8 Western Cr Gladesville NSW 2111

Proposed Amending Development Application under Section 4.17(1)(b) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to amend Local Development Application No. LDA2016/0058 as follows: - Delete basements levels 4 and 5, - Remove the approved youth centre and change the ground floor and mezzanine use to a ‘community facility’, - Revise the internal apartment layouts, amending the total number of apartments from 34 to 33, and reducing total parking spaces from 98 car spaces to 56, - The overall height of the development remains at 10 storeys. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site may requires a dewatering licence. The relevant approval body is WaterNSW.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0388)


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  1. Alex Meredith commented

    This is ridiculous, there is already enough multi storey buildings within Gladesville and no supportive infrastructure. Even the current shops, transport and local grocers have been completely busy during COVID-19, Gladesville is not set up sustainably to withstand more multi-storey dwellings. Even with the original plans for over 55s living, at least that was different, however I still strongly believe there are far too many unit complexes within Gladesville without the correct infrastructure, we are setting up our suburb to fail!

  2. Steve commented

    Infrastructure is insufficient for the number of people already living within the bounds of Victoria and Morrison roads in Gladesville. Another high density complex like this will only exacerbate the issue.

    Traffic is substantial during peak times and there is inadequate parking often leading people to just stop and park illegally.

    Not only are the roads and parking areas insufficient and lacking in space but there are no petrol stations in gladesville at all and there is not adequate shops or services to accomodate this significant number of people.

    Adding to the already overpopulated area without doing anything to address congestion and a lack of services is disgusting.

  3. Kaitlin commented

    Ryde council reject this proposal. It is not sustainable for the area. Build more facilities that are needed in the area before you build the capacitive put more people. How can another high rise be considered when there has not been enough investment into the infrastructure and services within the area first!? This will just create more people, more problems and more traffic in what is already a high traffic area. We don’t need Gladesville turning into another suburb full of high rises that makes it impossible to get in and out with all the congestion. There is literally no reason for existing reasons to live in Gladesville with the constant building interruptions due to construction and the horrible existing infrastructure that definitely will not handle the future increase.

  4. Jonathan commented

    Ryde council reject this proposal. It is not sustainable for the area. Build more facilities that are needed in the area before you build another ridiculous high rise. Gladesville as a suburb is not sustainable to live in for the current residents, please look after our lifestyle.

  5. Luke commented

    There is already so much over development going on in Gladesville, there is absolutely no need for ANOTHER high rise apartment complex. Traffic is constantly a problem, we just don't have the Infrastructure to accommodate the increase in dwellings. Due to the constant over development we now don't even have a petrol station in the entire suburb and now don't have a proper carpark to sustain the increase in population around key areas. We need the City of Ryde to look after the current citizens and stop the development of NEW apartment complexes.

  6. Inbal Luft commented

    While I fully support additional facilities for community use, I do not support the development and yet more apartments given the existing infrastructure. The road traffic issues and congestion will worsen and have a negative impact on public safety, access and pedestrian traffic given this is close to a school. This will only add more cars onto the already busy roads nearby. There is existing public transport options are limited and this will add yet more people and traffic into the area. It will affect the lifestyle and liveability of people already living in the area.

  7. T Craven commented

    (a) In the interests of true transparency perhaps Council should put all documents on the website as is nothing there. It appears that RSL and Urbis are behind this development (in which case I will not be donating any more to the RSL which I have done since my great uncle was an official in the RSL many years ago). (b) it is a shame if they are knocking down the charming facade which is full of character - Could Council please look at whether the facade is worthy of heritage listing. (c) I agree with all the other comments. 20 years ago Gladesville was once a suburb like its name - a pleasant village surrounded by trees. Now there are far too many developments for the area. Victoria Rd cannot accommodate the traffic. This particularly development is behind Victoria Rd where there are already very narrow streets and insufficient access. There is insufficient facilities, inadequate public transport. Agree with youth facilities but this development seems to be primarily about high density apartments. Perhaps Gladesville should be renamed - Highriseville or Concreteville comes to mind.

  8. Fletcher Simpkins commented

    All these developments #might have# made sense if the Sydney Metro went under Victoria Rd as proposed back in 2010 as there was a stop out the front of Gladesville Primary. But there's no metro, and no pressing reason why Gladesville needs to be built up some densely. Please reject this proposal. I am also concerned that we have yet to hear what Hunters Hill council is planning for the Cowell St coles shopping centre. Last i heard there was going to be 3 towers of at least 11 stories. Has Ryde council considered the additional congestion that will be caused by Hunters Hill developments?

  9. Sarah de Jong commented

    10 storeys high. What are they talking about. The new apartments on Victoria Rd are 6 storeys. This is madness. Community facilities on the ground level and mezzanine? No parking though for anyone in the community who wants to use the community facilities. 20 spaces left over from the residents is ridiculous for any building with community facilities. The Gladesville community is ignored time after time by our 2 councils. We have no community facilities available of much value, and this 10 storey building is incapable of providing any more. So many residents in Gladesville do not know anyone else in their street, because we have nowhere to meet or create activities which might unite us. At this stage our only meeting space is on the internet, trying desperately to persuade both councils that we need more than Trim Place or the car park under Coles as places to meet up. Please refuse this application, as it is entirely out of character with Gladesville and at the least should not be 10 storeys high, but more like 4 storeys.

  10. Andrew Franz commented

    1. 10 storeys is too high and it is not on Victoria road, it should be 3-4 max
    2. More accommodation and reduced parking spaces means that customers of the RSL will park in surrounding streets. It also increases traffic around the school.
    3. There should NOT be any further development along Victoria road and it is NOT a major transport route served by rail or metro.

  11. Amanda Riedel commented

    I am adding my voice to all of those opposing the gross over-development along Victoria Road and nearby streets in Gladesville. I believe the Ryde and Hunters Hill councils need to respond to community concerns. Gladesville is split between the two councils with neither showing respect or thought to existing residents. New development should only be approved when infrastructure can support it and when it is tasteful and adds value to the suburb. Not just because it provides revenue. If the metro had been built 10 years ago then transport would not be an issue. But it wasn't and this is now one of our biggest issues. Our streets are crowded with traffic, there are not enough parking spots available and the businesses below the new highrise struggle to get the clientele they need to survive because of this. Not to mention the lack of petrol stations. I think council needs to be accountable, if they cannot listen to their constituents then we should vote accordingly.

  12. Todd Percy commented

    More apartments, no improvement to infrastructure. Yep, that's Gladesville now.

    Ryde Council have had a mandate of build what you want for a while now. You should come and see the 'granny flat' next to our place on Morrison.

  13. Jennie Minifie for Ryde Community Alliance commented

    Ryde Community Alliance made submissions to both the draft Ryde LEP (consolidating and standard instruments) during public consultation. The Council ignored the concerns expressed about the increase in building heights along Victoria Road, effectively blocking significant views over the Parramatta River, and creating a barrier to breezes from the river valley making their way to the north-west of Gladesville. The historic buildings and Victoria Road alignment established a scale and character that should not be lost in the new planning controls.

    The Council had little regard for the submissions, which were disregarded, and it’s preferred strategy of building up along this historic roadway, surveyed by Sir Thomas Mitchell, was given effect in the planning controls and development approvals issued.

    Today, the local community is witnessing the poor planning outcomes. The comments made by many people above reflect their frustration at the physical impact of the current planning controls, and the loss of public amenity along the Gladesville stretch of Victoria Road.

    The development application should be carefully assessed by the Council officers in respect of it’s urban design, height, and the proposed contribution to community facilities, to address all of the issues raised in the comments to date.

    The Council officers should be given the authority to negotiate for improved outcomes for the site, the future occupants, and improved public amenity for this area. The Ryde LEP has aims and objectives that should be addressed or the application refused.

    Further, as raised previously, there is not enough specific information provided on-line about each development application on which comment is invited, to allow objectors and the public to see what is proposed.

    Finally, the Victoria Road frontage and surrounding area includes many older buildings that have survived from the 19th and 20th centuries. These buildings provide a scale and character to Gladesville which should form the basis of new and stronger planning controls for the area.

  14. Ruth Webb commented

    Dear General Manager
    City of Ryde,

    The heritage of Gladesville previously comprised century old historic buildings and churches, which served to establish a charming residential area attractive for families and inviting for future dwellers. Unfortunately Ryde Council has forged ahead, giving developers continuous approval for high density apartment blocks, as well as approving building height increases along Victoria Road resulting in poor planning outcomes. The 'new' Gladesville is on the way to becoming the next "North Sydney", a wind tunnel crammed with mirrored skyscrapers and little if no public amenities for the thousands of bolt hole apartment dwellers. The physical appeal of the Gladesville section of Victoria Road is soon becoming less attractive with diminishing heritage character. If the area is not attractive to residents then the new apartments will remain empty.

    Developers and Council Officers need to realise that Victoria Road is not serviced by a metro or a train line, and is one of the most congested roads in Sydney, now encased by high rise apartments on either side. Apartment buildings are approved with very few car parking spaces for residents serviced to add to this congestion.

    This application should be refused and in fact State Government and Ryde Council should lodge an investigation looking into the future of Victoria Road as a strategic transportation corridor to help planning for the next 10-15 years. High density apartment blocks on either side of Victoria Road mean that future no road widening is possible and heavy shadowing from skyscrapers results in dwarfing character buildings.

    It is recommended that Ryde Council develop a strategy in consultation with current residents focussing on the Victoria Road corridor.

  15. Anne Wagstaff commented

    Ten storeys in Gladesville could be a continuation of the thin edge of the wedge. Four storeys was the limit at one stage, then six, and now a 10 storey proposal... and in a location surrounded by houses.

    Let's fix up our shopping centre first, and develop our beautiful suburb judiciously.

  16. Rebecca commented

    10 storeys is a ridiculous size for this area. The historical and residential feel of the area is being threatened with a development of such a size. The pressure on infrastructure and the affect on parking in surrounding streets is not acceptable. I ask you to reject this DA in its current form. The apartment blocks with 3 floors are big enough as it is let alone having 10 storeys.

  17. Natalie commented

    Reducing the number of parking spaces is a terrible idea - street parking is already woeful in the area, and there needs to be sufficient parking for all residents and visitors.

    In addition, one of the better aspects of the original plan was the inclusion of a youth centre, with many promised community benefits. A generic “community facility” gives very little information about its intended purpose - are potential buyers being put off by the possible presence of said “youths”? If the facility is too generic it is likely to be under-utilised, thus losing its benefit to the community.

    Finally, as was the case with the original application, there are serious concerns about construction traffic in the one way streets of the area, particularly given the proximity to a preschool and primary school.

  18. Philip Howe commented

    The six storey cardboard box, built at 122 Victoria Rd just 2 years ago, is a guide to the awful effect of shoddy construction (it is peeling and flaking paint already) at half the size of the Wagstaff St proposal. It is a sun and view blocker that affects Pearson St, just behind it.
    It is also already attracting a companion construction right next door to it - on the site of the recently closed Caltex Station on Victoria Rd.
    The site in Western Crescent will cause. even greater over-shadowing and sun blocking of the houses opposite and the Anglican Church’s pre-school and early development on the corner of Jordan St.
    I remember attending meetings with RSL people and the Anglican Church to discuss the Coulter St carpark and its . surrounds, “intentions and their likely impact”. It seems that just as the Coles Shopping Centre development comes and goes the ideas and intentions of the involved Developer and Councils with regards to this end of the Coulter St carpark are becoming absurd.

  19. Mara Anne Cheshire commented

    I object to this DA. 10 storeys is excessive and Gladesville will turn into Meadowbank before we know it. Please preserve the charm of our suburb!

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