1559 Piggott Range Road, Old Noarlunga SA 5168

Outdoor firing range and training facility

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Onkaparinga, reference 158/2021)


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  1. Lisa Schuyler commented

    Very inappropriate too close to residential and the national park. Too noisy and dangerous for people close by.

  2. C Marshall commented

    This is too close to residential areas, the noise pollution would be intolerable, things like this should not be in heavily populated areas

  3. Lynelle Williams commented

    Very undesirable for this to be in such close proximity to residential areas.

  4. David Williams commented

    That's way too close to residential properties. Outdoor firing ranges should be well away from existing housing in my opinion. People also keep horses very near to this property.

  5. Paul commented

    Oh someone tell the oldies all to pipe down. Super excited for this. Will be an awesome spot for the kids.

  6. Matt commented

    Let's have activities for all sections of the community. We want to make it a place people want to come and visit. Having more places that people will travel to will bring money to the locals

  7. Luke gustini commented

    Great idea, I think it will provide a good opportunity for familys in the area to enjoy this sport and teach people about gun safety. Assuming the noise is restricted during business hours I can't see why anyone would have an issue.

  8. Tom commented

    Very excited for this to happen. I've been shooting for a short while and having a range down south would be much welcomed. And for the people who are complaining about the noise, maybe go check out a rifle range and see how far the noise doesnt travel, especially with ranges that have raised dirt mounds on each side of a range.

  9. Paul Clements commented

    I would welcome a firearm training facility and range there.
    I currently have to drive one and a half hours to be able to safely sight in my rifles and it would be great to be able to join a club closer to home and keep what $$$ i spend local.
    I also think a local range would encourage other licensed fire arm owners who don’t have much experience to be able to seek advice and training.

  10. Ben commented

    What a great proposal. Im sure the noise impact would only be at certain times, no more impactful than living near football oval, and range safety standards would mean no danger is posed to nearby residents. It may surprise people who are concerned to know there is a range that caters to different uses only about 1km away, and having more options to different uses is great for local sports, development and economy.

  11. Alastair Taverner commented

    It's interesting to see people stating that the noise would be intolerable - they have never seemed too concerned by the other range across the valley.

    A modern, accessible sporting facility would be an excellent addition to the southern suburbs.

  12. Karl Lyons commented

    A great idea. Noise levels have been inspected and found to be within acceptable limits. Sapol have agreed it is not a safety risk to any public and it will help inject more money into the local economy. Most objecting parties seem to be anti gun people and are not well educated on the reality of firearm use and ownership in Australia.

  13. Hudson fish commented

    I can't wait for this to open up. I think its a great idea

  14. Matt lindley commented

    This is great news I'll be visiting for sure

  15. John hanson commented

    This is a great idea
    It’s about time we had something like this down the south of Adelaide

  16. Josh Hooper commented

    This is a fantastic opportunity for these facilities to be available for people living in the southern suburbs. Also statistically this is one of the safest sports and one of the highest growth sports in Australia.

  17. Francesco Garrad commented

    This is a brilliant idea and one I hope the City of Onkaparinga embraces and promotes.
    This will definitely bring $$ into the southern suburbs along with jobs.
    The nearest range that can support these proposals is over a hour and twenty from where I live so to have a range only 15 minutes at most is fantastic.

  18. Lindsay commented

    I think given all the requirements and standards they have to meet, this will be a fantastic facility and will be great for the community - a good step forwards. Look forward to using the facility.

  19. Evan commented

    This will be an absolutely amazing addition in facilities for the southern area! Something that's been long needed down south! Cannot wait to support the business.

  20. Jason Symes commented

    A solid Idea .
    As a patron of the sport , I would be there .
    Those not experienced with the industry may find this worrying . Don't be.
    Ranges are soooooo strict . There are clear times for target shooting .
    They educate users on pistol and rifle safety .
    Currently there is only one long range rifle range out close to Port Gawler ( Northern Adelaide ).

  21. Josh waters commented

    We have been waiting for a shooting range like this for years down south. Can't wait to be apart of it

  22. Andrew Noble commented

    Fantastic news, an awesome facility that will get a large membership base for sure. With the stringent requirements sapol impose, it will be perfectly safe and pose no risk to the community

  23. Paul Armstrong commented

    Staying both physically and socially active can often be a struggle but getting involved in a club is beneficial to peoples overall health and social well-being. Target shooting is a competitive sport that is accessible to all members of the community young and old, all genders, able-bodied and disabled. The Gunnery shooting club is a professional organisation and this outdoor range will offer a chance to take up the sport to the southern suburbs.

  24. Ian Bradshaw commented

    I think it would be great to have another sporting club in the district so that family members can enjoy the safe sport of shooting. The Proposed range will be a great addition to the southern area.

  25. Mark Rawson commented

    Very appropriate and an accessible range for us out the south. I will support this endeavour. To those against it go get some education on the proposal and safety aspects.

  26. Wil Fisher commented

    This will be an excellent facility that after experiencing the sport of shooting at the gunnery I could wholeheartedly say it would be a well run and extremely safe operation. With the correct infrastructure eg berms and design there would be no nuisance noise or hazards to any local residents. In my opinion it would be a wonderful project and a showpiece for the council to hold up how they are making a safe and wonderful sport so accessible for all the residents that are not able to travel long distances to existing ranges.

  27. Josh Noack commented

    This is an amazing idea. Its great that they are supporting the people who do the right thing!. Upsetting how people are upset about it being "too loud" or "too close". Its already been proven that ranges can adapt measures, to limit excess noise. They only operate during business hours.

  28. Cameron commented

    What a great plan.Great location i can't wait and the growing numbers of fireams owners to shoot in a safe area will be great .

  29. Cameron Love commented

    Extremely excited to have an outdoor rifle range down south, I dont believe those living nearby have any reason to expect this to cause any risk to them as the ranges all have strict safety rules and regulations to adhere to.

  30. Jason mullarkey commented

    Great news, we need more stuff like down south , and somewhere to stretch the legs of the bigger guns is always welcome. Hold a open day for some of the disagreeing people so they can be educated on ranges before they judge.

  31. David Ross commented

    Excellent news..will be looking forward to not have to travel as far for range time..and I’m sure it will be perfectly safe .

  32. Adrian commented

    Fantastic idea. Everyone that has objections to this should have a look how close to the town the Mount Barker & District Rifle Club is located. There are very few rifle clubs in Adelaide and every that is legally allowed to attend would enjoy this and be putting money into the community.

  33. Simon commented

    this would be a great addition to the southern suburbs, a facility that would accommodate many local law abiding firearms owners who currently have to travel long distances to safely use their firearms.

  34. Jason Jordan commented

    This is a fantastic idea for the south and much needed ,shooting is a legitimate sport just like football , cricket or golf . I will be supporting it for sure when in opens . My advice to anyone with concerns is to keep an open mind and take a look at what goes on and even speak to some law abiding firearms owners, you might get a surprise at what kind of people we are .

  35. Ryan Jones commented

    What a wonderful and exciting development for the southern suburbs!

    With an already existing and well utilized range so close by, sound or noise pollution will clearly not be an issue.

    With the nearest similar range being in the northern suburbs at Greenwith, the location proves to be prohibitive for the majority of individuals south of the city. The new proposed range would be immensely popular and the local economy and surrounding businesses would most certainly feel the positive flow-on effects of this.

    I’m assuming all the ‘nay sayers’ to the proposed sporting range have never actually had anything to do with firearms and are just feeding off the negative stigma and media hype.

    I would certainly suggest to them a trip to any range to see how heavily regulated and safe the environment and sport as a whole actually is. They would see how many different walks of life the myriad of shooting disciplines actually attract and change their attitudes pretty quickly.

  36. Zach Williams commented

    Amazing for the sporting shooting community to have something like this open up !

  37. Brad P commented

    This is a great idea. And by the looks of it they have done all the testing to make sure the noise and danger is basically non existent to all the residents in the area. Will be a great addition to a great sport

  38. Dawn Jordan commented

    Great I know plenty of families that would enjoy this. Sports shooting is a popular sport. This is great news.

  39. Dave commented

    Great idea. This is a much needed facility for a family sport. Right now it takes at least an hour to drive to a similar facility and this becomes quite onerous. This facility would also bring money into the community.

  40. Toby Billett commented

    What a awsome idea! Would be great to finally have somewhere accessible down south for the safest sport.
    For people worried about it being close to residential areas, perhaps look into getting a firearms licence, so that you can learn all that goes into a proposal like this.

  41. Jake commented

    Absolutely fantastic! I've been waiting for a close shooting range for years! Saves me making the hour trip up north.

    It will also allow local shooters with disabilities easier access to the sport. Some disabilities make it hard to access viable sports, shooting however, is more accessible than most.

  42. Robert Dart commented

    Fantastic to have a facility like this down south to promote a great sport and with the organisation running it it will be very well run with all the correct safety features

  43. Matt Kilpatrick commented

    I'm gladly looking forward to this proposal as it will save me having to drive over an hour to shot at a similar sized range in suburbs which actually have a higher population density, Such as the Wingfield or SSAA Para Range.

  44. Guy Elliott commented

    I have worked with Travis and know he is a man of his word, he says public safety and noise level is a priority then I am very confident that will be done thoroughly during the process to completion.

  45. Dan commented

    Awesome idea 💡 great location, awesome news for the southern suburbs. Hope all goes to plan would be a great experience for families and friends.

  46. Brenton Stuart commented

    What a great idea! To have a facility expertly run by trained professionals, is fantastic for this family sport. My girls are so looking forward to this!

  47. Matt commented

    What an excellent idea! Would be amazing to have such a versatile facility in the southern region for responsible firearm owners.

  48. Elijah Lague commented

    This will be a great addition to the area. It would be great to see the community supporting all hobbies and interests.

  49. Henry commented

    This is a fantastic idea, as many of the good ranges are pretty far away, a range here would be really handy for people who usually might usually have to drive over an hour just to get to a range.

  50. Kim S commented

    I'm extremely looking forward to this development.
    I'm an extremely close neighbour, the noise testing which has already been done has not affected us in any way. It is NOT noisy/loud at all.
    Can't wait to get my licence to participate in this sport.

  51. John-Paul Greenwood commented

    People having a spoken about it being to close have no idea what they are talking about. This is a great location and I'm really looking forward to seeing it happen and using the facility myself.

  52. Matt Walker commented

    What an awesome idea! It will be great to have a local range (just like there are in many residential areas) for people to go and responsibly enjoy their passions.

  53. Dean Holmes commented

    Very excited to hear the prospect of a range more local. Fantastic idea, can't wait to have a shoot.

  54. Blake commented

    Awesome idea. Completely safe and fun sport. I feel this could bring more people into the sport, being there is no where else local to target practice etc. But also attract non locals to the area, and potentially spending money in local small businesses etc.

    Exciting, can't wait.

  55. Stephan fotopoulos commented

    I very much look forward to this going ahead. They've done the right thing by having it assessed by sound engineers. They've done the planning. Realistically anyone complaining on here either needs to put their credentials forward or be called out as they clearly are politically motivated.

  56. Jamie commented

    Can't wait, this is going to be brilliant!

  57. Michael Harrison commented

    Great news! A fun, safe environment to engage with like minded people who love the sport of shooting. Some peoples negative comments clearly show they have no idea about licensed shooting venues and how safe and well thought out these venues must be. Happy shooting!!

  58. Nik Halliwell commented

    This is long over due, and will promote safety within the immediate community. A good step in the right direction finally.

  59. Andrew Grundy commented

    Shooting ranges are few and far between. For those of us who are responsible shooters are not evil and a range in the south would be a great idea. It's time Australia stopped being afraid of shooters. We are a part of the community and NOT a threat to it. This range proposal is a great idea and has been well planned and the location has already been cleared by SAPOL. The noise pollution will be mitigated to an almost negligible level and safety standards are mandatory meaning there is more danger in your own home than there is from a firing range. Uneducated people should educate themselves about this proposal before blanket opposing it on bias. Many of us are your neighbours and not your enemies. I vote yes for this range to be built and hope the community will put aside it's unwarranted fear and accept it too.

  60. Barry commented

    Fantastic idea, as a licensed firearms owner it would be great to have somewhere local to practice.

  61. Christeen Campbell commented

    Exert below from The Gunnery @Christies Beach who are the company behind this

    “As we can only expect, this may cause some conflicting opinions of where the proposed outdoor range will be, as we can never please everyone.
    We have already had SAPOL inspect the site and they have no issues with the proposal.
    Additionally, we have had sound engineers inspect the site and have taken sound measurements.
    Once our infrastructure and berms are in place, the sound level will be under the required level.
    There will certainly be no risk to the public where the range will be situated.

    IPlease remember everyone has their own opinion of shooting, however as Australian Law-Abiding Citizens who enjoy the sport of shooting, we should not be restricted to participate in our sport.”

    Personally, I say well done Pete and team, will be an asset to the southern area

  62. Jake Mitchell commented

    I think this is an awesome idea! Finding somewhere to practice is is hard to find and having somewhere down south and close to home is great. This range will help promote firearm safety within the community.

  63. Tom Pickering commented

    Wholeheartedly support this. Best of luck to the Gunnery in this application process.

  64. Trevor hall commented

    Can't wait.Have been a sporting shooter for 50 years.One of the safest sports around.Only the media beat up sensation, causes grief

  65. Mark commented

    A great opportunity for the Southern Suburbs. This will provide people the opportunity to try a wide range of disciplines in a safe environment.
    I sincerely hope this gets up, good luck The Gunnery.

  66. Scott Salisbury commented

    This is excellent news.
    I do trust the locals will be cared for as far as noise pollution goes.
    A well designed, safe facility down south is long over due.
    I am sure we will, just like council will have learned from other ranges mistake and creative ideas and Will do it one better for shooters and the community its situated.

  67. Liz Russo commented

    Fantastic news, excellent location. A great opportunity for shooters and for the economy in the south. A welcomed proposal by myself and clearly many others. Look forward to this project's success and hope the council seriously considers it and the positive aspects it will mean for down south.

  68. jayden simmonds-Clements commented

    I think it is a great idea!! I am a young person living in the country, I don't really have anyone That can teach me everything I need to know hand to hand. So being able to have someone help me with my licence and answering all my questions that I have AND also having some shooting experience would be great for me.

  69. Natalie curry commented

    Definitely a NO from us in a residential area

  70. Ryan commented

    This site is only 200 metres from the nearest home and 900 metres from the Old Noarlunga township centre, both within line of sight. The current pistol club is 1.5km away on the other side of the hill and can still be heard from the township when operating, ridiculous idea!

  71. Adam Phoenix commented

    I'm all for it as previously I've had to travel to Monarto or Keith to participate in my chosen sport.

  72. Dave commented

    What a fantastic sporting opportunity for the local community and the Onkaparinga Council. A safe, controlled environment that people from all ages can enjoy, be trained properly as well as supporting local businesses. These ranges are audited by Sapol and have to meet stringent regulations. People are happy to complain about the potential noise but don’t mind a main highway going past their back door !! Great news, beats looking at a run down old meat works.

  73. Chris Kozikas commented

    Not in favour. Not in keeping with our heritage themed town at all.Unwanted Increased traffic on our only road in and out of town.i don't want people travelling through town with guns in their car.

  74. Jacob Constantinidis commented

    Fantastic idea, very much in support of this. Just what we need down south.

  75. Yvonne Bloom commented

    I live very close to proposed area and do not wish to have any noise coming from a firing range. I'm sure this will not chase the Corella's but only exacerbate noise pollution and the situation. I thought there was a firing range just outside of Old Noarlunga on the way to Mclaren Vale? Why must there be a firing range so close to any residential area. I do not support this proposal😡

  76. Adam MEGSON commented

    Can't wait for it to be operational. At the moment I have to travel to Greenwith to enjoy the same facilities.

  77. Tony Vlahos commented

    Great idea that will demonstrate how if done in accordance with the law is a safe family sport. Not a pass time full of irresponsible cowboys! Good luck with your application. If successful, I will be joining. Cheers

  78. Adam commented

    This is an opportunity for the council to draw people to the area. This will lead to more funds for other sporting opportunities that are not so main stream.
    I look forward to be able to use the range and facilities when they are completed.
    This may lead to Olympic champions as time progresses.

  79. Nat McDonnell commented

    You have got to be joking.
    That’s the last thing we need in Old Noarlunga.

    Some of the comments on hear are ridiculous. Good family sport my backside. If you like hitting targets play darts.

  80. KL commented

    I think this application needs to be considered for a different area. Old Noarlunga is an area of historical significance & it would not be in keeping with the area to have such a facility within its boundaries. We should be preserving this historical town rather than allowing development that detracts from its character. The application proposes this facility on the edge of a national park. The impact on the animal & birdlife in the Park is likely detrimental. Why preserve a national area, to then damage it with noise pollution. Further, there is one of the oldest schools in South Australia within 1km of the proposed site. Introducing guns into a school zone seems unthinkable & a potential risk for the children there should the security of the facility be breached. Please reconsider this application & allow it in a more appropriate zone further away from residential land.

  81. Ben commented

    Can’t wait for a new facility to be able to compete in my chosen sport. Quite sick of the naysayers saying we are a danger to society. We are the most law abiding and scrutinized citizens. One slip up and we lose the right to access firearms.

  82. Sam commented

    What a great idea to have such a fantastic facility in a great area. The valley there will provide the noise control and will serve the needs of the many sporting shooters. I hope the council support this facility and the local area will certainly benefit from the increase in trade. Well done!!

  83. Stuart Ridge-Cooke commented

    This will be an absolute asset to licenced firearm owners in the southern suburbs to practice what is an enjoyable, safe and legal sport without the need As we currently do, to travel great distances to be afforded the opportunity to shoot rifles at a range.
    Whilst I respect people's opinions who may be against this proposal, they need to remember that because we have differing views we still have a right to partake in legal and safe sport.
    Members of the range(ie licenced shooters) have all been declared fit and proper persons by police.
    Licensed shooters are the only sector of society that require such a declaration from police to practice our sport.
    I emplore council to allow this proposal to go ahead.

  84. Alex Browne commented

    Terrific idea for local economy.
    I’m sure this will gather support not only from our local community but further out as well as I know people will travel for use of a good range.

    Anyone complaining about noise and increased traffic should consider if they were to reopen the proposed site as a meat works.

  85. Beth Bacchus commented

    I am opposed to a shooting range being located so near to my property, The Church on the Hill. It is our wish to have a public venue for functions, special events, weddings and I did not think it is appropriate. I heard firing from this location at my property recently, and even if it is within all limits and requirements I still heard it and I found it not in keeping with the area and the National Park which attracts many walkers each day.

  86. Kylie Megson commented

    A fantastic proposal based in a town well known for its sporting venue history. Once a thriving town during the 20th century until the south road bypass in 1978, it now has an opportunity to reignite its popularity and encourage sports people back to the region. What a boost this beautiful town will see, especially the businesses as The Gunnery and the council lures more people into the town.
    I look forward to joining the club and finally be able to shoot my firearms in a safe and well controlled environment for both myself and my children who also shoot. Yes, I teach my children gun safety instead of fear as I believe fear encourages ignorance and repression. I want my children to grow into confident, educated young adults.
    In a world where our children are repressed by video games and social media, I am doing my part to socialise and educate them and bring them outside into the fresh air. I fully support this wonderful idea!

  87. Bec Gravett commented

    If all guidelines and safety measures are followed and as stated above; sound levels have measured lower than required should be great for all those that enjoy the sport. I rarely hear the one over the hill.

  88. John Turnbull commented

    Considering that there are already firearms ranges in the nearby area, many of the concerns about noise and safety are unfounded.

    This would be a great opportunity for responsible firearm owners to practice their sport.

  89. Mel Bice commented

    Great proposal, I can't wait for this new range. Having this type of facility so close by will be great for my family, we all shoot recreationally and would love to see some economic growth around the southern suburbs as an added bonus.

  90. Nicole Clark commented

    I agree with those who have said this isn't in keeping with the old Noarlunga township. Too close to residential areas and would impact on those who use the national park for hiking and frighten the nearby wildlife. Would hate to see the church on the hill impacted when it has the potential to be such an amazing venue. No one wants to get married with gunshots in the background.

  91. B Bond commented

    I agree with Nicole...this will frighten guests at the church...and also the protected australian animals in the wildlife park where many people and families visit to see Australian wildlife who are easily frightened off by gunshots..the reason similiar sounds are used to frighten birds from areas that birds are not wanted...it would be terrible to see the wildlife gone from the parks because of this...there is a lot of land without populations much further out from the suburbs that could be used for the shootinf range purpose.

  92. Nick commented

    Fantastic proposal, i hope it gets approved. There are few places for licensed recreational firearm owners to meet, and this would be a welcome addition.
    It may also provide a good opportunity for the naysayers to visit, and witness firsthand how safe, responsible and family friendly the sport and participants truly are.

  93. Josephine Stewart commented

    I feel that the site proposed for the Outdoor Firing Range and Training Facility is ill advised.

    Whist noting from reading comments posted online in favour of the project, that the owner has agreed to do whatever is possible to limit the noise, I am not reassured.

    So close to the National Park, there must be concern over the possible damaging effect it would have on the animals and birds within the park, and to a lesser extent the damage to the quality of the experience for those visiting the park.
    Is it a risk worth taking?

    Surely a more suitable site could be found? Preferably where noise pollution would not be an issue.

  94. Luke Webb commented

    What a fantastic opportunity for the southern suburbs. A much needed, overdue facility in a safe, well thought out area. Well done to all involved. I can’t wait to visit.

  95. Russell commented

    This is a brilliant idea for the growing community of responsible firearms owners and I will be there as soon as it opens.
    I mentioned responsible firearms owners as it is offensive to all concerned when comments are made, placing us in the category of criminals by mentioning We as gun owners are a danger to the public and is completely unfair
    As i firearms owner safety is paramount and I take it very seriously as you will find all licensed Owners do.

  96. B Dunne commented

    It's my understanding that gun shooting ranges are notorious for creating lead pollution.
    Govs are concerned about this in many places from my experience. With this shooting range so close to a township and to houses and parks and eating venues I am greatly concerned about the impact pollution may have from this proposed shooting range on people and wildlife. As well as the impact polluted water runoff may have on the waterways that feed wildlife.?

  97. Andrew Bean commented

    Great idea , jobs for the south and a general economy boost.
    A facility that would be used by hundreds of people.
    There is no danger to any residents nor any noise pollution , thats just media hype.
    Shooting is a great family activity for everyone.

    Bring it on !!

  98. M Belrose commented

    I can't help but wonder ....why put a gun shooting place so close to the township of old noarlunga up on a hill where there are houses parks and schools close by which could be impacted negatively by this placement in a number of ways in my opinion .....when there's already a gun shooting range 1.5 kilometers from old noarlunga?

  99. Wayne Pope commented

    Glad to hear this. great opportunity for all ages and genders to learn firearm safety and compete to their personal skill levels.
    National park shares borders with farm land, quarries, existing shooting clubs, vineyards, residences. animals abound, trucks tractors vehicular traffic, sound has not scared them off. Onkaparinga River if anyone chooses to venture down to see it is very healthy.
    This will i imagine clean up the area of the old meat works which is an eyesore as it is.
    Bring it on, well Done Gunnery..

  100. Paul Patterson commented

    I live on Church Hill road and not want a firing range so close to my home..We ALREADY have a shooting range 1 km away a the Mclaren Vale quarries which can be heard in the township of old Noarlunga. Why do we need another. It makes no sense..

  101. Ryan Kelly commented

    This would be an excellent addition to the area; facilities such as this are currently too far from the area, making it much more difficult to frequent. Having a local facility would enable more regular access for local range users and in turn promote even safer and more skiled firearms use. It would also aid in public education about safe and responsible firearms handling and ownership, and bring more money into the local community.

  102. A Pope commented

    I don't think a gun range is suitable for that particular spot next to a church and tourist venues and houses in the township of historic old noarlunga...it saddens me that gun shooting is top of the list in many people's lives today as a "sport" if indeed this is the case..and this is why gun places are popping up so close together in some places

  103. Nigel Birch commented

    Excellent opportunity for the public to train with their firearms and for those new to the sport to get an opportunity to learn gun safety and skills.
    Great for our youth...

  104. Chris commented

    Im not opposed to an outdoor firing range that supports the sport and I understand the sport is heavily regulated. However, the location is inappropriate. It is less than 150m from residential housing with a horse agistment across the road and a new wedding venue due to open just down the road. Irrespective of the sound being attenuated to legal levels, the constent popping sound of the ammunition would be equivalent of living next to a residential construction site but with no end to the noise pollution. There are two shooting ranges nearby (Southern Vales Pract. Shooting League & Noarlunga City Pistol Club) located at a respectible distance away from residential areas. Surely a more appropriate location can be found a few kilometres away in Mclaren Vale.

  105. Rod Saunders commented

    Fantastic idea. A great opportunity to teach more people about firearm safety and use, and also about how much fun you can have while still being safe.
    Be great to run school kids through to teach them how to respect firearms.

  106. Ian Stewart commented

    I speak as a regular annual visitor to South Australia - to Old Noarlunga in particular. It's a beautiful, historic area and such a peaceful place. We love walking round the open countryside there and all the wildlife. As a tourist, I feel this application would have a detrimental impact on the area and the tourist potential, not to mention the effects on the local residents. I understand there may be plans in the future to develop the church as some kind of arts centre - the application for the shooting range so close to the church would surely deter potential visitors to the arts centre.

  107. Adrian McLachlan commented

    Awesome project to spread the sport that is competitive rifle shooting.
    To the naysayers out there rest assured most firearms licence holders are more heavily scrutinised than any other member of society and all the noise and other possible points of complaint will have been risk managed.

  108. A.Olbrycht commented

    This would be a great addition to the southern suburbs bringing many people from all over the state to this world class facility...the amount of tourism this will generate for the area is astronomical. Perfect location

  109. Godfrey Wells commented

    There are many outer areas of adelaide that would be more suitable for a gun shooting range that do not have one...historic old noarlunga is now surrounded by suburbs and has become an inner suburban town area down south. If there were no other gun shooting ranges in this area I might understand why some seem so determined to place an open gun shooting range in historic old noarlunga...HOWEVER....there are two other gun shooting facilities already close by to this area....gun shooting hobbies are well served for this area ...no need for an extra one close to suburbs I feel

  110. GayleJ commented

    Unacceptable. It’s a definite no

  111. Daniel ball commented

    It would be fantastic to have a long range shooting range, closer to Adelaide.

  112. Brad Mathew commented

    What a fantastic proposal. I know first hand how strict SA Police are for certifying firearms clubs & ranges so I am confident that the noise impact to local residents would be no more than the traffic traversing the near-by Main South Rd. Range safety standards would mean no danger is posed to nearby residents either. A fantastic, family friendly sport that can cater for a wide range of ages from teens through to post-retirement age. Certainly interested in signing up for a local firearms club near me.

  113. Teresa Mills commented

    To whom it may concern .
    I have lived Old Noarlunga for 38 Years & believe a Firing Range at the Old Meat Works site, would be good for the economic growth of the township. Since the catastrophic fire of the Horse Shoe Inn, which had a Disco every Friday, the town has become way too quiet. We need another business like this proposed Firing Range, which should bring people of all ages & from all over the State, into our town. This will bring tourist dollars & support other businesses , from the Flow-on affect of Visitors to the area.
    Having a state of the art Firing Range in Old Noarlunga , may even bring an influx of People wanting to live here.
    As for issue of noise pollution, I really don’t see it being one. My next door neighbor uses a grinder practically every day. The kids at school play & scream at recess & Lunch. The Local Pub has bands & patrons leave the Hotel loudly, screaming off in their Cars. People play in the Market Square, Football Oval , Tennis & Netball Courts . If you are inside your House, with the TV or Stereo on, you will hear nothing !
    I do not know , nor have ever met any Person attached to this proposed Firing Range & I’m just giving my unbiased opinion on the proposal put fourth.
    I hope Council gives them the green light, to go ahead with their venture.
    Kindest regards, Teresa Mills.

  114. Calum commented

    Fantastic idea. I think it's in a perfect spot and can't wait to go. Good work !

  115. Justin Offord commented

    Great spot, great recreation

  116. Jackie Stevens commented

    I cannot even believe this is being thought about!

    My Grandfather is buried in the cemetery on Church Hill Road. He was killed by a gunshot while serving in WWII. The thought of gunshots echoing through the valley and over his final resting place is an absolute insult to his memory.

    This intention needs to be ceased.

  117. James Phillips commented

    Right on the edge of the national park? The amount of protected wildlife in the area alone should have stopped this from even being an idea. The sound pollution is completely unnatural and will disrupt anything in the area. Let alone a stray bullet, or even an intentional one if someone who likes hunting was to sneak a shot if something was spotted.

  118. Anonymous Teacher commented

    I work at the Old Noarlunga Primary School and would like to remain anonymous. The word of this becoming a possibility has begun to spread throughout the children of the school. While some kids think it's cool and exciting, there are many which are genuinely fearful of the idea. With how close the location is to the residential area and the way sound travels through the valley, these children will be faced with the unnecessary noise of gunshots on a daily basis. Being a long ranged range there are kids terrified that a bullet could reach the school and injure themselves or one of their friends.

    I want to clarify that I personally have no issue with the sport, however, there are so many locations moving further south that would be much better suited for this activity, out of earshot and physical distance from any residential areas and schools. I have no doubt that anyone wishing to practice in the sport would not mind travelling a little extra distance to keep our future minds at ease.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  119. Amanda commented

    I understand that this might be a good thing for those interested in the sport but the location is shocking! It’s such a peaceful place as it is now. Gun shots echoing off the cliffs would be horrible for all the residents. A different location needs to be found!

  120. Rima Milen commented

    I have been a resident in Old Noarlunga for 16 years. Whilst I appreciate a proposed filing range such as this is a sport, I do not agree with the proposed location and suggest a more appropriate location is found. The proposed site is too close to residences, a school and the historic Old Noarlunga township. I, and many residents do not want to hear gunshots ricocheting throughout the town/cliff face destroying the beautiful ambience of the town.

  121. Lucy Lesina commented

    To have a shooting range so close to residential areas is a complete disregard of any consideration for those who suffer with anxiety or PTSD. A shooting range should be extremely remote. It is not unreasonable to ask those who enjoy this activity to have to drive out to where it takes place. It is unreasonable to expose the residential area to these repeated alarming sounds

  122. Paul Bristow commented

    100% GR8 idea, local residence can come up and learn how to shoot and NOT be so worried about handling a firearm with the correct supervision.
    It is time that all the local residence get to understand how a firearm with the correct education and training is used and then all the locals will not be scared, worried or concerned about firearms being used buy responsible law biding firearms owners like the many thousands that have a firearms licence.
    I am and are so many others are very excited in the prospect in having a new rifle and pistol shooting range in the southern area.
    And for all of those local residence that are concerned with the noise factor, I believe there has been engineers taken sound measurements and after the structures are in place the level will be under the required level.

  123. Marty commented

    This is a great project to consider and to add another sporting venue to the Onkaparinga councils long list of various clubs / venues to join is great for the community. I'm sure if its location is at all an issues the management team of this project can find an engerneering solution to manage the direction in which a shooter can shoot, such as stopper rails or harnesse's for example. I for one, am all for it, and i would love for myself and kids to become a members.

  124. Leigh Kennedy commented

    There appears to already be gun clubs at Christies Beach, Mt Barker, Reynella, McLaren Vale and Old Noarlunga. This proposal is too close to residents’ homes, wildlife, and the Onkaparinga River National Park. Gun shots are inappropriate so close to the beautiful Old Noarlunga township which is popular for its walks, picnic areas, Birdlife, and peaceful environment.

  125. Pamela Scanlon commented

    Once again, a proposal at odds with the character and charm of Old Noarlunga and the neighbouring National Park.
    Sound funnels through the town, bouncing off cliffs and reflecting back to the dismay of many residents. Where were the sound checks performed?
    To suggest that there ought to be a limit to noise during business hours and not during out of hours - when most residents want to enjoy their home environment - is misguided.
    How many of the people thinking this is a good idea actually live here?
    Council should do independent testing and survey all of the residents in the old township, as we are the ones who will be impacted. Floods, fire, corellas and now this - a beautiful, peaceful area potentially destroyed by people with their own agendas, who, for the most part, are unlikely to live here nor understand the stress their activities create for local residents - both human and animal.

  126. Peter Horne commented

    Well overdue for a community facility such as this. I hope it happens.

  127. Donna hughson commented

    Corellas, flooding, redirected traffic through Old Noarlunga. Already hear the gunshots from Mc Laren Vale enough is enough. Does the council really represent us? Historic Old Noarlunga has suffered enough. ! No more please!
    The Granary Old Noarlunga historic listed Building.

  128. Stacey Ivanica commented

    Not an appropriate place for this. I am a local and noise echoes through the township. From what I can tell most comments are from people into this sport that don't live here. Please pay attention to what the residents are saying.

  129. Adele Murphy commented

    Firstly I would like to state that I am not opposed to a firing range. However, I am certainly opposed to this proposed location. As a local resident and parent with children attending the local school, and also as a mental health care worker, I am concerned about the implications of a firing range this close to the township and school. In 2020, I have seen a dramatic increase in anxiety related disorders in my clients. The global pandemic has been hard on everyone. I am genuinely concerned about the position of a firing range within 1 km from the primary school. These children are between the ages of FOUR and TWELVE years of age. I do not believe that subjecting them to the sound of gunshots during the day will benefit them in any way. In fact, I could almost predict with certainty that there will be a number of students who will become quite distressed if this goes ahead. I am voting for the firing range to be located elsewhere, further south away from schools and residential areas.

  130. Gordon Middleton commented

    Not a fan. Thoroughly inappropriate for Old Noarlunga, and for any residential area. Semi-commercial, light industrial would work far better in terms of environmental impact and noise pollution. Additionally, not convinced that a weapon of violence ( and yes, an air rifle is a weapon of violence) with it's primary intent being to kill has any logical place in an area bordering a national park, let alone any enlightened society. Unfathomable stupidity!

  131. April Matters-Smith commented

    What's the necessity for this when there's one a few kms away? Noise disruption unknown until it's built, by then it's too late. This area is wildlife diverse and dense, this will.be counter-productive to conservation, noise will confuse wildlife and cause habitat disruption. Dangerous and unnecessary.

  132. Christine commented

    I am a local Old Noarlunga resident who is not opposed to an outdoor firing range to support the sport, however do not feel that this is an appropriate location.

    I do not feel a facility like this should be so close to residential properties, the primary school and the other local businesses. Whilst the sound of gunshots may not be loud, and be within the legal requirements, they will still be heard and I do NOT want my child or their peers having to hear it every day at school. I feel the noise pollution would ruin the tranquility of our lovely historic town, the venue hire business the Church is trying to start and do not want to hear it on a daily basis.

    It is also right next to the national park which myself and many others like to enjoy for the wildlife and peacefulness, which I know would both be impacted by the firing range. I personally would not feel comfortable walking in the park in such close proximity to the range - no matter what safety measures are in place, just knowing that guns are being fired so close to me in an outdoor space would make me anxious. I do not have an issue with guns being used, I have family members who actively use them, however they use them in a much more appropriate rural setting.

    Please consider an alternative location for the firing range as I am firmly against the proposal at this particular site.

  133. Amanda commented

    I understand that this might be a good thing for those interested in the sport but the location is shocking! It’s such a peaceful place as it is now. Gun shots echoing off the cliffs would be horrible for all the residents. A different location needs to be found!

  134. Kelly W commented

    Absolutely too close to the school and houses, old noarlunga is far too small for something like this, needs to be more rural. Noise and safety concerns being main considerations. Guns near schools is a huge concern! A big NO from me.

  135. Rowan Pope commented

    I have lived near the site since 2005. Such a facility should not be in this area, especially considering the increase in nearby high density housing in this time, which will presumably continue. We live in a country where the public is not allowed to carry firearms. There is no reason for this to exist here. There is a school nearby, and I do not want more people coming into the area who are interested in firearms. They’re only of use to farmers who need to cull pests, and emergency service people. There is no other place for firearms in our community. I feel strongly on this point.

  136. Sarah commented

    Would not feel safe for myself or for my children knowing people with guns are driving around our quite streets. This is not America.

  137. Jane & Andy Comas commented

    No amount of assurance from proponents of this rifle range regarding security measures can possibly satisfy us or the community of Old Noarlunga, that at some point, human error, or a security breakdown, is not going to increase the possibility of gun related deaths.
    People who enjoy or want to shoot rifles should be joining the police or armed forces in some capacity, where there is a society based role in learning to handle a weapon.
    Rifles or hand guns have no place in a civilised and safe community otherwise. (Unless you consider bikie gangs a civilised society).
    The likelihood of an overflow effect of enthused shooters from this proposed rifle range into the adjacent national parks is too high a risk. History shows that we cannot trust all people to do the right things. In this case - the possibility of one person not doing the right thing is too great - NO to this proposal.

  138. Clive commented

    What a great idea, hopefully it goes through smoothly.

  139. Richard M commented

    NO! I am a local resident and I have serious concerns about this range so close to house and especially the school. There is nothing that could be done to make this ok in my mind. In fact, has the world gone mad? This is NOT OK!

  140. Derek Bawden commented

    Top of a hill does not seem like the smartest place for a firing range. Too close to residential housing, there's a reason ranges are located in old quarries. Something like a gel blaster field would be better suited with no noise and no danger but still providing a fun place for kids and families to play a sport

  141. James Strivens commented

    Super excited that this is on the cards. Hopefully we’ll have an Olympic Champion come from it....

  142. Barb B commented

    I am a resident of Old Noarlunga and reside close to the proposed range. I strongly feel that the facility is too close to residential properties. As it is now, if something is let off, eg gas canons, bird scaring devices, etc, it is echoed throughout the township. So my question is what will a gun range do. The proposed owner may setup the range to alleviate the sounds of the gunshots, but they will still be echoed throughout the township.

    With the national park next to the proposed range, what impact will it have on the native animals that live in the area.

    There is already a pistol club on Seaview Road, which is only 5 minutes away, so why does the area need another range.

    An alternative location should be considered away from residential area and national parks. I am firmly against the proposal.

  143. Chris commented

    At this stage of planning, the applicant has the opportunity to choose a site that addresses risks through a higher level of safety according to the Hierarchy of Control, being isolation. Instead the applicant has chosen an inappropriate site that requires numerous engineering controls, which are seemingly inadequate for the location and allow potential for failure through human error, malfunction or failure to perform as designed. The long lasting psychological effects of not only noise pollution but the anxiety caused by the constant awareness of guns being discharged close by must be considered. The applicant and likely the council will be exposed to future litigation if it is deemed the responsible parties had knowledge of potential harm to the community and failed to act with due care and consideration when accepting inferior levels of safety than available at the time of application.

  144. Rod Campbell commented

    To: Fellow residents of Old Noarlunga

    Despite being a long time resident of Old Noarlunga I have just found out via the local grapevine that there is a proposal in the wind for an outdoor rifle range to be built at the site of the old meatworks.

    This cannot be allowed to happen.

    We choose to live in Old Noarlunga because it is a quiet and secluded place to call home and be close to the joys of nature. The Gunnery will destroy all of that.

    The sound of constant rifle wire will echo through the entire township all day for six days a week. If you have a timid pet like mine it will cower in fear all day while you grit your teeth in anger due to the constant noise.

    Native kangaroos and other animals and birds will be frightened to death and be more likely to panic and run out or fly out in front of traffic.

    Property values will surely take a hit as otherwise peaceful and civilized open inspections are interrupted by the sharp and sporadic bursts of constant rifle fire.

    The small but non zero redneck element in the firearm community will surely use native birds and other wildlife for target practice. There is already at least one illegal shooter in the town responsible for the cruel and slow death of many native birds, which by the way does not help with the ongoing Corella problem. That is a separate issue that requires proper and well considered management.

    There will be just one winner if this proposal goes ahead and that person is the operator of the gunnery. Everyone else will be a loser. Our lives will never be the same. Property values will certainly fall. Now is the time to voice your opinion to stop this insane proposal. A rifle range does not belong in the heart of suburban tranquility.

    Please write or Email to all of the following people to stop this insane proposal:

    Council contact: Michael.Hughes@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

    Council manager: Ben.Victory@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

    Council Director: Renee.Mitchell@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

    Council Mayor: Erin.Thomson@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

    EPA Adviser: Hayley.Riggs@sa.gov.au

    Local Member of Parliament: rebekha.sharkie.mp@aph.gov.au

    Federal Member of Parliament: Amanda.Rishworth.MP@aph.gov.au

  145. Rachael A commented

    As a resident of Old Noarlunga, I do not support the proposal for the outdoor rifle range. It seems crazy that someone would think it's appropriate to build it in this location, especially when there are plenty of other options out there that would be far more suitable. Why so close to homes and businesses? Why so close to a primary school? Why so close to a National park and the long-term agisted horses on Churchill road? Why so close to a beautiful, tranquil, historic and picturesque town where the residents chose to reside to enjoy their peace and quiet (except for the corellas). It makes me angry to think that my children will have to put up with the constant sound of gun shots throughout the day while they are at school. How is that fair?

    I'd be interested to know if this proposal has been fully risk assessed? Please focus your time and energy on finding a more appropriate alternative location.

  146. Katelyn McInnes commented

    Very concerning and inappropriate to have a outdoor firing range within such close proximity to not only residential area but a school. Children and residents should not be hearing even faint gun shots on a regular basis. Placement of this range needs to be reconsidered for some place more rural

  147. Thomas Jefferson commented

    Personally I could not care less if there is a firing range or a flower factory at the site of the defunct Metro Meats plant just so long as there is legal economic activity going on there. It has been derelict since, what, 1995?

    As a life long resident of the township, I certainly haven't heard any of the supposed recent firing testing going on there and I don't live that far away.

    The prevailing winds for two thirds of the year blow the supposed noise north towards one of the busiest main roads in the state and the major intersection of the southern expressway. The geometric drop off of sounds make it exceedingly unlikely that even the highest rifle calibres would be noticed by say the residents of Huntfield Heights, let alone pistol calibres. You would think if noise pollution were such a concern then the old Noarlunga pistol club would have had constant complaints through the years, but most people are surprised to find out that that club is even there!

    I do wonder if kicking up fuss about this proposed business is just a case of "not in my back yard!" by people who don't understand physics nor ballistics (or are being intellectually dishonest and disingenuous), and those who hate guns and the idea of people having any interests or hobbies of which they personally disapprove.

    I think any legal economic activity at this derelict site is a very good thing for Old Noarlunga. It isn't like there are other businesses with any plans for the place, having effectively been abandoned a quarter of a century ago. I can only speculate as to how much this business would bring into our community, how many people it would employ, and how much taxation revenue it would generate.

    In these uncertain times, it cannot be a bad thing for law abiding citizens to have a convenient place to learn to shoot accurately.

  148. Anatoly Patrick commented

    Noise from guns not acceptable to
    all nearby residents. Your home is a sanctuary and noise is a violation of that right. Range proposal aligns directly into national park range and valley which my family walk on a regular basis - threat of stray bullet precludes use of this area as far as the pipeline track. We see many other walkers along this track - its well used. Valley directly below the proposed area is a sanctuary for birdlife also - Pelicans and Ibis to name two. We often see them roosting every evening. I ride regularly along Piggot range road track. All this would makes this area too dangerous hence and obsolete.

  149. Sarah Strickland commented

    I think this is an amazing idea! My son & myself have just finished firearms training & have got our licences, the indoor range is great, but it would be a fantastic experience to be able to shoot at an outdoor range that is family friendly with other like minded people.
    Can’t wait to see this set up & be open to licensed shooters!!

  150. christos commented

    Hi Sarah, we understand your keenness now that you & your son have licences.
    & yes a place to use & improve your skills would be important to you both.
    I ask the question ....Where do you live? Old Noarlunga? We very much doubt that??
    We feel your statement to council is orchestrated...

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