89 Hodgson Street Templestowe Lower VIC 3107

Construction of two, three-storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN20/0528)


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  1. Melinda Munday commented

    Three story dwellings in smaller suburban streets are far too large. This council is hellbent on development and money over the living experience of its rate paying residents. A 3 story development on a small block is ludicrous and invades privacy of surrounding residents impacting their enjoyment of homes they’ve worked hard to achieve and enjoy. It’s a worrying precedent to be setting in the area. Please do not allow this unnecessary large development in our streets and limit to development on major roads with streetscapes that can handle a larger building. Council need to prioritise the needs of existing residents to over developers. Money and greed need to take a back seat.

  2. Marguerita commented

    I am astounded that this is even permitted to be submitted. Where is the quiet enjoyment ? You want design overlays go further out to growth corridors and build your desired greedy overpopulated and condensed developments there. Stop hurting civilians and removing their rights.
    All Manningham residents need to fight against these developments. The council only has power when they want to increase their revenue. Anything else is “oh sorry, we can’t do anything”
    This has got to stop.

  3. John Pickering commented

    Definitely should not be approved. Please MCC - have the courage to make the right decision here. We live in Manningham given it’s reputation for green, open spaces. Don’t destroy what makes our area great and admired by other councils in Melbourne.

  4. Rob commented

    A 3 story dwelling is definately not acceptable in the area. Most to all are at 2 story and this creates a precedent for the eye line but more importantly results in loss of privacy for sourrounding areas. With the the possibility of COVID restrictions in the future having use of property backyards with sunlight in private are absolutely necessary for mental well being. Losing that privacy and sunshine can have a flow on effect.

  5. chris commented

    Don't even bother council won't listen!!!!
    I fought for 3 years for a three storey development and It's now standing in all its glory next door to my single storey house in a small street.
    It's a joke! I wasted my energy and time to no avail!!
    It's like they have a single agenda to approve all monstrosities!!!
    Lost faith in local council!!

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