77 Larnook Crescent, Aspendale, VIC

The development of seven (7) dwellings and associated works generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 17 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Kingston City Council, reference KP-2020/599)


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  1. Pam Geoghegan commented

    I wish to object as strongly as I can to this Planning proposal. I live opposite this site on the bend and have done for 35 years. There have been many car accidents on this bend as it is not possible to see what is around the bend on either side of the road. It has been unsafe for children to play in their front yard or near the road for many years. The last few years with the many multi dwellings built in Glen Street it has become a car park of cars parked either side of the road and so only allowing 1 car to travel, most times of the day and night, with the added traffic of 7 dwellings at 77 Larnook Cres there will be a high volume of cars, and I fear my nature strip will continually be used as a car park for occupants and their visitors. I am the sole carer for my disabled daughter who has a severe reaction to noise and fear that our quiet enjoyment of our home will become a thing of the past. I plan to write to council to object further to this proposal.

  2. Nicole Trace commented

    I strongly object to this proposed development.
    I’ve lived in the city of Kingston for my entire life and have seen many changes.
    I’m not opposed to developing our suburb however I am opposed to destroying our suburbs character and green areas by over developing the land.
    Greedy developers cram as many dwellings on a site to maximise profits with little to no thought of car parking, wildlife, residents or local traffic.
    We have 3 very large schools in aspendale and 2 Kinder’s.
    I fear that the already clogged roads in and out of aspendale will become even more troublesome and dangerous not to mention the environmental impact of more idle traffic and poor infrastructure that simply cannot keep up.

  3. Kristin Bell commented

    We are writing to oppose the proposed development at 77 Larnook Cres in Aspendale. We live 7 houses away on Glen street and are very concerned about the prospect of having so many additional cars residing at 77 Larnook. The house block is on a dangerous 90 degree corner so there is no safe street parking spaces directly in front of the block. This means any cars that do not fit in the residence garages will have to be parked along either Larnook Crescent or Glen street. If each dwelling has 2 cars and 1 single garage then that means an additional 7 cars parked around that street corner. Not to mention if they have visitors. This seems crazy!
    There are families with young children (including us) living in both Glen street and Larnook avenue who frequently use the footpath for both travelling to school and recreation. 77 Larnook is not far from the Wetlands entrance so lots of kids pass the front of it. Having up to 14 cars coming and going will be so dangerous for these children.
    We are also very concerned about the construction phase for this development because of the time it will take to build 7 dwellings and the large number of construction trucks and vehicles that will need to access it and therefore have to park along Glen street and Larnook Crescent.
    62 Glen street has been under construction for most of this year and there were lots of trucks parking all along Glen street, including in front of our house 3 doors down. It is going to be worse with a huge development of 7 dwellings at 77 Larnook.
    Our children and our neighbours children have enjoyed being able to ride bikes and skateboard safely out the front of our house since we moved in 10 years ago. But with increased traffic and lots of trucks they will not be able to do this anymore.

  4. Susan Kreltszheim commented

    Current foot and bicycle traffic is at an all time peak with residents discovering the tracks through the Yammerbook Nature Reserve and Edithvale Wetlands during current restrictions. Bicycle sales have skyrocketed and without dispute, more children are finding the confidence to ride with their parents by their side. This must impact positively on our Community's physical and mental health, address childhood obesity and reduce carbon emissions. Sporting facilities are nearing completion and access to this area is in close proximity to the proposed development. A subdivision such as this will increase car traffic 7 fold at a junction that has already experienced a number of traffic collisions. The risks and hazards that will result from such a development is at odds with all that Council is trying to achieve with the adjacent recreation facilities. Pedestrian/Child welfare should be paramount and steer decision making in an area where cycling is being actively encouraged. We are so close to getting kids back to walking and riding to and from school. Please don't allow greed to rob them of the child hood joys, we all enjoyed.

  5. Jenn Adkins commented

    As residents 8 houses away we strongly object to the 7 dwellings at 77 Larnook crescent. The increase of traffic along our street as our neighbourhood is already becoming so busy with all the current dual occupancy houses is a great concern.
    Street parking is also a concern as it is on a bend and does not provide any parking out the front so we will find cars parking along both Larnook and Glen streets with 7 dwellings you are looking at so many more cars parked in those streets.
    We are also concerned with the visual bulk of large bulky dwellings that will impact on the outlook of our neighbourhood and dominate our open space areas. As these dwellings will also back into the Wetlands it will also affect the look for those who enjoy walking along the tracks behind.
    7 Dwellings does not and will not fit in with the surrounding houses in our neighbourhood.

  6. Tim Bryant commented

    I strongly believe that this development Is a blatant disregard to the building of community within the Aspendale area, it is another way of outside interest taking away why people have chosen to live in the area. For councils to allow this high impact housing in a suburban street is outrageous and truely shows that it’s just about money.
    Please reconsider this development and the impact it will have on our community.

  7. Jenine Martino commented

    High density living has a proven record for an increase in civil conflict and complaints. More then ever the mental health of a community needs to considered when looking at suburban development and the impact on local resources, green space, parking, traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

  8. Carmel Johnstone commented

    Although I do not live in Glen St or Larnook CRS, I walk to Yammerbook Reserve everyday, past the proposed development.
    I am surprised that Council have even considered such a high density residential development in this area. It is not in keeping with the area’s current community environment.
    There is no doubt that the higher density will inevitably create more traffic in the area, as well as clutter up the streets with vehicles parked on the roadway. This corner is absolutely not a good place to be attracting more parked cars. It is already a risky corner.
    The proposed development will negatively impact the look and feel of both the street scape and the walking track behind.
    I sincerely hope council act appropriately, and disapprove this application, in the genuine interests of the local community.

  9. Tim Bryant commented

    I strongly believe that this development Is a blatant disregard to the building of community within the Aspendale area, it is another way of outside interest taking away why people have chosen to live in the area. For councils to allow this high impact housing in a suburban street is outrageous and truely shows that it’s just about money.
    Please reconsider this development and the impact it will have on our community.

  10. John Poynton commented

    We have been residents of 64 Glen St Aspendale for nearly 44 years. This has always been a very safe family orientated area where children have been able to play outside and ride their bikes until the last few years. We are very close to the entrance of the bike track and many families use Glen St/Larnook Cres to access this entrance for children to ride their bikes or walk to St Louis Primary School, Yarrabah and Mordialloc Secondary College, as well as all the recreational areas.
    With the huge increase in new homes/units/townhouses in our area parking has become totally inadequate and we can no longer drive down the streets safely with cars and trucks parked on both sides of the street. The streets have become narrow and dangerous with extra vehicles. Numerous times we have seen children on bikes, people walking or running and drivers placed at risk. A school bus travels along Glen St and Larnook Cres and that also is very dangerous for all concerned.
    There have been numerous accidents on the bend of Larnook Cres/Glen St - we have had a car speeding out of control around the bend and crash into our vehicle parked on the street writing it off and the fence.
    There is inadequate safe parking in Glen St and Larnook Cres and unless each dwelling caters for 2 car spaces per dwelling and visitor parking this would create havoc.
    The development site is located in the bend Larnook Cres and Glen St - if the residents could not turn their vehicles to drive out onto the street - reversing would be unacceptable and dangerous.
    We are concerned about where rubbish bins will be placed safely on collection day as there is not enough space outside the property for 14 bins.
    We are strongly opposed to 7 dwellings on this property.

  11. Carmen Rodriguez commented

    This property is on a corner where there have already been a few accidents, reversing out of the property is dangerous, many children play outside at Larnook Crescent, reason why many of us moved to this location, children ride their bikes to school on this street as the entrance to the wetlands/bike track that leads to St Louis, Yarrabah and Mordy high is just one block away from this planning, many families walking their dogs, many people exercising, the construction of these dwellings and overcrowding this street is an accident waiting to happen, it's not all about rates and revenue, this is about safety, please disapprove this application, this really doesn't fit in our community.

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