12 Marylin Terrace, Eatons Hill QLD 4037

Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Childcare Centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2020/42105/V2C)


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  1. Karen Bermingham commented

    Putting a daycare centre directly across from Eatons Hill State School would be ludicrous. Already this year parking safely has become impossible due to covid rules. Take this out of the equation and still there will not be enough parking for families, but the residents who live in that area will have to put up with more cars parking outside theirs houses taking away their freedom to park where they want.
    Also with putting the daycare there what happens with catchments.
    By agreeing to this daycare you will need to think about the safety of the school children and parking areas so the children are not put into an unsafe predicament with cars.
    And what about the two daycare centres that are near to the school? What effect it will have on those businesses too.

  2. Jodie McKenna commented

    As someone who lives on this road I find school drop off and pick ups dangerous and extremely congested. It is banked up from the round about and good luck to residents trying to get to their properties around this time. I am sure there could have been a better location for somewhere that is already suffering from too many cars. Even the IGA suffers. Please consider how this is going to affect everyone.

  3. Michelle Brooke commented

    There are a number of concerns regarding this proposal:
    1. Whilst car parking is being provided, busy parents with school aged kids will park in the centre and not only pick up their daycare child, but also cross the road to pick up their school child/den.
    2. The crossing pedestrian crossing will probably not be used by parents as it means walking down towards the IGA to cross and then walking back up to the school. Instead they will ‘dash’ across the road on a blind corner.
    3. Having lived near a daycare centre, the noise levels are not insignificant. Houses in the adjacent locations (and behind the centre) will be greatly affected.
    4. Resale value of the current adjacent house will decrease significantly.
    5. The building works would cause MAJOR disruptions to a street that is already gridlocked twice a day.
    6. People leaving Eatons Hill (and having nothing to do with the school) can often not exit the suburb at school pickup time due to parents queuing around the roundabout.
    7. There are already 3 large daycare centres plus a kindy within 500m (plus home based family daycare).
    8. Exiting Eatons Hill via Queen Elizabeth drive during the morning (6.30-8.30) can already take numerous sets of lights as traffic banks up from the South Pine intersection. This will only add to that traffic.
    9. Businesses at the IGA complex currently suffer from parents parking and blocking potential customers during pickup/drop off times. This will add to their parking difficulties.
    10. Daycare centres rely on ‘quiet time’ for naps etc...this is not compatible with loud school bells ringing numerous times a day.

  4. Angela York commented

    I am writing to you in regards to the proposed child care centre being built on Marylin Terrace, Eatons Hill QLD 4037.

    This project should NOT go ahead.

    As a parent within Eatons Hill community, I see first hand how this area is already extremely congested with cars, people and children two times per day with morning and afternoon school drop offs and pick ups.

    This congestion makes it very hard to get out of Eatons Hill itself and also extremely dangerous for families -especially the 1000+ students that attend the school (not to mention all siblings!)

    By building a child care centre on Marylin Terrace, you will only be adding more cars and families (with younger children with no road sense) to the mix which in my opinion is just a disaster waiting to happen!

    There are already 3 children care centres within 500meters from this proposed building site (who are actually struggling to get to full capacity and have done for many years now) along with a community kindy and a number of family day cares.
    An extra child care centre in the Eatons Hill area is just not needed.

    I hope you take these points nto consideration before making (in my opinion) a very bad decision
    Kind regards Angela York

  5. Bev Downey commented

    I do not believe this child care centre should go ahead as this area is already a very busy and dangerious area with traffic coming in and out of Marylin Terrace creating big traffic problems Monday to Friday morning and after school It is near impossible to get a park to take preschoolers into school already The lights at Queen Elizabeth Drive can never cope with residents already and the constant flow of traffic from Eatons Crossing Road It can take me 45mins to get to the Albany Creek High on any morning because of this This childcare centre will only add to this and also maybe cause accidents I believe there must be a better place to have a childcare centre and I know the area very well

  6. Richard commented

    As a resident on Queen Elizabeth Drive the area cannot cope with anymore traffic at peak time of drop off and pickup. The parking on the roads around the area is terrible and traffic often blocks the roads in the area. It is dangerous at the moment with traffic at a stand still and vehicles changing lanes to get in front of others. Parking of vehicles picking up children is already a mess to say the least often blocking driveways or pulling out infront of other traffice to get out. From the traffic lights to the school is already over congested and the idea of adding a child care centre will make this even worse.

  7. Erin Street commented

    I have lived in Eatons Hill for many years now and the lack of flowing traffic has always been a problem. My main concern is trying to exit the estate in the mornings as well as trying to enter the estate in the afternoons.
    In the mornings it's very busy, if there's an accident in Albany Creek it already sends our suburb into chaos as well as making it hard for those who come from surrounding suburbs from Eatons Crossing Road trying to get to Old Northern Road.
    The afternoon traffic is extremely dangerous for everyone who uses the roads - pedestrians included. Some afternoons you can't enter the estate due to the roundabout being blocked by cars trying to get to the primary school - this should be a major consideration as this is a very big safety issue especially when it comes to emergency service vehicles that may need to get past.
    Iga and all shops included in that complex are a no go as it is due to parents parking in the complex around school start and finish times unless you are lucky to be able to get a rare park at those times of the day.
    Add more vehicles into the mix and less parking spaces for the school parents and this will add to the existing issues.
    I would also be concerned about the existing childcare businesses that are already established in our community, is there a need for another centre here? From what evidence I have seen, we don't need another in Eatons Hill.
    Please help keep our community safe.

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