20 Beach Rd Maroochydore

Short Term Accommodation x 23 Units - Direct Rentals Pty Ltd - Adapt Planning Pty Ltd

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 27 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sunshine Coast Regional Council, reference MCU21/0010)


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  1. Howard Malyon commented

    This application is being made without the endorsement of the buildings Body Corporate. The change of usage has not been shared with any of the 72 owners outside of the 23 who are seeking the change. The building was never designed with the intention of having short term letting, and this style of letting is removing long term rentals from an area in desperate need for long term renting. Short term letting has already required police action to remove short term renters causing a disturbance to owners and permanent renters. The consequences of these unsocial actions are having to be tolerated by owners and permanent renters with no consequences to Direct Rentals, and this includes residents of surrounding buildings. Allowing short term letting at The Rhythm on Beach would be an insult to owners who have brought their units in good faith knowing the building was not certified for short term letting. This was the same for those now requesting a change to short term renting trying to make a quick dollar rather than provide a valuable service to the community by offering permanent rentals.

  2. Teresa Malyon commented

    As a resident of this building I oppose the change of usage for the 23 units managed by direct rentals. As an owner in this building we have had constant disturbances from direct hotels guests that disturb our quiet enjoyment. We have endured sleepless nights, from over night guests who have been drunk and disorderly and who do not respect the residents who live here as they believe this is a hotel. We have had the police called to building, where the guests have been so drunk they would not evict them because they were too drunk to put out on the street. As residents we did not sign up for this type of disturbance. This building has been originally certified as a residential building, with no indication that there would ever be overnight stays. Direct rentals cannot provide a safe environment to the residents of this building because they cannot qualify the guests who are staying overnight.

  3. Heather Palmer JP (QUAL) commented

    As an owner and permanent resident of 20 Beach Road, Rhythm on Beach, I totally oppose the Material Change of Use (MCU) application for units leased by Direct Rentals t/a Direct Hotels. The building was classified on construction and should remain at that classification. It is not built to service short term stays that Direct Rentals have imposed on the residents of the building. There is only 1 visitor carpark provided for the building plus one mobility impaired car park hence. There is limited area for short term guests to park. There is no loading dock for companies providing the services required for short stay accommodation.
    All this to date, has provided disruption, discontent and inconvenience to the residents.
    Short stay guests have caused damage to owner and common property and posed disruption to the peace and quiet enjoyment of residents. Police have already had to intervene onsite on several occasions.
    Owners purchased in the building with the understanding the building was not classified for, hence could not be used for, short term stays. Owners and long term renters of Rhythm on Beach live here with that expectation but instead have been subjected to unsociable behaviour and abuse from such guests with no consequence on Direct Rentals.
    As an owner/resident, it has become very clear, by actions to date, Direct Rentals do not have the managment capacity to operate short term stays to support their application for MCU and have been doing so unauthorised in Rhythm
    on Beach since the building settled end of February 2020.
    This application is being made without the endorsement of the buildings Body Corporate. The change of usage has not been shared with any of the 72 owners outside of the 23 who are seeking the change. The building was never designed with the intention of having short term letting.
    I wish to register my opposition to the Direct Rental application to preserve my home asset, security and quality of living.

  4. Marilyn Burns commented

    I am a recent purchaser of a unit in Rhythm on Beach and wish to register my opposition to the Material Change of Use application presently before council regarding short term leases of 23 units by Direct Rentals t/as Direct Hotels.
    My purchase was based on the building being residential and long term rental, expressly not wishing to own a unit in a resort style building.
    It is also obvious that the pool and BBQ area has not been designed with short term holiday rental in mind.
    In the few weeks I have been here I have witnessed less than acceptable behaviour of short term renters.

  5. Judy McLean commented

    I oppose the change of short term letting.
    I have not long moved into Rhythm on Beach and was of the understanding that the building was Residential however I see Direct Hotel has moved in and we have short term letting of 1 and 2 nights. the building I have been told is not classified for short term which has a different classification with different rules.
    I bought this place as I am on my own and expected it to be in a residential apartment that is safe and secure and not have to worry what is going on in the building, so far there have been many of short term complaints of drunk and noisy behaviour in units and in the common areas and police have been called and evicted them it is not what i expected it to be

  6. Richard Leech commented

    As an owner and resident at 20 Beach Road, Rhythm on Beach I oppose the Material change of use for units leased by Direct Hotels. On almost a weekly basis there has been extremely drunk guests making loud noise late at night around the pool area and on the balconies. There has been vomit beside my vehicle in the basement, blood and damage to the elevator and mess throughout the common areas. As much as the cleaners seem to do a good job, having cleaners trolleys in the hall ways on a daily basis makes it feel much like a hotel which was not what I ever expected when purchasing the unit off the plan over 3 years ago. It was never stated the building would be used for short term accommodation and the building is definitely not suitable for these kind of short term stays. After seeing the behaviour of a number of short term guests this definitely has an effect on the safety and serenity of the owner occupiers in the building.

  7. Allen & Marcia Gill commented

    I am an original owner resident and I was never informed that the building would be used for short term accommodation and that there would be a" Hotel" sign in prominence on the facade of the building. We have had numerous issues with overnight and short term visitors who show little or no respect to our building or permanent residents. This building is not classified for "short term rental" so I am at a loss as to why you, the Council, don't act on our behalf.

    PS We have been MSC ratepayers for 55 years.

  8. Tracey Boeck commented

    As an owner and resident at 20 Beach Road, rhythm on the beach I am opposed to any form of short-term letting by Direct Rentals or anyone else who wishes to provide this service. This is a residential building and I purchased the unit to live in with my family being unaware of the letting pool. In the 4 weeks, we have lived in the building we have seen hotel gusts damage the pool furniture, the pool and spa area, the BBQ facilities, we have seen hotel guests urinate in the lifts and foyer floor, there has been an assault in the lift of someone who brought in a stranger with them back to the building after a night out. Our son's bike was stolen from the secure car park after a hotel guest let a stranger in. The unnecessary noise coming from the rental units is unacceptable on weekends as the rooms are priced so low they attract often very young party-goers and it is not unusual for them to have 20 people in a 2 bedroom unit. Hotels Direct is currently renting these units out for 1 night at a time without council approval.

  9. Ann Prideaux commented

    I purchased this property early in 2017 off the plan because the Developer's Sales and Marketing strategy, along with the property brochure (already provided to council) and the press releases and interviews with the developer (already lodged with council) was solely focussed on 'Residential Lifestyle and ambience for Residents'.

    We respect the rights of investors to seek rental returns on their apartments, but we did not knowingly buy into a building that was to be marketed as a Hotel.

    When our family and friends visits us they don't notice the small 'Rhythm on Beach' sign, it is the huge 'Direct Hotels' signage that dominates our building facade is just not acceptable for what is significantly a Residential complex.

  10. Danny Reber commented

    My wife and I live at Sea Breeze Residences, an adjacent unit block behind Rhythm on Beach. There have been numerous occasions when we have been unable to sleep or even hear the television due to the noise coming out of certain units at Rhythm over the past 6 or 7 months. On occasions we have had to telephone Direct Hotels management during the night hours requesting them to end the noise. It did not happen - even got louder on one occasion. This noise problem happens just about every week-end but we now have to put up with it, close the doors and windows and hope that Council does the right thing. We certainly oppose the application to have short term rentals at Rhythm.
    PS we have been MSC ratepayers for 32 years

  11. Robert Lock commented

    My wife and I live directly behind Rhythm on Beach in Seabreeze apartment's. Before we bought into Seabreeze we contacted the council to see what was planned for Rhythm. We were told it was to be building code group 2 ( a residential complex). If we would have been told that it could be changed to group 3 ( short term) we would not have bought into Seabreeze.
    The short term rentals in Rhythm have been consistently excessively noisy on most occasions which can last all through the night, swearing, smoking, vomiting over the balcony's and distressing behaviour and loud music.
    This has caused my wife and my self ill health being unable to sleep. I have just returned from hospital and dreading my sleepless nights.
    With the large direct hotels sign on Rhythm I am certain our apartment has been devalued. Who will compensate us when we come to sell.
    I thought to construct a building under category 3 cost more money by the developer because of extras like invalid ramps etc. So Rhythm has by-passed this by building to code 2.
    We have contacted council about this already and in their email reply we were advised to phone the police about noise problems?
    We are against this application and do not want it to proceed.
    I also believe the person in the reception for direct hotels has no licence to operate there.

  12. Debbie Gill commented

    As an owner & resident of The Rhythm on Beach, I am completely opposed to the material change of use (MCU) application recently lodged by Direct Hotels. When my family sold our property on Beach Road to the developers, we were told they were constructing a residential apartment building. As such, my partner & I decided to buy a unit off the plan. The building was constructed & classified as a residential apartment building under the relevant Council code. When we moved into the building, we were somewhat perplexed to find Direct Hotels managing & renting out units on a short term basis, i.e. 1-2 night stays. We have experienced endless issues with short-term guests - noise complaints, drunk & disorderly behaviour, police response on many occasions, damage to common property, to name but a few. Apart from the fact the building is not classified for use as a hotel, Direct Hotels have repeatedly shown a distinct lack of ability to handle the issues we have experienced. One of the other main reasons I oppose the application is that I would like to protect my investment & the investments made by all permanent residents of The Rhythm on Beach.

  13. Steven Brough commented

    I am a owner and resident at the Rhythm on Beach. I bought off the plan and knew there would be some letting but I never thought it would be short term and by a hotel group. It makes the whole ownership experience so much less special when you feel that you are a guest in a hotel rather than an owner of your own unit. I know the owner residents feel the same way. There is often noise and bad behaviour from hotel guests on the weekend that Direct Hotels just don't seem to be able to get a handle on. Sunday morning you often see the damage that has been done in the common areas from hotel guests. I strongly oppose the application for a change of MCU. If the application to change the MCU is granted then it makes a mockery of the whole classification process. The building was never designed or set up for short term hotel guests.

  14. Col Deller commented

    As a past owner of unit 9 @ "Rhythm On Beach", I was appalled by the sudden intrusion of Direct Hotels into the building, 2 weeks after I took possession on the 24th February 2020. I am now equally appalled by Direct Hotel's nerve of requesting change for this MCU, and still operating illegally from "Rhythm" .
    My health came first before an illegal operation by Direct hotels/Direct Rentals which destroyed my living lifestyle, hence, why I am a past owner. I will continue to block any attempt and operation of "Rhythm" being used for short term accommodation for the sake of current residents.
    I purchased my apartment early 2017, and was told that "Rhythm" would be a residential apartment building. In other words, long time residents, NOT SHORT TERM LETTING/OVERNIGHTERS.
    There was no indication that we would be invaded by a working hotel, and having to put up with constant noise from "hotel guests", thefts, breakages, misuse of building/owner occupier equipment, guest arguments and altercations with residents when asked to comply with the fact that "Rhythm" is a residential building, not a hotel.
    "Rhythm" is classified as a National Class 2 building, not Class 3.
    Direct Hotels/Direct Rentals are not capable of controlling their guests, showing total arrogance to residents, and the company Directors are snubbing their noses at SCRC to do what they want, and not what they should be doing. With the illegal operation by Direct Hotels in "Rhythm", the "Receptionists" are not duly authorised to be there as they ARE NOT REGISTERED with the Office Of Fair Trading.
    Direct Hotels were issued with a SCN by Council regarding the oversize illegal sign on the front of the building. This, they have arrogantly ignored. So why is the sign still on the building ?
    A hotel operation will, and continue devalue the building, making it more difficult for individual re-sale of apartments

  15. Chris Straughan commented

    I strongly oppose the current planning application.
    I am resident in Rhythm on Beach. It is a purpose built 72 unit residential building. It is not designed for short term letting use. With 20 units illegally currently used as hotel rooms the building cannot cope.
    The bins are flowing over into common areas, common areas are being annexed for laundry services, the entry cannot accommodate the daily laundry truck. Hotel guests are permanently using the minimal visitor parking spaces. The walls are damaged from cleaning trolleys and the caretaking service is pre-occupied with "hotel guests" to do manage their duties.
    Hotel guests are monopolising the BBQ and pool common areas - clearly changing their use. The hotel group has not been managing the number or behaviour of guests in each room. We have had police called to stop parties and criminal damage in the pool area.
    If 23 MCUs are granted then further piecemeal applications would also be rubber stamped. This building would not last 5 years as a 160 bedroom hotel.

  16. Bill Branch commented

    Owners of apartments in Rhythm on Beach being rate payers should not have to write and complain about Direct Hotels.
    Sunshine Coast Regional Council were already made aware of the many illegal activities of Direct Hotels and have done nothing. As yet there has been no action or fines issued which suggests someone in Council is either turning a blind eye or has a vested interest. This problem should have been resolved as soon as you were notified, however it has been left to fester and now Direct Hotels have the nerve to submit a motion to legalize an illegal practice.
    I respectfully ask you to intervene on our behalf and put right a wrong that should never have got to this stage.

  17. Justin Barrett commented

    We are the owner of an apartment at Rhythm on The Beach since October 2020. When negotiating our purchase with Ray White they actually offered us to rent it out as Holiday Rental Unit trying to convince us that it will make us a lot more money. Our plan has always been to move there in 5 years so we chose to rent it out long term.
    We are Definitely AGAINST the idea of motel style accommodation and do think it’s very unfair to owners or long term tenants to have to live with constant noise, parties & destruction of our building
    We are all about a Family Friendly Building not a Party Place

  18. nikki branch commented

    It should never have gotten to the situation where we the permanent residents / ratepayers with a genuine grievance have to petition to remedy a situation that SCRC have created. They have known for several months now of the illegal activities of Direct hotels at Rhythm on Beach, going so far as to order the removal of the large sign at the front of the building. To this day the sign is still there, so either someone at SCRC is not doing their job or DH has some inside help.
    It was very sneaky coming in the back door of a group 2 building illegally and setting up a money making enterprise and actually taking over the building, however this surely is why we have a council to stamp out this sort of illegal practice! We are individuals up against big business we need your help to get our building back.
    We ask you to intervene on our behalf and throw out Direct Hotels MCU application they shouldn't even be in the building. We are in the right they are in the wrong it really should be that simple.

  19. Nick Willers commented

    I am an owner of an apartment within the Rhythm on Beach complex for investment purposes and am becoming increasingly alarmed by the actions of Direct Hotels regarding their short term lease/holiday style offerings within the building. A show cause notice has been issued to the Body Corporate as a result of Direct Hotels illegal actions in this regard and I am fully against any further action by Direct Hotels in seeking to perpetuate this situation. Further, Direct Hotels "Material Change of Use" application was not reviewed by ALL the owners and I have only just became aware or it. When I bought my apartment I was told that Rhythm on Beach WOULD NOT be used for short term lease/holiday style apartments and the continuation of this style of management will impact the future selling price of my apartment. If I wanted something of this regard I would have bought a holiday apartment not something I intend to rent out over 12 month leases. Furthermore it is unfair and unreasonable that owner/occupiers and long term tenants should have to put up with the goings on of "temporary residents" who do not seem to either care or even be aware that this building is in fact home to a number of people. I strongly urge the Sunshine Coast Council to reject this and any further applications by Direct Hotels in this regard.

  20. Debbie Sutcliffe commented

    I am an owner of an apartment within the Rhythm on Beach complex and feel quite alarmed by the actions of Direct Hotels regarding their 'short' term lease or holiday style within the building. Direct Hotels "Material Change of Use" application was not shown to me and I have only just became aware or it through my long term tenants who may have to move on.....
    I was led to believe that Rhythm on Beach would not be used for short term lease or holiday style apartments.... I have a lovely couple on a 12 month lease who were looking to sign another 12 month lease however they are concerned about the noise levels, rowdiness around the pool, rubbish left around and trolleys in the hallways. I will not short term or holiday rent and feel sick in the stomach that I may not be able to attract long term renters like the one's I already have...
    I STRONGLY believe this will impact the future selling price of my apartment. If I wanted something of this regard I would have bought a holiday apartment (there are plenty out there) not something I intend to permanently rent out over 12 month leases and live in when I downsize in 5 years.
    It is unfair and unreasonable that long term tenants ( and me when I did eventually move in) should have to put up with the goings on of "temporary residents" who do not seem to either care or even be aware that this building is in fact home to a number of people. Any destruction also sits with us and costly to Body Corporate. I strongly urge the Sunshine Coast Council to reject this and any further applications by Direct Hotels in this regard.

  21. Amber Lavery commented

    I was let to believe when first purchasing that it was for long term purposes not hotel style short term accommodation. I am strongly opposed to the idea of short term accommodation and believe this will negatively affect my chances of having long term tenants in place. If I wanted that style of rental investment I would have bought elsewhere, we were planning to move in after several years and do not want to be surrounded by short term party goers - the Rythym unit was sold to me under the assumption that long term tenants or owners would reside there. I am against this application.

  22. Michelle Young commented

    I have recently purchased a unit at rhythm on Beach on the understanding it was primarily a residential complex. I have recently been made aware of an application by Direct hotels for Material Change of Use to include short term motel style accommodation. I was of the understanding that short term leasing was never the intended purpose of this building and as such it was not constructed to withstand the consequences of this type of letting.
    Recent experience over the Christmas holiday period, exemplify this point. Additional refuse, excessive noise and poor behaviour in common areas such as the pool/BBQ area are definitely not in keeping with the style of living I sought. This will only worsen if the application is approved and short term motel style rentals are allowed. The cost alone of repairs and upkeep will impact me as a member of the Body Corporate. I seriously believe that any move to approve this application will disadvantage all residential owners beyond increased cost but also in terms of lifestyle and the very real chance that this will jeopardise any future sale should the conditions mean we have to leave our homes.

    I STRONGLY urge the Sunshine Coast Council to reject this and any further applications by Direct Hotels in relation to this matter.

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