Dolphin Point Rd, Burrill Lake, NSW

Construct 14 multiple dwelling houses over 3 detached buildings and associated infrastructure

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 24 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Shoalhaven City Council, reference DA20/2136)


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  1. Tracy Surace commented

    This is such a shame to have a building/units of this size to be built in this area. Looking at the map it looks like these units are going to be built in what I have always known as the "swamp". There is an abundant amount of wildlife that live there such as ducks, water hens, cranes, frogs, rabbits, lizards and many more. Kangaroos also use this as a drinking hole and many are seen crossing Dolphin Point Road. All this will be destroyed along with their habitat. I presume that there will be a lot of fill bought in to fill the swamp area. All the trees and animal Habitat will be taken away. Where are all the snakes going to go that live there as well? Into residents homes as their habitat is slowly being taken away to. We don't have the infrastructure in Burrill to sustain such growth and I certainly am very upset that our area is slowly turning into the North Coast. Once these types of buildings are built, you can't take it back. In peak holiday season you won't be able to move in this area with traffic congestion. I am greatly concerned on how this will be managed for the Dolphin Point Tourist Park, access to Smithy's Point and also access to the Units. Dolphin Point road will need a major restructure. There will need to be foot paths put in from current path near the intersection of dolphin Point Road all the way past Bonne Troon Close to the round about. This area has many people walking their dogs, children and bike riders along this section and with the increase in traffic it will be a major concern. Pedestrian traffic has already increased in this area and it will only get worse with the major building going on in this surrounding area. When will these types of developments stop being built. Never! Greed, politics, developers and most of all money always win. Such a shame for a beautiful area.

  2. Heather Wales commented

    Everywhere along the eastern seaboard swamp area are filled for housing. These are crucial habitat areas for numerous small reptiles invertebrates etc & birds that feed on them wetlands full of life not just a swamp let’s fill it! Please council reconsider this .. the rampant development will spoil what this area stood for .. Shoalhaven council could be known for conservation not just tourism & pro development
    Yours sincerely
    Heather Wales Ulladulla

  3. Dr Nicolas Rasmussen commented

    The environmental impact assessment must thoroughly discuss the damage to rare wetland habitat, both in terms of threatened species and fisheries both commercial and recreational. In general construction should not be sited in or near wetlands especially when other sites are available, as they are here.

  4. Gayle commented

    We are seeing the results of the rainfall and lack of trees to soak up the rain and watching the damage on the houses being built in the dolphin point development that also use to be the swamp area.
    My kids and the kids of the neighbourhood would walk to bush track and would go tadpoling after the rains, now the water still is on the land but no animals and no trees to soak up the water and we are now seeing flooding on the land.
    The house blocks are flooding and the houses blocks have rivers flowing through them.
    Surely council knows that there is a swamp area and future developments on these properties mean future problems such as increased flooding and incresed litagation and insurances.

  5. caz mackey commented

    Building this here will have a huge impact on wildlife in that corridor. There has already been enough building in these new estates in this area.

  6. Karen Hawkins commented

    let's keep this area as a wetlands and fauna corridor.We have had enough destruction on the other side at Dolphin Point.More than enough dwelling situated in this area already.Lets not bow down to Money and Greed .

  7. Carly commented

    Of all places!!? Really?
    That habitat for all our local wildlife is going to be destroyed with ugly UNITS?!?!
    Units? In Dolphin Point?
    The quiet peaceful Dolphin Point that we escape to is going to destroyed by unnecessary overdevelopment with a multi-storey apartment. It’s not right.

  8. Ruth commented

    I intensely hope this development is not going on the wetland, which I had been led to believe was protected, and was a large reason for purchasing where we did. While the growth is important, it is also essential to quarantine and protect habitat for the flora and fauna. I wonder if the pin on the map is in the wrong place and should be on Wuru near the roundabout?

    What we really need now the population has grown so much here is a decent grocery shop along the lines of the IGA in Mollymook. The current basic one is not adequate, and means a drive into town to do basic shopping. 14 more households plus the recently released 14 blocks in seaside might help the call for better service.

  9. Jane Phillips commented

    Please NO.
    The swamp is alive with frogs and water birds this week after the rain,
    despite the water being mud-coloured..... full of the topsoil from the Lakes estate!
    Inspectors need to do a site inspection immediately after several inches of rain before considering any development in that area of Dolphin Point.
    It is a 'valuable' parcel of wetland for filtering runoff from the existing development.
    Putting another development abutting this swamp will 'choke' the wetlands ability to cope.
    In addition, before ANY further development is carried out in Dolphin Point council needs to address the poor state of the road and the lack of safe pedestrian passage along Dolphin Point Road from the Bimbla Ave roundabout down to the stop sign.
    Its a matter of time before a pedestrian is seriously injured on this road, especially with the amount of vehicles that are parked outside the Dolphins Point tourist park during holidays.

  10. Jacqueline Wilkes commented

    Is no piece of land safe from developers???
    This is a very small plot for such a lot of hard infrastructure, situated above the wetland (more runoff and less natural habitat for all the non-human species to somehow survive), and right on the roundabout and main road creating traffic congestion and unsafe pedestrian access.
    Council says we need to take our ‘fair’ share of people and development to house them but this is just pure madness and utter contempt for what’s left of our now precious natural areas!!!
    Council should be considering the happiness and health of it’s current constituents, the majority of whom are against rampant housing development destroying natural fertile land and causing problems with regards to infrastructure, and discontent within the community.

  11. Sara commented

    No....No and No!!!
    This area is the ONLY wildlife corridor left!

    This area has lost enough bush land, especially with the poor conrtuction of the new estate, and the fact that every single tree was cut down. If this happens there will be no wildlife corridors left in this area.

    This development should not happen, as this area is crucial for wildlife around the burrill lake and dolphin point area. It provides a unique environment for species to call home, such as kangaroos, birds, reptiles, insects which are all important to our ecosystem. Losing this valuabe piece of our environment will be detrimental for everyone, including the species that live there!

    It is also swamp land which fills and floods when there is rainfall, this is another reason for NO DEVELOPMENT!!

    Please consider the wildlife! They are still reviving after the bushfires, they don't need to lose this crucial part of their habitat.

  12. Donna Henry commented

    Where exactly is this development? You are showing it is in the middle of the road? On one side is the lions park and on the other side is "the swamp" which is zoned E2 Environmental Conservation which we were told would never be built on when we recently bought our property which backs onto it.
    Please advise asap.

  13. Lynette McCall commented

    We are slowly but surly having our peace of paradise taken off us ..., and what for money , ... and the money people are just saying bugger you jake. Will not be long we here in the flats of Burrill Lake will not be even able to get out . Let alone onto the Highway.

  14. Lynette McCall commented

    We are slowly but surly having our peace of paradise taken off us ..., and what for money , ... and the money people are just saying bugger you jake. Will not be long we here in the flats of Burrill Lake will not be even able to get out . Let alone onto the Highway.

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