1581 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a Mcdonald's restaurant operating 24 hours 7 days a week including drive-through, parking for 26 vehicles and signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council, reference DA-2021/52)


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  1. Cassandra commented

    This just doesn’t fit the small and quiet aesthetic of the suburb. It would not be in our best interest. We don’t need a huge chain store.

  2. Natalie Cardamis commented

    We do not need this in Botany. It will attract people who do not belong here. This is a McDonald’s at the airport, east gardens we do
    Not need another one.

  3. Rebecc Kellappan commented

    Doesn’t seem like a fitting place for a fast food restaurant considering we are already close to the airport franchise.

    Especially don’t like that it will be 24hrs. This area is more residential than commercial. Also this is a threat to the small business restaurants and cafes in the area which need to be supported more.

  4. Adrian Kellappan commented

    Not to happy about a 24 hour fast food chain opening up in a quite and peaceful suburb. Nothing against Mc Donald’s but It doesn’t suit the area.

  5. Guy commented

    I work at DHL and next to the McDonalds. Loads of kids in over the top cars hanging around all night. If bayside council allow this then I suggest we all hold back our council rate payments. Tell me they are not serious

  6. Bette Hough commented

    We are actually called a "Village", this is not appropriate here, we must support our small businesses in Botany area.

  7. Emma Whiteman commented

    This does not suit the aesthetic of the area. I am against it. Plus 24 hours! Who needs that?

  8. Danial Hough commented

    i think it is a very good idea there are units and children in the area i think a very good idea.

  9. Nicholas Kleiner commented

    There is one 5 minutes up the road at the airport. It is not needed. Think of the late night hoons making noise and disrupting the quiet neighbourhood. Support local community business, not this.

  10. Beth cocking commented

    The residents of botany do not need a 24 hour McDonalds in the small shopping village. There is already one within the airport and eastgardens shopping centre. Tone deaf council strikes again!

  11. Hendrik Kruizinga commented

    As others have pointed out this isn't in keeping with the local aesthetic and would drive non-local traffic into what is a non-thoroughfare suburb for the most part.

    Plus, there are 4 McDonalds within a 3.3km radias of Botany. Approval of this would seem only commercially driven with no care for the small, bespoke Botany community.

  12. Amelia Boston commented

    I think this is a great idea, especially with more people moving into the area, plus there is a lack of food options in the area. I understand there are concerns with regards to loitering or hooligans, but I know a lot of local 24/7 McDonald’s restaurants that don’t have this problem and are a positive thing for their community. The McDonald’s found on nearby highways aren’t a good comparison because they serve a different purpose - to provide a quick stopover for food while on route elsewhere. The proposed location won’t be anything like that, I imagine it will be more like a local destination (which we need more of in Botany!). I’m sure McDonalds has done its homework with regards to the area and knows what it’s doing.

  13. Brad Humphries commented

    What Botany really could use is a proper supermarket eg:Coles Express or Woolies Metro. What we definitely don't need is a 24 HOUR McDonalds. We are well serviced for McDonalds having 2 in appropriate locations within 5 mins of Botany. This is a residential area and no matter if you want to call it a "destination" or a fast food takeaway it is not appropriate to have a business like this open 24hrs a day in this area.

    At some point the madness has got to stop and we have got to put an end to the overdevelopment of Botany.

    It is also interesting to take note of where the people who do think this is a good idea work and what connection that business may have with this development or McDonalds

  14. Dawn Rogers commented

    I object strongly to the proposal to put a McDonalds fast food restaurant in the proposed site on Botany Road. The area is already clogged up with traffic and Botany Road is often a gridlock with all the large trucks headed to and from the port. Trying to turn right from Pemberton Road onto Botany Rd at peak times is a nightmare. At night its dangerous as the intersection has no street lights on the Pemberton St side of the road. Adding more traffic would compound an already dangerous situation. Our children need healthy food options not the rubbish these outlets serve up.

  15. Sarah Noonan commented

    This is a completely unnecessary addition to Botany. We have access to 5 McDonald’s (including 24 hours) within a 5-10 minute drive. The airport, General Holmes Drive, Eastgardens, Maroubra and Kingsford. Not to mention the adverse effect this will have on already bottlenecked traffic in the area.

  16. Nova Judson commented

    I strongly object to this proposal.
    The increased traffic of not only cars but delivery & garbage trucks will greatly impact on the local community.
    Botany Rd is not wide enough to cope with congestion as there are no passing lanes.
    It is completely unnecessary as there are already several McDonald’s restaurants nearby.

  17. Ashlyn Baker commented

    Please do not approve a 24/7 macdonalds in ability. I believe the council has spent a lot of money and effort in trying to divert traffic and big trucks off Botany Road onto Foreshore road in order to reduce congestion, noise, pollution and improve the quiet residential neighbourhood that is Botany especially in the proposed site of McDonald's. Building a McDonald's, especially a 24 hour one will negate all that hard work in preserving the village of Botany with its important history, heritage buildings and close knit community. It will significantly increase traffic on this small one lane road which is the only way in and out of the suburb, increase noise especially at night and disturb this peaceful village. Local residents like myself bought into the area as we liked the quaint quiet charm and wanted a safe place to raise our young children for years to come. A McDonald's in this area is going to reduce the liveability of the area with increased rubbish, traffic in an already congested area, increase large trucks, noise especially at night, attract non-locals loitering and there have been concerns about an increase in drugs, alcohol and crime. It will also drive down local house prices not to mention cause troubles in the sir Joseph banks Park which I believe has been problematic in previous years.

  18. Rachel smitch commented

    This would be great for the young kids around botany who are trying to get a first job always good for the drivers dropping in for a quick snack

  19. Lisa Bray commented

    I strongly oppose a Mcdonalds on botany road. There are 3 other McDonalds nearby and another one will just increase traffic on botany Road which is already gridlocked. Botany residents do not have the luxury of a train station so it’s important to keep traffic moving. A McDonalds in a residential suburb like Botany is a terrible idea.

  20. Ann King commented

    I not only object to this proposal, I object strongly. I don't believe this is the right location for a McDonalds, or any other 24 hour or drive through fast food outlet. Having previously lived within a few blocks from a drive through fast food outlet, the amount of rubbish from discarded food packaging and food waste was appalling. Botany already has an issue with discarded rubbish, we don't need another reason for discarded rubbish. I also believe that having a 24/7 drive through fast food outlet, opposite existing and long established homes, will have a negative impact on not only the quality of life for those living there, but also reduce any potential resale value. Botany Road already buckles under the pressures of peak hour traffic causing frustration for locals, this will only cause more issues with increased traffic - including the issue with delivery trucks that will be required. I also have concerns with the typical behaviour around fast food outlets late night/early morning - this is a quiet residential area, having a 24/7 drive through fast food outlet does not fit with this. There are already three McDonalds within close proximity, I don't see a need for a fourth!

  21. G. Searles commented

    I am rather disappointed to see this proposal. There are numerous reasons I feel this should not be approved, however the main one is safety. Firstly, there is no need for a 24 hour restaurant on Botany Road, in that area of Botany, even Sundays the street and shops are deserted. If you increase this by allowing a McDonald's to open, not just during the day, but at night time you are asking for increased street activity, noise and potential "gang hangouts".

    Secondly, Sir Joseph Banks street is a rather narrow street during the day when there are cars parked on both sides of the street and coming out of Salisbury, Luff or Margate streets is quite tricky as it is with horrible visibility. Increased traffic, especially those who are unaware of the tightness of this street would not be safe for my children or I to be walking around this area.

    Furthermore, there is currently one pedestrian crossing connecting the north and south sides of Botany road for families to get to Sir Joseph Banks park to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is not positioned in a convenient location for many, therefore having to cross Botany road at other points, an increase of traffic along Botany Road, let alone other local streets being used as a rat run, makes it less safe for families and local residents.

    Finally, Botany is a very family orientated area, with a growing increase of younger families. These families are starting there own businesses and would prefer to support local businesses, the streetscape of Botany Rd is fostering this small town vibe. We are a village made up of local micro breweries and distilleries, artesian bakeries, independent burger shops and small town patisseries. This does not fit the heritage feel, and with all the investment put into Botany to make it a more beautiful and safer community, this would take away all of that.

    There are already 2 McDonald's located within a few kms of this site - why does there need to be another one?

  22. Rhonda Yanitsas commented

    I strongly object to the proposal to put a McDonalds on the proposed site on Botany Road in Botany.

    1. Traffic concerns: The area is already clogged with traffic, particularly at peak times, and adding more non local traffic would compound an already dangerous situation.

    2. Local resident concerns: Residents surrounding the proposed site would be heavily impacted. The noise, potential rubbish, increased traffic and general disturbance is an unfair negative for these residents.

    3. Reduction in income for local businesses: Local cafes and restaurants, already struggling due to covid, would be negatively impacted as potential customers may be diverted to McDonalds.

    4. Lack of appeal in the suburb of Botany: As a small suburb of Sydney, Botany’s aesthetic doesn’t align with McDonalds. The franchise would be put of place and an eye sore for the community. There are also multiple other McDonalds within ten minutes of Botany.

    Thank you.

  23. Dragan Dokic commented

    Helo dear Botany cancel,
    residents of botany road, do not want Mac Donald's in our area, because of the noise that would cause the activity of the restaurant 24/7 which is already noisy because of the traffic on botany rd and the hotel that is nearby.! Thank you for your understanding

  24. Tony Hatziandreou commented

    What a great idea. With so many new units in the area this location is within walking distance. With Botany being so bereft of places to eat after 8pm nearly every day of the week. It also creates work opportunities for young children in the local community.

  25. KaJ commented

    Please please please do not approve a 24/7 Mcdonalds Botany.

    Foreshore road was created to lessen the trucks and traffic from Botany road. The 24/7 hours Macca's would impact on that and bring trucks/ late night workers/ teenagers in cars into the area, impacting on local residents etc.

    Botany is a village and we bought 10 years ago based on the aesthetic. I believe we should be preserving and encouraging the village of Botany with its important history, heritage buildings and close knit community. We have seen great changes like artisan/ crafts/ bakeries/ breweries/ distilleries opening up... these have all ADDED to the feel and lifestyle of the village. A big Macca's will decimate this as well as the local little businesses that people are currently loyal to.

    Given the close proximity to existing Macca's it's just not necessary.

    If it was a Guzman and Gomez then that might ADD to the area...

  26. Emma Gibson commented

    A do not oppose the construction of the McDonalds at this location but I question the need for it to operate 24/7 given there are 2 other McDonald’s facilities on high traffic routes in close proximity, and this location is not a high traffic area; but also the neighbouring BP fuel station had its hours of operation restricted to prevent the increase of traffic and the associated noise pollution from disturbing local residents. The building needs to ensure the aesthetic of the location is taken into consideration so that it fits in not stands out - perhaps with more planting on its border to road front.

  27. Rolfe Kolbe commented

    I am concerned about this proposal on a number of fronts:
    1. Traffic increases: Great improvements were made with the Hale St extension to stop Botany Road being a rat race of trucks and vehicles 24hours a day. Unfortunately we already have an increasing number of vehicles longer that 12m ignoring the the restriction to use the BP and there is no doubt this would increase with a 24 hour Macdonald's. Returning 24 hour traffic to Botany Road is a major concern.
    2. Rubbish: Botany Subway is small comparatively but the rubbish that gets left around the area of the store is a telltale sign of what a Large waste heavy restaurant would do to the area.
    3. Reversing of Botany improvements: The suburb has been transformed to be a family friendly suburb. I feel the noise and activity increases that a Macdonald's restaurant would bring would detract massively from this transformation. A 24 hour site would most certainly be a backwards step for Botany.
    4. Existing Macdonald's: There are already numerous Macdonald's within a few kilometres of Botany.
    I would be happy to build on these points in needed.

  28. Lennard Allen commented

    I oppose this proposed development as it;

    a) would act to impose adverse health outcomes for the local community by contributing to high-fat, high sugar, fast food as THE most accessible food in the area. The impacts from diabetes, and metabolic diseases are well know (and easily googled) for communities living within close proximity to fast food outlets such as McDonalds. This is not wanted for the suburb of Botany
    b) a fast-food franchise of this scale and notoriety is not in keeping with the character of the Botany, a pocket community developing a niche as one of Sydney's developing 'foodie' hubs
    c) the Pemberton Street intersection has been shown by Council to be unable to be upgraded to include a signalised intersection - and traffic generation of the proposal would contribute to local road network congestion and road safety concerns.
    d) the cumulative environmental impact to the community and local waterways resulting from the evidential litter problems that McDonalds has - is not an outcome the I support.

    Bayside Council - do not support this proposal, there are already numerous fast food outlets nearby, and this would only detrimentally effect the suburb of Botany.

    Lennard A.

  29. Helen Engel commented

    I strongly object to the construction of McDonalds on Botany Road, Botany.

    Council should be reminded of the number of huge trucks, semi-trailers and buses coming into the petrol station opposite the proposed McDonalds' site and exiting the station next to the McDonalds site creating a genuine risk to the public, especially children, on their way in or out of McDonalds. There already is congestion on the roads surrounding the petrol station while these large vehicles wait to enter the petrol station.

    Council should also take into consideration the peaceful ambiance of the area which would change dramatically if McDonalds was allowed to open here. It would be such a shame to ruin this safe and friendly area.

  30. Michael Santer commented

    I think its a good idea, Sir Jospeh Banks is a very busy road and is primarily used by indurstrial trucks day and night so unless its changed since yesterday I cant see what all the fuss is about. Botany Road also has semi trailer driving up it day and night.
    Re the area becoming more residential I think its fantastic but there is nowhere to eat at night, and if the food at the local shops is better than McDonalds then thats McDonalds problem not the local shops, they will do better because people will eat there.
    Why do we want to live in an area that has always been surrounded by industrial buildings, Primrose, Hale, Stephens Roads, we are surrounded by industrial property, moving the neighbourhood more towards a residential area would seem better for everyone and give us more choices to eat.

  31. khurshed nabi commented

    I strongly object to the construction of McDonalds on Botany Road, Botany
    There already is congestion on the roads surrounding the petrol station while large vehicles wait to enter the petrol station.
    There are plenty of days I had to wait long time to go to work as this large truck blocking my view's to enter botany road as result I became late at work.
    One day my driveway was blocked more than 24 hours and I had to go to hospital on appointment with oncologist. Council and police were unable to removed that car from my driveway. Didn't get any help from council, councilor, police and local mp.
    Approval of this will prove again council and goverment is not for the people nor of the people.
    This type of construction shouldn't granted unless bay side council did real development on road and infrastructure.

  32. R McDonald commented

    I’m all for it. Love a Big Mac!
    Look forward to seeing everyone at Botany soon.

  33. Stephanie B commented

    It about time something like this is approved in the area especially considering where it is opening so many units in the area and little development provided of restaurants, cafes and no Woolworths/Coles or even a Woolworths metro shop. Once this is approved other developments will start to come in.
    Sick of all the whining going on we are one of the backward suburbs.
    Please approve now, maybe people will say they wont be happy but there will be heading there to eat. Where it is located is perfected minimal impact.

  34. mark rowney commented

    The Mcdonalds proposal should not be allowed to be a 24 hour operation as the noise and undesirables this would attract will affect local residents. There is no other 24 hour businesses in the area, Locals already have enough noise with the airport and port and if they seek mcdonalds at 3am they can use the airport one

  35. AR commented

    People of Botany, though you may wish to lodge an objection to the McDonalds restaurant proposal, you may also just as well be wasting your time and effort.
    The proposed site was sold late last year with a 15 year lease to a new tenant, undisclosed but we can all guess who?
    The McDonalds DA application is also 99% compliant with the relevant planning laws, which are NSW Government state planning laws not Bayside Council laws. The council merely enforce the state governments agenda.
    So sorry to say except for a few tweaks here and there on the McDonalds application there's not really much that can be done to stop this from proceeding. After all, we live in a country full of laws and Bayside council will conclude that this DA is lawful. Therefore they will have little basis to reject the proposal.

  36. Michael c commented

    Botanys small business will benefit from a 24/7 McDonald’s at this location. It will bring more people to the community and overall help bring growth to the area and community. I think this is a fantastic idea and I’m looking Forward to seeing botany continue to grow like this.

  37. Mark M commented

    I think its a great idea.

    Why must we live back in the 20th Century, opening up a McDonalds in the area is a great idea with opportunty for jobs for young people.

    Much better to have new places to eat rather than the crappy restaurants which are currently down there.

    Council please proceed and approve.

  38. Tamie commented

    We are a small quiet town, and heavy traffic down Botany rd. We do not need more traffic, nor do we need nightime disturbances. I had a macdonalds cup dumped outside my house for weeks and this is without an insuburb macdonalds..
    Small businesses that service our community and workers will suffer.

  39. Sibin Han commented

    I am concerned this DA will adversely impact the traffic condition for the local area significantly.

    A great amount of commercial vehicles use BOTANY RD throughout the day already and attract more traffic to the area due to a 24/7 McDonald store is just not something local residents need.

    I enjoyed spend time in Botany due to its offering of peaceful environment, a good balance of friendly local businesses and harmonious local community spirit most locals enjoy.

    Attract additional traffic on Botany will increase commuting time, pollution, noise etc.

  40. D Santos commented

    We don't need McDonald operating 24 hours in residential areas in Botany. It will increase traffic when the traffic in Botany Rd is already bad. Please don't approve

  41. Chris Rowney commented

    I'm against it, more traffic, more noise and more rubbish, a win win for everyone would be to build a macca's and a service station on Foreshore Road near to the boat ramp

  42. Ron McDonald commented

    I think it's a great idea!

  43. David Walsh commented

    Botany council, please, please do not let this be allowed to happen. If I want to go to McD I will go to the Airport or get delivery. There is no logical reason to have a McD in Botany and it will only bring in more traffic unnecessary to an already busy road. There are enough crazy teen drivers with hotted up cars going to La Perouse to show off. This will definitely be a hang out for them on the way home to cause trouble, make a lot of late night unwanted noise and other illegal problems. I moved here from Coogee, renting to buy an apartment to still be close to the Eastern suburbs I love. Please keep Botany a village that our kids can grow up with, without the problems that a 24hr McD causes.
    Please reconsider

  44. David Walsh commented

    Botany council, please, please do not let this be allowed to happen. If I want to go to McD I will go to the Airport or get delivery. There is no logical reason to have a McD in Botany and it will only bring in more traffic unnecessary to an already busy road. There are enough crazy teen drivers with hotted up cars going to La Perouse to show off. This will definitely be a hang out for them on the way home to cause trouble, make a lot of late night unwanted noise and other illegal problems. I moved here from Coogee, renting to buy an apartment to still be close to the Eastern suburbs I love. Please keep Botany a village that our kids can grow up with, without the problems that a 24hr McD causes.
    Please reconsider

  45. Vivi commented

    Botany small businesses struggle enough due to the overwhelming amount of big business in surrounding suburbs. Why add more distress to locals? There are McDonald’s at the airport, Eastgardens and Maroubra. There is no need or demand for another.

    Botany is already slightly losing its small neighbourhood vibe with the addition of Mascot like apartment blocks. Don’t completely taint the area.

    It’s also 2021, health is a priority and regardless of the very small changes McDonald’s have made to their menus in the last decade, it’s still processed fast food. Stop forcing bad habits on people, and normalising junk as a regular part of human diets.

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