603 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Wombarra NSW 2515

Residential - demolition of dwelling house and construction of new dwelling house and swimming pool - under the provisions of State Environmental Planning Policy (Coastal Management) 2018 from the Department of Planning Industry & Environment

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 11 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2021/103)

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  1. Roslyn Taylor commented

    1. As a resident nearby I object to this development for the following reasons.

    2. The corner which has the turn off to Denmark street from there is very dangerous and vehicles travel over the speed limit around there unable to see cars coming out of 601 and 603. As the development is for 5 car capacity there will be at least 7 cars exiting onto Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Also construction vehicles will have to close one lane and sometimes both quite often to access this property causing traffic delays and frustration to residents. As well pedestrian access to cross the road and use the footpath will be very challenging and dangerous it is difficult enough at present. As a resident on the opposite side it is difficult enough to exit my driveway and have to turn left for safety and turn at Denmark street to go south.

    2. The development is over the allowed height for this area and will not be aesthetically appealing to blend in with existing dwellings.

    3. I understand the dwelling will be used for commercial purposes which creates more traffic to exit to the main road. Why have the plans not been available on line?
    As a resident you over 45 years I am disappointed to see the loss of the coastal village feel with oversized constructions spoiling the seascape views.

    I strongly object to this development.
    object to this development.

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