Target 1M/78 Barkly Street Mornington VIC 3931

Proposed building works to convert the existing target to a supermarket and addition retail shops

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P21/0345)


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  1. Louise Dunn commented

    We need to keep Target in Mornington. Otherwise we have to go 20 mins or more to either Frankston or Rosebud to access a target store. It is the only department store in the area and without it, it is difficult for a lot of people to then get to the other stores on the peninsula. We live in Mt Martha, so it is further away from a department store. Just to get books to read at a reasonable price, and toys for the children at a reasonable price, it will make our lives much more difficult. Please do not close this store.

  2. Sally Halligan commented

    Pleas do not take away Target unless you replace it with K Mart. We need a dept store in Mornington

  3. Anna Bradbury commented

    A Big W or Kmart to replace similar to what is going would be good. We don't need more supermarkets or bottleshops.
    Perhaps consider the infrastructure - not much you can do in the heart of Mornington, but Mornington-Tyabb and Bungower Rds - single lanes are rediculous especially now with Pen Link.

  4. Karyn S commented

    Why do we need another supermarket? With so many families in the area we need a department store, with Target gone it’s a 20 minute drive to get to Hastings, Rosebud or Frankston.

  5. K J Coulter commented

    Unless a new department store is going in, I object to the changes proposed to this site. The last thing Mornington needs is more supermarkets and stores that will face increased rent and be empty a few months after opening.

  6. M Fowler commented

    We already have 6 supermarkets in Mornington, why would we want a 7th?

  7. Sue Cargill commented

    Mornington already has more supermarkets than it needs. A department store like Target or Kmart is more relevant to the needs of the community and without it people will take their money to Frankston or further afield.

  8. Chris L commented

    Is this the only notification of closing Target. Why don't you post something in shopping centre or the store to advertise to its loyal customers.
    According to Wesfarmers info on website they have not listed this store, is someone trying hide this from public.
    How many supermarkets do we need in small vicinity. More food trucks at and after 5am making deliveries to supermarkets let's make sure locals can't sleep.

  9. Debbie D commented

    It’s ridiculous to think another Supermarket is necessary, we need Target or another store similar. It’s annoying to have to travel for clothes and shoes, even linen. It’s ridiculous to think this is okay it’s the only place to children’s clothing and one of the only places for toys. It’s very short sited to not think about the community and their needs

  10. Deb O’Donnell commented

    KMart would be better than another supermarket thanks

  11. Judy Birkenhead commented

    We need a department store. Another supermarket is not needed but with the growing families in the area and the frequently imposed 5 km rule, it is not the time to remove a valued asset.

  12. Sarah h commented

    Please as already said target is a life saver to parents as well it’s the only department store in the mornington community if target isn’t surviving a don’t agree that week need another supermarket in the mornington mount Martha area we have 2 coles and 2 Woolworths and 2 aldi stores it would be say to see target leave but something like need to be replaced . Please also consider the impact on parking if you bring another supermarket or department store you need to find more parking it’s already a busy complex

  13. Lynne Lee commented

    I had heard that Target was to become another Kmart and although not happy, was ready to accept that decision. I am however horrified to now hear it will become another supermarket. We have a high elderly population in Mornington who do not drive or only drive locally so we need to keep our one and only department store for them and all our families.

  14. Millie commented

    Don't need another supermarket. Replace with Big W or Kmart. Difficult enough to get to a retail store on the peninsula.

  15. Julie-ann mckee commented

    I’m strongly against this. Mornington does not need ANOTHER supermarket! We have 6 supermarkets in Mornington! How many supermarkets does one suburb need! If Target goes, Mornington has no big chain department store. Target is the only store that brings me to shop in that shopping centre. If Target goes, it will effect all the retailers as people will travel to Frankston or other areas! That shopping centre needs to expand for the growing you f area mornington mount martha is! Karingal is having huge developments and they have Cranbourne and Frankston shopping centre in close proximity. Mornington is really lacking! Build up and get us a Kmart, big w and other retailers, bring more shoppers to the area. Big mistake to make another supermarket

  16. Eileen Hilda Ryan commented

    Morning currently has 2 Coles, 2 Aldi and 2 Woolworths - surely that is enough. What is needed is a department store such as Big W or K Mart which caters to families, otherwise shoppers will leave Mornington and shop elsewhere - usually never to return.

  17. K Mack commented

    We do not need another supermarket in Mornington, we already have two Coles, two woolies and two Aldi.
    We need to have chain retailer Target or Kmart for affordable essential household goods and clothing something we already lack in the town, so we don't have to shop at Frankston or Rosebud.

  18. Joni commented

    Please keep the Target In Mornington we do not need another supermarket there.

  19. Alison K commented

    As a previous staff member of Target Mornington I’ve seen first hand how well loved the store is to the township of Mornington and surrounding areas. I cannot understand why you would remove a department store like this that is trading well with good sales and put in yet another supermarket. It’s just ridiculous. Please do not allow this proposed building works to go ahead.

  20. Barbara Swift commented

    Target is one of my favourite shops, I especially love the Mornington one. I have found everything I need there, and the staff go out of their way to be helpful . Please keep our Mornington store .We have a lot of retirees living down here, and a lot of the elderly reply on public transport, and I know they won’t be wanting to travel outside their own areas. I find a lot of the shops cater for the younger age group, and Target caters
    for all age groups, and prices that are affordable to us. We don’t need any more supermarkets here.

  21. Emma commented

    This would be so disappointing. Maybe it means instead of another supermarket,
    it just means Coles taking over Target floor space. But Target is such an asset to our town. Yes, we have independent stores or small chain stores that offer linen or clothing or toys but these stores aren't within everyone's budget. If we then need to travel to Frankston or Somerville or Hastings or Rosebud to a Target/Kmart/Big W then while we are there we'll also grab some groceries, fuel, alcohol, etc from the other stores in those towns. Mornington retail, not just Mornington Target, will suffer. As will the Target staff who will now be out of a job.

  22. Janet McNeill commented

    Having read the comments above, I would like to add that I agree with them.
    Target has been a great asset to the Mornington Village. Allowing people to shop for clothing and linen and toys etc without having to travel to Frankston or Rosebud is desirable.
    Yes, we do have great independent stores which provide this, however for a lot of people, the convenience and cost of Target items is more affordable.
    I too query why yet another supermarket could even remotely be considered a necessity. With all the existing Coles, Woolworths and Aldi stores, as well as Dan Murphy, First choice and BWS stores, food and alcohol are well and truly covered!
    Thanks for considering my post.

  23. Ryan commented

    Mornington doesn't need another supermarket unless it's a Costco (and that's not going to happen here since it's too small). I don't really care for Target but if they decide to leave it needs to be replaced by a similar store like Kmart or Big W. Without exaggerating, there is literally 6 supermarkets within 2.5km radius of Main street. It doesn't need another one.

  24. Tracey commented

    No more supermarkets! 6 is more than enough

  25. Rachael commented

    I object to another, not required supermarket in Mornington. As stated by others we have plenty already and Target, if it must be replaced, should be replaced with a store with similar offerings that appeal to a wide demographic to keep business within Mornington.

  26. Leanne Christie commented

    When will Mornington locals find out more details? Is the supermarket new to the town or being relocated from an existing Mornington site. The town needs stores like Target or Kmart in Mornington. I would prefer the Coles on M'ton Tyabb Rd be changed to a Target or Kmart, then that Coles is relocated to the current Target site. The Coles at the other end of the precinct should be changed to smaller retail stores. No more new supermarkets in Mornington are necessary!!

  27. K Crutr commented

    We don’t need another supermarket... 2 Coles, 2 Woolworths and 2 Aldi, however we do need a department store. If Target is closing we need a Kmart or Big W in its place as the closest is 17km and with so many elderly residents in the area many of them won’t be able to get there.

  28. Veronica Wright commented

    As a senior, it would be very disappointing to see Target go, I often shop there to buy clothes, linen etc for myself, and clothes and toys for the grand children. I am unable to drive far these days, so having to drive to Frankston instead is something I am unable to do.
    I think the senior community would be at a big loss without a target or something similar like a Kmart to replace it.
    We have 6 supermarkets all so very close together, it’s ridiculous that the council would be even considering adding another supermarket, just plain crazy!
    Please keep the Target, would be so sad to see it go.

  29. Andrea P commented

    Mornington has many supermarkets and definitely DOES NOT need another one to replace Target in the Mornington Central shopping centre. I’d heard it was to be replaced by Kmart which would be better for local families to buy a variety of goods at economical prices. Is there going to be any consultation with local people??

  30. Karen Williams commented

    Please do not allow another supermarket. I honestly think 2 Woolworths, 2 Coles & 2 Aldis is absolutely plenty!!! I would rather spend my money in Mornington at Target & it’s surrounding stores than drive 20-25min to Frankston, Hastings or Rosebud for a department store (Target/Kmart/BigW)

  31. Mary Leighton commented

    Mornington already has 6 supermarkets , a seventh is just ridiculous. Kmart would be far more appropriate as a replacement .

  32. Michelle O’Neill commented

    A supermarket is NOT needed in Mornington! 6 already plus IGA in Mt Martha.
    We need more retail shops as many have closed. No more ph providers, nail salons or massage shops needed in Centro. Store such as K Mart would be ideal .

  33. F Saunders commented

    Another supermarket is completely unnecessary in Mornington. As others have said we have 6 already.

  34. K. ROLLASON commented

    Please don't close Target in mornington, we certainly don't need another supermarket as we already have 2 of each Coles, woollies & aldi as well as a food works. It is at least 20minute drive to the next nearest department stores. With only buses & no train system here this makes it quite difficult for those who rely on public transport.
    Please reconsider this.

  35. Erin commented

    To replace Mornington’s only department store with yet another supermarket is not a logical idea. It’s not at all feasible to expect residents of Mornington and surrounding towns to have to travel to Frankston or Rosebud any time they need affordable clothing, homewares and sundries. If you are still insistent upon replacing Target, apply to change it to a Kmart instead.

  36. Heather Taylor commented

    Please do not replace Target with ANOTHER supermarket which is really not needed...........we have 7 already!
    A department store is a necessity.

  37. Elizabeth B commented

    We need to retain a department store in the Target site.
    This site is central, very convenient, especially for those who do not drive at all or far, and a department store provides a useful mix to the commercial range available in central Mornington.
    All buses service this area, unlike other parts of Mornington.
    Which supermarket is behind this application?
    Is it Aldi wanting larger premises in central Mornington?
    If so, this would add to the parking and other congestion in this Centro area, leaving the Village end of town under-utilised.
    The commercial mix and utilisation of the whole of Main Street area must be considered.

  38. Meshele Glen commented

    Please don't replace Target with yet another supermarket, it's the only department store between Frankston & Rosebud. If it's not financially viable to keep it, please consider replacing it with either a kmart or big w store.

  39. Susie commented

    Everyone who knows about this is upset and those who don’t, will be. I moved to Mornington because it has everything I need. I don’t drive and the thought of catching buses to Frankston and Rosebud to shop is so inconvenient. We don’t need another supermarket in Mornington. Why can’t we just leave things as they are? There are a lot of people I know in the same boat as me here. We don’t drive.

  40. Ceri Banks commented

    Target is such a great place for the last minute dash before school the next day and the kids desperately need new shorts, swimmers, socks etc. Or when your youngest announces at the 11th hour that they need a present for a friend or a Kris kringle the next day. Can't see how another supermarket in the town centre is necessary?

  41. Mausie commented

    No no no - another supermarket just not necessary!

  42. Chloe commented

    We really don’t need another supermarket.

  43. Victoria Moloney commented

    Please do not close target Mornington. Families need a well price pointed department store in Mornington. We do not need another supermarket as we already have 6 to choose from. Please put your residents needs before money from big corporations.

  44. Barbara Critelli commented

    I live in Rosebud and I have just learned that Rosebud Target and Mornington Target are both to be closed. There are many young families on the Peninsula, including my own with three tween girls. We need Target! Where else will I buy their school shoes, my dresses and homewares from at reasonable prices. Why are you not thinking of the locals that live here? Families are coming down in droves. We don’t need more supermarkets, we need department stores that cater for us.

  45. Suzanne Gregory commented

    As a frequent (at least weekly) visitor to Mornington from the lower peninsula I agree with other statements on this board about the removal of Target, although I understand a lot of those stores were scheduled for closure. Replacing it with a supermarket and more retail shops is superfluous to need. A department store like BigW or Kmart would be much better value to Mornington and surrounding residents. I often come up to Mornington Target because they have better stock levels. If Mornington doesn't have it I have to go all the way to Frankston.

  46. Leesa Price commented

    We do not need another supermarket in the area. The Target store in Mornington is so convenient and will be greatly missed if it goes.

  47. Bianca commented

    This is awful! We need our local target! The local area needs a department store. I haven’t spoken to another person who thinks this is a good idea, and I think you’ll find very little support for another supermarket in the area. 6 large ones plus smaller supplementary stores is AMPLE for the local area. Another one is ridiculous.

  48. Lisa O’Brien commented

    Please do not put another supermarket in the place of Target Mornington. We do not need another supermarket but we do need a department store do that we are not forced to go to the closet one in Frankston !!
    If Kmart or Big W went in there the centre would go off !! And all the other shops in the centre would benefit and Mornington would benefit too
    Please not another supermarket 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  49. Teresa Newman commented

    Very disappointed to hear Target is going! As mentioned, a supermarket would definitely be overkill for Mornington, whereas a department store such as Kmart would better suite the community.

  50. Nancy Zele commented

    I object! Keep target please. No more supermarkets or bottle shops

  51. Ruth commented

    As a mother of 3 young children whom grow so quickly, I rely heavily on Target for school uniform, socks and clothing, new bathers when old ones too small. Im not interested in driving to Frankston and now Fountaingate for socks or a gift for a child's birthday. The peninsula is full of young growing families. We lost Toys R Us in Frankston, Cotton Kids only cater up to size 9/10 no teen. We need a department store. It must be Target or a Kmart not another overpriced supermarket thats going to cause more chaos in the car park. I object to Target being closed and all the staff losing their jobs.

  52. K. Burness commented

    I think it would be a shame to lose target for a supermarket. The area is full of families and they use the store to purchase items such as school uniforms or a certain colour top for that sports carnival, games and toys along with gifts and homewares. The bonus with target it that they are at affordable prices especially for last minute essentials/emergencies. Not everyone has the ability to travel after school to Frankston to pick up that pair of shorts because the last pair now have a hole in them. What about our elderly community who may not drive, where will they purchase affordable essentials. It’s not like a 30 minute bus trip to and from Frankston/rosebud carrying supplies would be easy.
    It seems highly unlikely that the current number of scattered supermarkets, and fruit and veg sellers are overflowing that another is needed.
    I would hope that the council looks at the needs of the community. Not the wants of corporations.
    I would also hope that this planning application is placed outside the current target so locals can see what is happening.

  53. Ashlee Caminiti commented

    Please do not take away Target.
    It services a lot of families in surrounding towns, and if it is removed, it will be hard for people who rely on public transport or walking, to get to a department store without it taking a large amount of time.

    In addition to this, a lot of loyal staff are going to be workout work.

  54. Anna D commented

    This closure will leave Mornington/Mount Martha with no department stores but 7 supermarkets - surely this is unnecessary and leaves us with a gap in shopping options, pushing people out to Frankston to shop?

  55. Ryan Calvert commented

    If the Target model is not working then Kmart would be a logical choice. Otherwise if you introduced another Woolworths, the value of the whole centre may be deminished as let's be frank, the parking and access to other supermarkets within 5km of this proposal are better. Easier to get in, park, and get a trolley. People shop here now because there is a Coles, a newsagent, $2 shop, haircare, flower shop and a Target. Remove the target and replace with now 2 supermarkets opposite each other with some nic-nacks in the middle? Seriously? People will just shop elsewhere and the businesses in the middle will suffer from this stupidity. Can't see how anyone including Wollies would win from this proposal??

  56. Samantha Segrave commented

    We do not need another supermarket in Mornington! We either need Target to stay or replaced with Kmart.

  57. Jane commented

    Like everyone else above, I am very sorry to hear that Target will be closing. It is my go-to store to buy affordable items outside of traditional business hours. Perfect to support a family with those everyday items. Although items found at target can be found in smaller shops, they are often double/triple the price, I simply can’t afford that. Online shopping doesn’t help when you need to grab something quickly (like before/after school) or you need to try the items on. We need a department store in Mornington. So whatever planning decisions are made at this particular site, I’d like to see the council working to attract a big box store to fill the new void in the market at a location in Mornington.

  58. Lexi Clark commented

    What a joke! Another supermarket is NOT something we need! We NEED a department store.

  59. Kim A commented

    Please don’t put in another supermarket - it is not needed. Very disappointed that Target is closing. If it has to go a Kmart would be a better solution.

  60. Mandy commented

    I totally disagree with this , what a stupid idea to remove a department store that we all need and all shop at , which is very profitable , it brings so much foot traffic that leads to sales in the other shops . Listen to the people , listen to what they want . I guess it all comes down to the owners of the centre and what they want MORE MONEY, they are GREEDY, they think they can make more profit from more specialty shops and a supermarket !!! I hope it all falls apart for them . Has COVID not made people think ‘ it’s not all about the money ‘ it’s about a community, a town , what people want and we don’t want to loose our department store !

  61. JMB commented

    As everyone has said, Target is the only variety store in Mornington, to close it down makes no sense whatsoever. It will impact on all of Centro, as most people specifically come, just for Target. I for one will not go to Centro when Target goes, and I’m sure I am not alone. We have an ageing population around this area, that rely heavily on this store, for things they need. Getting rid of Target will be the end of Centro

  62. Lisa Guest commented

    This is really disappointing as Mornington wasn’t on the list to change over to a Kmart from Target but it is now going anyway? Mornington will suffer as people will travel further and do everything at Frankston or alike. Shame.

  63. Jenna commented

    Please no! We do not need another supermarket in Mornington. Target needs to stay or be replaced by another department store like K Mart or Big W. Loosing our only department store would be devastating to many.

  64. Sarah Buckley commented

    It would be so disappointing if Target were to close! Why shut such a fantastic and handy store! Please no more supermarkets! They are already so many even just in Mornington!

  65. Kylie commented

    Please speak to the community before allowing this. These comments show that this is not what the Mornington community want or need.
    Many people especially the elderly will suffer by not having a store such as Target /Kmart to shop for their essentials. There is no shortage of supermarkets.
    This will be a devastating decision for many.

  66. Donna H commented

    Another supermarket in Mornington is not necessary. We already have enough here. A small department store like Target, Kmart, Big W etc. is perfect for there. Please no more supermarkets

  67. Cristina commented

    I go to Target Mornington a lot and will be devastating if it closes, we don’t need another supermarket. If Target goes, I will make sure I will not be shopping there anymore!

  68. Gwen Fisher commented

    No need for yet another supermarket please reconsider. Definitely the need for small department style store with kids’, adults medium priced clothing. Perhaps a fruit, veggie shop like Henry’s , a nice cafe, dressed up with colourful awning etc . The Mall needs to be inviting and vibrant, I feel it is really lacking in these areas. Coles really also needs a revamp and a bit of oomph! No more Real Estate, Optometrist, Massage boutiques.

  69. Anna Li commented

    It is unnecessary to put in another supermarket, we have too many!!!
    Please keep Target or put in another department store such as Kmart or even JB Hi-fi so people do not have to drive 20 mins out of Mornington to go to those stores.

  70. Catherine Goodwin commented

    It is a relatively difficult task accessing a department store, especially with young children & babies, and without a target to get many family essentials, people of Mornington, Mt Martha and Dromana will be forced to travel further afield. Access into Frankston comes with additional parking costs, so this makes it harder for some families. Mornington is already serviced with plenty of supermarkets, but needs a specialty department store. Please don’t close target, but if it must, a big W or Kmart needs to go in its place. Where else can mums access toys/books/games/clothing and baby essentials at a reasonable price. Keep Target Mornington.

  71. CO commented

    Not only do we have an ageing population we also have a huge increase in young families in the area. Who all need to be considered! The supermarket trade has been higher than ever due to the pandemic- however with currently 2 of every supermarket chain plus IGA stores all within a 10 km radius we do not need yet another supermarket even if an existing one is being moved. Our growing community must have a department store. We shouldn’t even have to be fighting this! Common sense tells us that the community must have this essential store whether it be a target, Kmart or even another department store.
    Not to mention the staff with many being mature staff who are all about to lose their jobs and are unlikely to be reemployed in a transferred supermarket. Many are also young people who will no longer have a job who will be desperately trying to find something within an already stretched community. Please could we show some common sense and consideration for our community put them first before making ridiculous unwarranted decisions!
    There will be a huge excess from the vicinity centre if this goes ahead!

  72. Shirley Bowen commented

    My primary reason for going to Centro is to shop at Target. We need a department store. I don’t want to drive to Rosebud or Frankston, it’s too far and too big to negotiate.
    We certainly do not need another supermarket or more retail shops.
    Please listen to your constituents.

  73. Jade F commented

    I STRONGLY object to this proposal. We do not need to move an existing supermarket, nor build another in Mornington. We do however need the ability to do the quick dash to buy affordable shoes and clothing for children without having to drive into another suburb. Why would the Shire entertain Vicinity in this proposal? It just forces locals to shop elsewhere hasn’t this last 12 months has fought us nothing? We need to be able to shop local!

  74. Jodie commented

    Target Mornington needs to stay! We do not have any other department stores in the area. We have 6 supermarkets already and do not need anymore. Mornington/Mt Martha residents need a department store and do not want to travel 20 minutes or more any in direction to get to one.
    I am against the proposal to add another supermarket.

  75. Sue Randall commented

    Please DO NOT take Target away!! As it's the only department store in Mornington it really is essential to the community. We have ENOUGH supermarkets!! If people have to go else where to find a department store they will shop for everything else in that area!! So I think Mornington as a whole will suffer!!

  76. K Wells commented

    We so do not need another supermarket - already 5 across Mornington. Target is the only department type store we have between Frankston and Rosebud. We need to keep a similar style store in Mornington.

  77. Emily commented

    Please DO NOT take away Target unless its going to be Kmart!! There are supermarkets everywhere, whoever is in charge of this decision has no idea of what the community wants or needs!!! Maybe try asking the community or at least a representative that is in touch with the people...

  78. dorothee murnane commented

    Please do not close Target down! We need Target. I go there a lot & so do my friends & kids.
    We do not need yet another Supermarket!

  79. Kirsty Effiong commented

    For such a large population, we need a Department store that is local! I object to making the current Target a supermarket.

  80. Jennifer Lenard commented

    We do not need yet another supermarket in Mornington........but we do need a department store such as Target or Kmart. They are wonderful for well-priced children's, womens and menswear, books, toys and homewares. It is very important to have variety in our local shopping centre, and that is sadly decreasing. I will need to take regular trips to Frankston to access a Target or Kmart if this moves ahead, and of course that will take more of my business from Mornington.

  81. Melissa Walton commented

    How ridiculous. As if Mornington needs another supermarket. We have enough as it is. If we have to lose Target, then we need another similar store to replace it, like Kmart or Big W. Mornington is growing and although we support the small local stores, we still require a department type store.

  82. Melinda Jenner commented

    This is just crazy! Heard Woolworths is going in there which will ruin Centro as a shopping centre. We do not need or want another supermarket. Residents in Mornington would have to drive 20 min to either frankston, Hastings or Rosebud to get to a department store. Listen to what the locals want.. I can guarantee you it’s not a supermarket!

  83. Nicola Cuthbertson commented

    Target to stay or a Kmart!! There is absolutely no need for another supermarket. We have more than enough in Mornington. You can only buy so much food from so many supermarkets. Target would be a huge miss for many, not to mention all the loyal staff who would be out of work.

  84. Jenny Kay commented

    Mornington does NOT require another supermarket. Losing the Target store is not a progressive step forward for Mornington and surrounding suburbs. The distances necessary to travel to a Target or other large department store is detrimental to the population as many will find it difficult to travel the distances this requires. Parking is difficult enough without extending and using up car parking spaces. It’s a big no from me!!

  85. Pauline Allen-Stanley commented

    The area definitely does NOT need another supermarket. Definitely needs an ongoing general store like Target.

  86. Nicola L commented

    We are already inundated with supermarkets. We need a Target for well priced toys and clothes. Now we will have to go to Bayside or Somerville. It's just makes no sense. I would be very happy if it was a Kmart or BigW as we do not have any local ones. Please reconsider this, serve your community. Provide it with the good and services it actually needs.

  87. C. McMillan commented

    Who is it that makes these types of decisions? Has there been consultation with local shoppers or other residents? It would seem not... surely it would be better to keep a variety/department style store such as Kmart or Big W instead of yet another supermarket in the area. There are enough supermarkets but only one store such as Target and from reports it looks like you want to remove that. Please consider those that rely on the current options, especially the elderly, who would lose this asset to the community and be forced to travel much further. Ease of parking is also a consideration.
    Let’s keep our variety!

  88. Claire Burke commented

    Mornington does not need another supermarket. Target is the only store that offers a wide variety of items at reasonable prices. I regularly shop there, would really miss it if it goes and would definitely would not make the trip into Frankston to visit Target. As mentioned by others, a store such as Kmart or Big W would be the smart choice if Target has to leave (as I suspect they have already planned to leave and can't be prevented going by the Council). I just reiterate the comments of others that we don't need another supermarket in its place.

  89. Melissa Joplin commented

    Mornington has 2 Aldi's, 2 Woolworths and 2 Coles.
    If target has to go, another department store needs to replace it, not more food stores.

    Kmart, Big W or Target is needed in Mornington.

  90. Amanda Johannsen commented

    Please do not take Target away from Mornington. A department store is so incredibly important to a town which has so many young families (7 local schools!!) We already have 7 supermarkets- what on earth do we need another one for!? Its absolutely ludicrous. If anything we need another department store.
    I have friends who do not live close by, but when they come to Morningtom they always pop in to Target. Our sweet little town needs it or a replacement department store. An Absolute shame if this goes ahead.

  91. Clint commented

    I object to having a supermarket in the location of existing Target department store in Mornington. For a town this size, i think it is important to have an affordable department store. Local council has allowed large retirement villages to be built in area, and hope council is working hard to ensure this demographic is supported with affordable local department store to service them as well as the many young families in area. Kmart or Big W would be a great replacement. I reommend all people who object to this proposal voice their opinion and continue to fight for a local department store......

  92. Kirsten Harris commented

    I am disappointed at the concept of yet another grocery store popping up and replacing Target. For me, this is not what the mornington community need or would welcome. We are overrun with 5 grocery stores all within a 5km radius of mornington. Target offers the mornington community a different shopping experience.
    Please think about the local butchers who will be affected by this decision.

  93. Erin Power commented

    Please do not add another supermarket to Mornington. There are already branches of all the major supermarket players in the one town, additional are not necessary. Mornington is a hub for the Mornington Peninsula, and the Target that is there provides a huge amount of accessibility to products to many who live further away. It means we don’t have to trek to Frankston and back. Please consider providing other clothing/toy/homewear retailers or another department store in its place.

  94. Dencil commented

    Please don't take our Target store away from us it is an amazing store and the staff are very friendly and helpful it would be devastating we really don't need another supermarket in the centre

  95. Melissa commented

    Please keep this area as a department store for the sake of the community! Families through to the elderly rely on this store for general items and clothing!! Please reconsider

  96. Rachel commented

    Please read all the above comments and listen to what your community needs . We are a growing community down here many families with children and many elderly who need a larger department store like Kmart target or even big w for all those everyday essentials . To expect everyone to now have to drive to Hastings , rosebud or Frankston for these essentials is unfair. The last thing we need is another supermarket in mornington.

  97. Alanna Musgrove commented

    We don’t need another supermarket in Mornington! Target is the only dept store and needs to be replaced with a like dept store. I currently only visit the existing coles because target is there. If there is no like option then I wouldn’t visit the area at all. I can do my shopping somewhere with better parking! I’m sure many others feel the same!

  98. Gemma Bundy commented

    Mornington cannot surely need another supermarket! Target Mornington provides local familes with affordable & convenient clothing options for kids, homewares and toys locally without the need to travel to Frankston or beyond. Hopefully, the council will stop buying into corporate battles. Just like Masters and Bunnings! Look how that ended.

  99. Martin Francis Lenard commented

    Another supermarket replacing Target at Mornington Central is a ridiculous idea. We need more department stores in Mornington, not more supermarkets. All this proposal will do is to drive Mornington residents to shop more in Frankston, depriving our local retailers of custom. Please Mornington Shire do whatever you can to save our department store.

  100. Andrew commented

    Why doesn't the complex in coordination with the shire make some of the space available for small Peninsula businesses - many of who are regulars at Market day to have pop up stores / displays during the wetter / winter months rather than a supermarket

  101. Lesley Dons commented

    We certainly don’t need another supermarket in Mornington 😡 target has everything for families. Why would you drive to Target Frankston in a large shopping centre & pay for parking ? Please think of the locals.

  102. Jackie Daniels commented

    I as a Mt Martha resident not at all happy about another supermarket and no Target. We need Target as we are a growing town and certainly am not happy to have to drive all the way to Frankston or Rosebud. Think of the locals who I believe 99% would agree with me. No more supermarkets Target yes or Big Wvor KMart. I voted for who I thought would think of the locals not money.

  103. Robyn shelbourne commented

    If this application is true , l cannot believe that you the Council , which makes decisions on behalf of we the residents of Mornington , do not consider our needs here. We have enough supermarkets 7 of them here.
    At your recent Elections I voted for those of you , who I thought would fight more for the residents here , in particular more stores such as Kmart , BigW if Target ever went . You know with more Retirement villages now and Estates rising up everywhere , the residents are getting older , me being one of them. We also lost 2 Miller's Stores and Spendless shoes and a few more. Why do you not ask for suggestions from the public as to what WE need here. Also the Buses have not started to run in Bungower road , for those aged residents who are unable to drive .It would be great to get a bus into Mornington, Frankston etc. The bus stop has never been serviced here near the Railway crossing in Bungower road, that would help hundreds of people here.
    So Council Members put a bit more thought into what we the locals want for a change.

  104. Matthew Fowler commented

    Having been in Target twice in the last few weeks, I have observed it to be a busy and bustling store, with the majority of shoppers being families and seniors. It would be a real blow to not have a local affordable department store to grab reasonably priced kids clothes, toys, adult clothes, home items etc.
    Many people only visit the Centro because they are visiting the Target, this then brings them to visit the other smaller stores.
    If the Target is no longer there to pull in all the foot traffic, then I feel that all the smaller stores there will suffer, as less people will shop there. I know that without a Target, our family would no longer have a need to visit Centro. We certainly never travel there to do our grocery shopping, but on occasion if we are leaving Target and need an item or two, we do run into the Coles, etc.
    Have you reached out to the senior community? Perhaps you should reach out to the many retirement villages and see how the seniors feel. Many of them don't travel far in their older age, and would be devastated to learn that there is no longer a department store for them.

  105. Bree lamprell commented

    Mornington does not need an additional supermarket. Kmart or Big W would be a fantastic replacment, somewhere for the average family to buy clothes & household items is needed.

  106. Connie Vella commented

    Please no more supermarkets we have enough of them in Mornington. What we need is KMart to replace Target. Target is not what it used to be, prices have gone up and one can not always find what we need unless we go to a Kmart Store which the closest is in Rosebud. We need a Kmart in Mornington ! and not another Supermarket.

  107. Linda Green commented

    The owner of the centre does not consider the community it’s all about making money. The council would have approved the application. We all must remember this at the next election.

  108. Karen Williams commented

    Please do not allow another supermarket. I honestly think 2 Woolworths, 2 Coles & 2 Aldis is absolutely plenty!!! I would rather spend my money in Mornington at Target & it’s surrounding stores than drive 20-25min to Frankston, Hastings or Rosebud for a department store (Target/Kmart/BigW)

  109. Heather M commented

    Re-capping the Candidate Statement Ballot Material made by Despi O'Connor in October 2020:-
    "I will be the voice of common sense on the Mornington Peninsula.
    Being an active community member and long term resident I am passionate about where I live and the people that I live amongst. A vote for me is a vote for an unaffiliated, unbiased and a common sense approach driven by community voice.
    I have proven myself to be an effective contributor through careful listening and a willingness to find solutions to problems. A genuine care and respect for others underpins my results. I will oversee a balanced approach to sustaining our wonderful environment with sensible development. I am exceptional at hearing all sides of the story and negotiating a quality outcome for all. I look to empower and represent our local community within council and be an active part of the leadership that drives sustained improvements in post Covid times."
    Parent company Wesfarmers for Target has applied - to convert Mornington Target to a supermarket + additional retail shops at $1.58m.
    June 2020 - Wesfarmers MD Rob Scott restructuring advice: 40 Target stores and 52 Country Target stores will be converted/rebranded to Kmart stores which are considered more profitable; Wesfarmers quotes some of the Target stores being rebranded: Seymour, Echuca, Cobram, Woodend, Castlemaine.
    Mornington constituents voted for Councillors to make sound decisions. The residents are depending on our new Mayor 'to hear all sides of the story and to negotiate a quality outcome for all'. If rejected, Wesfarmers surely would need to rebrand Target to KMart, or continue as Target under the existing Centro lease.
    March 2021 - I suggest that 9 months on, the financial viability of Wesfarmers stores in Mornington has improved and that Target, Bunnings, Officeworks and Coles post-Covid are seeing financially more viable trade via large increase in day-trippers and tourists holidaying/shopping here instead of overseas travel, increase in shire population via new residents relocating to the peninsula to work from home. Last June whilst restructuring Wesfarmers could not have foreseen this healthy turnaround. Harvey Norman cannot believe their success; they're securing 60 new warehouses around Australia in order to keep with up with stock.
    *Suggesting Shire liaises with Senior Planner Ersi Ni with the view to rejecting Target's building application as inappropriate for this peninsula shire community - as the prospect of high density supermarkets does not recognise or try to maintain shopping diversity which only a department store such as Target/Kmart provides.
    *Suggesting Wesfarmers could now re-evaluate Mornington Target and engage in negotiations with Centro Landlord.
    *Or suggesting Wesfarmers re-brands to their more financially successful K-Mart. I believe MPS has a larger population than the new K-Mart Woodend
    This would translate to a winning compromise for Wesfarmers employees, the entire community on this peninsula, and Centro retains their drawcard tenant.
    The MPS Mayor, after pledging to be the voice of our community and the willingness to provide the common sense needed, would be especially highly regarded for negotiating on behalf of constituents. I'm positive that as a fellow shopper you can understand our strong objections, so please step up, 'empower and represent' your community's voice here.

  110. Yvonne Morrison commented

    I cannot believe that Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has agreed to allow Target to close in Mornington as of the end of July. Target is essential for people from all age groups as Target caters for all, whether it be clothing, footwear, household goods, toys, beauty products, books and DVD's etc. Having to travel to Frankston or Somerville is too difficult for some people, especially the elderly. Rosebud Target is also closing later in the year. Please MPSC please reconsider this decision. Mornington certainly does not need another supermarket or anymore speciality shops, they will go broke, but Mornington definitely needs Target. The Target management and staff are absolutely gutted that the landlord would not renew Target's lease. This decision does not make any common sense and appears to be all about money !

  111. Kim Redfern commented

    We have just moved to Mornington area from Knox and I already miss the options of a basic dept store. The Target in Mornington is not as good variety/selection as some of the larger Target stores but at least it provides the necessities that the locals need. Boutiques on Main Street are okay for the tourists but are not for the everyday needs of local families. If Target closes, I totally agree with majority of other comments on this page....that it needs to be replaced with a like store such as a KMart or BigW. Another supermarket is not needed.

  112. Tony M commented

    I am led to believe that Woolies will be closing down at Mornington Village Shopping Centre and they will move into where the existing Target is. Not all of the space will be used by Woolies and so there will be other new retail shops there as well. I have it on good sources that Mornington Village Shopping Centre is up for sale and it is possible that apartments might end up there.

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