77 Park Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Change of Use Request: We wish to change the use of the land in the car park, (enclosed and shown in Schedule of Photos and Maps) from its designation as General Residential Zone 1 to Mixed Use Zone for the purposes of allowing food and drinks to served from trucks/ trailers (commercial trade purposes) from this location. There are no construction works required, just removal of the existing redundant playground and surrounds to property boundary. Our proposal will see a fully enclosed area for pedestrians only, therefore mitigating any traffic risk to patrons. Proposed Land Use Term: Definition: Includes: Included In: Food and drink Land used to prepare and sell food and drink for immediate consumption on, or off, the premises Take away food Food and beverage services Food and Drink Usage: We aim to provide support to our community by providing an opportunity to food traders to park and trade from our property. We have partnered with a pizza company, coffee company and have discussed the opportunity to create a food and drink space in the property. • Sale of food and take-away • Sale of Coffee • Sale of soft drinks (non-alcoholic) • Snacks We believe four number (4) food/ beverage trailers or mobile vehicles could be easily accommodated on site. Each of the four (4) vehicles/ premises will have on average have 2 staff present each day (average 6) but at different times during the day. Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday: 06.00am to 10.00 pm • Coffee and snacks (during the day) • Evening food service (pizza and other take-aways) Noise: The food and beverage vehicles will be connected to permanent power by qualified and experienced electrician(s). This will ensure no noise is generated from the operations and the interaction with the public will have little to no noise impact on the nearby residents. Signage: In accordance with the Heritage Overlay requirement we propose not to utilise any permanent signage or no illuminated signage will be used at any time. For any temporary signage that the vendors may want to utilise, the application will be processed through the Port Philip street trading team. Special Building Overlay: To ensure no impact to site as its classification as Melbourne Water floodplain and in accordance with the Special Building Overlay requirements, we propose to utilise mobile vehicles (such as trailers and vans) which will not be secured permanently to the ground and which not impede the free passage of floodwater through the site. Environment: • No impact to lighting of any residents in the area • solar access • No visual obstructions that impair any light or create any glare type issues • No air-borne emissions as mobile vehicles connected to permanent power property connections • No impact to emissions either land and water • Cleaning: o After trading each-day the land and adjacent footpath will be cleaned, and any rubbish removed. Other Matters: • No impact or affect on adjoining land including road traffic. • No impact on traffic • Supplies will be delivered by the individual companies operating on site and there is no requirement for large weight vehicles (such as trucks to delivery food or drinks to site directly).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Port Phillip, reference 854/2020)

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