165-171 Oak Road Kirrawee NSW 2232

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a boarding house with ground floor commercial space comprising a mixed use development

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 30 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference DA20/0778)


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  1. Hugo Genoni commented

    You have to be kidding! Boarding houses do not belong in shopping centres. There already is a proposed unit development for Fauna Pl and another boarding house development very close by on President Ave. The current traffic conditions can hardly cope now. The traffic on Oak Rd is becoming a joke. What will the traffic situation be like when these developments are built? Where as the new residents going to park? Doesn't any body have any consideration for the current residents who go to Kirrawee shops or have to drive through there to get home or go somewhere

  2. Ian Carter commented

    The application should be rejected as the local area and traffic conditions are not appropriate currently even after minor road modification to the north of flora street. Oak road is a major thoroughfare now for many people for work school or shopping. Council and the state government would need to fix the traffic and volume flows before any consideration to such a plan.

  3. Peter Kalousek commented

    Drug users and dealers have discovered the brick pit , more and more users are hanging around , The traffic chaos in the area, with traffic queuing onto President Avenue, the area alive with school children , boarding houses are usually places for excons, drug users, and other lower socio-economic, No boarding house.

  4. warren Price commented

    I would like to know which Councillors voted in favor of this development, so that we can actively campaign against their position on Council. Apart from over development of a
    village site, the possible itinerant tenants would have little or no commitment to the area.
    As a resident of Fauna Place, already congested, in will be a traffic nightmare.
    Did anyone from Council, with any semblance of common sense actually consider the ramifications? Or was it just another rubber stamp to further increase Council revenue?
    Very good reason to just mark your name off at Council election time, because it appears that none of them are worth their salt!

  5. Jonathan Lustre commented

    I strongly do not support this Planning Application on the basis that the intended use of a Boarding House Development is not appropriate for this area and will ruin the local amenity of the Kirrawee community.

    Traffic congestion is already an issue to Oak Road and the local network, and this will not assist in this regard. Oak Road is a major thoroughfare and there is not enough adequate parking to the street, or the close-by on-grade car park. I suspect, that like all other development in the Sutherland Shire, insufficient basement parking will be provided.

    Great consideration needs to also be provided by the Council to the types of people that would be housed in this development noting that it would be located in the town centre which is frequented by school children and families. There is a great risk in attracting the wrong crowds due it it being at the town centre. Kirrawee is currently a great suburb that will be ruined if this occurs.

    I was under the impression that a number of similar boarding house developments have already been rejected on Oak Road. The same should be done for this development.

  6. Jillian Woolbank commented

    Council just spent time and money asking the community of Kirrawee for submissions on how to improve the village, it's shopping centre and atmosphere. I do not believe any one suggested adding a boarding house.
    Traffic congestion in and around Oak Rd is already terrible (whatever the SIDRA computer program concluded, I actually live here). Please consider the current residents and not just how many more people you can possibly fit into this already bulging community.

  7. Julie A commented

    Boarding Houses are for inner city areas not the Shire. Media has reported Murders, overdoses, Bashing's etc in Boarding Houses. Why are Councillors hell bent on destroying the Shire & making it more dangerous for Residents. Violent Crimes, Break ins, Car Theft & Rape is escalating in the once quiet Shire. The Police & Stats do not lie!!!

  8. Steve commented

    This is a disgrace, as already mentioned previously the amount of drug users already in the area and around South Village that you see around the park up there and utilising the public toilets within the food court area is a blight on the area and now there is a proposal to add another boarding house to the area. The council have rocks in their heads or don't have a care in the world for the Kirrawee area if they allow another development like this. There are children that play in the park up at South Village and will also be utilising the new park next to the station plus the children that go to the council run day care. Do you think the parents of these children will want their children subject to this kind of element?

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