1 Nineteenth Avenue, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Material Change of Use Code Assessment Multiple Dwelling (x34)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 17 days ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2020/468)


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  1. Michael commented

    Looks great

  2. Imelda Bordiss commented

    34 Unit High Rise with DOUBLE the amount of units allowed under the City Plan Guidelines and half the allowed floor space per unit. Dog boxes to become future ghetto of Palm Beach. Please reject this totally unacceptable development.

  3. sean genders commented

    Why do you have a city plan guideline and never stick to it? The focus needs to become about the society, how to best benefit how our places sit within a sustainable environment

  4. Samantha Ladd commented

    This application does not fit into the current City Plan. It is almost double the number of bedrooms allocated per square meter.

    Shadow effects on the beach.

    Amenities and schools are not going to cope with the influx of new residents. Nothing is being done to create new and improved infrastructure in the neighbourhood. Only being taken away. Ie Palm Beach Library. Parks are well and truly overrun with families as it is.

  5. Karel Driml commented

    This development does not comply with the building code and will greatly impact on neighbouring properties.

    The setbacks from 19th avenue are too small and out of character with some of he neighbouring developments, mainly the 19th Avenue tower and the recent Magnolia towers. Both of these have large setbacks from street frontage. Nice gardens.
    The site coverage is excessive and greater then allowed. Putting one large building where previously there were 2 dwellings is greatly affecting the neighbouring residences, particularly the ones to the western boundaries where views and breezes will be blocked. The effect is greater than putting 2 complaint dwellings on the blocks where the present dwellings are. The largest setback is on the east which is facing the open beach and is no benefit to neighbouring properties.

    The density at 16.2 metres squared is double the density of the town plan overlay map.

    19th Avenue provides beach access close to Pacific Surf club. Already parking is congested and putting this high density dwelling will impact on street parking despite the fact that they are providing parking to the council standard. This building is much larger than any beachfront development putting it out of character from the present beachscape.

    In it’s present form this development falls well short of the building code and has very poor performance outcomes as set out in the building code.

  6. Shannon May commented

    This application, whilst code assesable due to the height is still twice the density that is allowable within the City Plan. When is this madness of over development going to stop? The area is already congested and the schools - particularly Palm Beach Primary School just over the road - are already at capacity. To continue approving bulky high rise over-developments such as this one and the recent approval of 76 units at Mawarra St / Brooke Ave - which also faces Palm Beach Primary School is dangerous not only for our community for our limited resources and amenities as well. Palm Beach is full. There is no need to turn it into Surfers Paradise. People don't go there for a reason. It is a dark, cold and windy canyon with shadows on what was a lovely beach. Why continue to destroy Palm Beach in the same way?

  7. Lorelle Holmes commented

    This council is determined to develop (aka destroy) Palm Beach using the same ugly template of the northern beach suburbs - I blame our councilor for continuing to do nothing to protect the Palm Beach community.

    It's shameful what's happening, but I can guarantee that the person signing off on the approvals doesn't live here so doesn't care.

    Lets not give in but continue to at least voice our opinions - one day someone in authority may listen.

  8. Karen Rowles commented

    This Development must be rejected.
    The DENSITY IS DOUBLE THAT ALLOWED under the City Plan.
    The street is a tiny dead end street and this increase in the amount of traffic will be to the detriment of the residents.
    The setbacks and communal/open spaces are outside the City Plan Guidelines and unacceptable.
    The CUMULATIVE EFFECT of approving High Density High Rises that are drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines in this small suburb of Palm Beach is destroying the very reason people chose to live here.
    You simply can’t keep approving these inappropriate developments one after the other, especially when they are ALL OUTSIDE THE CITY PLAN.
    We know you are densifying the area for the Planned Light Rail, and it’s utterly disgraceful. People do not want these Developments.. We want Developments that FOLLOW THE CITY PLAN IN EVERY ASPECT.

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