12 Fauna Place Kirrawee NSW 2232

Property Alignment Levels Application - Demolition of existing structures and construction of a residential flat development containing 27 units and basement carparking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference RDA20/1005)


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  1. Warren Price commented

    Another further blight on this street that previously had a two storey covenant! Approvals such as this do not consider the quality of life of existing residents of long term with no interest in selling for profit.

  2. Warren Price commented

    Another further blight on this street that previously had a two storey covenant! Approvals such as this do not consider the quality of life of existing residents of long term with no interest in selling for profit.

  3. Steve commented

    The area is congested enough as it is with all the other high rise property. Mornings, lunchtime and afternoons through Oak Rd are unbearable with traffic at a stand still and the lights unable to cope with the amount of cars travelling through this area. The roads need to be upgraded dramatically to accomodate the traffic at the moment let alone with another high density property being built in the area. Council need to give themselves an uppercut with the mess that's been created around Kirrawee.

  4. June Wilson commented

    I agree with Steve. I was in my car travelling along Oak Road trying to cross President Ave at the lights one busy afternoon to go to Flora Street. The traffic was banked up all through Oak Road shopping centre and I couldn't go across-very dangerous.

    When I finally was able to safely cross I then wanted to turn left into Flora Street to my home. A had a long single row of traffic ahead of me.

    So turning left or right into Flora Street with only one lane of through traffic is the problem. Oak Road needs another lane through the shopping centre due to the increase of cars on the roads.

  5. Jillian Woolbank commented

    The Fauna place cul de sac is already a driving nightmare. With parking permitted on both sides of the road and tight entries to the carpark and the child care centre it is a congested mess. Please stop disregarding the happiness of existing residents.

  6. Abby commented

    I agree with all comments above. Traffic is a disaster coming through Kirrawee at any time of the day. Please sutherland shire council listen to your residents and stop this, its destroying the family friendly area. Another developer trying to make money without any consideration for current residents.

  7. Sue Adamson commented

    Sutherland Shire in time will become another ugly area full of terrible designed high rise apartments. Congested streets, no parking, Councillors love Developers & support them all the time. Cram lots of people into high rise apartments & the 'Rates money' just rolls in. Dog owners need more clean, safe Dog Parks for small Dogs it is desperately needed. Council Staff have told me they have no intention of building Dog Parks for small Dogs. Council wants little Dogs to share Dog Parks with PitBulls, Rottweilers, Staffies, Amstaffs & large X Breeds. Look what happened to the helpless little Dog (on a Leash) attacked by 2 very powerful, large, deadly killer Dogs (unleashed) in Cronulla Mall - 2 days ago. Council doesn't understand, a little Dog is incapable of
    protecting itself against large or very large Dogs. Perhaps the New Mayor, Steve Simpson can understand the plight of owners with small Dogs & the danger of them being killed in Dog Parks.

  8. Jon commented

    A great consideration will need to be applied to the parking and traffic strategy if this development is approved. The other comments make great points that there is substantial traffic and congestion to the areas already. Apartment blocks are not providing enough basement parking with any excess cars spilling out onto the street. Parking in this area is already difficult due to its close location to the train station and town centre, where the close by car parking is timed (in most spots). This proposal does not appear to align with the local area of Kirrawee particularly in this location of single/double level homes. This will ruin the street for this local community.

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