16 Mitchell Street, Arncliffe NSW 2205

Demolition of heritage dwelling and construction of two storey dwelling and pool

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council, reference DA-2020/398)


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  1. Suzanne Davies commented

    How can you allow this to happen? These heritage houses need protecting not destroying. It is a disgrace we do not respect our history. We should be preserving them not getting rid of history. Sue Davies.

  2. CH commented

    If it’s a heritage building then it’s a hard no. The council is currently doing a lot of work to heritage list lots of areas of Bayside, hence to permit demolishment would be contrary to this.
    Existing house should be preserved and the owners permitted a rear extension in keeping with the property lines

  3. C. Harden commented

    Any heritage houses and buildings need to be preserved.
    Arncliffe's old style character has now been changed dramatically.
    Heritage control laws do not allow for heritage properties to be demolished.
    This application must be further looked into before any further action is taken.

  4. James N. commented

    Agree with other commentators.
    At some point we have to prevent the demolishing of heritage dwellings which will be replaced with a 2-storey concrete monstrosity. Once heritage dwellings are gone -they’re gone! And you are wiping any visual heritage of a suburb. Have in principle no problems with modifications/extensions. What kind of person buys a heritage property only to knock it down? Other councils i.e. Inner West have tighter controls and heritage guidelines. Bayside Council you are lagging behind !

    (Unfortunately....as always!)

    Looking at the google reviews of Bayside Council is very sobering experience....

  5. J Findlay commented

    As with the above, I am a local who opposes any further demolition of these kinds of buildings on heritage grounds. The built history of this area is significant and we can’t afford to loose anymore. Further, there are no documents lodged that will inform residents as to what the proposed structure would looks like. Please knock this submission back.

  6. Noah commented

    This can't be correct, how is it possible to demolish a heritage building. Why are there no documents provided to even show how this decision has any justification?

  7. Carrie Haines commented

    Bayside Council, please, we urge you to not allow this to happen. Without preserving our past, how can we teach our children to respect the future? Let’s, as a community, start caring about if neighbourhood and this begins with pride and respect.

  8. David Gray commented

    Bayside council, when will you stop allowing the demolition of the suburb's character! When they are all gone? Irrespective whether houses are heritage listed or not, it is the character of this area and must be preserved. We are already loosing much through the high rise in Arncliffe and Wolli Creek. Can we keep some of our heritage. Please reject this application. We already have enough examples of two story concrete monstrosities towering over and shading and evading the privacy of these heritage buildings..

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