16 Walker Street, Rhodes NSW 2138

Demolition of existing site and construction of a six storey mixed use building with twenty-seven boarding-house rooms and three commercial tenancies

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Canada Bay, reference DA2020/0260)


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  1. Nicole T commented

    I object to this proposed boarding house development. This type of development is out of character for Rhodes, and is not appropriate for this location given it will be squeezed in between the new "luxury" apartments at Rhodes Central, and existing apartments on Walker St. Rhodes does not need any further building developments, as Rhodes West is already full of apartments, and there is also a pipeline of future apartments, which means there is very little open space left. There is no need to squeeze in a boarding house in this location. We do not need further traffic congestion around Rhodes train station, and further crowds on public transport to and from Rhodes. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that boarding houses can create health risks (see this SMH article: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/crowded-dirty-and-a-lack-of-regulation-covid-19-ticking-time-bombs-in-the-suburbs-20200813-p55lfd.html). The Council should not allow any further developments in Rhodes West, especially not a boarding house.

  2. Nunya commented

    Who would want a boarding house in rhodes? No one! Our luxury suburb has already got worse since the opening of the bridge and new development of towers near pheonix and even more being developed near the station with little infrastructure let alone space in the suburb for the community to get about and already so much pressure on the train station.

  3. Eugene Yeoh commented

    Strongly oppose the building of a boarding house in the identified site. Not only being out of character for the area but also lack of social services in the area will be detrimental for the residents to access assistance. Furthermore, eventhough there is a live in building manager, there is no front concierge prior to the lift entrance to supervise residents entering or leaving the residence. The entrance to the narrow piece of land is between a loading Dock and also a sloping residential entrance which might post a hazard for residents entering and leaving the property. If approved, The tenancy duration should also be increased to minimum 6 months contract in line with other boarding houses rather than 3 months.

  4. Choy H commented

    There are already too many apartments in the area and the adjacent roads and transportation infrastructure is unable to cope. As proven in the 2016 census the vast majority of people living in Rhodes do not work in Rhodes. This is because Rhodes is primarily a residential district whereby the number of housing vastly outweighs the jobs available. This translates to residents needing to commuting out of Rhodes to get to work, which creates long queues of people/cars at the various choke points (church st bridge, centenary drive, Rhodes station). Further increasing the density is therefore dangerous due to flow on effects of congestion and human nature.

    Additionally, Boarding houses are usually crowdy, which makes them unsuitable to be adjacent to residential complexes where the majority of people are working full time as professionals and managers (2016 census). This mismatch in demographics will enviably cause unnecessary tension in the area.

  5. Francis Thettayil commented

    We need more boarding houses!
    A single person or a small family cannot afford the rent of regular units or houses in the area. Boarding house is a blessing for these types of people who can live in these affordable boarding houses like in hotels or similar serviced apartments.
    In 2009, the NSW government introduced a state affordable housing policy that freed up restrictions around granny flats and boarding houses.
    we need to support more and more boarding houses because they are constructed and maintained under strict rules and regulations of government compared to flat building.

  6. Jessica commented

    I object to the building of a boarding house in Rhodes, it is out of keeping with the development of the apartments. There are no social services in the neighbourhood and depending on the residents of the boarding house may cause more crime from those in transition from prison, as well as abuse from the mentally unstable in transition from in-patient facilities.

  7. Frank commented

    I strongly object any boarding house in Rhodes. It probably is the best option for the developer of the land for return of investment option, but it is the worst for the community around. There is no benefit for the would be resident of the boarding house as well in terms of supporting facilities etc. There is no intention for the developer to help these people at all.

  8. Audrey commented

    I strongly object to the building of a boarding house in centre of Rhodes, it is only causing more travelers and future safety concerns, more crime from those in attracted by low cost accommodation.

  9. George commented

    A boarding house in between two brand new apartment complexes? Who came up with this idea? People already paid for these new properties and will be moving in this year, just to find out that there will be a boarding house next door. Their property value will drop immediately. I don't know how this idea was approved by Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, but he is risking the next election with these recent development ideas.
    Rhodes' infrastructure is already at capacity and Rhodes Central hasn't even opened yet. There are two single lane roads connecting Rhodes to A3 that are heavily congested.

  10. Xiaolin Chen commented

    Strongly object the building of a boarding house.

  11. Alan commented

    There are hundreds of people live in front of Rhodes station surrounding 16 walker street.
    To build a boarding house in this area definitely needs neighbours' assent.
    I (as a resident in walker street) strongly object to the building of a boarding house.

  12. Eddie commented

    I commend the social equality aspect of allowing boarding house in the area, to meet the social housing quota. However, developments need to be met with increased social support infrastructure such as health, education, community centres and retail. It's unreasonable to expect the residents to lower their standard of living and access to amenities because of increased density. The other aspect is key arterial routes for traffic to exit the Rhodes peninsula, which are very busy with 5-10min traffic on weekends due to shoppers. The City must address this if the zoning plan continues to support increased development.

  13. Abby Liu commented

    I strongly object to the building of a boarding house. Rhodes is a nice, safe and luxury area and we want to keep it that way.
    We work hard and we put our saving to our house. We don’t want the value of our property to go down because of this boarding house development.

  14. Jing commented

    I object to the boarding house development. It is in consistent with the nature of Rhodes residential demography. Majority of Rhodes residents are young professionals and young families. There are no facilities for boarding house targeted residents too. I agree with the above comments that boarding house poses higher health risk. In addition, with the increasing safety issues in Rhodes, boarding house target residents are certainly not the demography the current Rhodes residents would like to attract.

  15. Brenda Harris commented

    I am an advocate for giving people less fortunate a hand up rather than a hand out.
    I strongly believe if done correctly that a boarding house is of benefit yo the community.
    I also think we need a men’s shed.
    In difficult times and residential over development as we have in our community it’s important yo have community garden and men’s meeting place.
    It’s healthy and engaging.
    Community engagement is critical.

  16. Valerie commented

    I agree that there is too much infrastructure around Rhodes area in general and not a lot of road space to match the ongoing infrastructure.

    On the other hand, I don’t disagree with a boarding house in general. I think the disadvantaged should be given a roof over their heads and having a boarding house in areas that are ‘richer’ would benefit society in the long run - an equal world otherwise our city will become even more segregated in terms of socio economic statuses. I also agree that there’s not a lot of services around Rhodes which may hinder those living in the boarding house.

    As long as those in the boarding house are provided with the ongoing support they need and community engagement - not just place them and leave them alone.

  17. Gaurav Bhatia commented

    I oppose this proposal.

    This suburbs quality and level of lifestyle has already taken a huge nosedive with recent developments.
    A boarding house is not in the character of Rhodes, and would add unnecessary security risks which have already shot up. Most recently we had a case of armed carjacking and assault here.

  18. Eva commented

    Maybe boarding houses are good, but right next to the station in the middle of all the new buildings? that's just a very weird location and will make the station area even more dangerous. I would strongly oppose this proposal.

    There's already lately a gang attack. first ever heard of in Rhodes where it's been peaceful and quiet, we've lived in the area for almost a decade now. It's just getting worse with the crowd.

    Try to uncrowd the area please.

    There are plenty of space on the other side of the station!

  19. Teresa commented

    Boarding houses are great idea however I strongly object to this proposal at 16 Walker Street because we currently do not have sufficient infrastructure in Rhodes to support the increasing population of all the Rhodes especially after the bridge connection with Wentworth Point. (E.g. transport, train, medical facilities etc)
    Rhodes is currently too crowded already.
    Please relocate the proposed boarding house to another suburb within Canada Bay.

  20. Sen commented

    Please help uncrowd the area and consider moving the location of the boarding house to a less dense area. Perhaps North Strathfield or another suburb.

  21. Brooke commented

    I believe this is a great opportunity to those in certain circumstances - just because a person or family is lacking in financial stability, does not mean they are more likely to commit crime.

    There is a rigorous and thorough process for selection of people to be accepted into boarding houses.

  22. Ben commented

    Strongly, strongly, strongly opposed to boarding house.
    Housing density is already too high in Rhodes. There is not enough infrastructure.

  23. Vincent Wang commented

    I strongly object to this.

    Rhodes has already gone downhill significantly (carjacking, robberies and assaults) in the last year due to the changing demographics caused by COVID. The boarding house will make it even worse

  24. commented
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  25. Jim T commented

    I am out of area but we are also having to deal with a boarding house which is smaller than originally planned for but still now passed after going to Court etc etc. My main challenge to council is that if it is passed how can you guarantee that the type of people that become boarders are of good character etc and in the future if there is conflict to this end what is the resolution process which will be followed.

  26. Jakoub Abboud commented

    A Proposed Boarding house at no: 16 walker street Rhodes should not reflect on the community negatively. The planning process and certificates that apply to the land According to planning Instruments attached to the property. Under EPA If the land is eligible It should be providing legitimate Affordable housing .

    Generally A Boarding house would need to be managed by a caretaker To ensure the property is maintained and complying with the owners Instructions / by-laws. I see no problem whatsoever.

    I read these comments and even attend the properties in question from time to time and I ask myself, was the purpose of this application set out for the proposed development?
    May I also add that the illegal dumping and rubbish a long the rail corridor is shocking not to mention all the trees that are being cut down without proper consent. A community is diversity and everyone is entitled to shelter and comfort.
    Regardless of anybody's financial position opportunities should be available to everybody equally. especially considering Covid-19

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