32 Bahrs Scrub Road Bahrs Scrub 4207, QLD

SP320172 Standard Format Plan (1 into 2 lots) + 1 x Council Easement + 1 x Private Easement

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Logan City Council, reference SP/188/2020)


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  1. Michelle Hayes commented

    Please be careful with your development. We have such beautiful wild life including Koalas which I hear every night. Please be respectful of them and our beautiful suburb. There is way too much development happening.

  2. Kristy Blacknel commented

    This is a koala corridor and it is currently koala mating season where many koalas visit this time of year. Please reconsider development of this land. We must not let our beloved koalas become extinct at the expense of land clearing and over development.

  3. ANGELA JOY SOUTHAM commented

    The trees and bushland at the back of this property must not be destroyed. This is a known koala habitat, always has and always should be. If the council is to ensure and provide a proactive, innovative, and sustainable approach to koala conservation, this area must be protected. The property development which has been approved in this area by Logan Council has resulted in hundreds of dwellings which is destroying vital habitat for our wildlife. The platypus in this creek have long gone, kangaroos and wallabies have vanished and now the koalas will disappear if this vegetation is scraped from the earth. Your ecological assessment has obviously failed to note these important facts.

  4. John and Colleen Millar commented

    We are the owners of 36 Albert Valley Drive, Bahrs Scrub which is close to the above site. We know the DA deadline for objections has passed, but wanted to alert you to a few things even though the work is well underway.
    We have lived here for over 15 years and have regularly seen koalas and a plethora of birds and finches who nest on the area near the creek. We have grave concerns that the above development will directly affect both the koalas and birdlife by drastically reducing the vegetation on the nature reserve. We alert you to the following:
    1. This area is known for its koala access and the development would interfere with the species' regular feeding route.
    2. The birdlife and breeding area would be lost and thus reducing the natural wildlife that is such a feature of the area
    3. The proposed housing block next to and south of the creek regularly floods up to at least one third of the planned block. We cannot understand how a block with that recurring problem can be sold for redevelopment and that the Council would approve such a change.
    We suggest that Council officers conduct a close examination of this area. It may be that your ecological assessment failed to note the important sightings of the natural wildlife (especially koalas) and this be considered as this development proceeds.
    We understand that this is gazetted as a Koala Habitat Restoration Area, If this is the case, then we hope this area, with its tall established trees, will be considered worth keeping to encourage the animals to remain and be protected. Watching TV tells us that koala numbers have recently been decimated which is why legislation continues to meet the challenge of protecting these valuable animals.
    As humans we have a responsibility to care and protect these vulnerable animals that are soon to be on the precipice of extinction. I ask that you look closely and wisely at this area to strategically enhance the opportunities for these precious and rare koalas.
    The flooding of the area in wet weather is common and yet council have approved a redevelopment of a flood area. This is amazing to us. Efforts need to be made to preserve the koalas from residential dogs and the new roadway going in on the southern side of the creek, along with the new housing, be closely monitored aa this will surely impact the wildlife and their habitation.
    Additionally, we understand that the application has not been decided and our concerns may be able to be considered as part of the ongoing assessment process for the application.
    In light of the above, we ask that council officers give strict attention to this development to ensure the continuation of the area as a natural habitat for the animals, especially the koala, so the development does not impact on the possible extinction of the animals in this area.
    John and Colleen Millar

  5. Anthony Caisley commented

    What was once a nice quiet peaceful area is getting ruined by all the development going on. Seems to be less bush land and more houses and traffic. Also what’s with 2 child care centres being built on the same road within a few hundred metres of each other!!

  6. Jean Doherty commented

    Its a pity so many people that moved into the area and now want no one else to move in, where would they like the people with no housing to move to anywhere but near them?

  7. Stephen Southam commented

    Dear Sir,

    Development Application No: RL/3/2020 – Reconfiguration of a Lot (1 Lot into 17 Lots & Drainage Reserve
    Property Address: 32 Bahrs Scrub Road, Bahrs Scrub, QLD, 4207.
    Property Description: Lot 3 RP 200429

    I have lived in this estate for over 12 years and have witnessed many developments of properties that were once beautiful acreages. This has resulted in bulldozing many habitats for our animals that live in this area. I have not seen a kangaroo or wallaby for over two years and the platypus that once occupied the creek have long gone. I believe that if you allow the remaining trees at the back of this property to be knocked down, the remaining koala population will very much decline.
    This is a known koala habitat, always has and always should be. If the council is to ensure and provide a proactive, innovative, and sustainable approach to koala conservation, this area must be protected. The property development which has been approved in this area over the past few years by Logan Council has resulted in hundreds of new dwellings which is destroying vital habitat for our wildlife. Your ecological assessment has obviously failed to note these important facts.
    I totally object to this last piece of land to be developed. It must remain for the survival of our wildlife. Studies have found that koala population densities in Logan and Bahrs Scrub areas have fallen dramatically by up to about 80 percent. If the government is boosting the budget to improve population of koalas, Logan Council must take action and preserve valuable environments such as this koala corridor in Bahrs Scrub.
    In the past this small piece of land next to the creek always floods and was never to be built upon. According to the City of Logan Koala Conservation Strategic Plan 2013-2020, states that the plan aims to ensure the long-term viability of koalas in Logan and demonstrates Council’s commitment to koala conservation. I am sure that Logan Council will view this and many other objections to this development and do the right thing which is to preserve this vital piece of land.
    Yours sincerely,
    Stephen Southam

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