beach, Burleigh Esplanade and local cafes are perfect for a walking lunch break.

I have found more and more of my friends come to Karma as time goes on, as people hear about how amazing and welcoming the space is, not to mention the collaborations that business owners can create together at Karma.

Keep Karma open!

Cassie Way
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

I need Karma to stay open so that I can continue to operate my small business and keep my staff employed. We use Karma as our company office space and the benefits for our small team are incredible that we simply couldn't do without them.

We looked at many co-working spaces around the Gold Coast that were simply not suitable. They were either located too far away from home so we would all have to drive to and find parking. With karma that isn't an issue as it is only a very short walk for me between Home and our office.

In addition to that, the level of quality we get here is simply unparalleled. We're not only renting an office space, but we're part of a community. We have created partnerships with other small local businesses as a direct result of working here and had the opportunity to meet many likeminded individuals that we would otherwise never have known.

Our team have been working from Karma for a little over 6 months and before that time we were working from home which is no longer an option for many in our team. The community aspect of Karma is incredible. There is always an event or an opportunity to meet new people or attend a seminar around an important topic that helps me in my own life and business.

The major drawcard of Karma for myself and my team is it's location. All of our team are located at or near the beach in Miami-Burleigh Heads area and having a location that is close to home with all it has to offer is the major benefit that we see in Karma.

Jack Murphy
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

I am writing to keep Karma Collab Hub open! I wish to provide my support to this amazing local business, and strongly urge the council to approve their application so they can continue to offer the community a service that benefits young business owners, groups, and charities.  

Karma Collab Hub supports a number of charities and social enterprises. Over 3 years they have helped local charities with events, fundraisers, and workshops, as well as offering discounts to their cause to raise awareness or provide a space for them to further their work.

I have never seen a co-work space provide such a wholesome and culturally rich environment to the community it serves. Working full time at Karma Collab Hub has allowed my business to flourish in the last 12 months, and all of my new clients are local to Gold Coast, bringing more skilled work to our area. Karma helps my business and my business is helping bring work to the community.

I have been working in Karma for 12 months, and I live in Broadbeach. I travel to Karma on my electric scooter, only about 15 minutes away. The location for Karma is perfect, with other small businesses operating nearby, close to public transport so we don't require a vehicle, beaches, cafes / businesses we support on a daily basis.

When I first arrived at Karma I had few friends on the Gold Coast, and was looking to grow my business. Karma has provided me with a desk to work, events to meet entrepreneurs and small businesses, a men's group for emotional support to those who need it, and other social events that have helped me meet a whole community of passionate people looking to make a positive impact on the Gold Coast. I now have friends I meet at the gym each week, social evenings / dinner parties, and weekend hikes / bbq / surfing. It is more than just a place to work!  I also regularly attend events and seminars that assist my business, and the proceeds from ticket sales for these events go to charity.

I believe this company will continue to make the Gold Coast a better place for businesses and charities, and should have as much support as possible to allow it to continue to do their work. 


Ryan Panizzon
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

This is an appeal to council to allow Karma to remain open. The service Karma offers to the community is unparalleled in the Gold Coast. More than an incubation hub for small businesses, Karma fosters a sense of mentorship and nurturing, all of which are vital to the success of small business and start-ups in this competitive day and age.

The writer is a retired company CEO and over the past 2 years has had the privilege of watching young entrepreneurs flourish in this environment and then move on to greater things.

A loss of this great institution , would be a loss to the Gold Coast!

Robin Easton-Berry
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

I'm writing in support of all the other comments above. Karma should remain open. t's a fantastic community space that is well used. We do not need another highrise development, brewery or bar in this area.

Shannon May
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

I am writing this submission in support of keeping Karma Collab Hub open (Application Reference: MCU/2021/84, 47 Lemana Lane, Miami QLD 4220).

I am a full-time member at Karma, I go there to work on my ecommerce business. Karma has given me the space, community, education and confidence to successfully set up a small business that is both environmentally and ethically conscious.

No other co-working space appealed to me at all - it’s proximity to public transport, great cafes, bars, my gym and the beach enables me to maintain a healthy work/life balance which is vital for me to run a successful business.

It’s hard to put in to words the amount of value that Karma brings to both the wider community and those of us who are lucky enough to work from the hub. Karma is constantly educating, nurturing, connecting and ‘doing good’. Karma is always giving back to the community by supporting charities and social enterprises.

I can’t emphasise enough how integral the assistance they offer is, to our immediate area and to the wider community in positive impact and change. Karma is an asset that Miami can’t and most certainly should not lose.

Mel Walker
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

I am writing this submission in support of Karma Collab Hub (Application Reference: MCU/2021/84, 47 Lemana Lane, Miami QLD 4220).

As the parent of a child with a severe disability, Karma is a GODSEND. It is an open, warm, welcoming, supportive environment that allows me to work and run my business while my child receives his therapy and support just down the road. I'm a full-time member and my days at Karma are always the highlight of my week. Not only can I work undisturbed while remaining accessible to my special-needs child, the people who call Karma home are also incredibly supportive and welcoming to my son - something that is not always common in public spaces.

To say that Karma is my safe place is an understatement. I travel from Kingscliff, Northern NSW 4 days a week just to work at Karma - *that's* how special it is. If you were to close this place, you would not only be hurting the local community of creatives who spend their money in the neighbouring businesses, but you'd also be putting up barriers for parents like me who are trying to run a business to provide for their family.

Shanny Fitzgerald
Delivered to Gold Coast City Council

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