2 Nirvana Crescent Bulleen VIC 3105

Construction of two, three-storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN20/0372)


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  1. Nicole Ward commented

    The number of two and three sub-divisions in the area is quite frightening, in the space of 2 days, this is the fourth sub-division which has come through. The streetscapes of Bulleen are changing from a family environment to excessive medium density living. Council needs to put some controls in place so that not every house that is sold is demolished for sub-division. Please can you take this on notice to consider how many sub-divisions have been approved in the past 12 months and reconsider planning going forward.

  2. Melinda Munday commented

    3 story developments are not appropriate for these suburban streets. They are towering over existing homes, blocking sunlight and removing any privacy that existed. Larger developments should be limited to major roads. The number of approvals is concerning and their appears to be no thought as to what the streetscapes will look like. Existing residents are not being considered. The desire for money and increased rates are being put ahead of existing residents concern and liveability in their homes

  3. Chris Smyrneos commented

    Nicole and Melinda we are all wasting our time and energy. Council is disinterested of what residents have to say. I fought council over 2 years to stop a three-storey monstrosity built next to my property unfortunately it went ahead. This is in a small narrow street not on a busy major road like Manningham Rd! I even attended the tribunal which I was invited to as the key objector to this development but to no avail! Council should represent the residents of Manningham not constantly approve developers and what comes to their hands. I’m disheartened with Council and don’t trust them one bit!! All they care about is to gain money from rates from density living. They dom’ t care about street landscape or privacy or noise or security and safety!!!!

  4. Destroy Manningham commented

    Agree! I moved to the area 30 years ago, for the nature reserves and the country atmosphere whilst still being within relative proximity to the CBD. What is happening around Doncaster Hill & the Eastern Golf Club is disgusting. 4 properties in my street now being subdivided into townhouses or dual occupancy. Wesfield takes me longer to drive than to walk. Hate the area now. Can’t wait to get out. BUT if council is happy & lining their pockets, then that’s what’s important, hey?

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