2 Fauna Place Kirrawee NSW 2232

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a boarding house development

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 21 days earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference DA21/0154)


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  1. Jason Hawksworth commented

    This has to be a wind up. We have boarding house development applications for Best Crescent, President Avenue, Oak Road and now this one. It’s totally absurd- what on earth do council think they are about to create to the Kirrawee area. The socio demographic of Kirrawee is already changing, just ask any local who goes shopping to South Village. It’s beyond belief.

  2. Warren Price commented

    The Council and Planning Authorities have no regard whatsoever for residents or the potential impact on a community.
    There is a Council operated child care facility right opposite this residence! Boarding houses historically attract a percentage of itinerants, and also statistically more evidence of an increase in crime.
    Wake up before Kirrawee is turned into a Ghetto!

  3. steve commented

    As mentioned in previous comments, how many boarding house applications are these developers going to put through. You can see the kind of characters that already visit the Kirrawee Village area and South Village and cause issues. This will only add to crime in the area and more vehicles to an area that had exhausted its resources even before South Village was completed. Oak Rd is a bottle neck at the best of times and shouldn't have any more pressure put on it and adding another multi-dwelling complex will do this. It's about time the government enforced its ruling on anyone involved in the building/property industry being involved in council. There seem to be a lot of developments going through that would otherwise not making it using common sense. To many under the table deals going on...........

  4. Peter Kalousek commented

    Boarding house residents recently out of jail , itinerants, people hiding from the Police, watch the news serious crime's boarding house residents, look at all the school children in the kirrawee area from 2 large schools , I worry about my grandchildren.

  5. Darren Stanley commented

    I too find this disturbing that developers are not informed that this area is not suitable at application particularly givin the close proximity of a young daycare facility.
    Also considering the large block of apartments at the end and the tight access into this street shared with the public car park.
    The daycare centre is already used as a short cut and to add to this is only going to cause more trouble.
    Strongly oppose this application on safety, location and suitability grounds.

  6. Jillian Woolbank commented

    Councillors you are killing Kirrawee! Surely you have filled your affordable housing quota without the need for yet another boarding house.approval. What about duty of care to the council controlled child care centre opposite? What about respect for the current residents?
    In particular I strongly object to yet another unnecessary development being granted in this previously idyllic cul-de-sac. This small street is already over traffic capacity with parking permitted on both sides of the street because of it's proximity to the local train station. With several more DA's already approved this street and its limited access to President Avenue and Oak Road, Fauna Place cannot not tolerate any more developments Development at this particular site opposite the childcare centre and on the only access into the street would be a complete disaster and I request council refuse this DA as unsuitable.

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